Friday, September 30, 2016

ZAK Knits Sep. 30th, 2016: On the Beginner's Road.

ZAK Knits: On the Knitter's Beginning Road      

      Hey, how's everyone day going?
      So I've recently decided to start knitting! I've been interested in it for the longest time but I never really gave myself the push to learn until now. My experienced mum (who runs her own blog called Dido's World, you can find her own knitting work there.) has been helping me a lot so I'm definitely on the right track. I decided to make a baby blanket my first project. My little brother has been dying for a new blanket so I thought I'd put some love into a new blanket just for him.

      It's a simple straight stitch blanket using US 10 - 6.0 mm circular needles I'm doing as far as colors six rows of white, then four rows of green, then six rows of yellow and then back to green again.

      I've had a few scary hair-pulling moments with this such as dropping a bunch of stitches, which I'm getting better at NOT doing and even accidentally knitting backwards to the point my mum had to help and teach me how to unpick two rows. So yeah I've definitely made some beginners mistakes but I kept trucking along and I think I'm improving a lot.

      Knitting has been pretty relaxing and a great pass time so I'm definitely going to keep it up. I have a lot of things I need to learn still such as the full terminology, how to purl, ect. I would love to actually make my own knitting patterns and put them out there for people to knit themselves so that's something I really want to work towards.
      One last thing before I sign off, I have a Ravelry account now, it's a place where people who knit and crochet can go to show off their works, talk with others, and sell their own knitting patterns and items. There are also a lot of free patterns too so it's a great place to go and check out if you're an avid knitter. My Ravelry user name is ZAKMan you can find my blanket WIP with more information on what yarn I'm using there. With that all said I'm going to pick up some needles and continue knitting, I'll keep you all updated on my projects so stay tuned.

See you in the next blog!

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