Friday, February 17, 2017

Pokemon Sun & Moon QR Rental Teams; A Car Flashback Friday

Yesterday was a bit busy for me; I think I definitely got a work out after all that. So let’s settle down a bit and talk about Pokemon, because I actually should have talked about this specific topic sooner.

Pokemon Sun & Moon Receives QR Rental Teams!

A couple of weeks ago Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Pokemon Global Link website received an update finally introducing QR Rental teams to Pokemon Sun and Moon! What are QR Rentals? Basically on the PGL players can create and upload their Pokemon teams for others to use by scanning a QR code into their game. You must have a Pokemon Global Link account before accessing the QR codes and you must link your Sun & Moon copy to your account.  Afterwards click on menu and go into QR Rentals. You’ll see top teams from top trainers or you can search QR codes. You know what’s really cool about the search function? You can search teams by POKEMON! You want a Mew team? Search Mew. Want a Bidoof team? (You know; the best kind of teams.) Search for Bidoof. It’s very easy to find teams on here with the Pokemon you want. You can also categorize your search to find teams specifically for Single Battles or Double Battles. Before you scan the QR code you can study what moves each Pokemon has and it’s item. BEFORE you scan your QR code I must address that these QR codes only work on the game your Global Link is currently logged in as. If you’re logged in via your Sun game this QR code will only work on your Pokemon Sun copy.

These Rental Teams can be used on the online Battle Spot, in battles with friends, random festival plaza battles and any kind of online battle but that’s not all! The rental Pokemon can actually be used offline as well in the Battle Tree and Battle Royale. QR Rentals are a great addition for people without the time to create their own competitive teams, allowing players to enjoy Pokemon no matter what the circumstance. With this addition Pokemon Sun and Moon practically have an upgraded version of Pokemon Stadium injected into the game and will lead to many hours of awesome Game Play with a plethora of teams to try out. I must say the wait was worth it and boy was it a wait and a half for this feature.

As mentioned earlier you can upload your own teams! Which, once your Global Link is set up and your Game synced with the PGL, is a breeze. Starting off lets go into the PC on our Pokemon Sun or Moon copy.

You’ll see at the top left corner on the touchscreen three tabs, we’ll want to tap the last tab on the list, or press x twice. You’ll then see a separate party like box, drag the Pokemon you want into these slots. This serves as your battle team.

You can have up to six battle teams and besides QR Rentals make it easy to pick the teams you want to use when heading into an online or Battle Tree battle without taking up party space. You’ll want to head into the Festival Plaza now (It’s the little castle icon on the touchscreen menu, under the save button.) and head into the castle. Go up to the PC and click on Game Sync, after saving your game commence a game sync, or set it up if you haven’t already. Now! Log onto the Pokemon Global Link (Making sure you go into the game you Game Synced.), click on Menu, Profile and go to QR Rental Teams.

You’ll see your battle teams from your game down below, click on register, give your team a name, description and click make public! You’ve officially created your QR Rental team that you can share with friends and everyone on the internet.

Here’s a team I threw together real quick for you to try out.

Not sure how good the team is, it’s a random team I threw together from Pokemon I’ve been training/obtaining. I actually put the origins of this team together when I got into a wifi battle randomly and I didn’t have a team, since I’ve switched certain Pokemon out and to my surprise I’ve won quite a few matches with this team.

One more QR Rental related thing I want to add is at first you’re only able to upload three teams, once more people use your teams you’ll go up in level and be able to upload more teams.

Along with this update also comes Friendly Competitions! Remember on XY/ORAS the Pokemon Company did these competitions where you sign up and battle, with a certain amount of battles allowed per day? You could win prizes and so forth in a tournament like event. Now PGL gives that power to you in Friendly Competitions!

Similar to the Tournaments in games like Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Brothers for Wii U you can set up a friendly competition online or a live competition for local tournaments. With plenty of options such as choosing Pokemon rules, Singles or Doubles and other tweaks such as time limit, friendly competitions are completely customizable for your tournament needs.   A competition won’t start until you have 20 entrants so be sure to share the link/QR Code with your friends! Maybe I’ll start up my own competition, if I can get enough people to join up. Think you’re interested? Tell me in the comments or on our social media!

Pokemon Sun and Moon have been given new life (Not like it needed it, it’s still a pretty active game.) with these new features and has given everybody the chance to enjoy Pokemon, as well as giving some awesome post game replayability. Perhaps I can incorporate some of these new features into ZAK Entertainment in some shape or form (Or my in the works Gaming Channel). Got any teams you want me to try out? I’m interested in recording myself trying out different teams online, could be a cool idea so hit me up in the comments or social media with your codes!

Flashback Friday: A Car Show From Long Ago

Today is Friday, a popular trend on the World Wide Web would be none other then Flashback Friday and Throwback Thursday where you post photos and talk about stuff from your past. I’ve been talking about cars here and there on the blog over the past 4 months but my love for cars runs back a lot farther. As a child I collected Hot Wheels cars, had car coloring books, even a build your own car kit. (A miniature car.) While looking through some old photographs I came across some from an old Car show I went to back roughly around 2006-2007. (The photos don’t actually have the correct date on them; oops don’t know what happened there.) There was quite a good mixture of new and old cars so let’s have a look!

Yes, that is indeed younger me. I kind of had the whole double chin thing going on but hey I was young, like super young, around 10 years old I think, funny enough I’m pretty slim now.

I sadly do not recall the name of this car, I’m not a car expert by any means but it’s a pretty sweet hot rod.

It may look like I’m a kid in this but I swear I’m old enough to drive in this. Jokes aside I wasn’t really driving in this but I was allowed to sit in the driving seat which was awesome.  This would be a Mazda SUV of some kind, possibly a 2006/2007 model. I actually got to sit in a lot of the cars at this show, you have no idea how thrilling that was for 10 year old me.

Now this truck, I may actually know the name of this truck. This might just be a 1941 Chevrolet Pickup Truck. Something about 1940s clicked in my head and with a little research I think this might just be it.

This is, to my understanding a pretty sweet 1957 Chevy Bel Air. My dad is a big Chevy and all around car fan in general so he knows quite a bit.

I also got to drive a Jeep, I loved Jeeps back then.

Last photo I’m going to show is of this sweet dragon themed semi truck.

Pretty sweet photos huh? Glad I can finally post these photos, I mean I didn’t have any kind of blog or even had the idea of one back then so these photos were pretty much just floating around in an external hard drive until today. I might be doing more of these flashback Fridays to show off some old stuff from the days of my long hair. (I can’t even grow out my hair anymore.)

You know I just remembered something important, this was also my first encounter with a giant pretzel. I also almost choked on an Ice Cube during this car show. Sometimes I remember such odd moments.

If anyone can tell me the names of some of these cars and confirm them I would absolutely love that.

Before we wrap, I baked cookies again!

Yes this seems to be a reoccurring event; I seem to of become the master cookie chef in the house. Rightfully so as these cookies came out great, not so keen on the chocolate chip brand I used this time but that was not on me by any means. These cookies, besides the chocolate chips were completely homemade. Flour, Sugar, Vanilla yeah the whole lot was done by moi. Gonna have to watch out for Cookie Monster at this rate.

That’s a wrap folks! Don't forget to check out ZAK Entertainment's Social Media to keep track or interact with me.

Keep your lives entertaining!

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