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Pokémon Sun & Moon: Enter a new generation of Pokémon.


A Whole New Generation of Pokémon begins with Sun & Moon!

      What's happening everyone?
      For as long as I can remember I've been a devoted fan of the RPG Video Game, Pokémon. I actually got into Pokémon when I was two years old, watching the old TV show with Ash, Misty, and Brock before getting my first Pokémon games Gold & Silver with my first Gameboy Color a year later.

I can remember how Ash and Pikachu's adventures and eventually the games sucked me into a world of wonders and awesome characters. For some reason the games stuck with me all these years and I've gotten every new generation of games since Gold and & Silver, experiencing new regions, new Pokemon, and new stories. So yeah, I'm coming out the closet as a Pokénerd.

Right now is a pretty exciting time because Pokémon is about to take it's first steps into the new generation. Pokemon Sun & Moon will be releasing on November 18th Worldwide except for Europe who gets the games on the 23rd. I don't really know the reasoning behind that but that's how they're doing it. The games are looking to be bringing the most new additions to the series then any previous generation. Nothing to drastic is being battle mechanics wise they are the same for the most part, no new typing is being added, but there are a lot of added features that I'll be covering later.

      The storyline is where things are being shaken up from previous Pokémon games. The main protagonist moves to the new region of Alola (Based on Hawaii), made up of 4 islands and 1 mechanical island, and will be traveling the region to take on the Rite of the Island challenges. Now you're probably thinking, "Where are the gyms? They took them out?!", and yeah it's looking that way but these Island challenges seem to be an even cooler alternative.

      To complete these trials, trainers must overcome different challenges on each of the four islands. Battling is involved of course but there are a lot more different challenges involved taking on different forms, such as completing tests of knowledge or going on treasure hunts for the trial captains. After each challenge a super powered version of a wild Pokémon appears, called a Totem Pokémon, who can actually call upon smaller versions of itself in order to gang up on you (Yikes that sounds rough).

      After beating the Totem the final part of each trial is facing up against the Kahuna of each island in a full blown Pokémon battle. Apparently only after beating the trials on and island can you move on to the next island. There's still a lot they haven't revealed on these but they sound awesome and way more in depth then the previous gym challenges.

      Even though Sun & Moon are on the same machine (The Nintendo 3DS) as the previous Pokemon games, X & Y, the games have been improved A LOT.

                               X&Y                                         Sun & Moon

      The character models have become more realistic and there's a lot more fluid animation in the games, allowing for awesome stuff like the Z-Moves. Z-Moves are a brand new way to power up your Pokémon's moves. Like Mega Evolution you make your Pokemon hold an Z-Crystal which allows you to use a powered up move once per battle.

You even get this cool dancing animation when you're activating the Z-Move.

That's all I really know about the Z-Moves though other then the fact that certain Pokémon get exclusive Z-Moves only they can use.

I've made you wait enough, but here's the most exciting part, the starter you get to pick from in Pokémon of Sun & Moon!

Rowlet the Grass Quill Pokémon

Litten the Fire Cat Pokémon

And Popplio the Sea Lion Pokémon

      I'm actually having a hard time picking which starter I want to use in Pokémon Sun, which is the version I'm getting first. They're all so awesome but I think I'm leaning towards Popplio, and yes he's not the most popular starter out of the three, but there's just something about him I love. Maybe it's the fact I love Sea Lions so much, haha.

      There's so much new stuff being added into Sun & Moon and it's looking to be the best Pokemon games yet. You can find out more about Pokémon Sun & Moon and the new Pokemon revealed at the Sun & Moon website. I'll be blogging more about the games and going more in depth into the different new features in the future. Oh yeah! Pre-orders are now up apparently, I believe you can pre-order the game from most retail and online stores so check around.

      Before I end the blog, for owners of Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire there's a brand new event that started up and will be running until October the 24th. If you go onto the Mystery Gift and click receive via internet you can receive Keldeo!

 He comes with the moves Aqua Jet, Leer, Double Kick, Bubble Beam, and the ability Justified. Don't forget to pick him up before the 24th! There's an person you can take him to on XY (A house just above the Pokémon Center in Snowbelle City) and ORAS (Crooner's Café in Mauville City) that will teach him the special move Secret Sword and allow him to transform into a really cool form.

      Also apparently there is going to be a big Pokémon Sun & Moon announcement on the 4th tomorrow so I may be doing a follow up blog if it's pretty big. I can't honestly wait for Sun & Moon to release and hope this blog post has enlightened anyone who didn't know about Sun & Moon (I know 99% of you know about it because it's big news.), haven't attempted to pick up a Pokémon game yet, or anyone who may not even have a 3DS and are deciding on whether they want one or not. So I'm going to sign off now, there's a lot I wanted to put into this but I'm going to have to leave it for future blogs as this is getting pretty long, and anyway I gotta go catch em all on Pokémon XY before the new games

See you on the next blog, and stay tuned for my Pokémon and Video Game related blogs along with other awesome entertainment topics! I have a subscribe thing on the side if you're interested in that, I won't give out your email don't worry about that and you don't have to subscribe, but it's there now.

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