Monday, October 16, 2017

The Last Jedi Official Trailer & Solgaleo and Lunala's new Z-Moves

The Force Awakens In The New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer

In a Galaxy Far Away…

The intergalactic battle against the dark side rages on. The warriors of Entertainment are ever locked in combat against boredom and now it appears a new light of hope is within grasps, a long lost (And gray) hope.


If you’re a Monday Night Football kind of person you’ll probably already know why I'm starting the blog off like this. Maybe you’re not much of a football lover and just tuned in for this specific moment. Either way Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi dropped a huge trailer in the wake of its December release. This highly anticipated sequel to “The Force Awakens” will bring back the protagonist from the original trilogy, Luke Skywalker played by the one and only Joker… I mean Mark Hamill. Rey is looking to him for guidance in the force so who knows how Luke will go about training her? Especially when it appears he disappeared because of a certain mishap with a former Padawan of his. Well without further ado let’s check out this awesome trailer. (Click here if it’s not loading on the blog:

Well if you thought The Force Awakens was awesome then this movie looks to be blowing that one out the water. With all the new settings and storylines set up by the previous movie it looks like we’re getting into the nitty gritty of this new trilogy.

With what Im assuming to be Snoke narrating in the beginning Im assuming hes talking to Kylo Maybe?

This trailer mainly focuses on where The Force Awakens left off, which is on the planet Ahch-To (Which took a LONG time to find) new home for the now hermit crab Jedi, Luke Skywalker.

Rey has seemingly convinced Luke to train her using the Skywalker Lightsaber but with this training it appears Rey has some incredible strength that is seemingly scaring Luke, bringing some Flashbacks of his burned Jedi Temple. So it appears were finally getting some Flashbacks to the events prior to The Force Awakens.

Oh boy the walkers are back, at least these things are easy to topple, right? Maybe they actually improved them, they look more stable anyway. These are the All Terrain MegaCaliber Six Walkers that are seemingly recycled from the Galactic Empires lot of Walkers. (The First Order likes to recycle stuff from them, including Kylo Rens Wannabe Darth Vader outfit.)

Kylo Ren is having family issues again and comes face to face with his own mother, General Leia Organa. (Played by the Late Carrie Fisher, this is probably her last movie sadly.)

The Millennium Falcon flies again! With Chewbaca flying with a new partner, a Porg which is one of the new creatures being introduced in this new film along with some awesome looking crystalline wolfs. Im pretty sure theres someone else in the pilots seat but thats to be seen, it may not be Rey after all. 

Finn comes face to face with Captain Phasma with a sweet looking weapon that makes Lightsabers look like toothpicks; seriously that weapon is sweet who needs light sabers when you have that?
Is that Supreme Commander Snoke?! Were finally getting to see the leader of the First Order and hes actually Human. Well that throws in a ringer to everyones theory, huh? Hes seemingly Force Torturing Rey in this scene.

Finally theres what Im assuming is a editing red herring as it appears Rey is speaking to Kylo Ren with Kylo extending his hand but this may not actually be the same scene, judging by the slight change in background.

Basically I have no idea what to take from this trailer other then the fact its going to be possibly one of the largest Star Wars movies to date. With the events kicked off from The Force Awakens finally entering the big battle and assumingly leading into the finale of the trilogy, Episode 9. This movie releases December 15th in theatres so get ready Jedi!

Unleashing A New Z-Power With Solgaleo and Lunala in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

You know Im pretty sure Ive discussed Pokemon almost every blog these past few months. With Pokemon Gold and Silver releasing on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console to the upcoming release of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon theres a lot of Pokemon happening this year even more then last year, its almost like THIS is the 20th anniversary. (Actually technically it is the American 20th anniversary.)

Well following up to the reveal of Necrozmas new forms which are mergers of Lunala and Solgaleo it appears hes bringing some new forms to these two legendaries. We have a brand new trailer (Yeah again) showcasing these new forms and some surprisingly new additions to Rotom Dex. (You can watch the trailer here if the video isnt loading on the blog:

You know these new Legendary forms are kind of growing on me but it does make me think, are these closer to what the original Solgaleo and Lunala looked like? Spoilers for Sun and Moon but in those games it was said that Cosmog/Nebby is actually a descendent of the ORIGINAL ancient Solgaleo and Lunala so Im assuming the originals looked more like Ultra Beasts then the Solgaleo and Lunala we saw in Sun and Moon.

Both these guys get a new move called Photon Geyser which seems to be a move coming from Necrozma rather than the Sun and Moon Legendaries. This move apparently uses the highest attack stat of the user, whether it is the special attack or physical attack stat. So in other words this move will be either special or physical depending on which stat is higher, thats kind of cool its a universal move.

Solgaleo and Lunala are also both getting their own Z-Moves! These Z-Moves seem to be usable with or without Necrozma as it uses their signature attack which is Sunsteel Strike for Solgaleo and Moongeist Beam for Lunala to perform these Z-Moves. Youll be given a Solgelium or Lunalium depending on which version of game you choose.

Both of these moves take the victim into Ultra Space followed by a massive upgraded version of their signature attacks. Also these crazy moves ignore the targets ability which is INSANE. Its like Mold Breaker in attack form.

Following these reveals is something new regarding Rotom Dex. Apparently Rotom Dex is going to be a lot more interactive in these games compared to Sun and Moon. Rotom will grow and get friendlier with you as the story progresses which in turn also unlock something new called Roto Loto which will give you items to help you in areas such as hatching eggs, gaining more EXP. Points or finding Pokemon more often in grass. These items are actually identical to the O-Powers from Pokemon X and Y which was a much missed feature from the Generation 6 games so its awesome to see this feature return.

Rotom Dex will also sometimes give you his own Z-Power which will allow you to use more than one Z-Move per battle. Most likely this will be an ingame story ability only due to its nature but itll come in handy during some hard story battles.

No confirmation on whether the National Dex will be in this game or not but with the game seemingly introducing the 400 Pokemon not included in Sun and Moon and with trading between Sun and Moon and Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon obvious I doubt it WONT be included.

A New Mythical Pokemon Is Finally Here For You!

Before I finish the blog for the day I have a quick update! You might want to hurry to GameStop before the 23rd of October in order to pick up a brand new Pokemon never before released Marshadow! Yes this little shadowy marshmallow looking fellow (Yeah its literately a Marshmallow Shadow) is Sun and Moons one of two Mythical Legendaries.

Hes Ghost and Fighting which is a cool type combination (Although pretty weak to Fairy and Psychic) and comes with the moves Spectra Thief, his signature move, Close Combat, Force Palm and Shadow Ball. He also comes with the Marshadium Z which allows his Spectra Thief to become Soul Stealing 7 Star Strike and also transform Marshadow temporary into a slightly different form. Its pretty cool but Im not sure what the mystery behind that transformation is. Does the new Pokemon movie hes featured in actually go into details on him or is it really just some weird remake of the original anime season? I guess Ill have to tune in to find out. Anyway be sure to head to GameStop to pick yourself up a Marshadow before October 23rd!

So with that all said that brings us to the end of todays blog. Do you like the new format? Well its kind of an old idea but Ive not been able to utilize it properly until now. I wanted to make ZAK Entertainment more like an online Magazine with the topics all having different headlines so this is the first step towards that. Be sure to follow me on social media to keep up with the weekly blogs!

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