Monday, December 11, 2017

Welcoming Christmas with the "Alita: Battle Angel" Movie Trailer and a Sweet Art Supply Set

It’s officially three weeks till Christmas! By now Santa Claus has gathered most if not all of the toys he’s giving out the night of the 25th but for you Santa helpers don't wait to long to make your Christmas gift purchases.

With three weeks left my house is looking like a Christmas wonderland, as it does on every year of this time. Yes we’ve done our Christmas decorating and while the decorations we use are the same nostalgic pieces we always arrange them in a way that sets that year apart from the rest.

From the classic ceramics settled along the fireplace to the garland around each corridor the halls are definitely decked, although not with boughs of holly of sorts. We do however have a new addition, this sweet White Christmas table top tree. 

Don’t get me wrong I love big trees but there’s just something about a table top Christmas tree that feels more humble. The white needles while not natural just seem more suitable for this winter season which might I say we’ve surprisingly been seeing breeze through.

Here I am under the impression it's going to be a warm winter when if at the snap of a finger the cold has hit us down here like a truck. It’s not below freezing but we are teetering on the edge of it and I have to admit I'm a lot more used to the hot, humid and sweaty weather then I am the bitter and nippy cold.

Anyway I had possibly the strangest yet the most awesome encounter the other day. It's not every day I get to meet someone I follow online but one of my favorite Youtubers and Vloggers as well as being an avid RV traveler happened to cross paths with me in a Home Depot no less. Eric Jacobs, known as Nomadic Fanatic on Youtube was this man and yeah it was probably the most unexpected thing to ever happen to me in this past year of blogging. Sadly we didn't get much time to talk and I didn't get to meet Jax the Cat but I did happen to get his business card as proof that I actually met him.

For those not aware Eric basically travels America as a full time RVer with his slightly oversized yet lovable cat Jax. The sights they’ve seen are absolutely incredible and make myself eager to get out and travel myself. (This isn’t easy to do, trust me.) He posts videos of his adventures on his YouTube channel: . His recent videos are of Alabama so for those who haven't had to chance to check out the state of Bama then go check out his recent videos!

So back to the topics at hand I got a brand new movie trailer to discuss and this one is of a movie I didn't expect but it looks really awesome, while looking like food for my SciFi movie hunger.

Spawning from an awesome 1990s Japanese manga by the name of Gunnm, written by Yukito Kishiro comes the newest James Cameron movie by the name of Alita: Battle Angel and oh boy this is another one of those movies that have been in production for over two decades now. Yeah James Cameron has had this movie in the works for a long time now, being a huge fan of the manga this can be easily described as a passion project for him. Well finally we’ve got a trailer for this movie that you can check out right here.

That was simply put awesome, the cyberpunk/post apocalyptic setting, the main character, Mahershala Ali and the incredible animation makes this definitely on my must watch list for 2018. I am not too familiar with the manga, although I'm eager to read them now, but this movie will be based on the first four books of the original manga.

Alita is a cyborg discovered in a garbage heap by Cybernetic Doctor Daisuke Ido and to his surprise Alita has absolutely no memory. She does however have a knack for combat which sets her down the path of being a Hunter-Warrior, taken down other cyborgs of a more criminal nature in the futuristic city of Scrapyard (Fitting name, apparently)

I am actually super excited for this movie but even more excited to check out the source material as well. I know all of you are probably groaning as it's another manga/anime based movie but give it a chance, James Cameron is absolutely passionate about the source material so unlike Dragonball Evolution this movie might be great. I also have heard people complain about the eyes of the main character but that didn't seem to bug me when watching the trailer. Who says Cyborg girls had to have normal eyes? Well anyway I can't wait to check this movie out next year when it releases July 20th, 2018.

Next up we got the first trailer for the new season of Jessica Jones! Jessica Jones became my favorite character besides Luke Cage when watching Marvel’s Defenders a few months ago so I'm eager to see where they take the sarcastic yet kick butt hero (Who probably Knits as well knowing her awesome actress) in this new season. You can check out this trailer below!

Jessica Jones is BACK! With her agency up and running again she's tying up loose ends as well as getting into new trouble as well as dealing with her past that still seems to linger around. While this was a short trailer this is really all you need to get hyped for the new season (Don’t worry they’ll flood us with unnecessary trailers regardless) so get ready to see some kick ass Jessica Jones March 8th on Netflix.

Speaking of Netflix as a quick reminder the new season of The Crown is now on Netflix! This new series continues the reigning chapters of Queen Elizabeth II’s life with the same stars that made the first season so memorable so for those with Netflix be sure to check it out!

Well that's about it for this blog, or it should be but I had a spur of the moment thing happen that involves me purchasing something. Yeah I spent money on myself again but this deal was absolutely irresistible. I’ve really come to love art in all of it’s many medias, I’ve not done a whole lot and most of it involved Aeris Eclipse in some shape or form but I can say that creating art will be something i’ll keep in my life. So with that commitment in mind I bought myself this 120 piece multi media art set.

Oh boy this is one beauty of a box. At first glance you would assume this to be some secret agency briefcase and I guess you could call it that because of how much is inside of this box. This Artist Loft Art Set actually only cost me 20 dollars despite it’s usual 70 dollar price tag so I really did snag one really good deal from Michael’s and it almost completely slipped my point of view. My Mum had actually discovered the one day sale that was happening so of course I Dove out as quick as I could and snagged the last one on the shelf.

Opening this baby up you can see a wide selection of color pencils and watercolor pencils, the latter I've come to love after the past few months. Think this is it? Oh no, not by a long shot. See those fabric tabs? Yeah pulling this up will reveal the magic underneath.

This isn't just a Acrylic or watercolor set no this has 10 Acrylic Paints, 12 Watercolor paints and 12 oil paints as well as oil pastels. Also included are brushes, pallets and some other cool bits that really makes this an awesome set. What finishes this off with a bang is the booklet that comes with the set. This booklet is absolutely perfect for a beginner like myself as it holds tips on how to draw, color theory and how to use the four mediums included in this set. So for someone like me, who’s barely gotten used to Watercolor this was the icing on the cake. It actually goes quite in depth on oil painting, a medium I've always been too nervous to try yet have always had a love for oil paintings.

While this set is not going to be 20$ anymore I would still recommend this set to any artist who wants to expand their mediums and learn new ones. This would make quite the Christmas gift so check out your local Michael’s (If you have one) or anyone else who sells Artist Loft supplies.

For now I'm heading off once again, thanks everyone for reading the blog for this week! Don't stress out over Christmas too much and enjoy the rest of your week!

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See you next week!