Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Knitting My Own Knitting Pattern

Hey everybody welcome back to ZAK Entertainment, bet you can already guess the kind of blog this is, huh? Yup I actually finished that dishcloth project last week!

This is a custom pattern I made from random stitches I was playing around with, this is also my very first custom knitting pattern! Since I began knitting I've had this dream of becoming a knitting pattern designer and this is my very first step! I have also discovered that this is apparently reversible.

I thought this would be a good first pattern to make and put up for free to start my knitting pattern design journey. It's simple but also looks pretty great. I used size US 9 needles to make this as it was meant to be a dishcloth and Mum likes her dishcloths stretchy.

Before I put the pattern up for all of you I decided to knit this pattern up again using WAY smaller needles so the pattern pops out and you can see it in full detail. You'll be able to use just about any size needle (Depending on the yarn you use anyway.) on this but for display purposes I need a cloth that'll actually show up properly on camera. Plus that first dishcloth will be getting used for actual dishcloth stuff so I want a cloth/washcloth of the same pattern that won't get all messed up. So yeah before I put this up for all of you I'm refining it by knitting it on a smaller needle size with smaller yarn. I'm not showing you the project just yet but once it's finished you'll not just get a look you'll get to download the actual pattern too!

For this version of the cloth I've gone ALL the way down to size US 3 needles, which is the recommended needle size for this yarn anyway. I'm using the Abi a Turbo needles once again, these were the same needles I used for my very first sock project. The yarn is Knit Picks Comfy Sport and the color is Silver Sage (Color number is 8062 and Dye Lot is 2486). Though despite me using the recommended needle size this was a really tough and tight cast on. I wasn't under the impression I was casting on too tight but I had a bit of a struggle getting my needle through the stitches on the first row. It definitely doesn't seem too tight now as it has a slight stretch as all washcloths/cloths in general do so I don't really know. Anyway this is also the same yarn I used to make Mum's Cable Owl cloth for Christmas.

This will give you a little idea on how this cloth will look once it's done. I was going to reveal the name of my pattern but I've decided against doing so to keep everything a surprise until I release it.

So yeah! That's my finished dishcloth and I'm now trucking along on my second edition of this pattern. Once I finished this cloth I'll have all the refinements I need to put this pattern up for all of you to try! What started off as Mum just wanting some more dishcloths have turned into something much bigger.

The weather is playing games with me again... It's getting cold again! We've gone from freezing temperatures to super warm 70s-80s to a normal winter temperature in a matter of two weeks. With this weather change I've been inspired to make some more chocolate chip cookies, two batches actually.

And I have a confession to make... they're already gone. I didn't share any with you guys either. I'm so sorry I meant to but I still haven't refined the whole sending food through email yet... and these were SOOOO GOOD! I have completely surprised myself at how well I can bake cookies. Maybe there's hope for baking a soufflé successfully yet! Maybe... haha.

I also baked one of my crazy good Lasagnas once again and I think I have mastered the art of Lasagna baking. I need to try out some new meals because apparently I can cook!

We went on another trip the other day and while it rained a bit I did get to try out my new tripod. (Which I talk about in an earlier blog from two weeks ago) Don't really have any photos to show off from it though, it was actually all video that I was trying out so you'll have to wait a bit for me to edit all that together... I'm actually a bit backlogged on videos I need to work on. We also took Alfie our (Not so little) Chihuahua out with us like we've been doing lately but he's not been the happiest dog in the world.

The little bugger actually sprained his back leg while running around our yard so he's been a bit upset because of that. Though he's apparently good at walking with just three legs. Anyway he's slowly recovering and eventually, when he decides to stop milking his injury for attention from us, he'll start walking on all fours again.

Well we've come to the end of the blog now. I'm going to pop over to once I've finished writing this, I've been going there a lot lately (I'm a new knitter so I've only just recently discovered it.) to check out all the awesome new patterns coming out, to find some new projects for myself. (I actually am in the need of a new project actually, haha.) They also have this awesome massive archive that will probably run me out of yarn if I attempt to knit all of these. Mum's all time favorite pattern is on here too actually! It's Bitterroot by Rosemary (Romi) Hill and it's a pretty awesome shawl. Mum has actually knitted this twice before in two different sizes and now she's knitting an THIRD extra large Bitterroot shawl with beads. Quoted from Mum herself "I just can't leave it alone." So it's a pretty cool pattern and I'm mentioning it because I'm thinking of knitting it myself in the future.

There's also this other pattern Mum really loves and I think is beautiful but Mum has always been a bit hesitant on starting it up. It's called Shipwreck Shawl by Bethany Kok. It's an absolutely beautiful shawl but looks like a lot of hard work. Definitely looks like a tricky one.

Anyway we're ACTUALLY at the end of the blog now, haha. Be sure to check me out on Instagram and check out my Youtube Channel where I post all sorts of videos from Short Films, Travel, Knitting, Vlogs and more! Also check me out on FacebookTwitter, Snapchat as ZAKManK, and of course Ravelry! I post here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a wide range of awesome topics! Don't forget to keep track on our social media for when I drop the knit bomb that is my awesome first knitting pattern!

Don't forget to keep your life entertaining and I'll..

See you on the next blog!

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