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Blog Free or Die Hard

Hey everyone! Going into this blog I’m going to be discussing a movie I recently watched but this movie is actually from a Rated R franchise so if you’re a kid or a parent looking for a new movie to watched please have some discretion. I love this movie so as that’s one of the points of this blog is to talk about what I love I rather not skip discussing this movie because it's from a Rated R franchise because this specific movie is actually rated PG-13. Also be warned of possible spoilers! I try to keep spoilers to a minimum but sometimes it can’t be helped.

What happens when you stick a veteran New York Detective in with a young computer hacker in a plot to save America from complete shutdown? On July 4th no less? You get the 2007 released movie Live Free and Die Hard. Anyone familiar with the Die Hard franchise will know it’s based around a New York Detective named John McClane (Played by Bruce Willis, nobody could pull this role off better then him.) who tends to be in the wrong place at the wrong time resulting in getting wrapped up in some plot which usually ends in John yelling “Yippi-kay-ay” (There’s more too this quote but you get the picture.) as he lends the finishing blow to the villain of the movie. (You know, with guns.)

I know I’m jumping ahead a bit here as I haven’t talked about the previous 3 movies but I recently watched Die Hard 4 followed by Die Hard 5 (A Good Day to Die Hard) with the family. (We’re all adults.) 

We own all the Die Hard movies to date but Live Free and Die Hard is my all time favorite. I’m going to be discussing both movies in this blog. I’m not always into every action movie to hit the screens but Die Hard is one of those action movies that standout for me, yes it’s an action movie but Bruce Willis adds a lot to the John McClane character with the kind of wit that makes me laugh. Live Free and Die Hard is a thrilling ride from beginning to finish and has a lot of computer technology incorporated into it’s story, which is probably why I love it so much, I’m a computer nerd. This was the first Die Hard Movie to release since 1995’s Die Hard With a Vengeance and John McClane has gone through some changes since his last outing in said movie, to be more exact all his hair is gone though I think he looks better without the hair. 

John is still a New York Detective but seems to have hit hard times, his Wife Holly McClane (Who was prominent in the first two movies, played by Bonnie Bedelia) has divorced him and his kids pretend he doesn’t exist anymore. Pretty tough for someone who’s saved lives countless times.

He still keeps track of his kids though and after a dispute with his daughter Lucy (Played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead) John McClane gets called up by the NYPD to escort a young hacker named Matthew Farrell (Played by Justin Long, you know the Hi I’m a Mac guy.) to Washington DC after the FBI’s Cyber Crime Division is hacked into. The FBI has been rounding up any hacker who could be responsible but to their surprise these top computer hackers have been found killed with Matt being the next target. 

At this point in the movie we’re already familiar with Matthew Farrell before John McClane even shows up on screen with Matt accidentally assisting the Cyber Terrorists, led by Thomas Gabriel in creating the system to shut down America and send it back to the dark ages.

Along the way the duo gets assistance from a friend of Matt who goes by the name of “The Warlock”. Surprisingly this Warlock just so happens to be played by Kevin Smith. Funny story short I never realized it was Kevin Smith until a couple of years ago, go figure. The Warlock (A legendary computer hacker.) has this pretty awesome underground Command Center (It’s a basement.)

John McClane has dealt with his share of terrorists in the past but these Cyber Terrorists are his toughest challenge yet. Like I said previously the technology aspects of this movie really makes this my favorite Die Hard movie with the action complimenting the movie without over powering it. (I know it’s an ACTION movie but sometimes it’s a little over done.) 10 years haven’t slowed the man down yet.

This movie is rated PG-13 unlike the previous Rated R movies but the first Die Hard movies weren’t really rated R for it’s blood and guts, barely any blood is shown in this franchise actually and it mostly comes down to John McClane’s bad mouth that’s placed the previous movies in the R rating. There is an unrated version of Live Free and Die Hard out there jam packed with John’s bad mouth but I realize that my copy of this movie is the normal PG-13 version. I really enjoy this movie and if you don’t own it, and wish to own it you can buy it on iTunes for $14.99 HD and $14.99 SD… Surprisingly HD and SD costs the same, odd. Oh yeah you can also get the unrated version as well, which includes John McClane’s bad mouth in all it’s glory, for the same price on iTunes.

I did also watch A Good Day to Die Hard which takes place 5 years after Die Hard 4 and introduces John’s Son Jack but that’ll be a discussion for a future blog. I have quite a few favorite movies that include Bruce Willis such as Red (This’ll be a fun blog to write.) and The Fifth Element that deserve their own blogs too so stay tuned for them!

Disney Releases New Upcoming Movie Release Dates!

Disney is going to be pretty busy in the next 5 years, from Star Wars: The Last Jedi to Avengers: Infinity War a lot of Disney goodness is coming soon. Recently, as in yesterday as I was writing this blog, they’ve actually announced some new dates for some of their already announced films as well as announcing a new animated film sequel.  These dates could possibly change again but let’s dive in. (Special thanks to Adam B. Vary from BuzzFeed for providing these dates.)

For starters Wreck-It Ralph 2 now dubbed Ralph Breaks The Internet has no moved from March the 9th of 2018 to November 21st. Sucks that now it’ll not be on DVD or download until 2019 now but it’ll be a great Christmas theater trip that year.

The Lion King live action movie, which I’ve mentioned very slightly in a previous blog finally has a release date of July 19th of 2019. I’m assuming this movie will look similar to the Jungle Book movie I watched and discussed earlier on just without any humans in it. It’ll probably look even better considering the fast improvement on CGI animation. (That fur detail though, can’t wait.)

Star Wars: Episode IX is now releasing on May 25th 2019. A summer release, huh? Wonder if this will actually stay or will it get pushed back? So far all the new Star Wars movies have released for the Winter/Christmas season. This does mean we’ll have to wait two more years for the sequel to The Last Jedi but we do have the currently untitled Han Solo… Solo movie (I had to I’m sorry.) releasing next year which should keep us happy until then.

Indiana Jones is back! Yes they announced Indiana Jones 5 a while back and had a release date of July 19th of 2019 but has been pushed back a whole year to July 20th 2020. I’m a fan of Indie and have seen all the movies so far (Gonna have to rewatch them soon so I can blog about them.) but man how old is Jones going to be in this movie? 2020 seems so far away.

Oh boy I knew this was coming, I don’t think anyone doubted this would be coming but one of the untitled Disney animation movies have now gotten it’s name… Frozen 2! Yup it’s time to let go of your doubts of this movie happening, because it’s happening. Go check out my discussion of thefirst Frozen movie from last Christmas, that was actually my first viewing of the movie after it being released for two years.

A Wrinkle in Time has moved from April 6th 2018 to March 9th 2018… Hey that’s actually a closer date. This will be a pretty nostalgic remake for me; I read A Wrinkle in Time years ago as a kid and watched the original Disney movie that released in 2003 so it’ll be fun to see how they take this story. (Hopefully not twisting it to the point I don’t even recognize it.)

There’s a whole bunch of new dates and Adam B. Vary has the entire upcoming Disney list on this twitter post of his: . So go check that out! Lot’s of good Disney movies but also a lot of currently untitled movies… The suspense is killing me, what are these movies?

This actually is related to Disney still but another release date has finally been announced. Remember when I mentioned how the English dub of the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime had yet to be announced? Sun and Moon have been out for months now and no sign of the TV show to compliment it… Well they’ve FINALLY announced the airing date of this new season! May 12th will mark the beginning of Sun and Moon’s American airing date on Disney XD. I’m still not sure how I feel about Pokemon airing on Disney XD, a hard to get Satellite channel compared to Disney Channel a much easier to get cable channel but these Episodes will probably turn up on the Pokemon TV app soon enough as well as Netflix.

To make up for this long wait it Disney XD will be airing a new Sun and Moon episode every day for 9 days straight! That means we’ll be getting 10 episodes (They’re airing the first two episodes on the same day.) within a week and a half! That’ll catch us up a little bit to the Japanese airings. From then on it seems Pokemon will be going back to it’s usual weekly basis. It’s a relief to know we’ll be getting that soon, it was getting hard to avoid spoilers from the Japanese episodes.

Oh boy we got a lot of awesome movies and TV shows coming out within the next 4 years and what I’ve talked about today is only a scraping of what’s to come. I’ll try my hardest to talk about everything I possibly can and keep you guys updated on upcoming releases and new trailers. Before we wrap for the day, as I don’t have any knitting progress worth showing off at the moment (Check out Monday’s blog for that.) I have an awesome free knitting pattern to show off real quick! This is a pattern I’ve had on my Ravelry library for a while now and while it’s not related at all to any of the previous topics of this blog today I’m featuring the “Antler Hat” beanie pattern designed by tincanknits!

This is no unknown pattern by any means, with over 4000 projects on Ravelry everyone seems to love knitting this hat and it’s slated on my future knits list. I was going to attempt this last year but I felt it was a bit advanced for me at the time, since completing my first knitted cable beanie though I’m sure this hat will be a breeze. This pattern calls for some worsted yarn, Size US #6 / 4 mm circular needles and US #8 / 5mm circular needles and double pointed needles. Why the two different size needles? Because you’ll be casting on this hat on smaller needles then jumping up two sizes to an US 8 / 5 mm pair of needles, which you’ll use up until the top then switch to your DPNs. It’s a standard beanie structure wise but has an awesome repeated cable pattern running itself all the way up the beanie. It actually looks like Antlers too which is rally awesome. Reading into this pattern it definitely isn’t for beginners, as it actually as you doing decreases FROM the cable needle at some point. It’s not boggling my mind but it will be a bit of a challenge. If you’ve already done a bit of cabling in the past like I have so far this should be doable.

With that all said and done… Keep on knitting and I’ll see you next time!

That’s a wrap folks!

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