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GO GO Knitting Rangers

Today is actually our 60th post! Thank you for coming along this journalist/blogging journey and let's hope for more to come!

The Power is Reborn In The New Power Rangers Trailer!

Thursday, January the 19th, this is the day Lionsgate released the second official trailer for the rebooted Power Rangers Movie (Directed by ) releasing on March the 24th. Of course I dove right into it to check it out.

Based on the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series from 1993 and the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie from 1995, Earth is on the verge of destruction by the alien menace, Rita Repulsa. Five ordinary Teenagers (With Attitude) from Angel Grove discover and excavate an extraterrestrial command center, operated by Zordon and Alpha the Robot as well as unearth the ancient Power Coins. Chosen by these Power Coins the five teenagers become the Power Rangers, protectors of the earth. Of course it’s better to watch the trailer for yourself so check it out below.

Growing up I had quite a few shows that I watched religiously, one of them of course being Power Rangers. Oh boy I was quite the Power Ranger fan and despite not watching the newer seasons anymore (Though Ninja Steel looks pretty cool.) I still see myself as a fan of the franchise.  I had a plethora of action figures, Mega Zords and VHS copies of both movies, the MMPR Movie and the Turbo: A Power Ranger Movie. Power Rangers has gone through quite a few changes over the years, the original rangers left, new suits, teams and storylines. Power Ranger’s most drastic change though is on its way this March in the form of the Power Rangers Movie reboot. This movie seems to be giving the entire franchise a fresh coat of paint while still keeping some of the aspects from the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series.

© 1993 - Shout! Factory - Saban Brands

I have to admit I have been a tad bit of a flip flop on my opinion regarding this movie but now with this recently trailer my excitement seems to of picked itself back up. It truly is a reimagining of the franchise but still feels like Power Rangers and seems to be aimed more at folks like me who grew up with the franchise.

First off in this trailer we see a sign saying “Welcome to Angel Grove” establishing the location of the film, Angel Grove seems more of a town rather than the California city the original show was set in but this trailer doesn’t really focus on Angel Grove much so who knows maybe Ernie’s Juice Bar really will be in the movie, I got my fingers crossed.

Cut to a couple of quick scenes showcasing the Teenagers at school (That reminds me… Is there going to be some Bulk and Skull like characters in this movie? I can only hope.) and also as they discover (By discover I mean fall into) the cave that holds the ancient Power Coins, which look more like gems then the coins from the original show, they’re colored to match each ranger too so that’s pretty cool. We get to see a little interaction between the teens, which speaking of that they’re including quite a bit of humor in this movie, some may not be okay with that but it’s Power Rangers, sure this is a much more serious Young Adult film but without humor and bantering between the rangers it really isn’t Power Rangers in my opinion.

The Rangers seem to get powers (Or at least super strength) outside of the suits, making them more super human with the suit serving as a power up/armor that gives them their uniqueness. We also finally get to see what Zordon and Alpha look like! I’ve waited for so long to see these two guys and to be honest, Zordon looks pretty freaking awesome. While he was a floating head in a cylinder tube within the original series now he’s a floating head that pops out of this wall that morphs to the shape of his head. Also Zordon is played by Bryan Cranston who seems to pull off Zordan pretty well, what’s even cooler is the fact Bryan Cranston has actually done voices for the original Power Ranger series in the past. I wasn’t too sure about Alpha (Voiced by at first but I’m already used to the slight difference in his design, he fits the whole extraterrestrial theme but still looks like Alpha. (I mean they were Aliens in the original series as well, it’s just more believable now.) As long as he still says “Aye aye aye aye” at least once I’ll be happy.

Alright now we’ve come to the big bad of the movie… Who else is it but Rita Repulsa? Well okay this isn’t the short, cackling, evil witch from the original series; she’s much younger, slimmer and a lot greener. (Green, hmmm? Let that sink in for a bit, I bet you this is going to be a big plot point in the movie. Also take note of the Green Power Coin in her staff.) Though this is probably what the original Rita looked like in her youth. Rita (Played by the awesome ) isn’t hiding behind her putties this time round as she’s seen taking on one of the Rangers directly.

Goldar is making an appearance too though I can’t really tell what role he’ll play other then growing to massive size and giving the Rangers a run for their money, he’s also pretty Gold. Whether characters like Finster will appear or not is yet to be seen.

They then proceed to show off the suits in action. The suits have been out there on the Internet for a while now but for those seeing this for the first time they are completely reinvented, while still based on the same Dinosaur and Ancient Animal Zords (The awesome robots they fight in when the bad guys grow.) from the original series. They have more of an extraterrestrial scheme and of course NO MORE SPANDEX! Yes the spandex is no more, switched out in favor of Iron Man like armor. Actually it’s more like the suits from the first Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie which were more metallic without spandex as well.

I actually really love the suit designs and they way they morph onto the ranger’s bodies. I do have to wonder though if we'll get a traditional morph sequence in the movie like with the show.

Last but not least we finally get to see the Zords and Mega Zord in action. Overall they’re pretty much the same as the original Zords have a lot more of a sleeker, modern design, almost like how they modernized the Transformers for the recent Transformer movies. The Mega Zord looks pretty awesome fighting Goldar. Looks like this movie will be action packed with great visual effects and a thrilling story.

Over all this was a pretty awesome trailer and definitely reassured me. I was on the edge on whether I wanted to see this movie or not but now I will absolutely want to see this flick. It seems like the perfect movie for someone like me, who’s an adult now and grew up with the show but doesn’t want a direct remake. Really though it’s best to watch the trailer for yourself, this was just me giving you a little coverage of the trailer with my thoughts blended in here and there.

I guess you can say this trailer was pretty… Morphinominal! Yeah, I just went there.

For those who can’t wait until March you can get ready by watching the original Power Ranger movie (You know, the one with Ivan Ooze) it’s not hard to get a hold of this movie now apparently, I found it on Amazon for $5.99 USD. Actually you can find pretty much everything Power Rangers ever put out on Amazon.

Rebooting My Knitted Shawl Project and a future of Socks.

I haven’t presented this to you guys in a while so I’ve pulled my Shawl project out of the standby bag to begin working on it again.

It’s still growing and I still have a LOT of yarn left for this shawl to consume. I’m also working on my custom patterned Washcloth, which you guys won’t be able to see once again, sorry. I’m not sure if I’m doing the right thing in hiding the object until I finish and post the pattern up on here but I’m sticking with it.

I’ve also dug out my yarn stash bag to look through all the sock yarn I have. I believe it’s about time I begin a new sock project and I have an empty pair of needles so maybe if I hold the needles out towards the yarn it will point me in the right direction, the needle chooses the yarn as they say… Or was it the Wand chooses the Wizard? I forget. Anyway I hope to start up my second sock project soon as my washcloth is just about coming to a close. I actually have enough sock yarn here to knit perhaps 5 or 6 pairs of socks! So I definitely have socks for days here... Well okay I couldn't knit all this in days... I'll stop trying to be cool now.

I've been thinking of attempting after thought heel socks. What are these? Well basically you knit the entire sock except the heel and add it in afterwards. I'm not 100% sure of the process but stick with me and you'll find out as I go!

Well that’s pretty much it for today, hope you enjoyed reading! I'm working on the formating of my blogs, as I do multi topic blogs I've been trying to find ways of organizing it better for people who want to skip past a certain topic. I've also been studying Journalism (Thank you blog for getting me into Journalism... Now I can call myself the Knitting Journalist. I need to get that trademarked.) which is helping me immensely. Of course silly me didn't even realize that running a blog like this made me a journalist.

The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow started airing again yesterday with the Flash coming back pretty strong. Apparently they’ve moved Legends of Tomorrow to Tuesday so it comes on right after The Flash. Did anyone else know this was happening? I swear I was not informed about this… and I keep up with the CW and DC Comics. Funny enough despite The Flash being about a guy who can run pretty fast it sure seemed to be a long time before it came back on air. I would talk more about those shows but as you can see this blog is getting pretty long, I don’t want to drag you guys out too long. Hope you’re enjoying your day and week so far! Don’t forget to check out Monday’s blog and watch ZAK Knits Episode 3! I finally got my third episode uploaded and it’s got a brand new setup. I’m knitting a cable row on my cable beanie (Which is now finished actually.) so it’s pretty interesting I think.

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