Wednesday, November 23, 2016

End of a Knitting Beginning and Crossing a Lake of Birds

Hey everyone! Today's Wednesday which means tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. As my blogging schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Friday I will not be posting a blog on Thanksgiving so Happy Early Thanksgiving! If you're reading this on Thanksgiving then ignore the word early, haha. Hope you enjoy your Holiday. I'm pretty thankful for a lot of things in my life such as my awesome family. Don't over stuff yourself on food though, alright? Oh yeah the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade is on tomorrow morning as well (Check your local times for this... Unless you live near Times Square of course and get to see it live.) so don't forget to tune in for that! Always love watching the Parade and also the Dog Show that always comes on afterwards.

So another chapter in my knitting journey has come to an end... Remember the Baby Blanket I was making for my little brother Chrissie? If you don't you can catch up by reading the very first blog I featured this blanket in.

Tadah! I casted it off yesterday finally after working on it for months (I started this in September!). It's kind of said to see this project come to an end as this was my very first project I took over. (By that I mean my mum actually started it off and I took it over a little ways in. I did most of the work on this regardless). I've put a lot of hard work and love into this blanket so hopefully Chrissie loves it when he receives this as a Christmas present. I was using size US 10 (6.0 mm) on this blanket and three different colors of Bernat Softee Baby yarn. The Yellow is 02003 Lemon, White is 30008 Antique White, and the green is 02004 Mint. Funny thing is about using such big needles is that when I switched over to using 7s and 3s it felt so.. odd. This is the only project I've done so far where I've used such large needles; all my other ones were on much smaller needles. This is just a plain straight stitch but after doing 6 rows in one color I swapped out colors. I love the combination of colors here they all work great together. You can check out the project on my Ravelry!

Anyway with that project finished a new chapter begins and some new projects!

I talked about these yarns in Monday's blog but now I've finalized what I'm using them for and I've got my needles set and ready.

This is the Lana Grossa Lord (Dye lot is 61101 and the color says 005) yarn I talked about on Monday. This yarn was discontinued a while back which makes these pretty rare. Rare yarn deserves to be knitted into a special hat so I've decided to make my very first Cable Stitch hat! This pattern looks like a great way to get into and learn about cable so I'm pretty excited to start this project. I'm going to be using size 7 Options Rainbow Wood Fixed Circular Knitting Needles but I haven't decided what kind of cable needle I'm going to use just yet. (My mum has quite a few cable needles actually) This pattern is Splendor; The Natural by Homero Luna. This yarn is pretty thick compared to most Worsted yarns I've handled so this will be a pretty warm hat to wear, perfect for the upcoming winter (If it ever gets cold enough to wear it here) Now onto the next planned project...

I'm putting my Knit Picks Imagination Pixie Dust (Dye lot is 84788) yarn to good use on my very first shawl! Of course I still need to ball up all this yarn I'm going to get around to this perhaps today or sometime this week so wish me luck, this is going to be my first time converting a skein to a ball. I'm using the Traveling Woman shawl pattern by Liz Abinate and this will be my very first shawl. My mum is very fond of making shawls as she's made quite a few in the past so I decided to give it a go. I am making this for someone other then myself but I won't say names as she's probably going to be reading this blog. Uhh the needles I'm going to be using are size 6 Options Interchangeable Rainbow Wood Circular Knitting Needle Tips from Knit Picks. These are actually (Along with the hat needles I'm using) on sale for 10% off so it might be a good time to get yourself a pair. (These don't come with a cable by the way.)

The hat I may not be starting for another week or two but I really want to get this shawl started within the next few days.

So those are the two projects I want to get going soon, really excited to get them going. The shawl I'm not too nervous about it just uses yarn overs and increases (Which I've been practicing on.) but I'm a little nervous about the hat. Never done cable before but I have help and I learn pretty fast so I should have no problems. I'll be taking you guys along for the ride so stay tuned for my Cable Knitting and Shawl adventures!

So a couple of days ago I went out with my family to a local lake (It's a pretty big lake) and to my surprise there were a whole load of awesome birds just sitting out there on the lake.

I come out to this lake quite a bit but I've never seen this many birds gather in one spot here. I believe these are seagulls, they were pretty far away (I was zoomed in pretty far) so I couldn't get a perfect glimpse at them. There were so many just sitting out there on the water, crazy huh? They were joined by some brown ducks as well. Actually I didn't see it before but if you look real closely at the back a whole group of them were sitting together far in the back as well.

I managed to snap this photograph of them flying as well. It was pretty cool to see these birds just all sitting in a massive group like that.

So I'm pretty sure there was land here once upon a time. We had a lot of rain earlier on this year so the lake expanded a lot in such a long time and covered up all the land around this bench and chairs. I mean if you want to dangle your feet in the water along with all the fish while you eat your picnic lunch then this is the perfect sitting area for you, though I don't think getting water in your SANDwich is really a good idea.

There's also this pretty spooky tree sitting out in the middle of the fields next to the lakeshore. I'm assuming this tree is dead but it looks pretty cool where it's positioned.

So yeah that's all for my lake trip, I actually recorded some video footage I'm going to be compiling for all of you so stay tuned!

Also did you know they're already setting up Christmas lights here? Yeah it's happening all over the place, I mean Thanksgiving isn't even here yet and people are already rushing to get their Christmas lights up. Natchitoches (Which I talked about in this blog here. It's a very early blog from when I started the blog up... Which was three months ago.) already have their Lights over the Cane happening as well. I'll be giving you guys photographs and videos of all the lights I can find this upcoming Christmas season so get excited for that!

Speaking of Christmas we're already starting to get some goodies in for the Holidays.

Can't have Christmas without HP sauce, Custard and Candy Canes and you can't forget the awesome knitted Christmas cloth! Made by yours truly of course.

Okay I think I should end the blog off now, got some knitting to do. I'm still working on my sock, though I'm on the foot part now so it's going to be same old same old until I get to the toe. In my spare time I'm playing some Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Black 2 to keep my thirst for Sun and Moon quenched until Christmas. Hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving and the rest of your week!

See you on Friday! (Haha wanted to switch it up from the "See you on the next blog" I've been using for the past 30 blogs.)

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