Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Natchitoches; the City by the Cane

      We recently took a trip down to Natchitoches, Louisiana (est. 1714 and actually the oldest settlement of the Louisiana Purchase) and I recorded and put together this travel montage of the city and surrounding areas for everyone to enjoy. 

      There's quite a lot to check out here such as the Cane River Lake, the Natchitoches meat pies, and the historic shopping district. Apparently Louisiana's oldest General Store is here as well, it's called the Kaffie-Frederick General Mercantile Store. There's also the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame, which documents the history of Louisiana sports, and the Northwest Louisiana History Museum (located in the same building) which has exhibits related to the history of Northwest Louisiana and the native-americans who lived here. 
      There's always some sort of event happening here so it's a great place to visit, especially during christmas time when Natchitoches holds its annual Christmas Festival of Lights from November 21st to January 6th where they light up the town and lake with tons of awesome christmas lights.
      Anyway I had a blast checking out Natchitoches and I hope the travel montage and this blog post gives you a great idea of what's in store if you go there. There's a couple of websites you can check out if you want more information on the history of the city or current events happening, they are the Natchitoches Convention and Visitors Bureau and The official Natchitoches website.
      One last cool thing about Natchitoches is that Cane River Lake is home to some pretty awesome Chinese Geese which I'll be posting a separate video for that soon, they're pretty cool dudes and dudettes so you'll definitely enjoy that.

      Okay so hope you enjoyed the video because it took me forever to get it up, it was supposed to go up hours ago but due to some massive rendering errors I wasn't able to get it up until now. I might post the story about that crazy little hijink in the next blog post but until then..

See you on the next blog!

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