Saturday, October 1, 2016

Sir Alfred the Great Chihuahua

Introducing my Chihuahua, Alfie!

      Hey everyone!
      Today's friday I've decided to do a little feature friday on my chihuahua, Alfred. (We call him Alfie for short.)

      We got him back in early May of this year and he's just about to turn 8 months old. I actually have a video I just uploaded of him when he was just a cute little 9 year old puppy.

      Boy has he grown a lot, hasn't he? Yeah I don't think we ever expected Alfie to get this big but we love him anyway. He's very playful, maybe even too playful sometimes. You want to play tug of war with the best? Play it with Alfie because there's no other dog who can beat him out. If they offer Olympic medals for dog tug of war then Alfie would be taking home gold.
      Alfie also loves cuddling, to the point he literally ties to squish himself into you. Yeah he's definitely quirky and sometimes he does things that I just can't understand, like his habit of sleeping upside down, with his butt in the air. Yeah it's best you see it for yourselves.

      Whenever any of us come back into the house, even if we only leave for a few seconds, Alfie charges up to us, whining and pawing at our feet, he's a complete goofball. My other two dogs Barkly(A Basset Hound)


Eddie(A Poodle)

have warmed up to him nicely and play with him constantly, getting under our feets at the same time. In Alfie's mind he sees himself bigger then both of them but really he's actually the smallest out of the both of them.

      One last quirk about Alfie is his love for jumping up on the back of the sofa and curling up next to your neck. I have no idea why he likes doing this, or if this is a norm for Chihuahuas but he mostly does it with me, resting his head on my shoulder.

      We all love Alfie and I think he's growing up nicely. I'll probably be blogging about his, and the rest of our dog's hijinks in the future because there's always something crazy they're getting up to. I'll be ending this blog off now so hope this post gave you some laughs and some aws and I'll..

See you in the next blog!

I'll leave you with some of these photos of Alfie.


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