Monday, January 2, 2017

Welcoming 2017; Knitting a Cable Beanie, Food and Pokemon Sun!

Hey! Do you know what you just did? You just took your first steps into 2017!

Welcome to the blog everyone, hope you enjoyed your New Year's weekend. 2017 is officially here so it's time to get rocking and rolling into all the awesome stuff that's coming out this year. I got tons of awesome plans for new blogs as well as ways of getting you guys involved in things as well. I'm getting back into the groove of blogging after a busy Holiday week, there's going to be some slight cosmetic changes to the blog within the next couple of weeks so keep your eye out on that.

If you're new to the blog, welcome to ZAK Entertainment! I post blogs here Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11:00 AM Central American times. What do I talk about? Quite a lot actually. Whether it's about my life, my interests or what I do in general I post about it here. I also talk about topics such as Knitting, Film, Video Games, Travel, Cars, Food, Filmmaking and more. Basically anything entertaining I post it. I know it's a bit broad but I seem to be doing good balancing it all together, some of it even crosses over with each other. You can check out all my previous blogs by looking through the Blog Archive which is down the left side of the blog on desktop/tablets. Or by clicking on a topic tab and finally by searching it on my search bar that's placed on the right. I'm still trying to work the kinks out and get the blog as accessible as I can. Anyway yeah, I'm rambling again, which is another thing I need to improve on..

Anyway! With Christmas being over it was time to put away all our decorations. (You can check out some of our decorations in the blog Decorating Our House For Christmas.) Yup we packed away all our decorations for another year. Though it seems like had less room in our storage boxes then we did last year... Which is impossible because it's the same boxes and same decorations. Ohh well, we got them all packed away in the end. Our house seems a lot more open now that the decorations are all gone. 

Apparently we bought a lot of food and candy this year as it's STILL lingering around even after a whole week. With all this food I'm probably... actually most definitely going to have to go on a diet. Gonna have to start exercising to work it all off, I could do exercise blogs, haha. Would anyone actually read that though? Maybe I'll do little exercise updates here and there. Who knows maybe I can finally build up my muscles.

New Years Eve we had an easy meal, we had some yummy homemade hamburgers (Except me... I had a cheese burger, haha) and some Rocky Road Ice Cream, which seems to be our favorite kind of ice cream lately. Of course I stayed up a little past midnight like I always do on New Years.. BUT there was a big change this year... This year I was knitting into the New Year! Yup I had my cable beanie out and I got 16 rows done, including the second cable row.

I absolutely love how this hat is coming out so far. I actually have to say this is probably my favorite knitting pattern I've done to date. This is The Natural by Splendor Knitting (Homero Luna). This hat and pattern is simply awesome, the cable itself looks awesome and is twisting perfectly. One thing about this cable row is the fact that there's actually one purl stitch in between the cable making this a C7B (Cable 7 to the back.) Basically you slip 3 stitches onto the cable needle, knit 3, purl one and then knit the 3 stitches of the cable needle. This gives the cable a little bit of stretch so it's not too tight but also helps form this awesome DNA like spiral up the hat. If you're a beginner knitter like I am this is a great introduction into cable despite how complicated it may seem. It's not complicated in the slightest and I'm having no issues with it whatsoever. Have a go at this hat when you can! I am using Size 7 (4.5 MM/UK 7) circular hat needles (Meaning the needles are shorter then normal and the cord isn't long.) The yarn I'm using is Lana Grossa Lord which is Worsted (Though it's actually quite heavy for worsted.) I got two yarn balls of this stuff, both have 131 yards/50 grams in each ball. This yarn, despite being discontinued is actually really nice yarn. Not quite sure why it's discontinued, that's still a mystery but I am loving how the yarn feels. This will definitely make an awesome hat.

Like I said before I was knitting this just as it turned from 2016 to 2017 so it's kind of a lucky hat now. 

Now onto New Years Day... and by that I mean let's talk about what I ate yesterday, haha. It was an awesome roast! Roast Chicken, Roast Potatoes (I made these.), Veggies, and the awesome Bacon and Stuffing rolls with some yummy chicken and onion gravy.

This is Mum's plate.

And this is mine!

As you can see... I had a lot more on my plate. Which brings me back to that me needing exercise after this past Holiday week, haha. Anyway this was super good, the chicken was moist and my potatoes came out pretty good. Of course the Bacon wrapped Stuffing was the best part once again.

So I've been playing Pokemon Sun pretty much everyday since I got it on Christmas. 

This game is incredible and may even be going down as my favorite Pokemon of all time, beating out Pokemon Gold. The scenery, the music, the characters, the story... Everything is just so fleshed out. The world of Pokemon feels so alive in this installment. I mean you can walk down a road and see a trainer standing next to a Starmie, that's pretty cool. I'm currently at a point where the story is ramping up and getting pretty serious actually. I've completed three islands of trials as well.

Speaking of the music I actually recently downloaded from iTunes the complete soundtrack for Pokemon Sun and Moon!

This album has the complete 169 song soundtrack with every wonderfully composed song from the Pokemon Sun and Moon games. Even better this is only $9.99! I was super shocked to find it this cheap. Been listening to the soundtrack a lot and I'm really hooked on the music. The soundtrack completes the hawaiian Alola region and it's awesome characters. If you're a long time Pokemon fan or a big fan of the new games you might wanna consider getting this album from iTunes.

They also just so happen to have the soundtracks available for the older Pokemon games as well such as X&Y.

Here's a look at my current Pokemon team for the ingame story on Pokemon Sun. Sorry if the nicknames seem silly, I love them though so yeah. Actually let's put a little


just incase. My team does have some final evolutions in it and maybe that'll be a little bit of a spoiler for someone who hasn't evolved their Pokemon yet or even own the game yet.

Ariel the Primarina. This is the final evolution of Popplio the starter Pokemon I picked at the beginning of the game... I now realize how perfect the nickname Ariel was. I figured it was a cool name for a female water type and boy was I right. Primarina loves to sing and is a mermaid/sea lion like Pokemon so it kinda fits.

Bouncee the Tsareena. Now this Pokemon came with this nickname, I had no way of giving her my own nickname but it's a cool nickname regardless. I traded for it with an ingame NPC character. Been training it since it was a Bounsweet.

Okay I'm sorry, I had to. Turtonator just SCREAMS Bowser to me. He's a fire breathing Fire Dragon/Turtle... Just like a certain King Koopa we all know.

He looks just like Brock to me for some reason, and at the same time he's a rock type. This is actually an Alolan Graveler... Which means he's a little different. Magnetic even. This guy is Rock and Electric which make him the coolest Graveler ever.

Basically it's a female Mimikyu and Mimi just seemed to fit. Mimikyu is a ghost Pokemon that disguises itself as Pikachu using this old Pikachu doll. No one knows what Mimikyu really looks like, no one.

Finally here's Squishy, now if you've been watching the Pokemon XYZ show with Ash & Co you'll understand why I nicknamed this Zygarde 10% this. Bonnie from the show happened to name their Zygarde 10% this. Now Zygarde was introduced in X&Y but its true nature has been revealed in Sun and Moon... It is a very VERY unique Pokemon. You see it's formed from cells found all over Alola (and Kalos in the show) the cells form around a core to make Zygarde. Zygarde has a 50% form (The snake guy from X&Y) and even a 100% form (We'll get to him later.) So yeah this is a pretty awesome Pokemon.

That's my main team in the game for now. I got a lot of other Pokemon I've caught and have been training up as well. This game has a LOT of awesome Pokemon to the point I'm having issues picking who I want on my team. I've been swapping my team around quite a bit. BUT I also have Pokemon Moon, Which makes things a lot easier and allows me to experience the story twice with a completely different lot of Pokemon. (There are quite a few awesome version exclusives as well.)

So that wraps up the blog for today! Today is the first day into the crazy journey that is 2017! Can't wait to put some plans into action and bring you guys some awesome entertaining blogs. I really do want to get you guys involved in some way shape or form as well, it'll be more fun that way.

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See you on Wednesday!

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