Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Day I Raided My Mum's Knitting Stash

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Today I travel to the deep forest of Knitopia looking for a specific species of yarn.. A dangerous land full of wondrous creatures known as... Yarn Skeins. These "skeins" despite the former description of wondrous can be very savage, especially with me. You see I normally am not allowed to come into this forest and today may be my only chance. The creatures are only friendly towards themselves and the ruler of these lands, my mum. I hope I make it out alive to be able to document this experience, the world must know about these wonderful Yarn Skeins..


October 11th, 2016


Anyway, hey everyone! So after finishing my first knit project I've been looking up new ideas for stuff I want to knit, so my mum actually let me into her knit stash yesterday to pick out different yarns and patterns for me to try out.. With parental supervision of course, I wouldn't be allowed in her on my own, haha.

I never realized how much yarn mum really had stashed away in trunks and bags, and there's even more buried under all this. There's a lot of yarn of all sorts of types here but you wouldn't actually know this was all there at first glance as she keeps it all sealed up in these trunks. Mum has been collecting this lot for years.

These are some of the yarns mum gave me to use for projects. I actually have an idea for the yarn on top, as the yarn is an Lion Brand afghan yarn I was going to make a throw rug with some cool fuzzy yarn knitted in on the end rows.. Speaking of fuzzy yarn.. When looking through the stash we had a bit of a yarn explosion..

Yeah.. I think my mum's yarn tried to attack me. This is like a big mixture of scrap yarn and small balls of yarn. Mum calls it a "yarn barf" and it sure looks like it. It's actually pretty with all the colors but a pain to untangle it all. I think some yarn monkeys are behind this, those silly fellers.

Going back through the yarn stash I got some more yarn for future projects and got to see some pretty snazzy and expensive yarn such as these Lorna's Laces skeins

And this skein of Rohrspatz & Wollmeise yarn

These are part of the "NO TOUCH ZONE" collection of yarn, I am not allowed to touch these as long as I live, haha. I don't even think mum wants to touch them because they're so expensive. The Rohrspatz is actually 100% Merino Superwash and this specific skein is a really nice purple color.

We had a little visitor pop in while we were going through the stash..

Alfie our Chihuahua apparently wants to be a yarn dog. How can you resist that face? I want to knit some toys for this little guy (Okay he's not very little) and maybe a sweater for the winter.

Anyway here's what I came out with in the end. Mum has officially given me all this yarn to start my own stash. This big is filled to the brim with all sorts of yarn I'm going to be using for upcoming projects. Here's some of the yarn in my stash!

This is a Silver Sage Knit Picks Comfy Sport Weight 2 skein of 136 yards (50 g). The lot number is 2486 and color number is 8062. I have plans on making a washcloth with this as its very soft and works perfectly for washcloths.

These are some Chocolate (9750) Caron Simply Soft Acrylic yarn. It's worsted medium 4 weight, 4 ply and each skein is 6 oz (170 g) big with 315 yards (288 meters). There actually isn't a dye lot on this one actually. I have some Bone colored yarn of this same type that I want to mix with this for some sort of cool project.

Here is some Copper Colors (57510) Patons Kroy Sock FX Sock Yarn that's 4 ply and super fine 1. It's 1.75 oz (50 g) and has about 166 yards (125 m). Not all these balls of yarn are full though as my mum used them once for one of her projects. These are also 75% machine washable wool and 25% Nylon. The Dye lot is 243457. I'm going to be using these balls of yarn for my first sock project so stay tuned for when I start that!

Following that are some Bernat 3 oz (85 g), 184 yard (168 m), medium 4 Stardust Swirl yarn skeins (Lot number is 164139)

Last but not least are some Lion Brand Homespun Afghan yarn. It's 6 oz (170 g), 185 yards (169 m), Bulky 5 yarn. The color is 318 Sierra (Art #790) but the two balls on the left actually have different dye lots then the ones on the right. The ones on the left has the dye lot 15218 and the ones on the right have the dye lot 979807. My mum tells me this is because these are from two different batches of dyed yarn. It actually confused me at first but I can actually see a slight different between the two when I look closely. I have an idea on using some of this yarn for a throw rug with some frizzy yarn knitted into the end rows.

I have a few other yarn skeins in my stash but these are the ones I'm going to be using in the near future. My mum found me out some cool patterns and I've been looking through ravelry for some as well. 

Oh one last thing! Mum gave me this set of knitting needles.

These are some Aero needles from Redditch England. According to mum she got these about 36 years ago so they have a lot of history to them, they're way older then me. There's all sorts of sizes in here.

I'm really grateful for mum giving me all this yarn, needles and helping me begin knitting and I'm excited for what the future will bring as I take another step forward into Knitdom (Is this a word? If not it is now).

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See you in the next blog!

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