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The Last Jedi Official Trailer & Solgaleo and Lunala's new Z-Moves

The Force Awakens In The New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer

In a Galaxy Far Away…

The intergalactic battle against the dark side rages on. The warriors of Entertainment are ever locked in combat against boredom and now it appears a new light of hope is within grasps, a long lost (And gray) hope.


If you’re a Monday Night Football kind of person you’ll probably already know why I'm starting the blog off like this. Maybe you’re not much of a football lover and just tuned in for this specific moment. Either way Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi dropped a huge trailer in the wake of its December release. This highly anticipated sequel to “The Force Awakens” will bring back the protagonist from the original trilogy, Luke Skywalker played by the one and only Joker… I mean Mark Hamill. Rey is looking to him for guidance in the force so who knows how Luke will go about training her? Especially when it appears he disappeared because of a certain mishap with a former Padawan of his. Well without further ado let’s check out this awesome trailer. (Click here if it’s not loading on the blog:

Well if you thought The Force Awakens was awesome then this movie looks to be blowing that one out the water. With all the new settings and storylines set up by the previous movie it looks like we’re getting into the nitty gritty of this new trilogy.

With what Im assuming to be Snoke narrating in the beginning Im assuming hes talking to Kylo Maybe?

This trailer mainly focuses on where The Force Awakens left off, which is on the planet Ahch-To (Which took a LONG time to find) new home for the now hermit crab Jedi, Luke Skywalker.

Rey has seemingly convinced Luke to train her using the Skywalker Lightsaber but with this training it appears Rey has some incredible strength that is seemingly scaring Luke, bringing some Flashbacks of his burned Jedi Temple. So it appears were finally getting some Flashbacks to the events prior to The Force Awakens.

Oh boy the walkers are back, at least these things are easy to topple, right? Maybe they actually improved them, they look more stable anyway. These are the All Terrain MegaCaliber Six Walkers that are seemingly recycled from the Galactic Empires lot of Walkers. (The First Order likes to recycle stuff from them, including Kylo Rens Wannabe Darth Vader outfit.)

Kylo Ren is having family issues again and comes face to face with his own mother, General Leia Organa. (Played by the Late Carrie Fisher, this is probably her last movie sadly.)

The Millennium Falcon flies again! With Chewbaca flying with a new partner, a Porg which is one of the new creatures being introduced in this new film along with some awesome looking crystalline wolfs. Im pretty sure theres someone else in the pilots seat but thats to be seen, it may not be Rey after all. 

Finn comes face to face with Captain Phasma with a sweet looking weapon that makes Lightsabers look like toothpicks; seriously that weapon is sweet who needs light sabers when you have that?
Is that Supreme Commander Snoke?! Were finally getting to see the leader of the First Order and hes actually Human. Well that throws in a ringer to everyones theory, huh? Hes seemingly Force Torturing Rey in this scene.

Finally theres what Im assuming is a editing red herring as it appears Rey is speaking to Kylo Ren with Kylo extending his hand but this may not actually be the same scene, judging by the slight change in background.

Basically I have no idea what to take from this trailer other then the fact its going to be possibly one of the largest Star Wars movies to date. With the events kicked off from The Force Awakens finally entering the big battle and assumingly leading into the finale of the trilogy, Episode 9. This movie releases December 15th in theatres so get ready Jedi!

Unleashing A New Z-Power With Solgaleo and Lunala in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

You know Im pretty sure Ive discussed Pokemon almost every blog these past few months. With Pokemon Gold and Silver releasing on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console to the upcoming release of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon theres a lot of Pokemon happening this year even more then last year, its almost like THIS is the 20th anniversary. (Actually technically it is the American 20th anniversary.)

Well following up to the reveal of Necrozmas new forms which are mergers of Lunala and Solgaleo it appears hes bringing some new forms to these two legendaries. We have a brand new trailer (Yeah again) showcasing these new forms and some surprisingly new additions to Rotom Dex. (You can watch the trailer here if the video isnt loading on the blog:

You know these new Legendary forms are kind of growing on me but it does make me think, are these closer to what the original Solgaleo and Lunala looked like? Spoilers for Sun and Moon but in those games it was said that Cosmog/Nebby is actually a descendent of the ORIGINAL ancient Solgaleo and Lunala so Im assuming the originals looked more like Ultra Beasts then the Solgaleo and Lunala we saw in Sun and Moon.

Both these guys get a new move called Photon Geyser which seems to be a move coming from Necrozma rather than the Sun and Moon Legendaries. This move apparently uses the highest attack stat of the user, whether it is the special attack or physical attack stat. So in other words this move will be either special or physical depending on which stat is higher, thats kind of cool its a universal move.

Solgaleo and Lunala are also both getting their own Z-Moves! These Z-Moves seem to be usable with or without Necrozma as it uses their signature attack which is Sunsteel Strike for Solgaleo and Moongeist Beam for Lunala to perform these Z-Moves. Youll be given a Solgelium or Lunalium depending on which version of game you choose.

Both of these moves take the victim into Ultra Space followed by a massive upgraded version of their signature attacks. Also these crazy moves ignore the targets ability which is INSANE. Its like Mold Breaker in attack form.

Following these reveals is something new regarding Rotom Dex. Apparently Rotom Dex is going to be a lot more interactive in these games compared to Sun and Moon. Rotom will grow and get friendlier with you as the story progresses which in turn also unlock something new called Roto Loto which will give you items to help you in areas such as hatching eggs, gaining more EXP. Points or finding Pokemon more often in grass. These items are actually identical to the O-Powers from Pokemon X and Y which was a much missed feature from the Generation 6 games so its awesome to see this feature return.

Rotom Dex will also sometimes give you his own Z-Power which will allow you to use more than one Z-Move per battle. Most likely this will be an ingame story ability only due to its nature but itll come in handy during some hard story battles.

No confirmation on whether the National Dex will be in this game or not but with the game seemingly introducing the 400 Pokemon not included in Sun and Moon and with trading between Sun and Moon and Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon obvious I doubt it WONT be included.

A New Mythical Pokemon Is Finally Here For You!

Before I finish the blog for the day I have a quick update! You might want to hurry to GameStop before the 23rd of October in order to pick up a brand new Pokemon never before released Marshadow! Yes this little shadowy marshmallow looking fellow (Yeah its literately a Marshmallow Shadow) is Sun and Moons one of two Mythical Legendaries.

Hes Ghost and Fighting which is a cool type combination (Although pretty weak to Fairy and Psychic) and comes with the moves Spectra Thief, his signature move, Close Combat, Force Palm and Shadow Ball. He also comes with the Marshadium Z which allows his Spectra Thief to become Soul Stealing 7 Star Strike and also transform Marshadow temporary into a slightly different form. Its pretty cool but Im not sure what the mystery behind that transformation is. Does the new Pokemon movie hes featured in actually go into details on him or is it really just some weird remake of the original anime season? I guess Ill have to tune in to find out. Anyway be sure to head to GameStop to pick yourself up a Marshadow before October 23rd!

So with that all said that brings us to the end of todays blog. Do you like the new format? Well its kind of an old idea but Ive not been able to utilize it properly until now. I wanted to make ZAK Entertainment more like an online Magazine with the topics all having different headlines so this is the first step towards that. Be sure to follow me on social media to keep up with the weekly blogs!

For now

This was ZAK Entertainment

See you next week!

Monday, October 9, 2017

The Ultra Recon Squad, Justice League and Pokemon TCG Burning Shadows

Hey everyone! Welcome back to ZAK Entertainment and oh boy is it going to be a long one today. Over the past week a plethora of news have been released as well as a new segment I’m bringing to the blog so let’s get rolling right into it.

First off we got Pokemon! Yes after months of no news GameFreak is rolling out details regarding Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon and oh boy this game is definitely not some third version. While this isn’t a sequel rather an alternative story I never realized HOW different it would be until now, it might as well be a sequel in the form of different events happening in an alternative multiverse. (It’s confirmed thanks to Zinnia and the postgame of Sun and Moon)

These trailers were released in the past week, an incredibly cinematic Japanese trailer, another Japanese trailer and a new English trailer which gave us much more detail on the games then the former.

First up is the cinematic Japanese trailer which starts with the appearance of Necrozma and some scenes from the games. (You can watch it here if it's not loading on this blog: Looks like this game will be even more cinematic with more awesome cutscenes. Are we sure this is a 3DS game still? Looks like GameFreak really is pushing the 3DS to its limit which means you probably are going to want to upgrade to a New 3DS XL at this point in order for this game to run without frame drops.

GUZMA IS CONFIRMED! Our boy Guzma is making an appearance in the games which can only mean Team Skull isn’t far behind. Gladion and the Aether Foundation are also making appearances in this trailer so this game won’t be leaving any characters behind and adding a load of new characters such as those mysteries new space suit looking guys which we’ll get into in a minute. This trailer is absolutely incredible I was almost shocked at all cinematic it was. These games are going to be absolutely incredible, much more then I imagined and this trailer was only the beginning… Now we’re going to get into the nitty gritty.

This next trailer (Which you can watch by clicking here if the video isn’t loading on the page: gives us a load of more details that really set these games far apart from their predecessors. There’s a Japanese counterpart which I’ll get into in a minute but here we go!

Alright you’ve got to be kidding me, you can’t be serious… Yes it’s true; we’ll ACTUALLY be traveling through the Ultra Wormhole to different worlds. When Sun and Moon revealed the Ultra Wormhole to me I always thought the Ultra Beasts must have their own unique habitats other than that dark dismal place you visit near the end of the Sun and Moon story campaign. Is this going to be our 2nd region of the game? I’m not sure how extensive each world will be but man I can’t wait to explore these new worlds. Wonder if this means we’ll have multiple Ultra Beasts of each species to catch? So basically instead of the Ultra Beasts invading Alola we’ll technically be invading their home… Huh. Buzzwole’s world looks to be one of my favorites; it reminds me of that race track in Mario Kart Super Circuit Sky Garden… For some reason.

Another world revealed is a dark industrial like world which seems to be one of Necrozma’s victims in his hunger for consuming light. This world is home to some new characters of the game that have been teased for a while now, the Ultra Recon Squad.

Immediately I thought these were the new villains of the team but I’m really not sure who these guys are. Obviously they’re wearing some kind of space suit that seemingly protects them from the effects of Ultra Space but is there skin really that bleach white color or is that some sort of mouth guard from the suit? Maybe they’re blue white from the effects of Ultra Space. Regardless it seems we got four of these guys to deal with in the games.

They seem to have some connection to the Aether Foundation as some of the cutscenes showcase them in the Aether Paradise. Not much information is known about these weirdos so far other then the fact they come from this Ultra Megalopolis and that they actually have Ultra Beasts in their Pokemon Party which is going to be insane. Also Dulse seems to be obsessed with his mustache. These mysterious humans will play a vital role in the games so we just have to wait and see what role they truly play in these games. Maybe Ultra Megalopolis is a alternative version of Earth that had it’s light stolen… But that’s just a theory… a ZAK Theory, Thanks for Watching! (Please don’t sue me MatPat)

Speaking of Ultra Beasts they revealed yet again another new one in the form of UB Adhesive! This adorable little fella is no pushover however and has a sharp poison type with some nasty moves up his sleeves. We see him coming out of a Beast Ball from one of the Ultra Recon Squad Members so we can expect them to have some more Ultra Beasts up their sleeves.

The rest of the trailer shows off more about UB Burst and UB Assembly (Who reminds me of MissingNO… Yeah remember that glitch Pokemon? I could write a whole blog on that) so nothing much new was revealed there as we already saw them in previous trailers.

The Japanese version of the trailer shows off a few more new Ultra Beast domains if you want to check it out here: Apparently the new UB is named UB Sticky in Japan.

You know what? I don’t even think they need to reveal any more information I can say without a doubt these aren’t just expanded versions of Sun and Moon, actually they seem drastically different from Sun and Moon. I have a feeling this is only the icing on the cake with these games and a lot more secrets are waiting for us when these games release November 17th later on this year! Will Nebby actually stay in the bag this time around? I doubt it.

Okay so I still got one more Pokemon thing to talk about but that’ll come later for now I got some new movie trailers to discuss! Yeah this is going to be a long blog but I would expect all these blogs to be long for now on considering I’m only doing one a week now.

November is going to be one huge month for entertainment from Super Mario Odyssey releasing at the end of October with Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon releasing late November and now we got a massive super hero movie releasing that month as well, Justice League! Okay so I have not seen Batman VS Superman yet or Man of Steel so I’ve been a bit spoiled on the events of those movies, spoilers are ahead for those movies so is warned.

DC has been setting up this movie for a while now and although it seems they’re not going to continue this universe of movies unlike Marvel this Justice League movie looks to be an incredible Super Hero team up movie.

With Superman “dead” Bruce Wayne aka Batman has to bring together a group of super heroes from different origins to fight the deadly forces of Apokolypse. Most of the trailer seems to focus on what I assume is the big fight scene of the movie (WHY WOULD YOU SPOIL THIS IN THE TRAILER?) with the whole team together and breaking through defenses. I really like that smirk that Gal Gadot puts on as Wonder Woman for some reason.

I just realized the music used in the majority of this movie is actually a cover of a David Bowie song called “Heroes” which is pretty awesome I didn’t expect that. The cover appears to be sung by Gang of Youths.

Anyway this awesome movie comes out November but there’s not a release date yet for some reason.

Next up I got a new movie trailer for a new Agatha Christie movie. Agatha Christie is well known for her classic murder mystery and crime tales such as her Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot stories as well as her stories that are more of separate stand alone books such as “And Then There Were None” (Which went through a load of name changes for racial reasons). Basically Agatha Christie wrote a LOT. One of her later stories known as Crooked House is now being adapted for the big screen! This is pretty cool it’s one of the five books of hers that have not received movie adaptations. Most Agatha Christie adaptations are of Miss Marple and Poirot tales with some being remade more then others so it’s nice to finally see a new adaption instead of another remake. (Though Murder on the Orient Express is being remade this year) There’s a brand new trailer that just dropped so let’s take a looksee! (Here's the link incase you can't watch it on the blog:

I’ve never read this novel but apparently it’s one of Agatha Christie’s most twisted tales. The story revolves around the Leonides family, three generations of it to be more precise. They all live together under the wealthy patriacrch Aristide but soon a murder will set events in motion that could tear the entire family apart. Luckily one of the Granddaughters by the name of Sophia has an inspector as a fiancĂ©, Charles Hayward. Who’s the perpetrator? Is this an inside job?

This looks to be one awesome and dramatic tale so as someone who’s never read or even heard of this story until now it’s going to be quite the ride when the movie releases but I’ve yet to find a release date despite it seemingly saying 2017 on IMDB. The UK release is apparently coming out next year so I’ll keep you guys posted. Oh yeah this movie will be directed by Gilles Paquet-Brenner and will star Mark Irons as Charles Hayward, Glenn Close as Lady Edith De Haviland, Gillian Anderson as Magda West, Christina Hendricks as Brenda Leonides and Gino Picciano as Aristides.

So apparently Blade Runner 2049 released in theatres and I didn’t actually know about it. I wasn’t a big fan of the original Blade Runner but I know a lot of you are. This new Blade Runner takes place seemingly 30 years after the original movie with the original Blade Runner Rick Deckard (Played by Harrison Ford in both the original and this new movie) seemingly missing. So a new Blade Runner by the name of “K” (Yeah nice name) played by Ryan Gosling is now unearthing a secret that leads him to track down the legendary former Blade Runner. You can check out the release trailer for it below. (

Wait what’s with the Atari Logo? Does Atari seemingly make a comeback between now and 2049? I mean I do know of a certain new console in the works by them so maybe that’s what this is all about. Anyway I’m not sure what to expect as I didn’t like the original movie but apparently as of now it’s underperforming at the box office despite being top of the box office. It’s only made $31.5 million in North America on its opening weekend despite the original $50 million projections.

To be honest the original movie was a slow starter so this might be following suit. Anyway if you’re a favorite of the original movie go give this movie a watch!

OH YES! As of today, well later on today you’ll be able to see a brand new Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi trailer. Sadly I can’t post it on today’s blog because it’s not premiered as of writing this but later on today you’ll be able to watch it during Monday Night Football on ESPN tonight. The kickoff is at 8:15 EDT and they are possibly airing this during halftime similar to The Force Awakens trailer which premiered during Monday Night Football’s halftime in 2015 which I believe was the New York Giants VS the Philadelphia Eagles.

So if you’re not a football fan it’s time to become one at least for one night for the Minnesota Vikings VS Chicago Bears match tonight at 8:15 EDT/7:15 CST! I’ll definitely say the trailer will drop during the Half Time show but I may be wrong.

So that’s pretty much it for movie news! There’s a lot of awesome movies coming out so expect more news next week, possibly.

Before I leave I got a brand new segment for you guys and it still involves Pokemon. A Pokemon TCG Booster Pack Unpacking Showcase! I’m going to start making this an every two weeks event, whether or not this blog goes back to twice a week or not. I know for the last two unpacking I’ve done videos but I couldn’t get around to recording a Video for this pack. So every two weeks I’ll be unpacking a Pokemon TCG Booster Pack for you guys, sounds fun right? Well today I have a Pokemon TCG Sun and Moon Burning Shadows Booster Pack!

It’s got HO-OH printed on its packaging, which is pretty cool right? It’s also related to the main topic of today’s blog which is convenient. This is the 3rd series of Sun and Moon TCGs which means I’ve somehow skipped Guardians Rising, whoops, I’ll be sure to get a Guardians Rising TCG pack next time.

This pack didn’t have insane pulls unlike the Sun and Moon unpacked I did a few months ago but these cards are pretty awesome regardless.

First up is a Lvl 90 Simipour card which is pretty cool I’ve not gotten a Simipour before to my knowledge so this uncommon card is a cool new addition. This is 37/147 of the Burning Shadows pack.

Next up is this sweet Electabuzz card. This is actually my second Electabuzz card I’ve ever gotten, the other one was also a recent pull from my XY Evolutions unpacking. This is a uncommon card and it’s 42/147 of the series and to be honest I really like the artwork on this card, Electabuzz has a cool pose.

This next card is an energy card, which I don’t get much off so it would really suck if I played the actual TCG game, haha. This is 167/147 of the pack series, which means there are definitely more than 147 in this pack.

Next up is Oddish and look at this guy; he’s just sitting back and relaxing, enjoying the sun. This is 4/147 of the pack and while it’s common this is the cutest Oddish card I’ve gotten yet.

Thought that card was cute? Check out this Stufful Card! I got a Stufful on Sun and Moon’s pack unboxing but it’s nothing compared to this adorable card. This is 110/147 of the pack series.

Vileplume! Love this guy. I’ve gotten a few cards of him before but this one is slightly holographic which is pretty awesome. This is 6/147 of the pack series.

This next card is a snazzy holo Whirlipede card. Love holographic cards so it’s always nice to get one. This is an uncommon card and it’s 57/147 of the pack series.

Next up I got a Lana card! She’s the Captain of the Water trial in Sun and Moon and this is an uncommon card with Ken Sugimori’s official artwork. This is 117/147 of the set.

Next up is a spooky Duskull just in time for spooky month. I for some reason thought this was a repeat card but it can’t be because I’ve never gotten this series before. This is 51/147 of the series but apparently the Dusknoir in this series is actually rare so hopefully I can get one in future pulls.

This Tympole card is up next and oh my god it’s one of these cards. This is a Crochet Tynamo card and I’ve gotten a few of these crochet Pokemon cards so far the last one being a Goomy. This is an awesome card and is 44/147 of the series.

Finally the last card I got is a Mudbray card! I’m glad to finally get some actual new Alolan Pokemon and this little guy looks pretty happy. This is 77 of 147 of the series.

That brings this pull to a close. They weren’t super rare cards but while I do love rare cards as long as it’s a new card I’m quite happy with just about anything. I actually have a goal of getting at least one card of every Pokemon, which will probably never happen but it’s worth working towards. I’m finally able to start buying this more often so expect a card pull every two weeks or so, no guarantees though it depends on what I have planned for the blog. Actually Pokemon TCG Shining Legends just released so I may be grabbing a pack of those next, I hear it’s going to be chock full of legendary cards as well as SHINY legendary cards. I’ve never gotten a shiny Pokemon card before so it’s worth picking up a few packs of these.

I’m actually planning on bringing back segments to the blog. As this is going to be a weekly blog I think adding sub headlines will be a good way to separate different topics in the blogs, because with only doing one blog a week there’s a LOT to fit in each blog as you saw today. Like the new format? Leave a comment below! I appreciate all feedback.

For now however…

This was ZAK Entertainment

See you next week!

Don't forget The Flash returns tomorrow Tuesday October 10th at 7:00 Central/ 8:00 Eastern!

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Reliving Pokemon Gold on Nintendo 3DS

Hey everybody, I have a quick update to give you guys, this isn’t another schedule change and there will be an actual blog today. No this is regarding the knitting yarn giveaway I had running for a whole month now. I’ve decided for now to cancel the giveaway.

I know I had four of you comment and I greatly appreciate it but the plan was to have at least 10 or more comment and the comments were supposed to be leaving feedback on the blog about what you would like me to talk about or change in the future. Well while I love the four comments I received I really wanted a bigger number of comments and a majority you really don’t seem interested so I’m canceling the giveaway. I may retool this giveaway in some shape or form in the future, I mean this blog is a huge learning experience so I guess I didn’t advertise correctly or perhaps didn’t make it interesting enough.

I’m not even sure if the blog itself is really interesting enough for you guys because of the lack of comments I get on every post but you seem to tune back in every blog so I guess I’m doing something right. Anyway I’ll keep writing blogs, I mean I have been for a whole year now and I still enjoy it so might as well continue. I believe I’ll be keeping the blog to once a week for now on even when my external project has ceased, maybe that’ll make things more interesting for you guys and less monotonous.

So with that all said and done let’s move on to the actual blog.

I feel like a kid again, no lie this past week I’ve been hyper beamed back to a time where seeing the game screen was almost impossible unless you had a light directly on it. As of last week, September 22nd to be exact Pokemon Gold and Silver rereleased on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. 

Of course I couldn’t resist, could I? I never purchased Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow when they released on the eShop last year I won’t get into my reasons behind that because I may still purchase them in the future but I really couldn’t resist the urge to have Pokemon Gold on my Nintendo 3DS.

For those who don’t know Pokemon Gold and Silver were my very first Pokemon games. I was introduced to Pokemon through Ash’s original Kanto adventures and Pokemon Stadium but my actual first trek into the grasses of the Pokemon World was in the region of Johto in Pokemon Gold. I still own my original games and I even replaced the battery but I found as I got older it became more and more difficult to play the games on the smaller machines. I’m pretty sure my eyes have gotten worse over the years because of this. With my 3DS always at my side I figured having my first and favorite Pokemon game on the go with me at all times once again was worth it and boy was I right.

For old GameBoy color games this game hasn’t aged a bit. Yes with Sun and Moon taking the game to new 3D heights and Heart Gold and Soul Silver serving as more advance remakes of Gold and Silver you’ll probably say I got nostalgia glasses on and maybe I do but there’s just something about these original games that the remakes can’t replace.

Now Pokemon Gold and Silver are rereleased for new players to experience as well as people like me who are diving back into their childhood and trust me for new players I highly recommend these games, especially considering how hard it is to find Heart Gold and Soul Silver.

Pokemon Gold and Silver originally released on November 21s, 1999 in Japan and later on October 15th, 2000 in America. Surprisingly Europe had to wait until April 6th 2001 to play these games which is pretty crazy you guys must have really been sitting at the edge of your seats waiting for this game. These games sparked the Generation 2 of Pokemon during the peak of what most call PokeMania. I mean Pokemon was EVERYWHERE at this point so a sequel to the world’s newest Video Game phenomenon was eminent.  With this sequel Game Freak added a whole new story, a brand new region called Johto which took a more traditional Japanese tone, 100 new Pokemon with new types called Dark and Steel, the ability to breed Pokemon and receive Eggs, Baby Versions of Gen 1 Pokemon and a load of new features to enhance the original formula and become staples in the series till this date. (Oh yeah and a load of glitches were fixed too, we’ll miss you MissingNO.)

Pokemon Gold and Silver introduced a new set of starter Pokemon by the names of Cyndaquil, Totodile and Chikorita. 

One of these starters would go on to be possibly my favorite Pokemon of all time and it all falls down to the fact that he was my first Pokemon I ever had, Cyndaquil.

You can’t look at this guy and not love that adorable, sleepy face of his and this guy packs a huge punch too. No he can’t fly like Charizard (Actually Charizard couldn’t learn Fly in Red and Blue, go figure) and he isn’t a giant wrestling Cat like Incineroar. Cyndaquil and his evolutions Quilava and Typhloasion are a single type fire type Pokemon unlike his fellow fire starters

As these were my first Pokemon games and considering how young I was I actually had help playing these games from my Mum, yes I’m not afraid to admit that but it does kind of make Mum just as much of a Pokemon lover as myself, I think she knows these games inside and out more than I do. To be honest as a kid and as this was my first Pokemon games I never quite realized how significant of a advancement this game was for the series until later on in my life when I got to experience the region of Kanto through Pokemon Yellow Version.

These games underwent a two year development period and boy was there a lot of changes made during that period. I mean according to original trailers and screenshots the games looked completely different with the towns and cities of Johto having a completely different design with graphics more on par with Pokemon Yellow then the final games. I actually found some videos showcasing this alpha version years ago but in my attempt to find them again for this blog I was unsuccessful so check out these screenshots below. Thanks to Bulbapedia for still having these after all these years.

Crazy huh? Yeah this was Gold and Silver once upon a time. Things sure do change in a games development life. One thing didn’t change however and that was a certain mascot Pokemon of Pokemon Gold known as HO-OH, the Rainbow Pheonix Pokemon. This guy is pretty much why I put Gold above Silver despite my love for ever growing love for Lugia (Thanks Pokemon the Movie 2000). What’s even crazier is the fact that this guy appeared in the Pokemon Anime TWO YEARS before Gold and Silver released! Yeah remember the first episode of Ash’s adventures? That majestic bird that flew towards a Rainbow at the end of the Episode? No one knew at the time who he was but with Gold and Silver we would soon have our answers. Actually HO-OH wasn’t the only Generation 2 Pokemon teased in Generation 1. Misty, the Cerulean Gym Leader and one of Ash’s original travel companions actually had a generation 2 Pokemon with her throughout the second half of the Indigo League series, Togepi.

Once again I wasn’t actually aware that Togepi wasn’t an original Pokemon because well I never played the original games until Pokemon Yellow which was way after Pokemon Crystal. Two more Pokemon would be teased in both Pokemon The First Movie and Pokemon The Orange Islands season, Snubble and Marill (Tracey had a Marill). Apparently there was a rumor about Marill being Blue Pikachu aka Pikablu, anyone remember that? I had no internet access at that time and no one at school ever mentioned this rumor.

Anyway these games have a lot of history to them and the result is an expansive and nostalgic Pokemon journey that has stood the test of time for me and many others. If you want to experience these games for yourself you can for $9.99 on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Not sure why they didn’t release Pokemon Crystal which is the third version of these two games and adds a slightly different story and quest to the mix but maybe this version will come later. If you guys are interested in a blog diving more into the development of these games let me know in the comments below! (Or you know, don’t, I’m not exactly forcing you to.) Trust me I got notebooks of details from my previous experience as a game beta enthusiast.

Oh yes when you purchase these games you actually get two extra gifts. One is a special Celebi that you can unlock in Pokemon Sun and Moon and the other is an awesome Nintendo 3DS theme that matches the version you purchase. Both of these codes are included in your receipt which comes up after purchasing so make a note of them. Otherwise you can view your receipts by going to the Nintendo 3DS eShop and clicking Menu on your touch screen. From there head to the bottom and tap “Setings/Other”. Under the history section you’ll see “Account Activity” tap on that then look for your Pokemon Gold/Silver receipt to find your download codes!

Over the past week I’ve been playing this game on my New Nintendo 3DS XL in my free time and I can say I really appreciate being able to actually see these games now, I actually see them in a new light for some reason. I’m seeing things in this game that I do not remember, like the fact that Nightmare is an actual move in this game, I swear this was introduced in Generation 4 but what would you know this move is actually from this game. Anyway I’ve gotten myself through to Goldenrod City and you know what that means, Whitney and her Miltank. 

Yes these two have given me countless hours of frustration and trouble over the years but you know what? I actually beat her on my first try this time round. What gives Whitney? Has age gotten to you? Maybe my team (With Cyndaquil in tow) is more well rounded this time round or perhaps I really have gotten better at Pokemon because I seriously remember these two being near impossible and while I was having troubles on this battle I still made it out without too many of my Pokemon fainting. Oh yeah and Miltank kept missing Rollout so that always helps as well, thanks RNG!

My Team currently consists of these guys right here.

Cynda the Quilava, I always name my male Cyndaquils Cynda, it’s the name of my original Cynda so it felt only natural to name this new Cyndaquil after the original Cynda who sadly fell victim to the dreaded GB battery dying on me years ago. I actually didn’t evolve Cyndaquil until he was level 18 so he got Quick Attack a bit earlier than usual.

Brock the Geodude… Yeah I don’t know I thought it fit. My nicknames aren’t the best but hey this dude has been a huge help since he’s been on my team. Did you know you can get Geodude right after you get your first lot of Pokeballs? Yeah I won’t tell you where exactly they are but they’re pretty close to New Bark Town, somewhere. Geodude can be a huge help against Falkner who uses Flying types and a dumb Pidgeotto who likes to spam gust and Mud Slap.

Oddy the Oddish, I’M SORRY MY NICKNAMES ARE SO SILLY but this little guy I found after discovering that Oddish is actually a night time Pokemon. (Yeah there’s a lot of time restricted Pokemon in this game similar to Sun and Moon) I kind of wanted a Bellossom but I’m wondering whether to make this guy a Vileplume, we’ll see.

Toge the Togepi, this guy hatches from an egg given to you at a certain point in the early game and while he doesn’t have any attack moves at first he gains Metronome at level 10 which is probably one of my favorite moves, simply for the fact that Metronome allows the user to use a randomly selected move out of EVERY move in the game. This Togepi has used Hyper Beam, Sacred Fire, Blizzard, Horn Drill (That missed), Fissure (That also missed) and many other strong attacks in his life time. Toge is a scary dude but he’s pretty darn cute.

Snippers the Pinsir. I got this gal during the Bug Catching contest that happens every Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday at the National Park just above Goldenrod. She’s a freaking powerhouse and while I only got third place in the contest for catching her she’s number one to me.

Finally Lana the Wooper. For some reason Lana from Sun and Moon reminds me of a Wooper thus the naming of this particular female Wooper. Lana isn’t the strongest Pokemon on my team but has helped a lot against Fire, Ground and Rock types that otherwise plague my team.

I switch my Pokemon around a bit during my playthroughs so these guys will come and go back and forth as I progress. I actually have my eyes on a few local Pokemon that I want to get and have attempted at getting with some really rotten luck. Yeah my Pokemon Catching luck has seemingly run out. Using the move Headbutt you’re able to hit the little trees plotted all over Johto and while doing so I ran into a Pineco that blew himself up before I captured him and an Exeggcute that made me run out of Great Balls. So I’m actually broke as of right now so I can’t buy any more Pokeballs, that sucks. I’m also looking for a certain Aipom and I know from memory these guys appear in these trees. I refuse to look it up online because that ruins the whole experience so I guess I’ll just keep looking through all the exploding Pinecos and super strong Exeggcute.

So that’s pretty much my progress, how far are you right now? Did you know if you have your Red and Blue virtual console versions on a separate console that you can actually transfer them to Gold and Silver using the Time Capsule machine? Yeah they actually made the feature work in these virtual console versions, that’s pretty sweet.

Oh yes one last thing before I leave! You can actually play this game in the original resolution of the GameBoy Color and not just that it adds a cool Gameboy Color Border around your game. You have to hold Start and Select as you open the game from your 3DS Menu so it can be a bit tricky to activate.

You can turn this off by saving your game and resetting the game.

So until next time this was ZAK Entertainment.

See you next week!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Out of the Cockpit and into Star Fox Adventures 15th Anniversary

Hey guys quick update, you’re probably not going to like it but until further notice the blog will be posted once a week every Monday. I have some big things happening in the upcoming weeks and it's going to be consuming a majority of my time. No fret however you’re still getting a full fledged blog today and I'm going to be talking about one of my favorite games of all time.

What happens when you take a space fighting Fox out his cockpit and onto a Dinosaur roamed planet? You get RARE’s Final Nintendo console based game Star Fox Adventures which turned 15 years old last Saturday.

My actual original Star Fox Adventures copy from 15 years ago.

I know this game has had mixed reactions over the years so if you’re not interested in me reminiscing on one of my favorite games then scroll on down I got a few other things to talk about afterwards, this blog is purely my opinion.

Anyway Rareware have made some timeless gems of games ever the years from the Banjo Kazooie series to Battletoads and the more adult (Okay very VERY adult dont let your kids play this game) Conker’s Bad Fur Day.

Out of these games they released Rareware was working on one more game around 1999/2000 for the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive by the name of “Dinosaur Planet” this game would star two protagonists by the name of Krystal and Saber which you would swap between using the Swapstone throughout the game as they traveled Dinosaur Planet to save the world from destruction. This game was shown off at a couple of events and even some footage has surfaced over the years but it never came into fruition, which was probably due to the N64 Disk Drive being a flop. (Floppy Discs, get it?) RARE hadn't given up on the idea however and was approached by Shigeru Miyamoto to retool the game for the upcoming Nintendo GameCube. Apparently Saber looked close enough to Fox McCloud so Miyamoto, the crazy man he is, suggested they replace Saber with Fox and retool the game to be part of the Star Fox series as Star Fox Adventures which released September 23rd 2002. Star Fox Adventures is my very first Star Fox game and to be honest it is probably my favorite out of all the Star Fox games despite how drastically different it is.

This change made way for Fox to take on a journey similar to his Green Tunic sparring partner from Super Smash Bros and the story goes as the following.

Dinosaur Planet, which lays on the edge of the Lylat System, is breaking apart due to the Spell Stones of the planet coming under siege from the evil General Scales of the Velociraptor… I mean Sharpclaw race. Receiving a distress signal a young Fox girl (Making this game part of the Star Fox universe makes this make just a little more sense) by the name of Krystal makes her way on top of a Ptero… Cloudrunner to answer the call and possibly discover the one who destroyed her home planet.

You start the game off as Krystal running around collecting a few things and after an encounter with General Scales you make your way to Krazoa Palace, home to the super natural gods and spirits of Dinosaur Planet. Sadly Krystal gets pretty much shafted and shoved into a Crystal for the remaining of the game which I can pinpoint as one of the flaws of this game. It would be been awesome to swap between her and Fox and from the looks of the unused content the idea of her having a stronger role was most definitely there but with the Microsoft buyout looming RARE seemingly rushed the completion of the game.

Back to the story after the whole getting trapped in the Crystal fiasco the story shifts to a seemingly run down Great Fox which is drifting along the Lylat System. The Star Fox team is running low on funds after the events of Star Fox 64 and a couple of canon comic books. (Farewell Falco is pretty good you should go read it.) With one team member AWOL it seems the Star Fox team is falling on hard times (Though they can still afford all those boxes of pizza, I wonder what intergalactic pizza tastes like) until a message comes through from General Pepper (Who seems to change Dog breeds every game) alerting them of the status of Dinosaur Planet and the hefty amount of cash awaiting Fox if he completes the mission of saving the world. Of course the team jumps at the opportunity and Fox jumps in his Arwing once again, flying into the unknown.

This game actually does have Arwing piloting segments similar to Star Fox 64 but they only occur when you wish to travel between the different segments of Dinosaur Planet and the final boss at the end of the game. Overall they can be pretty fun but I do wish they incorporated more Arwing action.

Landing on Dinosaur Planet Fox finds himself in Thorntail Hollow without a blaster (Fox tends to shoot first and ask questions later) and takes up a new weapon, a staff with magical abilities. He’ll use this staff to rescue the 4 stones and return the Planet back to its natural state. This staff actually belonged to Krystal but as she's currently trapped in her namesake and perhaps a little butterfingered Fox takes up the mantle. You use this staff for all sorts of things during the game and over the course of the game you’ll discover upgrades and new abilities. Actually the combat in this game can be pretty fun there are a few different combos you can pull off for defeating enemies quicker or flashier, I go for flashier because it looks cooler and I like to drag out the battle music.

Which reminds me the soundtrack of this game? I would be lying if I said this game didn't have one memorable soundtrack and to be honest I'm not sure if I should be surprised that a RARE game pre-Microsoft has an incredible soundtrack. Each song seems to fit each area of Dinosaur Planet to a key and can lead to some suspenseful action, including a certain part where you carry a bomb through a volley of barrels but I rather not talk about that.

Yeah this game does have some parts that have plagued me over the 15 years I’ve played it and funny enough it took me years to get anywhere near beating it. Barrels, Test of Strength and Cloudrunner Fortress in general are among the bits that really challenged me with the game over the years.

You know I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting someone… Oh yeah! Can't forget everyone's lovable Dinosaur sidekick, Tricky!

Okay so this guy can be annoying but you gotta hand it to him, he’s pretty adorable and comes in handy quite a lot over the journey of the game. Tricky is the Prince son of the King and Queen Earthwalkers so his status is quite important.

There are a lot of pretty useful, awesome and quirky characters throughout the game such as the Warpstone, a Stone Giant who sits in place in the top left corner of Thorntail Hollow and allows Fox to warp between Thorntail Hollow and Krazoa Palace as well as allowing Fox to enter the maze, which is where you take the Golden tokens youll find inside the various Wells throughout the world.

Another character youll meet is the Shopkeeper and oh boy this slithery dino is forever etched in my memory, especially with that sharp and scratchy voice of his. (Oh and the fact THAT HE'S FLOATING IN THE AIR) This dino is grumpy and will get pretty mad if you dont have enough Scarabs. (Which is the currency in the game, if only bugs were a currency in real life I would be stinking rich right now where I live) In his store, which is conveniently in the center of Thorntail Hollow (Its basically your hub for the game)  you can buy all sorts of items such as Health Replenishers (Which are actually fruit, nuts and eggs. Not the greatest diet for a Fox.) Maps (Theres a map for every area in the game) and other tools such as Trickys Ball which somehow ended up in the hands of the Shopkeeper.

Finally I want to point out one more thing about this game, the GRAPHICS! Oh my lord do you see those hair follicles on Fox? If you think Marios hair being massively detailed now is great just look back on this game. RARE put a lot of effort into this game despite the rushed ending (I blame Microsoft) and you can definitely see it in the graphics. This is probably the most gorgeous GameCube game hands down.

Now I know a lot of you are probably going to get up in arms when I tell you that I actually love Star Fox Adventures. Maybe it's nostalgia but I’ve replayed this game countless times so it has to be more than just silly nostalgia. The gameplay is similar to Legend of Zelda but it has its own differences to stand out as a great adventure game. No its not traditional shoot-em-up Star Fox but Ive always been fond of games trying new things rather than just being the same old thing over and over. The Star Fox games that followed this one have all been more traditional Star Fox games so its not like the game permanently changed the formula. This game does have its flaws and the ending of the game does seem a little incomplete (General Scales really could have been more of a boss then he was) but I really cherish this game, it was a great part of my childhood and it still holds up to this day.

I will say I actually still wish somewhere deep inside for a sequel to this game, it feels bittersweet every time I beat this game because I enjoy it so much but it doesnt seem to last forever. Maybe I just see more stories to be told within this part of the Star Fox universe.

Anyway whether you like this game or not its still a huge favorite of mine and I bet a few of you have some part in your heart for this game and with this anniversary I just cant resist diving back into this game. Happy 15 years Star Fox Adventures! You're not the ideal "Star Fox" arcade shooting game but you're definitely a big favorite of mine. For those who have never played this game I'm not sure how to go about getting a copy, they're not super rare and I see them in stores like 2nd and Charles so check around you might find a copy for a good price!

You can read my blog about Star Fox 64 right here:

So if youre still here or scrolled past that topic I got a few more things to talk about that I didnt get to discuss before. Yeah this blog is going to be long, expect them to be long in the upcoming future if I continue doing once a week blogs. Youre okay with that right? It sort of makes up for the fact Ive gone from posting once a day to three times a week all the way to once a week. (Dont worry this wont end with me shutting the blog down Im just extremely busy right now so one blog is all I can muster.)

First up is actually a follow up to last weeks blog. Remember that Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon poster? Yeah well typically they revealed a cleaner poster and a brand new trailer THE DAY after I write that blog and post it. Ohh well lets go ahead and talk about it today. This new trailer reveals more about the games, characters and some new features coming to these versions.

First up we get to see the return of the Island Trials! To be honest Im really happy this is the case, I love Gyms and all but the Trials were such a unique twist on the whole progression of the games that I cant wait to see how the new trials are in this game, which we can see from the trailer they will be completely different trials to the ones we saw in Sun and Moon making this more than just a third version of the games. Mina will FINALLY have a trial in this game too. I always thought it was disappointing she didnt have a trial back in Sun and Moon. Anyone else think that Sudowoodo trial looks pretty cool?

Lillie and Hau are back! We actually saw this in the poster last week but now we got to see a little confirmation from both the English and Japanese trailers. It seems Lillie is going to actually be a trainer, or at least work her way up and become one as the story progresses. She seems like a much more confident and stronger Lillie in this game. Hau, well besides his kind of angry looking artwork we dont get to see much. I wonder how different Hau is going to be in this game.

Over 400 Pokemon will be available in this game and it looks to be a different selection from the ones in Sun and Moon, which makes sense as usually the second set of games in a generation usually allow you to collect and complete the National Dex (Which I really hope is actually in the game this time)  by offering the Pokemon not in the previous games of that generation. Anyway you can get Lavitar in this game so Im pretty much buying this game for that alone, haha.

We get to see more of the Alola Photo Club but most of those details I discussed in an older blog.

Now onto probably my favorite part of this trailer YOU CAN SURF ON A MANTINE!

Mantine is officially a PokeRide Pokemon in the game and hes not just used for traversing water you can actually ride waves with him in a surfing Minigame similar to the surfing Pikachu minigame from Pokemon Yellow. Actually you can now surf between the islands of Alola instead of taking boats using this Mantine which is pretty awesome; I dont think Im ever going to use boats again.

There is still so much we dont know about these games, which is a good thing because I was already way beyond sold on this game so I dont really want to know what else is included until I actually experience it myself, no spoilers this year please. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon release this November 17th so get hyped everyone! Wait I really have to wait that long? Shoot. You can watch the US Trailer here: and the Japanese Trailer here:

Until then you can now download Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver on the 3DS Virtual Console for $9.99 USD each on the Nintendo 3DS eShop! It also comes with a serial code for Pokemon Sun and Moon which will get you the awesome Celebi!

So this blog is pretty long at this point but you know what? Lets make it longer!

I had key lime pie the other day for the first time. Yeah Im not joking this was my first time ever having it my Mum decided to give it a go and bake one for us. The results?

It was absolutely delicious but man was it rich. Despite not ever having this before I can say Mum got this pretty spot on. It had a tart and sweet flavor richly packed inside each bite and the little bit of whipped cream on top made it perfect. So if youve never had this before I recommend you give it ago, I wasnt actually around when Mum made it so Im not exactly sure HOW she made it (Its a mystery) but it was pretty good regardless.

Actually apparently Mum has just given me the recipe, it's completely free so I might as well give it to you guys right here!


1 (9 inch) prepared graham cracker crust
3  cups sweetened condensed milk
1/2 cup sour cream
3/4 cup key lime juice
1 tablespoon grated lime zest

Start by preheating your oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). In a medium bowl, combine condensed milk, sour cream, lime juice and lime rind. Mix well and pour into graham cracker crust. Bake in preheated oven for 5 to 8 minutes, until tiny pinhole bubbles burst on the surface of pie. DO NOT BROWN! Chill pie thoroughly before serving. Finally Garnish with lime slices whipped cream if desired.

Sounds yummy? It definitely was so enjoy the recipe!

Well were at the end of the blog again, that means its time for the FREE knitting pattern of the Week.

As October is right around the corner its time for SOCKTober! From now until the end of Socktober all of my knitting patterns Ill be sharing will be of, well, socks. For today Im sharing  a colorworks knitting pattern featuring probably the most iconic and my favorite colorworks pattern, this is Simply Argyle Socks by Anne Berk and Simply Socks Yarn Company!

Yes! I didnt know there was an argyle sock pattern out there but here we are. This pattern can be used with any color you wish, you dont have to use 5 colors total like Anne Berk does on this project but you will need fingering weight yarn in the colors you wish to use and US 1 – 2.25 MM needles. (Or whatever gets you the right gauge)

This pattern has all the instructions you need for the heel flap and toe so it shouldnt be too difficult and leave you with a familiar and awesome sock. The actual argyle pattern is charted out for ease of knitting as well. Im actually very happy to see Simply Socks Yarn Company is still around so be sure to check out her yarns at because well theyre made for these patterns.

This was ZAK Entertainment

See you next week! (Yeah Ive changed it again.)