Friday, June 23, 2017

(1999 The Mummy) Mummies Back From the Dead in Summer Knit Tops

You know I have a question that is one of the oldest questions in the book yet completely unanswered, why are all Mummies called Mummies? Where are the Daddies in the ancient Egyptian world? Ancient Egypt has always been a big interest to me as a writer (Thanks Rick Riordan for fueling that fire.) and a lot of filmmakers tend to feel the same way. Mummy movies date back as far as the 1930s with the original Universal Monster movie “The Mummy” in which Boris Karloff (The Uncanny) played the toilet paper wrapped undead man. It was a massive hit (As were most of Universal’s monster movies back then.) a timeless classic and spawned quite a lot of “loose” sequels (They weren’t really connected.) like The Mummy’s Hand, The Mummy’s Tomb (Which WAS a sequel to the Mummy’s Hand.) and a few others. British production studio Hammer Film remade these films in the late 50s into the 70s with none other then Christopher Lee playing the part of the Mummy in the 1959 “The Mummy” film by Hammer.

Basically the Mummy has been remade quite a lot over the years; I mean an undead Egyptian wrapped in toilet paper in a thrilling movie is pretty popular. Recently Universal released their new remake of these films The Mummy in theaters but it seems like it’s not doing so well when it comes to consumer and critic opinions. Not to start anything but this probably has to do with Tom Cruise having to do with the movie and bad directing but I haven’t seen the movie personally to make an opinion on that.

The movie I’ll be diving in today however is the 1999 remake of the Mummy franchise titled, take a guess, “The Mummy” starring Brendan Fraser (One of my favorite actors, mostly because of George of the Jungle.) the lovely Rachel Weisz and John Hannah. (Who I know best for his role in Four Weddings and a Funeral.)

I discovered these Mummy movies years ago when they aired on TV during the day. I believe I was home sick from school or maybe it was summer vacation I don’t remember exactly but I do remember not actually seeing this Mummy movie first but instead The Mummy Returns first, but I’ll talk about that movie in a different blog. A lot of people in my generation tend to view this Mummy movie as the classic original but no the movies I mentioned before are the originals.

The 1999 Mummy movie spawned a trilogy of three films and I own all three so I’m going back to the first of this classic series. The movie begins with a narrative introduction to the plot of the movie, which dates back to 1290 BC Egypt, Thebes to be more precise. The high priest Imhotep (Who was the Mummy in the original 1932 film as well it’s just not Boris this time but Arnold Vosloo who does a pretty awesome job to be honest.) is having a love affair with the Pharaoh’s lover Anck-su-Namun (Patricia Velasquez) which ends pretty badly for the two lovers. I mean love affairs normally end badly but in ancient Egypt? Yeah you get hunted down and mummified while your girlfriend is forced to stab herself in the stomach. Imhotep’s wrath was locked away for 3000 years until a certain someone accidentally awakened him.

Flash forward 3000 years to 1926 we meet our protagonists Rick O’Connell (Brandon Fraser) at the time captain in the French Foreign Legion soon turns adventurer when stumbling across the ancient city of Hamunaptra also known as the City of the Dead and somehow surviving the trip back.

In a different part of Egypt aka Cairo a young, clever but amazingly clumsy Egyptologist and Librarian Evelyn Carnahan (Rachel Weisz) soon discovers a map to the City of the Dead conveniently stashed inside a tiny box that her older brother Jonathan Carnahan (John Hannah) obtained (Actually he stole it.). This map lasts for two seconds before the head of the Library “accidentally” (Intentionally.) burned it after Evelyn presented it to him. Only one option was left was to seek out the man who Jonathan guiltily admits he stole the box from, Rick O’Connell. Rick is apparently got himself arrested and locked up in some point after returning from the City of the Dead and is now set to be hung, not sure how this happened but after making a deal with Evelyn to get out of prison and barely escaping the noose they all head out to the city. Following them close behind are American treasure hunters led by Rick’s coward colleague Beni Gabor. (Kevin J. O’Connor)

After a rocky, bumpy and camel filled journey they finally make it to the City of the Dead unknowing what lies beneath the surface. This is where the Mummy comes into it. Evelyn’s overpowering curiosity accidentally sets forth events that reawakens and resurrects Imhotep from his 3000 year slumber. He’s not really a toilet paper kind of Mummy more like a crusty, flaky kind of Mummy in this movie. Imhotep then seeks to resurrect his lost lover Anck-su-Namun and will stop at absolutely nothing to achieve this.

This movie is a thrilling ride from beginning to end with a loving cast and amazing actors to fill those roles. Oh yeah and this movie has a lot of bugs in it, but hey it's Egypt you gotta expect a few bugs. Though The original 1932 The Mummy would probably be classed as more of a horror movie as this one but there’s just something about this and the movie that follows it that no other Mummy movie can hold a torch to, this movie is absolute fun. With all the thrilling close calls and unpleasant scarabs this movie doesn’t forget how to have fun which emanates from the main three actors Brendan, Rachel and John. This movie isn’t just a cheesy goofball movie however it juggles the serious, thrilling and engaging moments with the fun and that to me makes a wonderful movie. Back to the characters I find them to be well written. Rick O’Connell is a gun-ho, rough and ready kind of guy but has a heroic streak and can be a bit of a blunt dork at times. Jonathan tends to be the comic relief of the movie and isn’t really great at fighting, navigating as Rick. However he does have some knowledge of ancient Egyptian and has considerable skills in thievery. (Probably not a good thing.) Evelyn tends to outshine the other two by being ambitious, passionate and a go getter. She knows what she wants and despite her clumsiness and over powering curiosity she puts herself out there. Her entire expedition is fueled by her desire to further her career and her romance with Rick is a surprisingly, unpredicted occurrence but just as well written

Wasn’t sure whether to mention what some of my favorite scenes in the movie were considering this may be spoilers but it’s an almost 20 year old movie so why not. This is a spoiler warning anyway the next paragraph holds spoilers.

Some of my favorite scenes in this movie are probably not scenes you’re expecting. The first off would be after Rick and Company escape the boat after being attacked and they’re split up between a river. Beni exclaims that he has all the horses and Rick retorts with “Hey Beni, Looks like you’re on the wrong side of the river!” I don’t know I just found that scene hilarious.

Another favorite would be after the expedition as they’re setting up camp and having a few drinks Eve, with too many drinks drunken starts up a drunken conversation with Rick and exclaims “What’s a place like me doing in a girl like this?” with Rick replying “Yeah something like that.” She then goes on to proudly proclaim, after a pause that she is a Librarian.

Finally another favorite scene would be Imhotep and his interactions with cats. Cats were worshipped as gods almost by ancient Egypt, said to be guardians of the Underworld. They were absolutely sacred but over time they became more of pets like they are today. It only makes sense for Imhotep to feel intimidated by a cat; probably thought the cat was going to take him back to the underworld, still funny nonetheless.

I’m not quite sure how the new reboot can hold a torch to this movie and it looks like it isn’t with the waning reviews. Luckily these movies still hold up to this day and were worth re-watching after all these years. This movie makes me wish there were more thrilling adventure movies of the sort that were this engaging. If you don’t already own this movie you can buy it on iTunes for $14.99 for HD and $9.99 for SD. I actually have a physical box set of all three movies but it appears iTunes doesn’t have them available and I can’t actually find where to buy the box set anymore. They also have I believe all of the classic movies on here as well. (They do click this right here to see the 1932 Mummy movie.) I’m really going to have to watch the classics at some point for you guys. (I’ve watched the 1932 Mummy I’m sure of it but it’s been way too long to remember it completely.) I’ll be discussing the next two movies in the future!

Even though I’m not so interested in the new Mummy movie it is out in Theatres now and I recommend you give it a go yourself despite my opinions of Tom Cruise and the critics.

For now however it’s time to talk about Mummy wraps… Well it’s something you wear anyway and you can definitely wear it if you’re a Mum. It’s time for the Free Knitting Pattern!

Been diving into Summer knitting as of late, it is summer of course and I’ve given you guys some cool toys to knit but what about actual summer wear? Knitted wear might mostly be viewed was sweaters, beanies, gloves and socks but there’s a lot more summer related items you can knit with those needles of yours and some thin weight yarn. These items are shawls, shawlettes, that snazzy beach wrap I shared a few weeks ago and what I’m featuring today, a top. Yeah it’s a top, a summer top and it’s pretty elegant for being so simple. For some reason I cannot find any male tops (That aren’t sweaters.) as knitting patterns but you ladies are going to love this. Today’s free knitting pattern is “Istanbul” by DROPS Designs.

This is perfect for the summer and autumn seasons with its lovely lace pattern long the bottom of the top to the beautiful lace design in the chest of the top. Before we dive into the pattern I’ll list off the materials you’ll need. First off you’ll need some sport weight yarn. I recommend, as does this pattern, some 100% cotton, that’ll make this top as comfy as can be. Depending on the size you knit you’ll need 250 g all the way up to 400 g of sport weight, cotton yarn. Up next you’ll need double pointed needles and of size US 2.5/3 MM (Or needles that’ll get you 24 stitches and 32 rows stockinette stitch on 10 cm / 4” in width and 10 cm / 4” in height, that’s the gauge.) and some DPNs and Circular needles of Size US 1.5 /2.5 MM or the right size to get a 26 stitch, 34 row stockinette stitch on 10 cm / 4” in width and 10 cm / 4” in height gauge.

Now we can dive into this free pattern! From the look of things you’ll be working bottom up on this top. (That wasn’t a pun I swear.) Seems you’ll need a sewing needle as well as your knitting needles because the back and front of the top of this shirt as well as the sleeves are all worked independently then assembled. It seems to be good for beginner knitters wanting to get into knitting tops, like myself and the only difficult part could be the lace chart but I’m sure, especially with the symbols laid out in front of me and described I and you too will be able to knit this with ease. Anyway challenges are good and can be very rewarding at the end. You can check out this awesome pattern by following this link to Drops Design’s website!

I might be eyeing this pattern for knitting a certain Mum of mine a lovely gift but don’t let her know that okay? She actually reads this so the gigs up already. Haha, anyway I think this is definitely one of the prettiest patterns I’ve shared and I would love to do more lacework. Speaking of lace I need to bust my butt and finish my shawl finally, with no other projects on the needle I don’t really have an excuse now do I? Anyway until next time be nice to your Mummy and Daddy. (Let me know if you actually see any Daddies would like to see one for once instead of all the Mummies, Daddy deserves a movie franchise too.)

That’s a wrap folks!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Self Striping, Afterthought Heel, Sock Knitting Journey

So my with my knitting progress these past few months I have been a bit slow but as I announced last Wednesday I finally finished a project that really shouldn’t have taken me this long. My afterthought heel socks are finally complete and today’s blog serves as a recap of the journey I took on these socks. I haven’t done a blog where knitting is the ultimate main topic for a while so sit back, grab your needles and let’s start knitting! (Finally.)

To truly proof how slack I’ve been, I started this project back in January. (January 28th to be more precise.) For those who have been with the blog since then I started these socks after being given more sock yarn by my loving and giving Mum. With an urge to start a new sock project after finishing my first sock project I decided to go with this self striping yarn, because It looked cool and I’ve never used self striping yarn before. Mum actually doesn't remember where she got this yarn from but it's fingering weight for sure. I used US 2 / 2.75 MM circular needles as well, no DPNS this time round.

While these socks did end up being mostly vanilla I did not want them to be just a copy and paste of my first pair so after a recommendation from Mum I decided to make these afterthought heel socks. For those unsure what that is afterthought heel socks are where you knit the sock like you normally would but instead of knitting the heel flap and heel turn you leave two half rows of scrap yarn where the heel would be and continue knitting to the toe. After finishing the sock you go back and knit your heel. It’s actually a lot simpler and less scary then I originally imagined. While my first pair of socks was knitted for myself I decided as I have a little more confidence in my knitting to knit these afterthought heel socks for my little sister. I figured I would give them to her on her Birthday so starting them early would be a good idea, which it was but I kind of scraped the barrel and almost didn’t finish these on time.

To start these socks off I decided to forgo the usual standard ridge that I used on my first pair and use my newly kindled love for cable knitting to knit a pretty cool ridge. This sock’s ridge ended up being a repeat of Cable 1 to the Back and Purl 2 all the way around the sock. I got this idea from Mum who was knitting some gloves at the time with a ridge that consisted of Cable 1 to the front and purl 2. Got to say it did add a spiffy look to what otherwise is a normal stockinette sock. Instead of using a cable needle however as I thought the cable needles I owned were too large and would stretch the stitches out Mum introduced me to another way of knitting cable, Paperclips. Yes those random paperclips you have floating around your house can easily be morphed into shape to act as a pretty good cable needle. They work like a charm and allowed me to knit these small stitches without stretching them out. This idea is perfect for those who don’t have cable needles at home or have lost theirs down the sofa. (It happens.) To better get this idea out there a few weeks ago I released a brand new ZAK Knits episode based on this! You’ll be able to see how I knitted the ridge on these socks too so it’s a must watch for readers of this blog, I think you’ll enjoy it. Even though this video was done on the second sock of the pair I’m going to go ahead and let you guys watch it below! (Click this link here if it doesn’t work:

Knitting cable with a paperclip is just as good as knitting with a cable needle but I did find it to be a tad bit fiddly at times, mostly because I wasn’t used to knitting cable with such thin yarn and small needles. Oh yeah this ridge actually takes quite some time to complete so be patient, or maybe I’m just slow.

Now funny story it only took me about a week to get onto the body and from then on it was a breeze, it was simple stockinette up until I had to place the waste yarn in for the later heel. It wasn’t super tricky all you need is some scrap yarn in a color that doesn’t blend in and knit a half row to the end, purling back that half row. Sounds unusual for a sock huh? Don’t worry it actually works. Afterwards you can dive bomb your way to the toe and finish.

I’m actually surprised I didn’t any disasters on this first sock everything seemed to go smoothly and by the beginning of March this sock was completed. Now this is where things came to a screeching slow halt before moving slowly to the finish line. I don’t know what it was about March but March was not a good month for knitting. I got really busy with a bunch of stuff that didn’t work out or took too much time out of my day and with writing the blog and not being good at organizing I guess I just lost it. Lighting a fire under my butt however I finally got the second sock going only to come across an old enemy of Mum and mine as well.


Yeah if life wasn’t busy enough this guy had to come up and make things worse. I actually got the sock casted on in March but with everything else happening it wasn’t very easy going especially when I royally screwed up right after finishing the ridge. I don’t have any photo evidence, you wouldn’t want to see it anyway, but after starting the body I accidentally slipped a couple of stitches. I’m getting pretty good at picking up dropped stitches lately so I figured I could tackle this problem with ease but nope Second Sock Syndrome struck me hard and for some reason one or two of the stitches ran, ran into oblivion. Mum tried to help me save it but in the end I had to frog the entire sock, gone just like that. Even worse I apparently split the yarn on countless occasions making the future of this entire project seem bleak. My motivation for knitting was at an all time low. This didn’t stop me from giving you guys knitting on almost every blog with my free knitting pattern segment (I’ll be starting that back up again, don’t worry E3 was busy but that’s over now.) but actual knitting progress was almost none.

May was a bright new month however and my motivation for knitting was back in full swing. I managed to knit the cable ridge and finally got onto the body of the second sock. I was scared stiff that I ruined the yarn but luckily I managed to get away with only a few burrs here and there. To be honest once I started this sock back up it only took me about two to three weeks to finish it.

After finishing both of these socks I was onto the part I was extremely nervous about, the afterthought heel.

To me surprise the process isn’t just hard it just takes a bit of time and concentration. To pick up the stitches we turned the sock inside out and picked up the stitches from the scrap yarn from the back, it’s easier that way. After picking up one row of scrap yarn stitches on both needles (This is why you knitted two rows of scrap yarn in.) you just knit the heel as if you’re knitting the toe, same process and you even kitchener off at the end.

Thus this project had finally come to an end, after four months of work and the other two being filled with lack of motivation. Really this should have not taken me this long but Second Sock Syndrome hit me like a truck and as long as I said my first sock pair took this took way to long.

I actually have to apologize to you guys for the lack of actual knitting from me, I mean I know I started doing other art stuff but that isn’t really the reason my knitting slowed down. It’s not like I’ve been completely knitless I’ve done a few dishcloths and smaller projects in between this sock project as well as continuing my shawl which is so long it takes forever to knit a row now.

Anyway I need to dedicate more time to knitting but I’ve been getting back into the groove of it so more is bound to come soon. I have a question to ask all of you however, as this sock was not your average afterthought heel sock would you be interested in a free knitting pattern of this sock? Let me know on Social Media or the comments below! I still have another free knitting pattern I’m supposed to be putting out and it’s basically written but I’m unsure if it’s any good. Need to start taking more risks and take a leap.

Now with that chapter of knitting closed I’m looking towards the future and that brings me to today’s free knitting pattern! (About time I bring this back it’s been gone for an entire week.) Today, if you’re reading this on the day I’m posting this, is actually the first day of summer! I’ve been speaking about summer knits as of late because you wouldn’t want to wear beanies or sweaters during the hot weather and by hot I mean it’s getting really hot in the world right now especially western America and even where I live right now. (Humidity doesn’t help in the slightest.) So over the summer my knitting patterns I’m featuring will be more on the thin wear side. Toys also make great summer knits for your kids or your pets and today’s pattern features a toy a certain feline of your house (If you’re a cat person anyway.) will go wild for. This is “Catnip Bunny” by Selina Kyle, wait Selina Kyle? Catnip Toy? CATWOMAN?! Sorry Selina if that’s offensive but your name made my comic book loving self smile and as this is a catnip toy I had to laugh at the coincidence.
Anyway these look to be a quick and easy knit so your cats won’t have to be impatient for too long. You’ll need some DK weight yarn of your choice scrap or not, US 3 – 3.25 MM Needles, black embroidery thread or black yarn for the eyes (Buttons would also work.), a sewing needle, toy stuffing, white felting for the tail and of course some catnip which you can buy at your local pet store. After that the pattern seems easy enough to follow and the photos she provided helps a lot. These are adorable but sadly I don’t have a cat (I used to but that was years ago.) but these would make fun toys, minus the catnip, for your dog as well. I could probably knit Alfie up a few of these. You can check out the pattern here on Ravelry but be sure to check out Selina Kyle, aka Catwoma… I mean Coffee And Cream she has some other patterns you may like!

With that all said and done, man I haven’t done a dedicated knitting blog in awhile that was fun. For knitters looking for some paid knitting patterns you could win a knitting pattern of your choice of up to $6 value by entering the giveaway I’m doing on patreon! Entry only costs you $3 and I’ll be doing a raffle at the end of every month with a minimum of 3 entries. Go check out my Patreon at: . There aren’t many rewards as of right now but I’m working on it, you guys can suggest rewards to me via email, comments or social media! (Or on Patreon itself.)

That’s a wrap folks!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Cobras, Chevys and Custom Cars, Oh My! (Father's Day Car Show)

You know last week was pretty hectic considering it was E3 week and all but with that wrapped up this week we’re going to switch over to some non Video Game topics for this week. (If anything comes up I will report on it, just not as the main topic.)

I completely forgot to mention this but last Friday Cars 3 released in Theatres! It’s the third (Possibly last.) entry in the Cars franchise and conveniently I got to go somewhere last Saturday filled with just as many awesome cars. I along with my car loving Dad with Family in tow went to a Car Show. It wasn’t a massive car show but it was filled with some gems. Of course I had my camera in hand to take some photos of these cars for you guys. Now before I kick start this blog I want to point out that I might not accurately name some of these cars. Half of them had information stickers or their owners nearby for me to ask for the other half well it was pretty hard to get an accurate name considering I’m not the biggest car expert in the world. Though I am doing heavy research I would much appreciate it if you guys left me some feedback on these cars to help me accurately name them.

Immediately walking into the parking lot these guys were set up in I immediately noticed this beauty of a car.

This is one of those cars where the owner was nowhere in sight so I only have the help of the internet and my Dad to decipher this car. I thought it could have been a 1950s Buick considering the vent ports on the side and the triangular nose but Dad pointed out that it could have been an Oldsmobile Delta 88. Looking up both of these cars, well this car seems to be a hybrid of the Oldsmobile’s front and the Buick’s side, which tells me this is probably a custom job of sorts. I'll just assume this is a custom Oldsmobile Delta 88. Regardless of what it is this car is pretty awesome and as I can’t find a match make this one unique ride. Maybe I should have looked harder for the owner but considering this was a local car show he probably lives around here somewhere. I’ll let you guys know if I encounter this beauty again.

Next up is a car I recognized immediately; this without a doubt is a Chevrolet Street Rod, possibly 1932. (I’m a big sucker for 1930s cars.) I’m not sure if the Eagle on the hood is original or a custom job but with all the hot rod Street Rods out there this might be the closest you can get to the original. I did not expect a beauty like this to be here by any means and man do I wish I could have sat in this gorgeous car. Actually I wish I could of driven it but that’s pushing the buttons a bit.

I did get to sit in a classic car however, two in fact and it came as a complete surprise to me but I was actually offered to sit in this 1965 Shelby 27 Cobra Roadster.

This is probably a dream come true, actually driving it would have been but regardless getting to sit in this amazing car was a treat and props to the owner of letting me. Now before you question me yes I actually do have proof, my sister who was with me snapped a pretty awesome shot of me.

Photography by Lady AnnaVintage

Of course I’m squinting because I forgot my Sunglasses but it’s an awesome shot regardless. (Check out her blog for more awesome photography.) Getting into this car was a bit difficult actually, apparently my legs are just a little too long but I squeezed my way in anyway. The car wasn’t turned on but I felt the power resting within this car.

Not sure what the lights inside this car are for can anyone enlighten me on that? Is this secretly some sort of Secret Agent car? An ejection seat button was probably placed somewhere in here.

Now if only I got to drive this baby, I’m not even sure if I could handle the power of it.

That wasn’t the only car I got to sit in and this next one is not of the 4 wheel variety. This is a Morgan Three Wheeler!

Now is it just me or have I seen this car before? Actually looking this car up this shark paint job is everywhere. Is the Shark paint job a normal paint job for these vehicles or does this specific three wheeler get around often? Checking it out it’s actually based on the Spitfire Airplane. Definitely not your normal ride and the only way I could get in this car was taking the steering wheel out. (Which is not hard, apparently? Don’t want to do that while driving.) Another huge thanks to the owner who let me sit in this car! Maybe you’ll let me drive it sometime, haha.

Photography by Lady AnnaVintage

After I managed to get out of the three wheeler (Almost fell out of) I immediately spotted these other two beauties next to it. First off another 1930s Chevrolet Street Rod this time it’s a hot rodded convertible with the traditional hot rod flames.

While I prefer the original Street Rod to it’s customized brother this is pretty sweet. Actually I called this a convertible but I’m not even sure if it has a cover it just seems to be an open roofed one. Wonder how powerful that engine is.

Next to it is another 1930s beauty but this one is more in it’s original glory. This is a 1931 Ford Model A.

I’m not sure which I love more the Model A or the Model T. The Model T I’m on about is the original from Ford’s pre-1927 cars before Ford retooled its production and pumped out the Model A from 1927 on. (Not to be confused with the ORIGINAL Model A which was Ford’s original motor from 1903, have I confused you yet?)

Anyway this is a Ford Model A and apparently it was restored back in 1983 and wasn’t classed as Show Quality but they brought it here anyway. I’m assuming they’re going to finish this baby up in the near future, would love to see what it looks like fully restored. Like I said, I’m a sucker for 1930 cars.

After leaving those awesome cars behind I came across another Shelby this one being, well new. This is a Mustang Shelby G350! (It’s still under the Ford brand, Shelby is just the sports variant and the company who makes them is also Shelby, some Shelby built motors have gone to companies like Dodge as well. They also stuck It out on their own for the Shelby Daytona in 1964.)

I’m not actually sure what year this is it could actually be a 2017. Regardless it’s pretty awesome. I’m not usually a big fan of Mustang but Shelby wins me over every time. I didn’t get to ride in this Shelby sadly but I love the color with the double black racing stripe down the center. Bet this car sounds like a beast.

Oh yeah Ford has announced they will be continuing the Shelby GT350 for 2018 but apparently no mechanical changes will be done just some new colors. Sounds like the Shelby GT350 may be coming to an end soon sadly but you’ll get at least one more year of them.

Speaking of Mustangs let’s flashback a little with this 1968 Mustang Fastback!

Apparently this car won some awards in the recent years. This was also one of the only cars who actually had all of the information wrote out on this plaque that was standing next to it.

Apparently this car was originally Candy Apple Red but I’m guessing they got a new paintjob on it. I’m not a big fan of the normal Mustangs like I said before but this is cool nonetheless. Oh yeah this car has AM Radio in it, remember when AM was the only Radio? Haha, yeah.

This should have been expected, you can’t have a huge car gathering on this blog without a Corvette. (We love our Corvettes in this area.) This is a 1973 Corvette Stingray Coupe!

I’ve featured quite a few Corvettes in the past but this is not one I’ve featured before. Unlike the previous Corvettes I’ve featured this one is narrower and arrow head like. (This is why it’s named Stingray.) The owner of this Corvette actually told me his father had it and passed it down once it broke down, which is funny. I’m assuming it’s up and running now however. This car is really awesome I love the narrow sleekness to it. It seems kind of futuristic despite coming from the 70s.

Up next we got two newish cars from a brand I’m smitten with. These are two BMWs!

Going by the design, forgive me if I’m wrong, the red BMW Coupe is a 2013 BMW M3 and the Black BMW is a 2008 BMW M3 Sedan, I think? I’m just looking at the design and taking a wild guess here with what I have of the BMW design knowledge wise. These are two sweet cars regardless; wish I could take them home I’ve been a BMW fan for a while now. (If only there was a 1959 BMW 507 Roadster here.) Oh yeah the BMW Coupe has this awesome racing helmet sitting on the engine. I’m not sure if these are owned by the same people or not.

You know what this actually was a pretty large car show because I’ve only showed you half of what was there so far. Guess I should speed things up, and to do that we need a certain blue hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog. Not sure why I’m bringing him up? Well apparently this, what I’m assuming to be a custom car, had this Sonic the Hedgehog plushie in the front window.

This car seems to come from Team Sun*Works who are a club/network of sorts that include people who do vinyl works and custom car buildings. They go around the country (Even the world if we’re talking Sweden), especially in my area showing their cars off and having a blast doing so. You can check these guys out at Sonic the Hedgehog was just a nice touch to this already awesome custom car. The engine is in the back of the car and peeks through a glass window under the floor of the back.

So I’m not overloading you with cars I’ll just show you guys these last two. This next one is a car I’ve featured twice so far this year, the Chevy Impala Super Sport!

Unlike the previous encounters however this is model is one year older, instead of the two 1964s I’ve encountered this is a 1963 model of the Chevy Impala SS! To make this even more awesome my Dad actually owned one of these. I don’t know if that’s the original engine or not. I’m not super well versed on engines. (I’m learning, don’t worry.)

Finally I’m wrapping this up with one last Chevy but this time it’s not a car and not a street rod. I might be off on the year a bit but I believe this is a 1955 Chevy Pickup Truck! (Not sure on the actual model name either.)

I’m not a truck person when it comes to new trucks but these classic trucks are really nice and stylish. Knowing Chevy these trucks got the job done back in the day but I’m not sure if I want to get this truck dirty doing work. I think this truck might be altered slightly in the fact it’s more low riding then what the original would have been. The engine isn’t the original either but this truck is awesome regardless.

After looking at all these awesome cars and getting over heated we head to some sunflower fields, which is a story for another time. I wasn’t sure how large this car show would be but there were some insane awesome gems here, lot’s of 1950s cars but that’s one of my favorite era of cars so it’s all good. Just getting the chance to sit in some of these cars made this trip one of the most memorable car shows I’ve ever been too. Maybe I can get to ride/possibly drive some of these cars in the future? Actually I’d be happy enough to just ride shotgun. Hope you guys enjoyed these cars as well; you can see some more cars by clicking the cars tab on the blog but also check out my trip to Elite Auto where I run into more classic cars including the lustrous Austin Healey 3000! You can check out part 1 here and part 2 here.

This car show was actually perfectly placed, well almost. It happened one day before Father’s day so being able to head out to see all these cars with my Dad was an awesome gift for him. Speaking of gifts for the past week or so I’ve been working on a new illustration for Dad. I’ve never illustrated a car before, ever. I’ve only been doing art for the past three months so this seemed out of my comfort zone but I soon discovered I have sort of a knack for drawing cars. So for Dad’s Father Day card I took some of this cardstock which seemed to hold watercolor as good as watercolor paper and illustrated this baby blue 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air which is one of Dad’s all time favorite cars. (He’ll tell you 57 Chevy is the best every time.)

Pretty cool huh? It’s not perfect, I’m still new to drawing but I’m quite shocked I pulled this off. I’m going to be doing more car illustration in the future because of this so be sure to keep an eye out for that. I used my recently obtained Sakura Koi Watercolors, that cardstock paper which actually came folded and is built for making cards and some line art pens. I’m surprised how I managed to make this car seem not flat without having to do too many black lines. Maybe I’m slowly improving with my watercolor. I’ve been some other artwork as well but you guys are going to have to wait, they’re story related and I don’t want to just throw them up.

With that all said and done I’ll see you guys Wednesday, don’t forget to go see Cars 3 in Theatres now if you’re interested in Cars, Pixar and you know, talking cars.

That’s a wrap folks!

Friday, June 16, 2017

(E3 2017 Coverage Finale) A Bethesda, Ubisoft and Sony E3 Wrap Up

We’re at the finishing line of E3, actually as you’re reading this E3 is closing doors for the year and boy has it been a good year. Last year seemed to be awfully empty but we’re stepping into a new era of Video Games and this year is the beginning. Nintendo blew the doors off last Tuesday which is why my Wednesday blog was dedicated to that. You can go read that here: However I have not yet covered Bethesda, PC, Sony, Square Enix and Ubisoft despite those coming before Nintendo’s presentation. So today I’ll be covering as much as I can from those guys in hopes I can squeeze it all into one blog without it being massive. (Wednesday’s was a huge blog but it had multiple topics so it wasn’t that bad.)

Bethesda held their Bethesdaland event last Sunday night heading into Monday morning, which is why I wasn’t able to squeeze it into Monday’s blog, I had already finished writing the blog by then and I was asleep throughout the Bethesda Event, whoops. Anyway that doesn’t mean Bethesda was a snooze by any means no they announced some pretty big things, mostly aiming towards Bethesda’s trek into the world of Virtual Reality which is slowly becoming a normal method of play in the Video Game industry. Bethesda has finally unveiled some of their games they’re bringing to that Virtual Reality table. Bethesda announced a Virtual Reality version of the 2016 released Doom will be named Doom VFR (Should I even ask what that means?) and it looks like it’ll be coming with a new dash/teleport mechanic. Seems a dream come true for Doom fans. You can check out the trailer here: I can not find a release date but you’ll be able to play Doom VR on Playstation 4’s Virtual Reality system as well as the popular PC Virtual Reality system, Vive!

Also coming to the Virtual Reality table is Fallout 4 VR! Fallout 4 was a pretty incredible game on it’s own but it seems like the kind of game that would be absolutely mind blowing in Virtual Reality. No date on this as well but it’s only announced for the Vive so far.

That’s it for the Virtual Reality from Bethesda but they have a few more games (As well as some DLC) up their sleeve. First off Wolfenstein which they rebooted from the 1992 version in 2014 with Wolfenstein The New Order will be receiving a sequel in the form of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus! You can check out the trailer for that here: This game will be releasing on October 27th, 2017!

The Elder Scrolls Legends was announced as a mobile game coming to Android phones. This game has been out on PC and IOS for a while and it’s apparently a Free-to-Play card game. This will be releasing sometime later this year.

The Evil Within 2 has been announced coming from Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikamii! It’ll be launching on Friday, October 13th, 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Not much was actually revealed but you can watch the cinematic trailer here:

Finally Bethesda showed off some new features that will be available in the Nintendo Switch version of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Seems Skyrim keeps coming back fighting and with it releasing on the Nintendo Switch it’s about to go portable! You can now take Skyrim with you wherever you go, rest in peace social life. With this Nintendo version Skyrim will feature some Nintendo, more to the point, Legend of Zelda related items! Basically you can use the Master Sword in the game and dress up as Link from Breath of the Wild which will be unlocked via the Breath of the Wild Amiibo figures. I’m assuming it’ll be possible to get these via other means. Oh and apparently this game will support the motion control option within your Joy-Con controllers which will enable you to use Motion Control to do things like shoot your bow and pick locks, pretty awesome. All the current Skyrim expansions will be included and as I said in the Nintendo presentation coverage this version will be releasing this fall but no concrete date is out as of now.

Aside from some new Dishonored 2 DLC that’s about it for Bethesdaland for this year’s E3. Not sure how much of this I’m interested in I’m mostly looking forward to the Switch version of Skyrim. Fallout 4 VR also seems pretty incredible too. You can check out more at Bethesda's Youtube Channel!

Moving on from Bethesdaland we’re now diving into the next conferences that aired on Monday, Ubisoft and Sony!

Ubisoft kicked things off with Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle which I discussed last Wednesday during my Nintendo Coverage.  This game is definitely going to be a wacky ride and apparently some of the Rabbids are dressed up as Mario characters, oh boy. The Princess Peach rabid also likes to take selfies, that’s a thing now. This game will be releasing for the Nintendo Switch August 29th, 2017.

Up next they released a new trailer for Assassin’s Creed Origins which was announced during Microsoft’s conference. Seems this time in the Assassin’s Creed storyline (For those coming here from my Monday blog yes I’ve been reading up on the storyline you don’t have to shoot me now.) they’re going back to the Origins of the Brotherhood. During the event they showed off some gameplay for this Open-World Adventure as well. You’ll be able to pick this game up on October 27th for the PS4, PC and Xbox One. They could've put this on the Nintendo Switch easily so it’s a shame they aren’t taking advantage of that.

The Crew, Ubisoft’s newest motorsports racing game which released in 2014 will be receiving a sequel in The Crew 2. Through the Pre-Alpha footage we get to see some gameplay and it seems they’ve redesigned the game heavily from it’s predecessor and apparently you can race powerboats and airplanes now which might add some cool new methods of play for those not interested in racing cars but the way they go about this makes it seem a little too much like Sonic and Sega All Stars Transformed with the car actually transforming into the plane/boat. Though unlike All Stars it seems you’re able to transform on the fly no matter where you are in the track, though I assume you wouldn’t want to transform into a boat while on the road, but a flying boat would be pretty cool, haha. The Crew 2 releases early 2018 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

South Park is receiving a new game in South Park: The Fractured But Whole (Which was actually shown off a year ago at GamesCon I believe.) and it seems like they’re poking fun at Captain America Civil War by having a South Park Civil War between the kids who are dressed up as heroes. (Remember those Episodes? Yeah.) There’s also a Charles Xavier reference as well. This game is releasing October 17 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Now we’re diving into some new territories, Ubisoft is actually bringing some new IPs to the table and this next one is fueling my recent Pirates craze. Ubisoft unveiled Skull and Bones which is a multiplayer Pirates Naval Battle game set in the Pirate Era of 1721. I actually just realized Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag had some naval battling in it so perhaps this is in response to those who enjoyed that. (Remind me to somehow get a hold of all the Assassin Creed games before there ends up being too many for me to catch up with.) This game looks incredible actually especially being multiplayer and might warrant it’s own blog later on but for now you can check out some gameplay as well as trailers on Ubisoft’s Youtube channel. This game will release sometime 2018.

Ubisoft is trekking into Virtual Reality again with the game Transference (With Elijah Wood’s help.) This game will be releasing spring 2018.

You all know about Splinter Cell: Blacklist, right? Well it’s developer after wrapping production has dove into a new game and it’s called Starlink: Battle For Atlas. I’ve been having a space craze as of late and despite flops like No Man’s Sky I’ve been eager for some more space in my Video Games. (Use bigger memory carts people.) Did not know what to expect from this but apparently it’s going to include a toy-to-life mechanic which has been present in the Video Game industry with Skylanders, Lego Universe and Disney Infinity (R.I.P.) This game will utilize toy ships in this pretty cool looking space combat game. You’ll be able to switch weapons/ship parts (As well as pilot characters apparently.) out on the physical toy and it’ll apply the changes in game instantly. Unlike Skylanders it looks like this game will utilize the scanner built into your controller.  (I didn’t actually know the Xbox One controller had one built in.) This game will be releasing for the Xbox One, PS4 and the Nintendo Switch. (Finally Ubisoft giving Nintendo some love.) Can’t wait to see where this game goes but it might end up emptying your wallet. It’s supposed to be releasing Fall 2018.

Man we’re not done with Ubisoft yet, they’re unleashing so much this year. Before I continue I’ll just drop that a new Just Dance, per tradition will be releasing this October for every platform imaginable, even the old Wii… Apparently.

Next up, this will be a big reveal for you guys, Far Cry 5 is finally being unveiled with some new gameplay. You can check that out here: Far Cry 5 will be releasing February 27th, 2018. (Not much this year, huh?)

Finally Ubisoft’s conference wraps with a big reveal for a game that has pretty much dropped off grid for years now. Beyond Good & Evil 2 still exists! Yes they finally premiered a cinematic trailer for this game after so many years of no news. I mean the game was announced way back in 2008 and the original Beyond Good & Evil released back in 2003 so it’s been quite a long time. This game is actually going to be a prequel to the original game taking place before the protagonist of the original game (Jade) was born. Just looking at this game compared with the original game it’s amazing how far its come. Only thing is, what's up with the super vulgarity? I’m sure the original game wasn’t this vulgar and while I have nothing against adult humor, the original Beyond Good and Evil had it just as much but really? The F Bombs were complete overkill and unnecessary. Hope this isn’t constant throughout the entire game because this could end up being an incredible game otherwise. I’m assuming it will be open world, action-adventure video game like it’s predecessor. Can’t wait to hear more news regarding this but I really hope the vulgarity isn’t super prominent within this game, because as much as I am an adult what some people call adult humor I call unnecessary.

That’s it for Ubisoft (You can see more at their Youtube Channel) and while this blog is running long now I think we’re forgetting someone, who you ask? Well I don’t know. Some new company. Just kidding it’s Sony. Not a huge amount was shown off for Sony but there is one game that definitely caught my eye.

First up however Uncharted: Lost Legacy the next chapter in the Uncharted series has a new trailer released. Like Assassin’s Creed the Uncharted series is another franchise I’ve heard about, been interested in, but never played, which is a shame because the uncharted games are great treasure hunting, adventure games. This game will be out August 22nd for Playstation 4.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is getting an expansion! This open world game rivaled both Nier: Automata and Zelda Breath of the Wild as they all came out around the same time and share some similar gameplay. While I still hear people talking about Nier and Zelda I haven’t heard much of this game since it’s release despite it looking like a pretty great game. It’s nice they’re keeping it alive with some expansions similar to Breath of the Wild receiving expansions.  This expansion dubbed “The Frozen Wilds” will release later on this year.

Announced a while ago we got more information and a new trailer of At Days Gone by a stealthy zombie game. That’ll be releasing for PS4 December 29th, 2017.

Seems like lately Monster Hunter has favored Nintendo as of late but with the announcement of Monster Hunter World it seems Nintendo’s getting passed over. (Why I have no idea.) There’s a new gameplay trailer released. This game comes out Early 2018 for PS4 and Xbox One while the PC version a later date and a Nintendo Switch release nowhere in sight. I’m not really interested in Monster Hunter but that’s just my two cents.

Remember Shadow Of The Colossus? This game came out all the way back in 2005 as an action-adventure as you take down the colossi. Well get ready to experience all that again in HD on your Playstation 4! Shadow Of The Colossus is being remade in all it’s glory and it looks pretty awesome. You can check out the trailer here: This remake will be releasing 2018.

Sony also announced some PSVR games to add to their library one of them including Skyrim (Skyrim strikes again.) which might work out in Virtual Reality perfectly, though I’m still more interested in the Switch version.

Oh yeah remember that God of War sequel they announced last year? Well bearded Kratos returns in a new trailer for this game. This game looks like it’s based off Norse Mythology this time around acting as sort of a soft reboot of the franchise as previously it was based on Greek Mythology. Gameplay seems to of changed almost drastically from the previous installment either, putting the camera over Kratos’ shoulder instead of being a distant fixed camera. Will this change make the gameplay more stiff? I can’t say right now. This game is coming early 2016 and the biggest question will be answered, where did Kratos get this sweet ass beard from?

They announced a game called Detroit: Become Human which is apparently about robots taking over humanity or at least revolting against the asshole corporate guys in the game.  May and you’re playing as the robots, which is pretty interesting. I’m assuming this game will play similarly to Heavy Rain, which is fueled even more by the fact David Cage is a part of this game, the writer for Heavy Rain. This could be a pretty awesome game so be sure to check it out when it releases next year! (Gamestop actually says June 30th 2018 but that’s probably just a placeholder, it’ll be around that time however)

Now we’re at the end of Sony’s conference and onto the one game that I’ve been looking forward to seeing more off ever since they announced it. People have attempted to create a Spider-Man game that Rivals the Batman Arkham City and surpasses it but so far they ended up being cheap knock-offs. However last year they announced a Spider-Man game that might be the web slinging game we’ve been wanting for years. 

Coming from Insomniac Studios this game definitely plays similar to Arkham again but instead of being a cheap knock off Spider-Man seems to be taking everything that made Arkham’s gameplay great and adding it’s own Spidey twist, Spider-Man’s funny commentary included. The gameplay looks super smooth maybe even better then Arkham but i’m biased towards Spidey forgive me. (Can Batman Climb walls? Maybe but he doesn’t have SPIDER CRAWLING ABILITIES, okay I’m going to stop now.) This game also seems to blend cinematic with gameplay with ease so that’s nice, but boy those quick time events are going to be tough. This game is releasing in 2018. You can watch more at Sony's Playstation Youtube Channel

That’s game! I’ve covered a majority of E3 and all the major releases! E3 as of today is closing it’s doors for the year. It’s been an absolute blast and all the companies seemed to bring something to the table even though Nintendo won the show for me. I’ll be going over the games I thought were interesting in separate individual blogs with Super Mario Odyssey being high on my list. I apologize if my information gathering and writing wasn’t super great but hey I’m one guy, gathering up the multitude of information being put out and trying to shove it all into three blogs for one week. This is my first time in the blog’s 8 month run covering such a large amount of news so I should be able to handle stuff like this better in the future. Hope you enjoyed my E3 coverage however you can go back to read the first two days by clicking here for Day One and here for Day Two! Also searching E3 in the blog’s search will bring up all the E3 goodies. (Unless you’re reading this next year then it’ll probably be buried under E3 2018’s stuff.) I really wish I could of gone to E3 this year and experienced these games on hand for you guys but next year is always an option, the blog and myself will be a lot more experienced by then and I’ll be able to cover E3 with a higher quality. Plus I’m probably going to break my schedule next year and do a live coverage blog that updates throughout each day, that’ll be fun.

Until then however we’ll be going back to our normal blog goodness but before then I have a few more things to say regarding Nintendo. If you’ve not been aware Nintendo is holding a E3 sale (Which I heard absolutely nothing about until now, not sure whether that’s my fault or Nintendo’s fault for not advertising it.) that’ll be continuing for three more days. Various Wii U and 3DS games are on sale and you can check out which ones by following this link:

With that all said and done I’m out of here, be sure to donate to the ZAK Entertainment Patreon if you like what I write! I don’t mean to sound like I’m begging for money, I’m not but with your help I could go full time with ZAK Entertainment and perhaps even get new equipment (I kind of need a new computer.) to better the content you enjoy. I know the Patreon seems like a tip jar of sorts right now but I’m still trying to come up with rewards that will please my entire audience not just the knitters. I’m accepting all feedback and ideas so please don’t feel shy when it comes to that. You can donate to my Patreon by clicking this link: or clicking the button on the side of the blog.

That’s a wrap folks!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Finished Afterthought Heel Socks and Nintendo's E3 2017 Showcase! (E3 2017 Coverage)

Hey there everybody! We’re still in the thick of E3 and it’s been a doozy to cover all of it and shove it into the three blogs of the week. I probably should've done a blog every day to relief this problem, I might do this next year. Anyway today is Wednesday and that means Nintendo’s E3 presentation was yesterday! I’ll be covering that later on in this blog but before that I have a big knitting announcement. (You can skip past this if you’re not interested, maybe I should start using the sub headers again.)

I started this project late January of this year and seriously socks should not take this long, I really procrastinated and got distracted with these socks. Luckily these were going to be for my Sister’s birthday and I finished them just in time. My afterthought heel socks are finally completed and I didn’t forget the heel! Today actually is my sister's birthday so a big Happy Birthday to Annie my wonderful sister and my inspiration. Go spam Happy Birthday to her at her blog! It's also my awesome little brother Roo's birthday as well, they're twins.

They came out great in the end despite my striping yarn not matching up 100%. (The socks are identical I just didn’t get the colors even.) The afterthought heel wasn’t even as difficult as I thought it would be. I talked about the process of this a while back but basically in short once you get so far on the leg of the sock you knit two rows (On one side of the sock not all the way around.) using scrap yarn then continue on your way up the rest of the sock. After you finish casting off at the toe you go back to this scrap yarn and pick up the stitches.

Mum has done this quite a lot in the past so luckily I had her help me accomplish this. The sock was turned upside down and we picked up the stitches from the back, which made it easier. Once all the stitches were picked up on both needles (I’m using magic loop on circular needles.) I knitted as if I was knitting a toe, using a different colored yarn for contrast. Yeah it’s just like a toe, you even kitchener off at the end like a toe. It’s actually really easy but I didn’t get to record a video for you guys showcasing it sadly. However I will be making a future ZAK Knits episode about afterthought heels so keep an eye out for that in the future. Go check out ZAK Knits Episode 4 featuring the cable ridge of these socks at:

The cable ridge I did really make this sock stand out as a unique sock despite still being a simple stockinette sock. That’s my second pair of socks done finally! Hopefully the next pair and all my future projects won’t take so long. I’m really sorry about my lack of progress lately.

Now onto E3!

I’m going to go out on a limb now and state that I’m pretty much a Nintendo console and a Nintendo nerd in general. While I do love what Microsoft, Sony and PC brings to the table most of my games are on Nintendo consoles, it’s what I grew up with. With that being said the Nintendo part of E3 is what I look forward to the most every year. This year is pretty exciting because we’re stepping into a new era of Nintendo, the Wii U has officially retired and the Nintendo Switch has launched with quite the large reception. I always think of the era stretching from the release of the N64 Era to the end of the Gamecube Era as my favorite Nintendo game era but the Switch with it’s strong launch and bright future coupled with the fact that 3DS is still going headstrong this era for Nintendo is looking to be a new favorite of mine.

This is part 2 of my E3 2017 coverage so be sure to check out part 1 by following this link:! In that blog I cover Microsoft and EA’s announcements as well as a Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer. I know I’m jumping ahead a bit by covering Nintendo today but Nintendo dropped so many awesome announcements and I’m really excited so I’m getting the Nintendo blog out today and covering PC, Sony, Ubisoft and Bethesda this Friday as well as any other announcements Nintendo might drop during their continuing Treehouse streams.

This E3 presentation as well as the Treehouse has been a big mix of Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS announcements (With more to be announced later as well, I’m writing this Tuesday evening.) Nintendo’s big show for their presentation is none other then Super Mario Odyssey, the newest iteration in the 3D platforming Mario series which they announced back in March when the Switch first launched. Before they got into that however Nintendo’s E3 2017 Spotlight began with a promotion for some of the multiplayer games that are already out/coming out for the Nintendo Switch, really promoting the multiplayer and portable multiplayer of the switch. Out of this Rocket League, the popular multiplayer game where you drive cars to rocket your team’s ball into the goal, similar to soccer, is going to be coming to the Switch! Which is a pretty awesome, props to the Rocket League team for getting the game on the Switch! I actually want to get Rocket League on the Switch now. Fifa 18 is also going to be coming to the Switch, which is pretty awesome. Arms was also showcased, which releases in two days on June 16th!

Reggie then makes his appearance and after some crazy Video Game philosophy we dive into the main presentation which begins with the announcement of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Now if I sound ignorant please forgive me I’ve never played Xenoblade Chronicles (The one with Shulk in it, hey I know somethings, after I research them anyway.) or a Xeno game in general but this looks pretty awesome. It’s a JPRG and I’m assuming this actually will be a sequel to the Xenoblade Chronicles story. (Was Xenoblade Chronicles X actually part of it?) Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will be releasing Holiday 2017.

Next up we get a trailer, which threw me off at first but soon we learn that this “stone cold hero” is none other then Kirby! Kirby is back in 2D glory! 

It seems like you can recruit enemies to be CPU partners as well as having Multiplayer Co-Op. This looks like some good old fashioned Kirby fun but it has yet to receive a title and is coming out in 2018, we’ll have to wait for more information on that.

Shinya Takahashi, the General Manager of the Entertainment Planning & Development Division of Nintendo (And a lot of other stuff.) he give his thanks for those who have been playing Switch before giving the torch over to Tsunekazu Ishihara, which immediately set my Pokemon alert to maximum. He talks about Pokken Tournament DX before announcing that Game Freak is developing a core main series Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch which we’ll be seeing within a year. That’s absolutely insane and I guess we kind of predicted it. I’m immediately placing my finger on this being Generation 8 of Pokemon. At least I’m hoping it is anyway, I don’t like the idea of splitting Generation 7 between machines. No new Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon news sadly but maybe I’m asking for too much too soon.

So basically this next trailer is the teaser of the utmost variety. Everyone has been begging for this game for years now. It has a 4 in it’s title and it’s space themed and might feature a badass lady in a suit. Metroid Prime 4 is now in development for Nintendo Switch! I’ve never played a Metroid Prime game before, sue me for that, but it’s awesome to see the return of Metroid Prime. We just got to wait for more information on that.

After the suspenseful space trailer we get… very adorable. Before we continue I’m going to state that Yoshi’s Story is one of my favorite games and one of my favorite N64 games. I’ve been wanting a sequel for so long and while Yoshi’s Wooly World is great (Especially if you’re a knitter like me.) this next game they’re showing is going to be awesome. 

Nintendo has revealed a brand new Yoshi game for the Nintendo Switch! Immediately I thought “Oh my god this looks like Yoshi’s Story.” which is one of my favorite N64 games. It plays a lot like Yoshi’s Story, Yoshi’s Island and Yoshi’s Wooly World but there's a twist, or should I say flip. It seems this new Yoshi game is taking a page out of Super Paper Mario with Yoshi having the ability to flip the world around in order to find new routes and secrets in the levels. Yoshi (Nintendo if you don’t name it Yoshi: Flip Side I swear…) will be releasing 2018.

Fire Emblem Warriors was shown off next. This has been in the works for a while now, coming from the same studios as Hyrule Warriors. It seems awesome to see all these Fire Emblem characters come together but I really need to play a Fire Emblem game before I can really enjoy this. If Lucina is going to be in this however I’m game, haha. Fire Emblem Warriors will be releasing Fall 2017.

Eiji Aonuma comes on air next to discuss somethings regarding the Switch version of Skyrim. Why’s that you ask? Well if you watched the Bethesda conference you’ll know they announced that Zelda items such as Link’s outfit and Master Sword will appear in Skyrim by using Amiibo. (Before you get up in arms you’ll normally able to unlock Amiibo content without Amiibos it’s just harder nothing confirmed yet though.) Skyrim for Switch is releasing Holiday 2017.

Aonuma also announced details regarding the two new DLC packs releasing for Zelda: Breath of the Wild and some new Amiibos.

Finally we’ve come to Mario, but before the Odyssey begins we got Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle blasting through. 

What seemed to most a odd team up actually seems like an awesome, fun blast of a game. The Rabbids have invaded the Mario Universe (Rayman decided to put his burden on Mario now, that’s nice.) and they’re as insane as ever. This game was announced a week ago actually (You can watch that trailer here: This game seems to be a mixture of combat, strategy and exploration with a story mode to boot it seems. Of course the Rabbid dressed as Peach is taking selfies, of course. This game looks so insane that it’s probably going to be a day 1 pickup for me, I’m not well versed in Rabbids but this game looks like an awesome crossover. Does this open up possibilities for more Mario Crossovers? Please? Mario + Rabbids is releasing August 29th 2017.

Next up we get some more information on Rocket League for Switch. I’m really looking forward to this and it may end up getting me into Rocket League finally. (Probably should've gotten into it ages ago.) Rocket League Switch is going to have some exclusive content as well it seems.

Finally we’re at the big show, Super Mario Odyssey. This next trailer might be one of my favorite Mario trailers to boot which only fuels my utmost excitement for this game. Unlike the previous two 3D Mario games, 3D Land and 3D World this game is going back to Mario’s 3D open world adventuring similar to Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine which are absolute classics and some of my favorite Mario games, actually scratch that they ARE my favorite Mario games of all time. Let’s dive right into this awesome trailer!

Yeah I was almost certain I wasn’t watching a Mario trailer when that T-Rex turned up and then I saw the Mario hat and I almost choked. This trailer showcased a new ability Mario can do using his hat (Which seems to be possessed by some sort of spirit guy) which allows you to possess certain NPCs, enemies and apparently Dinosaurs (Didn’t realize Yoshi’s mother would be in this game.) for certain events or to get past parts of the level you normally couldn’t as Mario. Nintendo show cased a bit more of New Donk City and also the return of an old character, did you see her? I am 100% convinced that lady singing at the end there is Pauline, Mario’s EX Girlfriend and the damsel in distress from the original Donkey Kong. (She was named Lady then.) Actually didn’t realize Pauline had a good voice. (The entire song played during this trailer is her singing it in game, I’m guessing.) This game looks absolutely incredible and I am hyped beyond belief for this. I’ve waited so long for a new 3D adventure platforming Mario game and it looks like this will be just that while having new quirks. A lot more of this game was shown off during the Treehouse and this game in general deserves it’s own blog. So I’ll be leaving the Super Mario Odyssey talk until then. I’m thinking of getting that blog out next week so stay tuned! (Got to have time to process all this, haha.) Super Mario Odyssey will be releasing October 27th 2017!

Well we’re at the end of Nintendo’s presentation and god did they just win E3? I’m not even being biased Nintendo just swept away Microsoft and Sony. (Not hating, Microsoft and Sony had some awesome reveals but Nintendo, man.) This wasn’t the end however, while this stream was focused on the Switch the Treehouse, while showcasing these Switch reveals also dived into some brand new 3DS announcements. I won’t be able to cover all of that in full depth because I’m running out of blog room but some of these announcements; actually mostly one has gotten me absolutely hyped.

Oh boy let’s flashback a little here, back to the golden days of the Gameboy Advance. All those days I took that baby on the school bus with me. Ruby and Sapphire, Sonic Advance, my game library list goes on and on. One of my all time favorite games from this era was a game starring the Red and Green glad plumbers in a new kind of RPG. I’m talking about Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga. I can’t decide what part of that game got me the most, the hilarious and awesome storyline, the cool controls or Fawful. Probably Fawful. Man that game had some great characters. It launched an awesome series of games too, I’ve loved every Mario & Luigi game that’s come since. With the recent crossover with Paper Mario I’ve been curious as to what’s next for the Mario & Luigi franchise and it’s finally being answered.



Caps of excitement aside I actually lost it when this was announced, they’re taking the awesome Superstar Saga and remaking it with the same quality, actually it looks even better then the previous two Mario & Luigi 3DS titles which is saying something those games looked awesome while still keeping the same pixel art. I can’t really explain it any better then this trailer does so let’s dive in.

I have literal Nostalgia goosebumps from watching this. They’re even adding new content by the looks of it, which is always a warm welcome when it comes to remakes for me. Bowser’s Minions looks like a pretty cool add on story/game. This game will be releasing 10/6/17 for the Nintendo 3DS!

The Nintendo 3DS is going nowhere anytime soon especially with this next announcement. Are we entering a Year of Metroid situation here? I’m asking this because they dropped ANOTHER Metroid announcement, one that is actually more exciting to me then Metroid Prime 4. They’re going to be remaking Metroid 2 (The old Gameboy Game.) similar to Metroid: First Mission in the form of Metroid: Samus Returns!

Oh the glory, I have been yearning for a new 2D Metroid game for so long. This is a remake of sorts not an original storyline but man it seems to be so different from the original Gameboy game. (I own it, so I know.) Samus can actually Melee now. That’s a first, she’s been playing too much Smash Bros Melee I guess. Anyway this game will be releasing September 15th, 2017 for the 3DS.

Now with all these announcements, how the hell am I going to get enough money for all this? Seriously Nintendo you announced so many games I’m interested in buying, stop it, I got to spend money on other things too. This was only the first day of Nintendo’s E3 presentation and more will be happening today actually as you’re reading this. So go! Get back to watching Nintendo’s presentation! You can watch all the stuff already revealed at Nintendo's Youtube Channel!

Actually wait I have one more thing before you leave.

So I was doing some shopping and well I’ve been in the market for a new writer’s journal (My old one is almost used up.) and while looking through the entertainment section of this store I was shopping at I came across something magnificent, a Pokemon themed writers journey!

Pretty incredible, huh? Of course I shoved it in my shopping cart instantly; I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. It’s got this wonderful piece of art in the front and back as well as some amazingly detailed pages. I believe this is standard college ruled as well. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a writer’s journal so magnificent in my life. I actually quite like the hardback compared to my last writer’s journal which is a metal looped binder journal. What will I be writing in here? Everything, EVERYTHING. A lot of it will probably be Dream Eclipse and other Novel related stuff. I never know, I just write.

With that all said and done that brings us to the end of another really long blog. These E3 blogs have been a doozy to write but I’ve enjoyed every single moment of it. Though I’m not sure my heart can handle too much excitement, please you guys stop, we get it, the Video Game industry is coming back full swing. Come back Friday for my E3 coverage!

That’s a wrap folks!