Monday, August 21, 2017

New Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Details and Introducing ZAK Merchandise

One whole year, it’s amazing how fast it flies. Come this September 28th ZAK Entertainment will have been operating for one year. What started off as just a way for me to write and discuss topics and interests that I love as well as blog about my life here and there has come a long way in just one year. Since September my topics list has grown to an expansive amount due to increasing my interests over time and while it may seem like a lot to juggle I think I do a pretty good job in slipping in a little bit of everything here and there. I wasn’t sure if a Multi Topic blog would even be feasible but hey you guys have been coming back and reading every day so it must be, right? I don’t think I could keep this blog running on just one topic without it ending up a bi-weekly blog or even less. I have a big love letter to send you guys at the latter half of the blog but until then it’s time for the big news. Oh boy I’ve been sitting back and waiting for so long but here we go. The train has left the station it’s time for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon news!

Nintendo graciously dropped some huge bombs of news during the Pokemon World Championships and onto the Pokemon Youtube channel that has revealed more of Game Freak’s newest adventure. Of course they would have to drop it on a day where I’ve already published the blog so I haven’t been able to discuss this until Today. There is a good side to that however and that’s the fact I’ve had three days to analyze all of the news revealed.

Alright first off all, wow I thought the Wild Battle theme was great in Sun and Moon but this remix is crazy. I’m not sure how Masuda manages to 1-up himself every time but he pulled it off again. It’s so much more action packed with a little bit more tension then its previous incarnation.

First thing that I noticed was it seems you will be encountering the Starter Pokemon in a much different location then previously, which was Iki Town during the Festival after you meet Hala the Island Kahuna. Really love the new artwork for the starter Pokemon I have to say which was revealed at the start of the trailer.

Next up, just for a split second on what is apparently Route 1 you can see a Rockruff following you happily. Now at first I thought this was perhaps a return to the Pokemon following you feature from Heart Gold and Soul Silver and Pokemon Yellow but really it looks more like this Rockruff isn’t yours but is quite happy to chase you around as you encounter it in the fields, maybe it belongs to a trainer of some kind. Or this could really be the return of Pokemon following you so let’s keep an open mind. It seems Pokemon will be much more prominent in the overworld as seen by the quite populated amount of Alolan Exeggutors hanging around as well as more lively animation from the Alolan Pokemon residents.

Okay so we are definitely getting new locations in Alola and while I’m still not sure if this is a sequel or a heavily alternative universe to the original games. (It’s looking to be the latter, but the Ultra Space storyline actually makes it make sense.) There’s this new forest location with some broken and eerie trees followed by what looks like some new trainers. Yes! New trainer classes? Sign me up. These guys look like they’re taking a visit from Johto going by their getup. They way they’re positioned makes me think this location perhaps is a new trial location.

Is Kahili finally having a larger role in the game? To be honest she wasn’t really in the original games much until the end as part of the Elite Four and while it seemed she was going to have a larger role it never came into light. She doesn’t have her Z-Ring either which is quite intriguing. Will we be seeing her grow and develop as the story progresses? This definitely tells me this isn’t a sequel but an alternative story and I don’t just mean Platinum level of alternative this really does seem to be a completely different story yet set in the same setting with new additions but I don’t have any more to confirm that other then the fact it seems Ryuki, who was previously a secret trainer you can battle after becoming Champion in Pokemon Sun and Moon, will also be playing a bigger role in a building that is very reminiscent of an old frustrating friend of mine, Lt Surge’s Gym from Kanto.

Remember those empty plots of land? Well it seems each and every one of them are now being filled which you can tell by looking at the newer rendition of the Alolan map.

First up is a new building on Melemele Island. It seemed to me at first to be something related to Cameras and sure enough thanks to the awesome people at Game Informer we now know what this is. Mr. Kazumasa Iwao, the now confirmed director of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon sat down with Game Informer in a Video released last Saturday to show off one of what seems to be quite a few new features coming to Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the Alola Photo Club.

Okay I have to admit I love all these extra features Game Freak adds to the games and this one might be the coolest feature yet as it allows you to take photos with your Pokemon, at least your ingame avatar anyway. It’s not just some click and shoot feature either you can pose, position and do all sorts of awesome things with this app. A lot of the poses come from the Z-Moves featured in the game and you can do some post processing to finalize your memory. It seems you can do this with all Pokemon so get ready to do some goofy poses with your Mewtwo because I’m sure Mewtwo will appreciate it. (Seriosuly the guy has a soft side, especially for PokeBeans.) Really I appreciate these extra features as they allow for some serious cool down moments between heated battles.

It seems this is the building occupying the spot in Melemele but on further examination the other spots among the various islands do not look to be the same, so perhaps we have many different features coming to the game for a true ULTRA version of Sun and Moon, we’ll have to wait and see for more information.

Back to the Z Moves it seems we’ll be getting new Z Moves in the game as well as a brand new and quite stylish Z-Ring in a black color instead of the previous white and gray color. This looks awfully familiar to Gladion’s Z-Ring from the end of Sun and Moon so I wonder if that’s just a coincidence or not.

They have revealed one of the new exclusive Z-Moves as a Z-Move for a Sun and Moon favorite of mine, Kommo-O! It’s called Clangorous Soulblaze and features the dragon shaking his scales in a short dance befor unleashing a energy wave that hits all opponents on the opposite field in battles such as a Double Battle. (Not sure if it hits your partner Pokemon as well we’ll have to wait and see on that.) Oh yeah it also increases all of Kommo-o’s stats… Yeah this move is absolutely busted and that’s why I love it so much.

It seems this Z-Move will be a part of these new Z-Power Moves making a lot more variety of Z-Moves usable. Apparently the black Z-Ring is named the Z-Power Ring and that little snippet of the main character turning the Z-Ring in the original announcement trailer has to do with these new Z-Moves.

Finally there wasn’t much but I noticed one thing possible related to Necrozma. What on earth is happening to Poni Island? Is that an Ultra Wormhole? It’s strikingly nostalgia and I’m getting some real Déjà vu from the pre-Pokemon Platinum release days with the weird worm hole appearing over Mt Coronet in the pre-release trailers and the new map of Sinnoh. Game Freak has said this game will reveal the hidden truths of the Alola Region left unanswered by Sun and Moon so we’ll just have to play the games to find out.

Overall I’m way more excited for these games then I’ve ever been. I absolutely adored Sun and Moon and the world it created and I’m absolutely excited to dive deeper into the lore of Alola when these games release November 24th of this year.

You can watch the American Trailer here:

And Game Informer’s Article and Video regarding the Alola Photo Club here:
I’ll be sure to spend another whole blog discussing the next announcement so until then… It’s time for a huge announcement regarding the future of ZAK Entertainment.

As a love letter to all of you for reading my blog for this past year I’m kicking off ZAK Entertainment’s 1 year anniversary a little early with something I’ve been planning for a long time now. You like T-Shirts? Well get ready for this!
Yes I introduce to you all, ZAK Entertainment Merchandise! I’ve been seeking out different platforms for a while and I decided for starters to go with Redbubble due to the options it offers. I did have Spreadshirt in mind and this could end up a platform option still in the future but for now we’re starting off with Redbubble. Now you can wear the ZAK Entertainment logo on your T-Shirt in every size imaginable but that’s not all. Redbubble also allows for more than just T-Shirts, such as this.
Yeah I kid you not; this is a ZAK Entertainment embellished iPhone 7 Case. I couldn’t believe myself when I found out I could do this. This comes available in all manner of phones even some older ones as well.
Other than that stuff you can also buy Coffee Mugs, Tote Bags, Notebooks and stickers all with the ZAK Entertainment logo or even just the Camera logo on its own which is available as well.

Redbubble is also a great way for artists to get their work out for sale as well and I’ll be getting more of my watercolor work out for you to purchase as prints and other merchandise at a later time if you so wish. You may want to consider signing up and selling your artwork here as well if you’re an artist, it’s a good option I think though I’m only just launching it.

For now however I got two more works that’ll be available to buy on this launch day. First off is an art piece I’ve had finished for a while now but I decided to hold off until I launched this store as it works perfectly on merchandise. This is a watercolor piece I did of a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air.

By far my Dad’s favorite car which is why this was featured on his Father’s day card but now you can buy it yourself on T-Shirts, Mugs, Even your own cards similar to what I made Dad.

You can buy this shirt and other merchandise with the same artwork here:

There’s a lot of variety to choose from and I never realized how perfect it would work on all this merchandise. Really I was just going to offer you guys the ZAK Entertainment logo but I got pushed into letting my artwork out onto here as well so let’s see if that will work out. You won’t be able to purchase say Aeris or her friends from Dream Eclipse as of right now but who knows that may change when the Novel is released…

Finally I decided to put out my recent 1960 Austin Healey 3000 illustration for you to purchase.
Now this doesn’t actually work that well for T-Shirts or a lot of things really due to its width and general sizing but I mean it wasn’t created to sell on merchandise. Regardless I’ve put this up on here mostly as an art print you can purchase but also Laptop Skins/Sleeves, Pillows, Tote Bag and even a greeting card so there’s still some options here for you.

This may seem like a small launch selection but I will now be working on dedicated designs for this merchandise in the upcoming future so keep an eye out! As I grow as an artist I hope to bring you some really awesome stuff because really I’m doing this for you guys. (Even though I kind of want to purchase some of my own merchandise because man does the ZAK Entertainment logo look cool on a Laptop Skin.) Now as far as actually purchasing anything it’s pretty easy, you don’t even need an account. It’s pretty much the same as say Amazon or anywhere else so it’s no hassle.

You can check out and purchase all what I've shown you via the ZAK Entertainment Redbubble page:

This is just the beginning of the ZAK Entertainment 1 year anniversary and I got a few more tricks up my sleeve as well as general blog ideas that’ll be rolling out within the next month and a half. Thank you all for sticking with me for this awesome year. My goal for this blog still stands, to allow you to express your own interests and perhaps learn new ones but it seems I am learning a lot myself. I mean if it wasn’t for this blog I wouldn’t have ever gotten into doing artwork and Dream Eclipse may of never left the ground and into the current writing phase that it’s in. This blog has allowed me to grow as a writer, an artist, a journalist, a male knitter and of a person in general.

Don’t forget to go support me on Patreon as well if you enjoy this blog or my short films I make for the ZAK Entertainment Youtube Channel. (Which is basically a video storage for this blog for the most part.) Through Patreon I wish to better improve my equipment (I need a new computer, believe it or not.) to bring you better and better content but also build a community. Don’t feel shy to leave a comment below too because all Feedback and Criticism is much appreciated!

So with all that mushy stuff out of the way it’s time to head out for the day. Hope you all enjoyed the blog and the new merchandise! I’m going to be bringing a lot more to you guys in the near future besides just blogs and videos. I have a novel series I’m pouring my soul into; I have my knitting, Redbubble and my artwork so I kind of have my work cut out for me, don’t I? I’m enjoying every second of it.

This was ZAK Entertainment

Thank you for one whole year!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Solar Eclipsing Some Movie News and a Mouth Watering Pasta Meal

Welcome to the 150th blog! Yeah we made it guys; just before the 1 year anniversary we hit 150 blogs. I’ve been writing and posting blogs from all sorts of entertainment topics pulled from my life and what happens around it. Sometimes it’s just news blogs but I like to add my own personal feelings into said news to make it more like a blog rather than just an article for a newspaper. I’ve loved every second of this blog so let’s make it 1500 blogs! Is that too much? Anyway some big things are coming within the next few months so stay tuned for that, I’ll announce more as I come closer to releasing it. For now however let’s look to the future and talk about something big and bright in our sky, the Sun.

It brings life to the planet, light, energy and allows for us to thrive. It also is super hot, so bright you wouldn’t want to look at it directly but also undergoes a pretty awesome crossover with the Moon every so often. This Monday the world will experience the total Solar Eclipse as well as my first time experiencing one. Total Solar Eclipses are not super rare (Still rare though.) but America or more so Southern America tend to not get to see it or only get to see a partial eclipse. Either way Eclipses are pretty awesome and I’m excited to see it in person. I might even get some inspiration from this experience, what for however is classified Novel information.

This Solar Eclipse is the result of the sun sneaking up behind the moon during a meeting of fate on during their orbit causing a massive shadow to be cast over the earth, pretty cool huh? Perhaps freaky even. Anyway while America seems to be the main target of this Total Solar Eclipse but East Asia and Western Europe seem to be getting a partial eclipse.  

I sadly don’t have the right equipment to record or take photos of the solar eclipse (Sorry guys.) but I do have this snazzy eyewear I got from my local library, which brings me to an important safety notice. Please do not look at the Solar Eclipse without these! You can get them for free at your local library or purchase them from a local store for mostly cheap prices. Just ask for Eclipse Glasses I think that’s the general name for them. The sun might go dark but the strength of its light actually strengthens and can seriously damage your eyes or even permanently blind you. Actually I think the sun is even more dangerous during the partial phases, but don’t take any chances on any of that, even if you are Superman.

While Solar Eclipses do happen every several years this one is looking to be special, it’s the first total Eclipse on American Soil since 1991 and the first to sweep across the entire country since 1918, which is pretty crazy I wasn’t alive for either of them.

For more information and times where the Solar Eclipse will occur go visit this page on NASA!

Speaking of space there is a new poster and movie trailer out for something kind of space related. Back in 2010 a movie by the name of Skyline released, it was a Science Fiction Alien Invasion movie and that was pretty much it. I’ve not seen it so my opinions on it are not really there but I have heard of it. Well the movie is getting a sequel in the form of Beyond Skyline. It looks like the storyline is pretty much the same, as you know every alien invasion movie of all time. Someone close to the protagonist gets abducted and now he forms a human resistance to get his son back. You can check out the trailer below.

Can’t find a release date for this movie but I assume it’s coming out later on this year. It might be a good movie, I might be surprised I’m not sure but if you like Alien Invasion movies go check this movie out.

Now that we’re transitioned into movie news, I got some MAJOR news regarding the 007 franchise.

It’s been up in the air for the longest time but finally Daniel Craig has announced he will be returning to the James Bond role at least one more time in the upcoming 2019 007 movie. We’ve been getting teased about this for so long now with rumors flying of Daniel Craig’s replacement so it’s great to finally have some answers.  This new bond movie is not named as of right now but we’ll most likely be getting more information sooner rather than later as production starts 2018, which isn’t really that far away.

Star Wars seems to have made quite the comeback lately with movies coming out of the woodworks. We have the new storyline happening starting with The Force Awakens and this year’s The Last Jedi and side movies which dive into the history of Star Wars such as Rouge One and the upcoming Han Solo… Solo movie. Star Wars has introduced a bunch of memorable characters (Some better than the other… Looking at you Jar Jar.) and Obi-Wan is by far one of them. We got introduced to old Obi-Wan in the original trilogy and saw a bit into his origins and younger self in the prequel trilogy. You know where I’m going with this? Yes this was another big floating idea for a while now but it’s actually official now. The master himself Obi-Wan Kenobi is getting his own spin-off movie. This is in early talks as of right now but Stephen Daldry is in talks to head development and writing of this movie.  Daldry is popular for directing episodes of Netflix’s period drama The Crown (Which is due a blog from me before the next season) so let’s see what comes from this. Obi-Wan is one of my favorite charcters so I can’t wait to see it come into fruition. Depending on what era they could actually get Ewan McGregor who played Obi-Wan in the prequels and has expressed interest in returning to the role.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is growing more and more every year and we’re reaching a huge point in that universe. So many new shows and movies are on their way out and it’s crazy to think they’re all connected. That being said a certain royal family of superheroes will soon hit the airwaves and theatres. They’ve been teasing the Inhumans for a while now but finally they’re making their debut on the big screens followed by a series airing on ABC, which is pretty cool they used to do this a lot back in the day, air the first serial on the big screen then transition it to a TV show. Truth is I don’t know the Inhumans as well as I do other Superhero teams but this looks to be pretty awesome. Inhumans will have the Inhuman Royal Family made up of Black Bolt, Maximus, Medusa, Gorgon, Crystalm Auran and Triton as they escape to Hawaii after a military coup. The world is at peril, but will they be able to save themselves first? One question though… Will they be introducing the Krees and Skrulls? It’s about time to be honest and Inhumans would be a cool way of bringing in those guys for Phase 4 of the MCU. You can check out the trailer below.

Marvel’s Inhumans’s first two Episodes will have a threatre run in IMAX for two weeks starting September 1st before airing the full series on ABC this September 29th.

Finally one last bit of movie news to show you guys with one last trailer. Ever wondered what it would be like to have Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L Jackson in the same movie together? Well get ready for Hitman’s Bodyguard. Ryan Reynolds plays a bodyguard by the name of Michael Bryce who gets a new client in the form of Darius Kincaid played by Samuel L Jackson who just so happens to be one of the world’s most notorious hitmen. This is a team up of actors I never thought would act together but always wanted them to team up. It’s Rated R so expect Samuel L. Jackson to be swearing a lot (It’s his thing, and we love him for it.) as well as some hilarious action comedy when this movie releases… Well today, right when this blog goes up. Want something to do after reading the blog? Go check this movie out and leave me your thoughts down in the comments or on my Social Media! Would love to hear your thoughts. It might be too over the line for myself actually.

You know I haven’t really said much about what I’ve been eating lately but I can’t resist showing you guys this one bit. Well the other night I had an incredible pasta meal and I’ll tell you now I’m a huge fan of pasta and Italian meals but this one might of completely out done it by far.

This is linguine pasta boiled up and then strained and then cooked with olive oil, butter, a little bit of balsamic vinegar, garlic, lemon juice and Italian seasonings with quite a lot of parmesan cheese added. The pasta was served with delicious lemon juice, balsamic, thyme and garlic baked Salmon and some steamed veggies. This meal is absolutely mouth watering and actually easy and quick to make, it only took half an hour to prepare, cook and serve. Credits for this have to go to my Mum of course. If I ever needed reassurance of my love for pasta this is it. This is a must do again, for sure. Kind of wish I had some more right now.

Before I reveal the free knitting pattern of the day I have to remind you Pokemon fans of something. Well yesterday I finally got my butt to GameStop to pick up a Salazzle Event Code card.

This event will be running until September 4th so be sure to stop by your local GameStop and pick up your battle ready Salazzle! This girl holds a Focus Sash and comes with the moves Fake Out, Toxic, Sludge Bomb and Flamethrower.

Now finally here’s the FREE knitting pattern of the day! I am a huge fan of fair isle and colorworks patterns, almost to the point that I’m a huge sucker for them. This pattern today is a beautiful Fair Isle pattern as well as being a blanket… and a pillow?! This is “Fair Isle Border Blanket and Pillow” from Patons!

Yeah this is another one of those two in one patterns and by gods this is gorgeous. This isn’t just a fair isle border either on closer examination I discovered there’s an actual diamond pattern in the middle which makes this even more rich and luxury-esque. Even more awesome this isn’t just diamond pattern, this is my old friend, an Argyle pattern! (Which I discussed quite a bit in this blog: .) You’ll need quite a lot of worsted yarn in multiple colors which Patons lists on their site. You’ll also need 4.5 MM / US 7 Circular knitting needles with a 36 inch (90 CM) cord and another needle of the same size but with a 20 inch (51 cm) cord for the pillow.

This pattern even impressed Mum who wants to have a go at this. Hey wait maybe we should both do this pattern, one will do the pillow and one the blanket, that’s actually a really cool idea. Let’s see what comes from that. I know I know I’m sorry for the lack of knitting! I feel guilty but trust me, I have not given up and I actually have been doing some knitting but this blog is getting long so you guys will have to wait until Monday for that progress update. You can check out this awesome pattern by following this link here:

With that all said, hope you guys enjoy the Solar Eclipse Monday as well as the blog coming out on Monday which I’m not telling you anything about just yet, it might be one of those big announcements I teased, it may not be, who knows?

This was ZAK Entertainment

See you on Monday!

“With the coming of Sun and Moon shall the seal break and the path to the promised land, the land of salvation be open to us as we walk to the future.”

Not telling you guys what that means

But it means something.

[Photo Credits: ZAK Entertainment, MGM, The Pokemon Company, Patons Yarn.]