Friday, October 14, 2016

ZAK Week Wrap Up: Knitting, DC Superheroes, Mysterious Antique Car, Zelda and Food!

Hey everyone! Today's Friday so I thought I would just do an in general life blog with multiple topics as a wrap up to the week, I think I'm going to do this every week so I can throw in all the things that wouldn't fit into a single topic blog that happens in my life. Okay so I'm actually writing this on Thursday evening but you won't see this until today (That last sentence hurt my brain for some reason) so when I say "today" I'm talking Thursday, I'll try not to confuse you. This week has been the first week that I've implemented the Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule. It has been a lot easier for me, I'm able to write a blog the day before and have it go up on a schedule without stressing out over getting a blog up every day.

So this week I've been busy with mostly knitting stuff. I finished my first project on Sunday, getting the blog post talking about the entire process up on Monday. I have actually started a second dishcloth using the same pattern and yarn so I can have a matching set and use them as cool autumn/thanksgiving doilies. I was doing some knitting on that second dishcloth in the car and it wasn't as tough knitting mobile as I thought it would be, though don't worry I wasn't actually driving while knitting. I (not intentionally) conned my mum into letting me see her knitting stash and she gave me some yarn for my own stash and some needles, you can read about it on my blog post from Wednesday.

Today I got my pattern needles and started on a brand new dishcloth. It's going to be a simple square dishcloth and I will be using a pattern by Spinfoolish on Ravelry. If you remember I showed off some Peaches & Creme yarn skeins in an earlier blog, I'm going to be using the "Yuletide" yarn for this square dishcloth. This pattern requires you to purl so mum taught me how and I seemed to of pick up on it pretty easily, it looks like I'm good to go on this dishcloth! I'll keep everyone up to date on this and my other projects so stay tuned! Oh um yeah I'm currently looking around for some knitting podcasts to listen too, one of the ones I found I'm going to give a go is called the Knitmore Girls so I'll check them out and let you know how I feel on their podcast.

Moving on from knitting.. (This is easy to segway from because I was knitting while watching these shows) So I'm actually a big superhero fan and I'm going to be talking about stuff related to that a lot on the blog in the future and there are some pretty awesome Superhero shows on TV right now such as Supergirl which I watched the season 2 premiere of on Monday. I thought it was pretty good actually, a few people thought the last season wasn't great apparently but I really enjoy this show, and I've been a big Supergirl/Superman (Mostly TV cartoons not comics) fan for as long as I can remember. There's a new character being introduced and not to spoil anything but you're gonna love who it is. I Watched Flash Season 3's premiere last Tuesday as well as the second episode this week they were pretty cool, the first episode seemed kind of pointless but watching the second episode I realized how important the first episode was to the entire DC TV universe. Flash Season 2 was a mixed bag for me, I loved parts and didn't like some other parts of it (I did not like Zoom at all..), but this new season is looking to be pretty awesome with some characters introduced previously getting new powers and such. Poor Cisco gets the ol drama hammer though. Lastly I watched Legends of Tomorrow's Season 2 premiere Thursday (Today for me) and I can actually say this was my favorite episode out of all three new shows I watched this week (I didn't watch Arrow but I'm starting to wonder whether I should give the show a chance again and catch up on season 3 and 4.) All the characters (minus three) from the previous season have returned so far with the addition of a new team member. A whole group of characters make their appearance and my favorite villain from the Flash Season 1 made an appearance and I believe will be a main villain for the rest of the season. The entire show was thrilling, funny, and just plain awesome so give it a shot when you get the time!

Anyway before Legends of Tomorrow a oldish movie aired on TV called Serpico. 
It's an 1973 Crime Drama film starring Al Pacino as Frank Serpico an idealistic New York Cop who gets placed in all sorts of dangerous situations by his partners. I've never actually seen this movie before but it's pretty awesome movie if you want to watch a Crime Drama and Al pulls off his character wonderfully so it's a great watch. I had no idea it was based on a real story but it was definitely one of the better movies I've watched in awhile. This movie made me want to watch some more crime dramas involving cops.

Coming off the TV and Movie topics I have a MYSTERIOUS ANTIQUE CAR ALERT!

So we were out today and I snapped a photo of this car on my phone as it was pulling out. It was too sudden to get a better photo and I've been trying to find out what kind of car this is. After doing some research I have found it's a strong possibility that it's a four dour 1940s Plymouth of some kind but I would love it if someone could comment on the post or let me know via social media if they know what kind of car this is! It's pretty flashy and I wish I owned it myself, haha.

Now on to what I'm currently playing in Video Games.. Well I've been in quite a Zelda mood lately so I've been playing Ocarina of Time on my 3DS as well as Skyward Sword on my Wii U. I talked about Ocarina of Time on my ZAK's Currently Playing blog and this is kind of a mini Currently Playing blog. I said I wasn't going to start up any new Zelda playthroughs until I was finished with one of the two but I couldn't resist and started up a playthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess which I can safely say is my favorite Zelda game in the franchise.

I just love the story and the characters of this game, and the art style and gameplay is pretty awesome. I play using the Wii version so I'm using the Wiimote and Nunchuck. I know a lot of people prefer the new HD remake for the ability to play with the gamepad but I'm quite happy with the old Wiimote setup.

Switching over to Pokemon a quick reminder, the Volcanion event for Pokemon XY and ORAS has begun, you can go to your local GameStop to pick up a card with a code on it to receive your Volcanion! Don't forget to pick him up because I think it only lasts until October 28th.

Now you read the title and probably said "Food?!" yes, I will be talking about food on this blog as well. I can make you all suffer with hunger now, muwahahaha. Well Wednesday was a pretty foodie kind of day. If you're following me on instagram I had this really awesome lunch that I don't normally have.

A photo posted by Zach Kuhn (@zmanstarz) on

Yeah this is a toasted griddle cheese sandwich with tortilla chips and picante dip. It was soooo good I need to have this more often! Later that day I made up one of my special lasagnas and that was also so good that I'm dedicating an entire blog post to it next week. So yeah I love food, so food will be on this blog. I'm also trying to make and cook a lot more meals so you can join me on my journey through foodhood.

Anyway time to wrap this up this got pretty long, hopefully I didn't drag on too much, I had a lot to talk about but I didn't want any of this in separate posts as by themselves I didn't think they would be long enough. Next week I have plans to talk about what camera I use for my photos/videos I also have some new videos coming out next week. You may see more than one blog post on certain posting days as I got a lot of big stuff I want to get out soon and I only post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so multiple posts per day will probably happen every so often. One last thing, if you noticed I suddenly have ads on my blog. I hope they're not ruining the experience of my blog but I have become an affiliate with Knit Picks, it's an awesome website for knitting equipment and yarn and my mum has a long time (like long long time) shopper of Knit Picks. With me starting up knitting a lot of my yarn and equipment is also coming from there because, well they have great deals. So enjoy your weekend and..

See you on the next blog!

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