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Heroes Clash in Captain America: Civil War (Review)

What happens when the World’s Mightiest Heroes at pitted against each other by a common enemy?

Captain America: Civil War

Captain America Civil War released in theatres early 2016 and of course on iTunes and DVD later on that year and I only recently grabbed the chance to watch this Marvel Action movie, so I just had to write an article/review on it. Of course the movie is based on the Captain America and Avengers comics by Marvel and features quite a lot of heroes from said comic books; this is actually the biggest super hero gathering in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date. The movie itself is based on the 2006 Marvel Civil War comic storyline.

Before you dive into this movie this is the 13th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Which is basically the name for the ongoing storyline throughout all the movies.) which means three Iron Man movies, the Thor movies, the previous two Captain America movies and two Avengers movies all take place before this movie. Despite this, the movie actually isn’t all that confusing if you’re jumping in for the first time and little snippets of previous movies wiggle their way into this. This is also the first movie of what Marvel is calling “Phase 3” of the Marvel Superhero movies. I’ve always been a huge Marvel fan and these Marvel Cinematic movies have had me hooked since I went and saw Iron Man 2 in theatres with Dad all those years ago, like 6-7 years ago it wasn’t even that long ago.

Just a warning there may be a few minor spoilers ahead. I won’t be going into detail on the storyline just enough to get you familiar with the basis of the movie.

Without spoiling anything important the movie takes place a year after Avengers: Age of Ultron and starts off with a couple of the Avengers, with Captain America (Played by Chris Evans) at the lead, on a mission to retrieve a stolen bio-weapon. After some conflict the movie rolls right into the plot, which involves Tony Stark and the rest of the Avengers signing an accord that cracks apart the entire team, essentially creating two Avengers teams and pitting Iron Man and Captain America against each other. Of course the storyline is pretty awesome but the first hour of the movie was awfully slow, a lot of talking and slow scenes between the Avenger members and their lives occurred. I have to say it was hard to keep going but the wait was worth it when everything started to click into gear and get into the nitty gritty of the movie.

Probably the best part of this movie was the massive conflict between the two Avenger teams with each side having some pretty awesome superheroes. They even introduced two new heroes in this movie, one of them being my all time favorite Marvel superhero, which I can’t say who it is specifically but he may or may not be a friendly neighborhood kind of guy… Does that give it away too much? The choreography and cinematography was pretty awesome, despite the massive amount of superheroes fighting each other it was easy to keep track of the action. Props to the editing department for making everything flow together as well!

This movie definitely could have easily been called “Avengers: Civil War” despite Captain America being the center character. You could even of called it “Iron Man: Civil War” as the film dives into Tony Stark (Played by Robert Downey JR.) aka Iron Man’s character and history with his parents. All the characters (Not just the Superheroes either) of this movie are really fleshed out and despite the movie being about conflict it’s very organized how each character is played and portrayed, I was able to keep track of everything happening. All the characters seem to play off of each other, which leads to some pretty hilarious moments and leaves me (Who absolutely loves big Superhero gatherings) very satisfied. This is how you juggle so many main characters in a movie, take notes. Though there actually are two Avengers who are MIA in this movie, neither of them makes an appearance. I’m talking about the Blonde Guy and the big Green guy. Team Iron Man, Team Captain America and the third wheel… Team Thor.

Captain America: Civil War wraps up with, of course a kind of cliffhanger that leads into the future Marvel and avenger movies. It was a pretty fantastic Superhero movie and yes I know I mentioned twice now that the movie is a slow starter but be persistent (Because there’s actually quite a lot of story details and plot build up in these slow parts.) because this movie ends up being a massive Super Hero action thriller with conflict and LOTS of juicy character development. You can even jump right into this movie without watching the previous Marvel Cinematic Movies and not get confused about what’s going on as they give out hints from the previous movies anyway. Though if this movie hooks you, check out the previous movies as well they’re pretty awesome as well. I recommend this movie to any Superhero, Comic Book or Marvel fan who loves conflict, angst and plain old Superhero team up goodness, you can check out the movie on iTunes!

Woo! That was a pretty hefty movie feature; I hope you enjoyed reading that, it’s a pretty awesome movie. Of course yeah I’m late to the party on watching Civil War but this movie is the latest Marvel movie available to watch outside of Theatres (Doctor Strange hasn’t been released outside of theatres yet, though it looks like a pretty cool movie starring Sherlock… I mean Smog… I MEAN BENEDECT CUMBERBATCH, yeah.)

Welcome now to the actual “blog” part of this blog. How’s everyone day going?

Quick update on the knitting I’ve been working hard on my custom cloth pattern that I talked about on Wednesday, sorry I still can’t show you yet but be patient! It’ll be done soon. I’m also working on editing together ZAK Knits Episode 3!

Yes you can see by this screenshot I AM ACTUALLY WORKING ON IT! Haha and it’s practically almost done but I’m being picky on the intro, I want to improve on the intros to these videos. This is featuring my brand new knitting recording set up, with this new setup I got twice as much video to splice together so it’s been one of my heaviest edits of all time.

One last thing I want to talk about before we wrap up for the day… Is food. Yes we’ve had a lot of yummy meals the past two weeks and I’ve been building up on photos from the best meals. I have two meals to talk about today, one we had on Wednesday and the last one we had yesterday.

In similar vain to the Pork chop Skillet with Tomato Sauce experiment we conducted a couple of weeks ago this was pretty much the same thing, EXCEPT IMPROVED. Anyway it was pretty much the same prep except we used a Pork Loin Roast instead of pork chops. We also had the same veggies, red potatos, cabbage, carrots, ect. I can safely say after having it twice that Cabbage and Pork Chops definitely go with a red/tomato sauce. If you’re into that sort of thing try it out yourself!

The last meal we got here is Beef… YES BEEF! Despite it being beef I definitely have no beef with this meal as it tasted delicious.

This is a Beef Round Tip Roast cooked in a Red Wine sauce with onions, garlic and some other yummy stuff. (Secret recipe stuff. Not even Mr. Krabs knows.) We also had carrots, roasted Brussel sprouts (Which I had no idea you could even roast Brussels…) with Mash Potato and Swede (This is also called Rutabaga.). It was absolutely delicious so even though this was another purely experimental meal it was worth it.

So yeah with that all said and done, you’re probably hungry right about now. Thanks for reading everyone! I’m heading out for the day got some things to do… Friday things, this was a really long blog I realize (Thanks Marvel for making such a good movie that I had to write a huge review/feature on it, haha.)

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