Friday, November 11, 2016

Veterans for Veterans Day Biker Event; Plus Some Awesome Cars

Welcome to Friday everyone! Today's a pretty special Friday because it's officially Veteran's Day. Today we celebrate the people who fought for our country and those who are still out there fighting though I believe that we should show appreciation every day of our lives. So last weekend while I was out on a trip with my family we got stopped by the Police... No we didn't get a speeding ticket, the Police was there because a Veterans for Veterans Biker Event was happening and we actually got to follow the bikers throughout the city as part of the rally (Okay we were in a car not a bike... I don't think I'm cut out for motorcycles, maybe one day). Now of course I had my camera with me so I got some footage of the rally so I could put together this awesome video for everyone to see! So sit back and enjoy this short but awesome video full of amazing bikes and some cool dudes.

So yeah that was pretty fun, completely unexpected to say the least. Happy Veteran's Day to all Veterans and people currently serving, this video goes out to all of you.

I hit the jackpot in finding some really cool cars today, first off I spotted this awesome Toyota Land Cruiser.

You could definitely go exploring with this baby it's even got the tire jack on the side of the car. I'm not exactly sure what year this model is from but it's awesome regardless.

This next car is just brilliant...

Yeah that's right, it's a 1963 Chevy Corvette and it is a beauty. It's currently in the midsts of restoration, thus the sort of worn look on it.

I can't wait to see what this car looks like once it's finished. I think I've fallen in love with Corvettes all of a sudden. Would of loved to of driven this car and see how it felt on the open road but oh well there's always next time.

Anyway that's about it on the cool antique cars we're always finding them around so expect some more to come in the future on the blog.

So one last thing I want to talk about... The past couple of days I've been putting more knitting focus on to my socks and I've just begun the heel flap!

First off as I'm using magic loop I decided to put half of my stitches onto a piece of cotton scrap yarn. Then I slipped the first stitch then knitted and then slipped again, repeating this until the end of the row. I then turned the knitting and slipped the first one as if to purl and then purled to the end of the row. This gives you a reinforced heel that won't wear out when you wear these socks with shoes.

I had a bit of an issue doing this in the beginning despite help from mum and Kelly Petkun's videos. I couldn't get into the slip knit rhythm and for some reason I accidentally increased stitches at some point..?! Yeah I don't quite know how that happened but I fixed it (Thanks mum) and I've been getting used to it as I've gotten along. I'm going to be knitting this until it's as long as my thumb, I believe that will be long enough so my shoe isn't wearing out the non enforced part of my socks. Now normally thumbs wouldn't be a good measurement but I kind of have long thumbs so it works for me, haha.

So far I've done 16 rows and I gotta make sure I have EVERYTHING written down because this is only the first sock. I'm hoping I can get my second sock to look identical (Knowing my luck it'll look better then the first.),

So that ends today's blog, thanks for reading and once again Happy Veterans Day to all Veterans and those currently serving. You do your country and families proud and we're eternally grateful to you. Hope you enjoy your Friday I'm going to head out now, got some things to do, some work to do so I will...

See you on the next blog!

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