Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Lasagna & Pizza; an Italian Food Trip

Hello everyone!

So today I'm going to be making your mouths water once again with some yummy food dishes my family and I have made. Both of these are actually Italian dishes.

I've been learning and getting into cooking different meals and I seem to have found my specialty, Lasagna. Yeah I seem to be an Italian food lover so a lot of the meals I've cooked tend to fall under the Italian category.

Looks good, right? Yeah it's a Lasagna alright. I don't know whether it has everything people normally add into it or not but my mum was the one that taught me to make it so it's obviously great and I wouldn't change the recipe for the world.

I start off by adding some tomato sauce, because you need to be pretty saucy to cook Lasagna. After adding the whole tin I fill it up halfway with water and add that in as well, this normally gives it enough volume to where I don't run short on sauce when putting it all together at the end.

The seasonings I added was some Italian Seasoning, some Oregano to back it up, quite a bit of Onion Powder, Pepper, Salt, Worcestershire Sauce, and a tablespoon full of Honey. The last thing I put into the sauce is some black olives chopped up, because you can't forget them.

So after that I got out another saucepan and started cutting up some chicken into nice sized chunks while my sister chopped up some onions, green pepper, and mushrooms. This went in all together into one pan where I browned the chicken off.

Basically after browning off the chicken and making sure the onions were cooked enough I mixed the sauce into the chicken saucepan and let that cook for about an hour while I set up the water for the lasagna noodles.

Now here comes the fun part! (And also the messy part...) Putting the Lasagna together! Now the container I put it in allows for me to place three noodle strips per layer which worked out perfectly with the amount of noodles I cooked.

This is actually a three cheese Lasagna (My specialty), meaning I put a different cheese on each layer then place a bit of all three on top, while, of course, putting plenty of sauce on each layer. I got a bit messy, but this is normal, I mean all great chefs make a mess, right? Right?! Anyway, then it went into the oven then for about 20 minutes while I got some carrots and corn on the steamer (It's a wooden bamboo steamer). After 20 minutes I let it sit on the counter for a bit and then.. Voila! 

This Lasagna was probably my best yet and it was full of yummy tomato goodness. I would send all of you some.. but I really don't want to clean up the Internet. Email would get messy; Facebook would have a field day trying to clean it up if I sent it through there. Oh well maybe one day someone will invent the Tasternet.

Anyway to wrap up this Italian themed food blog.. My mum, my sister, and I made Pizza, a REALLY good Pizza, two Pizzas to be precise.

These two pizzas were made using dough made from scratch with the same kind of sauce I used for the Lasagna, though it was tweaked a bit to taste more like Pizza sauce of course. We sprinkled black olives, cooked up onions, green peppers and mushrooms with some mozzarella cheese and pepperoni to top it off. They were really good and proved my everlasting love for Pizza was still going strong.

Anyway that's about it for today's blog, so hope you enjoyed! There is one last thing I want to mention actually.. The Pokémon Sun and Moon demos actually came out yesterday. I've been playing it through so I'll be talking about it a bit on Friday but there's actually certain events happening in the demo on certain days. Today is one of those days so make sure you pick up the demo if you're interested because there are a lot of cool items you can get to transfer to the main games when they release! You might wanna try talking to the guy out front the Pokémon center *wink* *wink*. 

Also another reminder that my sister, who I mentioned in this blog, is actually running her own blog now. She's an awesome artist and you will love her work. She blogs about her work at the blog Lady AnnaVintage.

So yeah hope you enjoyed! Hope I made you hungry too, hahaha. Anyway...

See you in the next blog!

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