Monday, January 30, 2017

Knitting Striping Socks & Anticipating the 89th Academy Awards

Welcome back to ZAK Entertainment! We've got two big topics for today, Knitting and a discussion about the upcoming 89th Academy Awards (The Oscars) so let's get the cameras rolling!

A Self Striping Sock Beginning; Finishing a Custom Knitting Pattern

It's that time once again, time for me to cast on a new knitting project! Last Wednesday I dug out my knitting stash to have a look see at what sock yarn I had. The needle chooses the yarn they say and my needles (2.75 MM to be exact) chose some self striping yarn to knit.

I've already casted on my socks and knitted 10 rows on the ridge. As I've already done a pair of socks using a knit two, purl two ridge I decided to shake things up and add a tad bit of cable knitting into my ridge. I've been into knitting cable lately, from my Waffle Owl Washcloth object to my Cable Beanie, so I figured why not? Let's add some cable into this sock project. I'm knitting these for my sister, Annie so I've only casted on 52 stitches compared to 64 like I do for myself. (I have big feet, apparently.) Technically this is still a knit 2 purl two ridge but after so many normal k2, p2 rows I add in a cable to the back instead of the standard knit 2.

The self striping yarn is already blooming nicely and the cable doesn't seem to disrupt the flow of the stripes. Not sure if I'm going to be continuing the cable down the sock yet or not but we'll see.

I've also been knitting on my custom patterned Washcloth... Actually I've finished it!

Yes as you can see by looking at all four sides of this cloth I have finished but! You guys won't be able to view the body of the cloth just yet. I'm still working on the pattern for all of you so no peeking! Though I wouldn't wait too long, it's just about finished and ready to hit the web.

Anticipating the 89th Academy Awards

Each and every year the Academy Of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences honors the films and the people who made it possible at the Oscars and this year will mark the 89th Academy Awards. We've almost made it to 90 years of incredible films made by groups of talented visionaries, an inspiration to me and many other Film Makers a like. Of course like all years the Academy Awards is broken down into multiple categories, each holding the movies and those involved from the past year, as such all movies awarded will be from 2016. The Academy Awards will be presented on February 26th (Those at home can watch it on ABC) and will be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. As a self proclaimed movie buff I'm pretty excited to see what movies win the many different categories.

One movie that released in the previous year called La La Land, starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, might be taking quite a few awards home as it's nominated in 13 categories, including Best Picture, for a total of 14 nominations! (It's got two original scores nominated.) Everyone seems to be loving that movie but Best Picture also has some other big contenders like Arrival, a SciFi/Mystery thriller about 12 mysterious extraterrestrial spacecrafts landing across the planet. After a mistranslation from many of the world's nations Linguist Louise Banks must unlock the truth of their language before the world makes a massive mistake. Other Best Picture nominees include Fences, Hacksaw Ridge, Hidden Figures, Lion, Manchester By The Sea, Moonlight and lastly Hell or High Water which stars Chris Pine, Ben Foster and Jeff Bridges. Hell or High Water is another movie that's caught my eye of interest. It's a neo-Western crime thriller directed by David Mackenzie and follows two brothers (Chris Pine and Ben Foster) who carry out a series of bank robberies to save their family ranch. This movie looks pretty awesome I don't know if Arrival or Hell or High Water stand a chance against La La Land but we'll see won't we?

In Animated Movie of the year we got Kubo and The Two Strings, Moana, My Life as a Zucchini, The Red Turtle and Zootopia. Yup we got two animated Disney movies in it this year, which probably means Disney is gonna head home with the award either way but there's a lot of creativity this year from the other nominees. Kubo and the Two Strings is a pretty awesome fantasy action-adventure animation, making a return to stop-motion animation which has always been a favorite form of animation of mine. It's about a boy named Kubo set in ancient Japan. Kubo has magic powers but also has had his left eye stolen from him. With his companions Monkey and Beetle he has to subdue Raiden the Moon King and his army of evil spirits. I've seen Zootopia and it was pretty good, I've not seen Moana yet though. Zootopia did win best animated film at the Golden Globes this year so who knows maybe it'll win again but my eyes are definitely set on Kubo.

Visual Effects! One of my all time favorite parts of movie production and some of the Nominees listed here are actually not all that unexpected. We got Deepwater Horizon, Doctor Strange, The Jungle Book, Kubo and The Two Strings and Rouge One: A Star Wars story. Now first off I want to say Doctor Strange is very visual effects heavy but it did an absolute great job at it. Marvel Movies have always had quite a bit of visual effects work, especially the Thor movies but Doctor Strange takes it to an all new level and really shows how much you can do with visual effects. Now I discussed Jungle Book in an earlier post from last year, it was pretty great and to be honest it deserves the nomination. I mean the entire movie is practically visual effects, with only the kid being, you know, done by an actual actor. Rouge One: A Star Wars Story, now I've not seen this movie as a whole yet but I've had some look in behind the scenes. Actually quite a few practical effects were used in this movie, as well as computerized effects. It's a pretty good balance between the two. Anyway... Kubo got nominated! Which means this is actually the second, yes only second, animated film to be nominated for Visual Effects since The Nightmare Before Christmas! With all the hours of hard work that went into the movie as far as actually animating and rigging it there was a lot of visual effect work done as well and the movie just looks great because of it. So yeah I'm placing my money on either Doctor Strange or Kubo.

These are just a few of my favorite categories there's a lot more nominees for a lot more movies and you can view the full list by going to the actual Academy Award Nominee page:

Obviously I'll be talking more about the Oscar nominations as we get closer to the awards ceremony and I'll be doing my best to keep up with all the Oscar goodness (I got my notepad and pen ready.) to report to all of you the day afterwards. Yeah the Oscars actually happens on the day I actually write Monday's blog, aka Sunday. It's also in the evening so I'm going to be busy trying to get Monday's blog full of the Academy Awards.

As you can see when it comes to movies I tend to talk a lot. It's one of my biggest passions so yeah, sorry about that.

Anyway that's it for the main topics for today. We're wrapping up for the day once again but before that, I haven't done one of these for a few posts because it wasn't really doing anything but here's on update on our...

Re-Growing a Lettuce Challenge January 30th, 2017

Okay it's getting weird, it has like a week of no activity but now it's got shoots growing on the shoots. Some of the already grown leaves are curling up into a ball of sorts, like it was on the original lettuce we're growing this from. Lettuce is such a strange vegetable.

Having your Cake & Eating it Too

My kid sister has been baking again. Using some vanilla, flour, and eggs she attempted to bake her own cake. Oh my god Annie is a natural. It was absolutely delicious and I have no photo to show because, well I ate it all. Yes my sister makes some awesome cakes and despite this being her first time she did great. I should probably attempt to make one myself I'm just not sure if the first time luck is on my side or not. Hey I can make chocolate cookies and a mean lasagna so why not? I will definitely never compare to her though so here's hoping she makes more.

Discovering a DC Comic Book Blog

Oh yeah I recently came across a website called Comic Box Commentary. It's a pretty awesome place full of comic book reviews (Mostly DC) and just in general commentary. As a comic book lover myself, as well as the fact I've been reading comics quite a bit lately, this site is pretty cool. You can check it out at

Hey I should start more writing about comic books more on here, shouldn't I? As a matter of fact let's make that a topic starting now, I've already been dabbling in the topic a bit over the past 6 months.

That's a wrap everyone! Once again I have things I wanted to talk about but have to leave it aside until the next post, that can be frustrating but alas this post is pretty long now.

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Friday, January 27, 2017

Vacationing to Isle Delfino (Super Mario Sunshine)

With Super Mario Odyssey being announced including the fact it’s going to be similar to 64 and Sunshine, I’ve been inspired to crack out the old Nintendo GameCube, my copy of Super Mario Sunshine and begin a new playthrough of this awesome game.

What is Super Mario Sunshine? Well…

Princess Toadstool (Peach), Toadworth and Super Mario himself take a trip to the Isle Delfino, a tropical resort where the local Pianta people live, for a well earned vacation. Everything seems like paradise, from the food, to the scenery, until Princess Peach notices a Mario like shadow silhouette running amok in the background of the Welcome to Isle Delfino Presentation being viewed on their plane trip. Though she puts her doubts aside and they arrive at Delfino Airstrip only to find the place covered in a mass of mysterious paint. Toadsworth sends Mario off to seek assistant and just general information on what is really going on. Luigi isn't the only one to get his own quest helping device, Mario meets a strange, talking, cleaning device named F.L.U.D.D. (The Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device created by Professor E. Gadd, who had links to all the Mario and Luigi games at the time.), our plumber hero, with F.L.U.D.D. strapped to his back, then proceeds to clean up the Airstrip only to get blamed for the mess in the first place! 

Mario is arrested by the local police, accused of being the perpetrator destroying Isle Delfino and sending the Shine Sprits (The source of the sunlight and power in Isle Delfino) away and then sentenced to clean up the island.

The Journey begins as Mario must journey across Isle Delfino, cleaning up the mysterious Shadow Mario’s nasty paintwork with the aid of F.L.U.D.D. while collecting the 120 Shine Sprites to return Isle Delfino back to its original beautiful self.

Super Mario Sunshine was released back in 2002 for the Nintendo GameCube and began development in 2000, not to be confused with Super Mario 128 (Also known as Super Mario 64 2) also announced back in 2000, which ended up being incorporated into future games such as Super Mario Galaxy and Pikmin. Regardless Super Mario Sunshine truly felt like a sequel to Super Mario 64, with its 3D, open world and sandbox like feel with controls, such as wall jumping and 3D analog control carrying over to Super Mario Sunshine.

The game feels like Super Mario 64 but has enough unique gameplay to stand on it's own as a pretty great Mario game. The Red Plumber gains new moves with F.L.U.D.D., adding a plethora of new platform gaming options with F.L.U.D.D.’s interchangeable upgrades and abilities such as the Squirt Nozzle to solve puzzles and clean up Isle Delfino, the Hover Nozzle to Hover across platforms, the Rocket Nozzle to reach new heights and, my favorite, the Turbo Nozzle which allows Mario to become the fastest plumber alive, bust through gates and even run on water, even Sonic the Hedgehog couldn’t do that. (No offense to Sonic, he’s a pretty cool dude/Hedgehog.) As well as adding new controls Super Mario Sunshine allowed, for the most part, a completely self controlled camera. (Of course you automatically reposition it by pressing the L trigger.) Mario controls a lot more freely in this game and you can also pull off some pretty crazy maneuvers, some ending in poor Mario bumping his head. Here’s a little ZAK Tip, try spraying some water by pressing the R trigger and doing a belly flop by running foward and pressing b, do all this at the same time and you’ll end up belly sliding at sonic speed! Just try not to hit anything, or fall off the level!

I can’t quite express the amount of excitement I had and still have towards this game. Super Mario 64 introduced me to Video Games and ever since I’ve been a huge Mario fan. I can’t remember in great detail the events leading up to me getting this game, I assume I bugged my Parents enough to get them to buy it though my Mum and Dad had just as much fun with this game as I have. Super Mario Sunshine has given me many hours of awesome, fun platforming with this new playthrough proving to be just as exciting and fun as the times I played this as a kid. You know what? I haven’t even mentioned yet about how beautiful this game is for its time. There’s a whole lot of water in this game and it looks absolutely beautiful, Nintendo always seems to be the best when it comes to water graphics for some reason. To match the wonderful graphics this game’s soundtrack is pure Mario bliss.

To make this game even better it also marks the return of Yoshi!

Yes Yoshi returns as a playable character! After chasing Shadow Mario to recover his egg, as well as finding the type of fruit required for him to hatch, Mario can ride on top of Yoshi for some awesome Yoshi/Mario action.

Yoshi is a tad different this time compared to Super Mario World and Yoshi’s Island. He contains a juice meter you have to refill every so often by consuming the fruit scattered across the island. Yoshi also can spray fruit juice at enemies (Yeah Yoshi, you never told me you could do that before…) as well as use his traditional tongue to gobble up enemies. Also Yoshi really hates water in this game apparently, do not walk Yoshi into any form of water that isn’t shallow, you’ll have to go looking for him again.

I’m currently 50 Shine Sprites into my playthrough at the moment so I have just about half of the Shine Sprites. I have all the main worlds unlocked, just not completed. I can’t quite choose what level is my favorite but I have to say Sirena Beach (Aka Hotel Delfino) is pretty awesome, especially the level called “Mysterious Hotel Delfino” where you search the hotel for a pineapple to free yoshi. As a kid I’d say I loved Pinna Park the most.

Truth be told I never used to be that great at this game back in the day, yeah I loved it deeply but I had difficulties with some of the levels, such as the ones where Shadow Mario steals F.L.U.D.D. leaving you on your own to navigate the level. I must have of improved over time because I’m almost breezing through some of the levels I had problems on before. Don’t get me wrong it’s still difficult but I’ve gotten better to the point I can actually BEAT some of these levels now. Another confession I have to make is I’ve never collected all the Shine Sprites or beaten the game before, will this be the run I finally complete this game? You bet your bottom plunger it will be! Super Mario Sunshine, regardless of me not beating the game completely, is a fun, challenging, colorful and plain old awesome game for any 3D Platform Mario fan.

A lot of you probably own this game already (Hey maybe this will inspire you to start playing again.) but for those who have never gotten a hold of this game I tried to find some places you can still buy this game. For starters you can get it at GameStop for 34.99 which will give you the game, not sure about the Box. Or you can look through this list on Amazon for a copy. Though I must warn you these are not coming from Amazon itself and are coming from affiliate stores within Amazon so I’m not exactly sure how safe and reliable they are. I haven’t attempted to buy from any of these companies. Though if you do happen to see JJ Games on the list give them a go, I’ve purchased from them in the past and they’ve been very reliable as well as cheap.

Overall Super Mario Sunshine is an awesome game full of awesome challenging platform levels, a unique cast of loveable characters (Especially Petey Piranha), thrilling movie-esque cutscenes, beautiful GameCube graphics and with 120 Shine Sprites to collect you should totally play this game in anticipation for Super Mario Odyssey, which seems to be another Sandbox/Open World Mario game in the same sense as Sunshine and 64. The Nintendo GameCube holds some of my all time favorite games so I’ll be discussing more about the GameCube itself and its games in future blogs! Of course I’ll keep you guys updated on my Super Mario Sunshine progress in the future. I’ll be discussing more 3D platforming Mario games and Mario games in general leading up to the Holiday release of Super Mario Odyssey so be sure to check me out on Facebook to keep track of when I post as well as on on Instagram. Also check out my Youtube Channel where I post all sorts of videos from Short Films, Travel, Knitting, Vlogs and more! I recently started up a Tumblr as well so you can check it out at it's a great place to keep track and interact with me. I'm also on Twitter, Snapchat as ZAKManK, and of course Ravelry! I post here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11:00 AM CST (GMT - 6) with a wide range of awesome entertainment topics!

Keep your lives entertaining!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

GO GO Knitting Rangers

Today is actually our 60th post! Thank you for coming along this journalist/blogging journey and let's hope for more to come!

The Power is Reborn In The New Power Rangers Trailer!

Thursday, January the 19th, this is the day Lionsgate released the second official trailer for the rebooted Power Rangers Movie (Directed by ) releasing on March the 24th. Of course I dove right into it to check it out.

Based on the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series from 1993 and the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie from 1995, Earth is on the verge of destruction by the alien menace, Rita Repulsa. Five ordinary Teenagers (With Attitude) from Angel Grove discover and excavate an extraterrestrial command center, operated by Zordon and Alpha the Robot as well as unearth the ancient Power Coins. Chosen by these Power Coins the five teenagers become the Power Rangers, protectors of the earth. Of course it’s better to watch the trailer for yourself so check it out below.

Growing up I had quite a few shows that I watched religiously, one of them of course being Power Rangers. Oh boy I was quite the Power Ranger fan and despite not watching the newer seasons anymore (Though Ninja Steel looks pretty cool.) I still see myself as a fan of the franchise.  I had a plethora of action figures, Mega Zords and VHS copies of both movies, the MMPR Movie and the Turbo: A Power Ranger Movie. Power Rangers has gone through quite a few changes over the years, the original rangers left, new suits, teams and storylines. Power Ranger’s most drastic change though is on its way this March in the form of the Power Rangers Movie reboot. This movie seems to be giving the entire franchise a fresh coat of paint while still keeping some of the aspects from the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series.

© 1993 - Shout! Factory - Saban Brands

I have to admit I have been a tad bit of a flip flop on my opinion regarding this movie but now with this recently trailer my excitement seems to of picked itself back up. It truly is a reimagining of the franchise but still feels like Power Rangers and seems to be aimed more at folks like me who grew up with the franchise.

First off in this trailer we see a sign saying “Welcome to Angel Grove” establishing the location of the film, Angel Grove seems more of a town rather than the California city the original show was set in but this trailer doesn’t really focus on Angel Grove much so who knows maybe Ernie’s Juice Bar really will be in the movie, I got my fingers crossed.

Cut to a couple of quick scenes showcasing the Teenagers at school (That reminds me… Is there going to be some Bulk and Skull like characters in this movie? I can only hope.) and also as they discover (By discover I mean fall into) the cave that holds the ancient Power Coins, which look more like gems then the coins from the original show, they’re colored to match each ranger too so that’s pretty cool. We get to see a little interaction between the teens, which speaking of that they’re including quite a bit of humor in this movie, some may not be okay with that but it’s Power Rangers, sure this is a much more serious Young Adult film but without humor and bantering between the rangers it really isn’t Power Rangers in my opinion.

The Rangers seem to get powers (Or at least super strength) outside of the suits, making them more super human with the suit serving as a power up/armor that gives them their uniqueness. We also finally get to see what Zordon and Alpha look like! I’ve waited for so long to see these two guys and to be honest, Zordon looks pretty freaking awesome. While he was a floating head in a cylinder tube within the original series now he’s a floating head that pops out of this wall that morphs to the shape of his head. Also Zordon is played by Bryan Cranston who seems to pull off Zordan pretty well, what’s even cooler is the fact Bryan Cranston has actually done voices for the original Power Ranger series in the past. I wasn’t too sure about Alpha (Voiced by at first but I’m already used to the slight difference in his design, he fits the whole extraterrestrial theme but still looks like Alpha. (I mean they were Aliens in the original series as well, it’s just more believable now.) As long as he still says “Aye aye aye aye” at least once I’ll be happy.

Alright now we’ve come to the big bad of the movie… Who else is it but Rita Repulsa? Well okay this isn’t the short, cackling, evil witch from the original series; she’s much younger, slimmer and a lot greener. (Green, hmmm? Let that sink in for a bit, I bet you this is going to be a big plot point in the movie. Also take note of the Green Power Coin in her staff.) Though this is probably what the original Rita looked like in her youth. Rita (Played by the awesome ) isn’t hiding behind her putties this time round as she’s seen taking on one of the Rangers directly.

Goldar is making an appearance too though I can’t really tell what role he’ll play other then growing to massive size and giving the Rangers a run for their money, he’s also pretty Gold. Whether characters like Finster will appear or not is yet to be seen.

They then proceed to show off the suits in action. The suits have been out there on the Internet for a while now but for those seeing this for the first time they are completely reinvented, while still based on the same Dinosaur and Ancient Animal Zords (The awesome robots they fight in when the bad guys grow.) from the original series. They have more of an extraterrestrial scheme and of course NO MORE SPANDEX! Yes the spandex is no more, switched out in favor of Iron Man like armor. Actually it’s more like the suits from the first Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie which were more metallic without spandex as well.

I actually really love the suit designs and they way they morph onto the ranger’s bodies. I do have to wonder though if we'll get a traditional morph sequence in the movie like with the show.

Last but not least we finally get to see the Zords and Mega Zord in action. Overall they’re pretty much the same as the original Zords have a lot more of a sleeker, modern design, almost like how they modernized the Transformers for the recent Transformer movies. The Mega Zord looks pretty awesome fighting Goldar. Looks like this movie will be action packed with great visual effects and a thrilling story.

Over all this was a pretty awesome trailer and definitely reassured me. I was on the edge on whether I wanted to see this movie or not but now I will absolutely want to see this flick. It seems like the perfect movie for someone like me, who’s an adult now and grew up with the show but doesn’t want a direct remake. Really though it’s best to watch the trailer for yourself, this was just me giving you a little coverage of the trailer with my thoughts blended in here and there.

I guess you can say this trailer was pretty… Morphinominal! Yeah, I just went there.

For those who can’t wait until March you can get ready by watching the original Power Ranger movie (You know, the one with Ivan Ooze) it’s not hard to get a hold of this movie now apparently, I found it on Amazon for $5.99 USD. Actually you can find pretty much everything Power Rangers ever put out on Amazon.

Rebooting My Knitted Shawl Project and a future of Socks.

I haven’t presented this to you guys in a while so I’ve pulled my Shawl project out of the standby bag to begin working on it again.

It’s still growing and I still have a LOT of yarn left for this shawl to consume. I’m also working on my custom patterned Washcloth, which you guys won’t be able to see once again, sorry. I’m not sure if I’m doing the right thing in hiding the object until I finish and post the pattern up on here but I’m sticking with it.

I’ve also dug out my yarn stash bag to look through all the sock yarn I have. I believe it’s about time I begin a new sock project and I have an empty pair of needles so maybe if I hold the needles out towards the yarn it will point me in the right direction, the needle chooses the yarn as they say… Or was it the Wand chooses the Wizard? I forget. Anyway I hope to start up my second sock project soon as my washcloth is just about coming to a close. I actually have enough sock yarn here to knit perhaps 5 or 6 pairs of socks! So I definitely have socks for days here... Well okay I couldn't knit all this in days... I'll stop trying to be cool now.

I've been thinking of attempting after thought heel socks. What are these? Well basically you knit the entire sock except the heel and add it in afterwards. I'm not 100% sure of the process but stick with me and you'll find out as I go!

Well that’s pretty much it for today, hope you enjoyed reading! I'm working on the formating of my blogs, as I do multi topic blogs I've been trying to find ways of organizing it better for people who want to skip past a certain topic. I've also been studying Journalism (Thank you blog for getting me into Journalism... Now I can call myself the Knitting Journalist. I need to get that trademarked.) which is helping me immensely. Of course silly me didn't even realize that running a blog like this made me a journalist.

The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow started airing again yesterday with the Flash coming back pretty strong. Apparently they’ve moved Legends of Tomorrow to Tuesday so it comes on right after The Flash. Did anyone else know this was happening? I swear I was not informed about this… and I keep up with the CW and DC Comics. Funny enough despite The Flash being about a guy who can run pretty fast it sure seemed to be a long time before it came back on air. I would talk more about those shows but as you can see this blog is getting pretty long, I don’t want to drag you guys out too long. Hope you’re enjoying your day and week so far! Don’t forget to check out Monday’s blog and watch ZAK Knits Episode 3! I finally got my third episode uploaded and it’s got a brand new setup. I’m knitting a cable row on my cable beanie (Which is now finished actually.) so it’s pretty interesting I think.

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Keep your lives entertaining.

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Monday, January 23, 2017

ZAK Knits Episode 3: Knitting a Cable Beanie

Hey there everybody! Welcome back to ZAK Entertainment for January the 23rd 2017. How was your weekend? I’ve been pretty busy working on a certain video for you guys… Grab some popcorn because I finally finished my newest ZAK Knits episode! Yes I know I’ve been teasing this for weeks now and I couldn’t upload it now due to some technical challenges and the fact that I got picky on certain things but strap in, pick up your needles, yarn and let’s start knitting! This is ZAK Knits Episode 3!

Thanks for watching! That was a pretty fun video to film, knit in and edit together. If you noticed since Episode 2 I have gone back to doing live commentary. Doing post commentary was nice and made it more professional in a way but when it comes to knitting videos I think I prefer doing live commentary as I’m actually knitting. I just need to work hard on speaking and knitting at the same time. Actually I did cut out a lot of silent parts during editing as well as some word stumbles.

Another thing you probably noticed is the fact I had two cameras! Yes this is my brand new set up that I will be working the kinks out of and using in all my future ZAK Knits Episodes. Wasn’t all that hard to set up either and it was all made possible thanks to my brand new USA Gear Tripod. (That I talk about in anearlier blog from this year.) I used this tripod for the face cam and I set up my big tripod over my shoulder for, well, the other the shoulder view. Of course the real fun part of this set up was the editing. Truth is this was one hefty edit due to having to sync up both cameras and make cuts between the two.

Of course HitFilm 4 came to my rescue once again, giving me a smooth easy to work interface and allowing me to organize my clips and keep a clean (Kinda clean… Just because the editing program is tidy doesn’t mean the editor himself is… Haha.) timeline.

After three episodes of this I definitely want to keep going with this series. Of course improvements have to be made and I will over time, I mean yeah I’m new to this, but they’re fun to make and I enjoy editing them a lot so I hope you guys enjoy them too! Don’t forget to check out the previous two episodes ZAK Knits Episode 1, where I knit my round dishcloths I did last year and ZAK Knits Episode 2 where I knit my socks! They’re both on the ZAKEntertainment Youtube channel.

Still regarding ZAK Knits Episode 3 if you’ve been keeping up with the blog you’ll know the project I was working on in the video was actually already completed, about two weeks ago.

This is the finished product for those who’ve watched the video. It’s an awesome cable beanie and I absolutely love how it turned out in the end. I used a pattern by Splendor Knitting (Homera Luna) and the pattern itself is called The Natural. Funny enough I used a yarn color that matches the original pattern. Of course the yarn itself is Lana Grossa Lord, which is actually discontinued now! Super rare yarn and I think I used the yarn wisely, actually I have another whole ball of this yarn so who knows what I could use that on. Maybe a pair of thick cable knitted gloves to go with the hat? You can check out the yarn by going to my stash page! I really need to update my stash page with the huge amount of yarn I have now…  Anyway it’s worsted yarn (Heavy worsted, I almost considered it Aran weight but you can’t argue with the label.) and I used size US 7 (4.5 mm) Circular Hat needles for 90% of the hat and switched to US 7 Circular Magic Loop needles for the crown.

This is actually 70% Wool – Merino, 20% Silk and 10% Manufactured Fibers - Nylon / Polyamide so the hat is pretty thick, soft and keeps my head warm. Uh my cast on was a bit loose thus the ridge is a bit too loose but since then I’ve been practicing my casting on and I think I’ve gotten better. Also I’ve heard a tip about casting on in smaller needles on beanies then going up a size, so I think I’ll be giving that a try on my next hat.

Final closing thoughts before I officially end this project… It was a really fun knit and even though it wasn’t my first knitting cable project it gave me a lot of knowledge regarding cable and in general it was a really fun pattern to knit. Cable knitting is really fun and not hard once you study your pattern and how to actually do it. I learned very quickly and I absolutely recommend this pattern to beginners who are just getting into knitting or want to start cable knitting. (Cabling? Cable Knitting? Knitting Cable? What do you even call it?!) You can check out my Ravelry project page to see all the details! It also holds links to all my previous blogs talking about the hat.

So I haven’t done an update on this for a couple of blog posts… It’s time for an update on our Re-Growing a Lettuce Challenge! If you don’t know what this is check out the first update blog on it! Basically Mum came up with this crazy idea three week ago now to try and re-grow a lettuce from its stem.

It’s growing like no tomorrow but it actually looks like it’s forming into a circle like the original lettuce was.

Finally I’ve started up another Video Game play through! With Super Mario Odyssey recently announced and the promise of it being in similar vein to Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine I started up a new play through of Super Mario Sunshine!

I absolutely love this game, it’s got a wonderful setting (Isle Delfino is the best.), a pretty cool storyline (Bowser Jr? Shadow Mario? Pretty awesome.), fun and challenging platforming levels (When I say challenging… I mean it can get pretty challenging at times.) and just hours and hours of fun Mario Platforming. I’ll talk a bit more about this game on Wednesday (Blog is getting too long to do a full feature on the game.) but yeah that’s what I’ve been playing recently. Oh yeah Super Mario Sunshine also introduced the best character ever and I don’t mean Bowser JR… No I mean Petey Piranha.

I mean look at this cool dude just sleeping here like nothing.

I’ve also been playing Pokemon Sun and Moon (Of course.). I finally… FINALLY beat the Battle Tree Singles.

This is a battle facility that opens up after you beat the Pokemon League and it features a bunch of trainers from previous Pokemon games in the same style as the Battle Tower, Battle Subway and Battle Maison from previous Pokemon games. To really do well in this place you need to EV train your Pokemon and even then you gotta have some strategy and smarts when entering this place, they really love to work you over with type advantages and odd moveset. I’ve been trying to best the 20 streak Single Battles mode for a couple of weeks now with no luck. The farthest I got was battle 13 before my poor team was beaten by an annoying Porygon-Z. Last night though I finally got through all 20 battles and battled the Battle Legend Boss at the end of the run. I’ve now unlocked Super Singles… This means I’m going to be facing two veteran trainers every 20 streak run through. I’ll talk more about this in the future.

Anyway that’s about it for the blog today! Hope you enjoyed the video! Will definitely be doing more knitting videos in the future but I got plans for all sorts of videos in the future, travel videos, video game videos, short films, yeah I know it’s a bit broad but hey I got a lot of interests and things I want to do. Living life to its fullest is one of my goals in life. Hope the rest of your day is awesome!

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Keep your lives entertaining and I’ll…

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Heroes Clash in Captain America: Civil War (Review)

What happens when the World’s Mightiest Heroes at pitted against each other by a common enemy?

Captain America: Civil War

Captain America Civil War released in theatres early 2016 and of course on iTunes and DVD later on that year and I only recently grabbed the chance to watch this Marvel Action movie, so I just had to write an article/review on it. Of course the movie is based on the Captain America and Avengers comics by Marvel and features quite a lot of heroes from said comic books; this is actually the biggest super hero gathering in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date. The movie itself is based on the 2006 Marvel Civil War comic storyline.

Before you dive into this movie this is the 13th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Which is basically the name for the ongoing storyline throughout all the movies.) which means three Iron Man movies, the Thor movies, the previous two Captain America movies and two Avengers movies all take place before this movie. Despite this, the movie actually isn’t all that confusing if you’re jumping in for the first time and little snippets of previous movies wiggle their way into this. This is also the first movie of what Marvel is calling “Phase 3” of the Marvel Superhero movies. I’ve always been a huge Marvel fan and these Marvel Cinematic movies have had me hooked since I went and saw Iron Man 2 in theatres with Dad all those years ago, like 6-7 years ago it wasn’t even that long ago.

Just a warning there may be a few minor spoilers ahead. I won’t be going into detail on the storyline just enough to get you familiar with the basis of the movie.

Without spoiling anything important the movie takes place a year after Avengers: Age of Ultron and starts off with a couple of the Avengers, with Captain America (Played by Chris Evans) at the lead, on a mission to retrieve a stolen bio-weapon. After some conflict the movie rolls right into the plot, which involves Tony Stark and the rest of the Avengers signing an accord that cracks apart the entire team, essentially creating two Avengers teams and pitting Iron Man and Captain America against each other. Of course the storyline is pretty awesome but the first hour of the movie was awfully slow, a lot of talking and slow scenes between the Avenger members and their lives occurred. I have to say it was hard to keep going but the wait was worth it when everything started to click into gear and get into the nitty gritty of the movie.

Probably the best part of this movie was the massive conflict between the two Avenger teams with each side having some pretty awesome superheroes. They even introduced two new heroes in this movie, one of them being my all time favorite Marvel superhero, which I can’t say who it is specifically but he may or may not be a friendly neighborhood kind of guy… Does that give it away too much? The choreography and cinematography was pretty awesome, despite the massive amount of superheroes fighting each other it was easy to keep track of the action. Props to the editing department for making everything flow together as well!

This movie definitely could have easily been called “Avengers: Civil War” despite Captain America being the center character. You could even of called it “Iron Man: Civil War” as the film dives into Tony Stark (Played by Robert Downey JR.) aka Iron Man’s character and history with his parents. All the characters (Not just the Superheroes either) of this movie are really fleshed out and despite the movie being about conflict it’s very organized how each character is played and portrayed, I was able to keep track of everything happening. All the characters seem to play off of each other, which leads to some pretty hilarious moments and leaves me (Who absolutely loves big Superhero gatherings) very satisfied. This is how you juggle so many main characters in a movie, take notes. Though there actually are two Avengers who are MIA in this movie, neither of them makes an appearance. I’m talking about the Blonde Guy and the big Green guy. Team Iron Man, Team Captain America and the third wheel… Team Thor.

Captain America: Civil War wraps up with, of course a kind of cliffhanger that leads into the future Marvel and avenger movies. It was a pretty fantastic Superhero movie and yes I know I mentioned twice now that the movie is a slow starter but be persistent (Because there’s actually quite a lot of story details and plot build up in these slow parts.) because this movie ends up being a massive Super Hero action thriller with conflict and LOTS of juicy character development. You can even jump right into this movie without watching the previous Marvel Cinematic Movies and not get confused about what’s going on as they give out hints from the previous movies anyway. Though if this movie hooks you, check out the previous movies as well they’re pretty awesome as well. I recommend this movie to any Superhero, Comic Book or Marvel fan who loves conflict, angst and plain old Superhero team up goodness, you can check out the movie on iTunes!

Woo! That was a pretty hefty movie feature; I hope you enjoyed reading that, it’s a pretty awesome movie. Of course yeah I’m late to the party on watching Civil War but this movie is the latest Marvel movie available to watch outside of Theatres (Doctor Strange hasn’t been released outside of theatres yet, though it looks like a pretty cool movie starring Sherlock… I mean Smog… I MEAN BENEDECT CUMBERBATCH, yeah.)

Welcome now to the actual “blog” part of this blog. How’s everyone day going?

Quick update on the knitting I’ve been working hard on my custom cloth pattern that I talked about on Wednesday, sorry I still can’t show you yet but be patient! It’ll be done soon. I’m also working on editing together ZAK Knits Episode 3!

Yes you can see by this screenshot I AM ACTUALLY WORKING ON IT! Haha and it’s practically almost done but I’m being picky on the intro, I want to improve on the intros to these videos. This is featuring my brand new knitting recording set up, with this new setup I got twice as much video to splice together so it’s been one of my heaviest edits of all time.

One last thing I want to talk about before we wrap up for the day… Is food. Yes we’ve had a lot of yummy meals the past two weeks and I’ve been building up on photos from the best meals. I have two meals to talk about today, one we had on Wednesday and the last one we had yesterday.

In similar vain to the Pork chop Skillet with Tomato Sauce experiment we conducted a couple of weeks ago this was pretty much the same thing, EXCEPT IMPROVED. Anyway it was pretty much the same prep except we used a Pork Loin Roast instead of pork chops. We also had the same veggies, red potatos, cabbage, carrots, ect. I can safely say after having it twice that Cabbage and Pork Chops definitely go with a red/tomato sauce. If you’re into that sort of thing try it out yourself!

The last meal we got here is Beef… YES BEEF! Despite it being beef I definitely have no beef with this meal as it tasted delicious.

This is a Beef Round Tip Roast cooked in a Red Wine sauce with onions, garlic and some other yummy stuff. (Secret recipe stuff. Not even Mr. Krabs knows.) We also had carrots, roasted Brussel sprouts (Which I had no idea you could even roast Brussels…) with Mash Potato and Swede (This is also called Rutabaga.). It was absolutely delicious so even though this was another purely experimental meal it was worth it.

So yeah with that all said and done, you’re probably hungry right about now. Thanks for reading everyone! I’m heading out for the day got some things to do… Friday things, this was a really long blog I realize (Thanks Marvel for making such a good movie that I had to write a huge review/feature on it, haha.)

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Keep your lives entertaining and I’ll...

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Knitting My Own Knitting Pattern

Hey everybody welcome back to ZAK Entertainment, bet you can already guess the kind of blog this is, huh? Yup I actually finished that dishcloth project last week!

This is a custom pattern I made from random stitches I was playing around with, this is also my very first custom knitting pattern! Since I began knitting I've had this dream of becoming a knitting pattern designer and this is my very first step! I have also discovered that this is apparently reversible.

I thought this would be a good first pattern to make and put up for free to start my knitting pattern design journey. It's simple but also looks pretty great. I used size US 9 needles to make this as it was meant to be a dishcloth and Mum likes her dishcloths stretchy.

Before I put the pattern up for all of you I decided to knit this pattern up again using WAY smaller needles so the pattern pops out and you can see it in full detail. You'll be able to use just about any size needle (Depending on the yarn you use anyway.) on this but for display purposes I need a cloth that'll actually show up properly on camera. Plus that first dishcloth will be getting used for actual dishcloth stuff so I want a cloth/washcloth of the same pattern that won't get all messed up. So yeah before I put this up for all of you I'm refining it by knitting it on a smaller needle size with smaller yarn. I'm not showing you the project just yet but once it's finished you'll not just get a look you'll get to download the actual pattern too!

For this version of the cloth I've gone ALL the way down to size US 3 needles, which is the recommended needle size for this yarn anyway. I'm using the Abi a Turbo needles once again, these were the same needles I used for my very first sock project. The yarn is Knit Picks Comfy Sport and the color is Silver Sage (Color number is 8062 and Dye Lot is 2486). Though despite me using the recommended needle size this was a really tough and tight cast on. I wasn't under the impression I was casting on too tight but I had a bit of a struggle getting my needle through the stitches on the first row. It definitely doesn't seem too tight now as it has a slight stretch as all washcloths/cloths in general do so I don't really know. Anyway this is also the same yarn I used to make Mum's Cable Owl cloth for Christmas.

This will give you a little idea on how this cloth will look once it's done. I was going to reveal the name of my pattern but I've decided against doing so to keep everything a surprise until I release it.

So yeah! That's my finished dishcloth and I'm now trucking along on my second edition of this pattern. Once I finished this cloth I'll have all the refinements I need to put this pattern up for all of you to try! What started off as Mum just wanting some more dishcloths have turned into something much bigger.

The weather is playing games with me again... It's getting cold again! We've gone from freezing temperatures to super warm 70s-80s to a normal winter temperature in a matter of two weeks. With this weather change I've been inspired to make some more chocolate chip cookies, two batches actually.

And I have a confession to make... they're already gone. I didn't share any with you guys either. I'm so sorry I meant to but I still haven't refined the whole sending food through email yet... and these were SOOOO GOOD! I have completely surprised myself at how well I can bake cookies. Maybe there's hope for baking a soufflé successfully yet! Maybe... haha.

I also baked one of my crazy good Lasagnas once again and I think I have mastered the art of Lasagna baking. I need to try out some new meals because apparently I can cook!

We went on another trip the other day and while it rained a bit I did get to try out my new tripod. (Which I talk about in an earlier blog from two weeks ago) Don't really have any photos to show off from it though, it was actually all video that I was trying out so you'll have to wait a bit for me to edit all that together... I'm actually a bit backlogged on videos I need to work on. We also took Alfie our (Not so little) Chihuahua out with us like we've been doing lately but he's not been the happiest dog in the world.

The little bugger actually sprained his back leg while running around our yard so he's been a bit upset because of that. Though he's apparently good at walking with just three legs. Anyway he's slowly recovering and eventually, when he decides to stop milking his injury for attention from us, he'll start walking on all fours again.

Well we've come to the end of the blog now. I'm going to pop over to once I've finished writing this, I've been going there a lot lately (I'm a new knitter so I've only just recently discovered it.) to check out all the awesome new patterns coming out, to find some new projects for myself. (I actually am in the need of a new project actually, haha.) They also have this awesome massive archive that will probably run me out of yarn if I attempt to knit all of these. Mum's all time favorite pattern is on here too actually! It's Bitterroot by Rosemary (Romi) Hill and it's a pretty awesome shawl. Mum has actually knitted this twice before in two different sizes and now she's knitting an THIRD extra large Bitterroot shawl with beads. Quoted from Mum herself "I just can't leave it alone." So it's a pretty cool pattern and I'm mentioning it because I'm thinking of knitting it myself in the future.

There's also this other pattern Mum really loves and I think is beautiful but Mum has always been a bit hesitant on starting it up. It's called Shipwreck Shawl by Bethany Kok. It's an absolutely beautiful shawl but looks like a lot of hard work. Definitely looks like a tricky one.

Anyway we're ACTUALLY at the end of the blog now, haha. Be sure to check me out on Instagram and check out my Youtube Channel where I post all sorts of videos from Short Films, Travel, Knitting, Vlogs and more! Also check me out on FacebookTwitter, Snapchat as ZAKManK, and of course Ravelry! I post here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a wide range of awesome topics! Don't forget to keep track on our social media for when I drop the knit bomb that is my awesome first knitting pattern!

Don't forget to keep your life entertaining and I'll..

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Monday, January 16, 2017

A Vintage 1964 Chevy Throwback & The Nintendo Switch

Buckle up folks because we're driving into the brand new blog for today! Welcome back to ZAK Entertainment where I yak about all sorts of entertainment topics. Does awesome vintage cars count as Entertainment? I don't know but I got this really awesome 1964 Chevy Impala that I came across the other day. Of course I just had to snap some photos, I've really been into cars lately.

This is an awesome find. It may look rusty and old but if you look it's actually been cleaned up and a protective layer put over the rust to keep that old rusty look without it actually rusty. He even has new white wall tires to make it look more like something out of the 60s, which it's actually pretty hard to get new white walls lately, so this has definitely been cleaned and done up. I know he probably wants it to look rusty but you have to imagine what this would of looked like back in the day. Maybe it was a pale blue or a light color in general? I also noticed the roof is a bit different compared to some photos I've seen but Dad tells me it's a Vinyl roof, which makes it kind of a mock soft top roof without it actually being a convertible.

The 1964 Chevy Impala is the last Impala of the 3rd generation of Impalas before they redesigned it in 1965 for the fourth generation. There were multiple versions of this model such as a 2-door convertible, a 2-door coupe, a 4-door sedan and a 4-door station wagon. I'm not a big car expert and I don't know a lot of the nitty gritty on this car but I do know of course that it's 4-door sedan and would of come with a 283 195hp engine on standard models.

You know it's really crazy how things related to cars have changed over the years, this car actually would of cost you around $2,700 USD, which was probably a lot back then. The new Chevy Impalas will now cost you around $27,000! Also seat belts were an option back then... An OPTION! I know this makes me sound really young but I just find it funny that seat belts were actually an option back then. The new Chevy Impalas don't really look as great as they used too sadly.

So yeah that's the 1964 Chevy Impala! It's pretty awesome and I think it's one of my Dad's favorites. It doesn't top the 57 Chevy though in his books. Really want to do more car topics, I love cars, you love cars and cars can be pretty entertaining. So stay tuned for more car topics! How can one juggle so many topics on a blog? Actually I found it's not even that hard... especially when it sometimes overlaps with other topics.

If you got any photos of awesome cars new, vintage or antique please send them to me via the comments on here, my social media accounts or email me them at! With your permission of course, I could feature them here on the blog!

Completely switching topics now  it's that time again, time for a new generation of Nintendo Video Game consoles! As of last Friday the Nintendo Switch was officially shown off in quite a lot of detail.

Image Provided By and Nintendo

With the Switch we also got a preview at some of the many games coming out for the machine. This time in a videogame transition is always the most exciting, whether it's the Nintendo 64 being teased with previews of Super Mario 64 or watching Super Mario Sunshine and the Nintendo GameCube be revealed to the world this is always the most exciting period in a new Video Game Console's life. Of course with this new Video Game console a new Mario was revealed, Super Mario Odyssey!

So we've gone from Super Mario Brothers to Super Mario World then 64, Sunshine, Galaxy, 3D Land, 3D World and now Odyssey. It's a pretty cool game and it backs up a pretty awesome looking game. They're going back to the sandbox adventure like Mario games in the same spirit as 64 and Sunshine. Those have always been some of my favorite Mario games so it's awesome to see them giving Mario his third sandbox adventure game... Does Galaxy actually count? Maybe Galaxy kind of counts as this kind of game as well I'm not sure. What I do know is Mario has some new moves in the form of throwing his hat... yeah he can throw his hat now and it may or may not be alive. He can also parkour like he's never parkoured before. I'll post the trailer here so you can all check it out.

Pretty awesome right? There's a couple of videos demonstrating the machine itself and the other games coming out for the new machine on their YouTube channel! So go check it out.

The Nintendo Switch comes with this slim nice sized docking station, the tablet itself which you can undock and play your games on the go with no limitations and two joy-con controllers that snap onto the tablet for on the go play or you can snap them onto this separate controller (Which looks like a dog face, haha.) for playing on the big TV. This may not seem like much but there's a whole load of play styles you can use just with these few items. For starters the two joy-con controllers can actually be used by two different players for multiplayer action. The Nintendo Wii's legacy also continues to live on in the fact that these JOY-Con controllers can also be used as Wii Remotes! Yes Motion Control lives on and of course there are some that don't enjoy motion control but just remember this is only one of the options for play. Of course for those seeking more traditional multi player options Nintendo will be releasing Pro Controllers as well. There was a lot more they showed off so once again check out their YouTube channel for all that cool stuff. Though before you buy I have to mention this, I don't know if it'll put you off purchasing or not but it seems Nintendo has joined the club alongside Sony and Microsoft and are going to charge for their online services... Yeah I guess that was predictable. So you're basically going to have to pay extra to play games like Splatoon 2 online.(Which for the most part is an online multiplayer game, unless they add some sort of massive single player campaign.)

You can already pre-order the Nintendo Switch, it costs $299 at Amazon and releases on March the 3rd! Actually wait it has just come to my attention that the Nintendo Switch is sold out on Amazon... and practically everywhere else. Well I'll give you guys the link anyway, just keep checking back. I have no idea when they'll restock pre-orders, haha.

Regarding Nintendo products I actually own there are still tons of topics regarding all those Machines and games I've owned in my life I can blog about so stay tuned for that. Also check out my Nintendo 64 blog from September last year, it's still one of my favorite blogs I've written.

I've actually had a bit of a Mario Kart craving lately, I've always been a big Mario Kart fan and it's always been a big favorite with the family and friends, probably my family's' top favorite group game other than the old Mario Party games. Actually I could probably write an entire article on Mario Kart, I just thought of a new blog while writing a blog, that's a first. Anyway with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe coming out on the Nintendo Switch in April (And with the Wii U version not getting the new content as DLC, which kinda irks me.) I decided to crack out my old copy of Mario Kart Wii.

I haven't played this version in maybe a year? A couple of years? Anyway yeah I played a bit of that. This game is actually just as fun as I remember that and has a lot of courses not found in Mario Kart 8 and 7 (The 3DS version.). The controls are actually a bit different coming from Mario Kart 8 too. I didn't get to play much of it though... as the Wiimote batteries died on me... because I forgot to charge them before using them. Whoops, I guess that's what happens. This was the first Mario Kart to introduce Bikes to the series and to be honest I couldn't see any future games without them, they're pretty awesome and gives Mario Kart Wii and 8 two different kinds of play styles... though you can't do a wheelie in Mario Kart 8. When my batteries are actually charged I'll be playing some more.

Well we've come to the end of the blog once again for the day. Once again there's a lot I wanted to talk about but don't want to over stuff the blog... so I'll just talk about it on Wednesday. Hope everyone's day is going well! Anyway thanks for reading! Be sure to check me out on Instagram and check out my Youtube Channel where I post all sorts of videos from Short Films, Travel, Knitting, Vlogs and more! Also check me out on FacebookTwitter, Snapchat as ZAKManK, and of course Ravelry! I post here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a wide range of awesome topics!

Don't forget to keep your life entertaining and I'll..

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