Monday, November 20, 2017

A Rocky River Sibling Adventure, Incredibles 2, Ferdinand and Free Embroidery Patterns!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This week is the week of Thanksgiving here in America, the day for giving thanks to those you’re grateful for having in your life and also for stuffing your face with stuffing. It’s also the day of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Purina Dog Show which are always fun watches. Of course after that day is over it's going to be the largest shopping day of the year, Black Friday. So yeah be safe over the next few weeks and while you should have fun don't overdo it!

However for today I have a few movie trailers to discuss but before that my sister and I went on a little adventure last week. We went on a trip to Bossier Arts Council in Bossier City finally to see my sisters amazing canvas painting in the Humans Being Humans Gallery that is currently running at the council. Yes my sister actually got an art piece into a gallery and rightfully so shes done an amazing job on this piece. Funny enough this was her first time entering a gallery and she was up against many artists in the area. We recorded a vlog of the trip but I was not able to get it finished for this specific blog so youll see that video soon.

For now you can check out my sisters painting on her newest blog: As well as in the virtual gallery by going to the Humans Beings and Being Humans virtual gallery link: This is one of my sisters best art pieces AND it’s up for sale so if youre in the area (Actually it might be possible to purchase it and have it shipped to you, not setting that as fact though) come check this awesome painting out as well as the other artists paintings at 630 Barksdale Blvd Bossier City, LA 71111 as well as their phone number 318 741 8310. There is a problem with this however; it appears the Gallery will actually be closed for the next week so youll only have the 27th through to the 30th to visit the gallery before all these paintings are taken down. I guess I should of gotten this out there sooner but with Annie holding back on advertising and lack of advertising from the Council itself my hands were tied, I had only just gotten the chance to visit the gallery myself.

Ill be writing/editing a separate blog /vlog of our trip to BAC for later on in the week so be sure to check it out! Itll be a Thanksgiving gift in a way.

Taking a Rocky Red River Adventure with Sibling in Tow.

That however was not the end to our trip out! On our way home and after a couple of U-turns Annie and I discovered a small park outside the Red River. Yeah amazing what we find randomly on our ways back home. We actually drove past right past the almost invisible entrance and had to make a U-turn just to get into this place dubbed the Teague Trails Recreational Area.

Luckily I had my camera with me and decided to take some photos of this park. Annie will have some incredible photos coming up on her blog later on this week from this trip but I like these photos I took so lets roll a few of them out for you.

As you can see this part of the river is molded with rocks instead of beaches which while not fun for your feet makes this place look absolutely stunning, Im surprised Ive only just found this place.

Took this photo which at this angle makes it look like these rocks are giant boulders in perhaps the Grand Canyon area, it almost looks like you could walk through these rocks. Makes you feel kind of small in this big world of ours.

I have to admit that we really did not have the right shoes on for this occasion. With Annie in high heels and me in dress shoes we really werent in the right attire. We need to remember to take a pair of tennis shoes with us.

Heres the photographer herself, why not take a photo of a photographer taking a photo, eh?

This place actually makes for a great picnic location especially on a day like this where no one else is here, you wouldnt have anyone else bothering you and your family. I really want to see if I can get on the other side of the river, which would be pretty cool.

Overall we really need to come back here, of course with better shoes and perhaps a picnic basket in hand. There are tons of other places to visit in this area so you never know what well come across in the upcoming weeks, especially with Christmas on its way. Do I smell a Christmas Extravaganza 2017 happening soon? Perhaps so, youll have to wait and see. (Its actually happening Im just teasing you.) Don't forget to check out Annie on her Art/Photography blog

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have finally and you’re probably playing that instead of reading this but if you want to put the DS down for a few seconds I have a brand new teaser trailer for a movie I think people have been clawing for years now, The Incredibles 2!

The Incredibles 2 Returns in this Crazy New Teaser!

Yeah this movie has been teased for a long time now and I discussed some stuff about it during the year such as during Disney’s D23 conference. The Incredibles was Pixar’s first real film where the main characters actually consisted of humans instead of toys, monsters, fish and bugs. Of course these humans were super powered living in a world of villains and non powered humans. The story of the first movie focused on Mr. Incredible and his Wife Elastigirl as they struggle to survive in a world where super humans are suddenly discredited as menaces leaving the superheroes with no choice but to go into hiding, living as normal humans. Mr. Incredible and his family try to live normal lives while hiding their crazy abilities but it doesnt last all too long and soon enough their dragged into a plot thatll reshape how the world sees Supers.

This Pixar animation is by far one of my favorite animations and its awesome to see a sequel especially when its going to take place immediately after the first movie left off, meaning were going to get to see the Incredibles fight the Undertaker (Who was and Im assuming will still be voiced by John Ratzenberger) after all. Another character that will play a large role is seemingly Jack-Jack Parr, the Familys youngest member who seemed to be a normal baby until the end of the first movie where he was revealed to have shape shifting abilities. This new teaser shows Jack-Jack receiving an even more variety of powers so lets take a look see.

Yeah it wasnt a huge teaser but we got to see the powers that Jack-Jack seemingly posseses, which is a LOT so itll be awesome to see how he develops in the next film. As announced earlier on the movie will actually shift focus a few times within the film as Elastigirl will be out fighting crime while her husband will be home babysitting Jack, which as we can see from the teaser will ensure some hilarity, and perhaps a house insurance claim.

This movie will be releasing June 15th of next year so I bet well see a full trailer closer to the release date, maybe during the Superbowl? If I just predicted that Ill die of laughter I swear.


I actually have one more movie trailer to discuss today. Its another animation and it stars an international wrestling superstar


Okay old dead memes aside (I cant believe I actually used that word on this blog, never again) John Cena is voicing Ferdinand in a movie named after said character. This bull, unlike most bulls is actually a over sensitive love-a-BULL creature whos size tends to make others timid of him to his own disliking. Without further ado lets check out this new trailer from Blue Sky who are actually the creators of Ice Age, Robots and RIO. (Does anyone remember Robots? Loved that movie.)

Ferdinand is actually based on a 1936 childrens book believe it or not named The Story of Ferdinand, written by Munro Leaf and Illustrated by Robert Lawson. The story tells the tale of a bull named Ferdinand who is more interested in flowers then bullfights. As that book wasnt super long by any means the movie is of course fleshing the characters out a little more. It actually looks like a really good family animation, something Ive come to expect from Blue Sky over the years, I mean I cant name a Blue Sky animation I dont like. This movie is a classic tale of dont judge a book by its cover. Ferdinand in this movie is a Spanish Fighting Bull who absolutely detests bullfighting, rather spending his time smelling flowers and hanging out with small cuddly animals. Sadly his size seems to get the better of him making him a tad bit of a klutz. Youll be able to watch this movie in theatres this December the 15th so mark your calendars. 

So thats pretty much it for movie news, nothing major is happening but a much anticipated movie of mine is just about to come out as well this thanksgiving. The Man Who Invented Christmas which I discussed a few blogs ago is a satire bio pic of sorts telling the story of Charles Dickens and his creative process for coming up with A Christmas Carol, as a writer and avid Charles Dickens fan this is really one of my highly anticipated movies of the year. Sadly its only just coming out in theatres so well have to wait until next Christmas to watch this movie via DVD, well I mean we can always watch it in February when itll probably come out on DVD, I know I probably will just because of my love for Charles Dickens work.

DMC Releases some Beautiful Free Embroidery and Cross Stitch Patterns!

Before I leave you guys for the day I have a big announcement for you embroidery lovers out there! My Mum, whos an avid needle artist herself, has discovered that DMC, a popular thread company is releasing a huge selection of their patterns to the public for FREE! Yes all patterns that used to cost $3-$5 dollars are now free to download! Some of these patterns are embroidery and some are cross stitch but if youre looking for just embroidery you can filter the search results by looking on the left side of the website.

All youll need is your email address and the ability to download PDFs and youll be good to go, you can always unsubscribe from these emails later but if youre into needle works you might be interested in keeping those emails coming in for any good deals and news regarding embroidery and cross stitch. Of course you can still purchase the kits for these patterns, which come with the exact thread colors DMC recommends for the pattern as well as optional accessories for prices that range around $3.

You can check out this entire collection right by clicking this link right here:

With those patterns in hand Ill be leaving you guys now for the week. Enjoy your Thanksgiving everyone and try not to get hurt during the crazy Black Friday rush especially with sweet online deals happening these next couple of weeks, check back next week I may have some crazy Cyber Monday deals to enlighten you guys with.

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