Monday, November 14, 2016

A NASCAR of M&Ms and Besting a Sock Heel Flap

There are a lot of things in life I love so very much... M&M candy and NASCAR would probably hit in the top 10 list. So what happens when these two wonderful items come together?

I came across this completely on random while going shopping, it completely shocked me to see this here. This is the Toyota Camry M&M Race Car Number 18. Of course the driver who this car sponsors is Kyle Busch who currently drives this car in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, which is actually happening right now and Busch currently is moving on to the top 4 in Miami. This year is the 75th anniversary of M&Ms so that's probably why they're taking this car all around the place. Oh yeah I also got free M&Ms... Pretty sweet deal if I do say so myself.

Love the fact they have the old M&M designs as well as the new guys on this as well, they even had M&M plushies in the car window which was pretty cool.

They even had the 2015 Sprint Cup Championship Trophy here which was Busch's first Championship win. So all in all this was a great find and I'm glad I got the chance to checkout the car and the trophy. This has further fueled my love for NASCAR... Yeah I just made a car joke... Fuel... Get it? So yeah I love that I got the chance to see this awesome NASCAR and even the Championship Trophy up close and in person!

Anyway onto a knitting update! Been focusing solely on my sock the past couple of days. If you've been keeping track of my instagram you'd see I've been working on the heel flap and I can proudly say I have bested my first heel flap AND heel turn with no big issues!

I was a bit nervous to start this heel flap and heel turn but with some help from mum I pulled it off and now I'm currently working on the gusset, which means now I'm decreasing stitches on the heel flap row of stitches to get it back to 32 stitches so I can continue on with the final part of the sock. Everything is going smoothly but I hope on my second sock I don't get, as my Mum calls it, second sock syndrome, though these are my first pair of socks so I shouldn't be such a perfectionist. Actually there are no more tough parts on this sock now, it should be smooth sailing now except for the very end where I use a kitchener stitch to seal the toe and finish the sock. The second sock should be a lot faster to knit as I will already know exactly what to do.

Anyway that's all for today, I know it's a short blog but not all blogs are going to be super long like the previous couple have been. Hope you enjoy your Monday last week was a bit crazy with the election and all but this week should be a lot more relaxing to ease off the tension. Oh yeah! I forgot show off something on the blog relating to the election...

I got this super awesome I voted sticker with the Blue Dog (From the late Artist George Rodrigue) on it, a really cool souvenir if I do say so myself. Anyway enjoy your day and...

See you on the next blog!

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