Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Knitting the 100th Blog!

Well here we are, we’ve made it everyone. This is blog post number 100! Its mind boggling to believe I’ve written 100 blog posts since launching ZAK Entertainment back on September 28th of last year. From Knitting to Video Games I’ve already discussed quite a spectrum of topics over the past 6 months and I have many much more to talk about, whether its new events of nostalgic memories I haven’t run dry on ideas. If you’re reading this and are a previous reader of ZAK Entertainment I’m so grateful for you coming along this journey with me.

If you’re new to ZAK Entertainment now might be a better time then ever to introduce myself.

My name is Zachary Kuhn, I’ve for the longest time had an ever growing passion for writing. Along this crazy ride called life I’ve accumulated other passions and interests such as Film, Video Games and quite recently Knitting. I started knitting back in September last year a couple of weeks before I launched this blog and that has weaved its way into my life as an everlasting passion. With all these interests I, after being pushed just a little, took a dive along with my writing passion and started up ZAK Entertainment.

On this blog I hope to express my interests, learn new interests and in doing so allow you all to express and learn new passions for yourself. Knitting, Video Games and Film are the big three topics on this blog with writing being the backbone but over the past 6 months I’ve introduced other topics of interest such as Travel (Which actually was the topic of my first blog post… Go figure.), Antique, Vintage and Modern Cars, Comic Books, Art (Which is a recent thing.) Novels and I’ve been splicing in (Editing term… I’ll get to that in a minute.) some TV discussions alongside the film. With all these topics I’ve tried to make it more down to earth and add some tidbits from my life in general in, make it more like I’m a friend taking you along the journey with me.

You’re probably thinking, how am I able to juggle all these topics? Well I can definitely say this blog has been a learning experience and in such I’ve been learning quite a lot of ways of meshing my topics together. For example Knitting seems to have become a blanket overtop (Pun may or may not be intended there.) everything. See knitting is one of those activities that can overlap other interests as well, want to knit a Pokemon? That’s possible! Want to knit a fake movie camera? Is… Wait is that possible? I’m going to have to look up a knitting pattern for that.

My Very First Knitting Project, Started this last September! You can read the very first blog about this project here:

Anyway I’ve actually recently came up with this pretty creative idea. Basically on each blog day, whether the main topic is film, video games or even Knitting itself I’m searching the internet for free knitting patterns related to said topics. These act as sort of a bonus to the blog post and I’ve really enjoyed including them all.

Living alongside this blog is another big passion of mine, filmmaking, video making and editing in general. Yes if you don’t know ZAK Entertainment has a youtube channel! While I don’t make as many videos as I really should (Working on that, don’t worry I got more videos coming soon.) I love editing and producing videos for you guys. I don’t have big budget cameras or supercomputers but I put my full effort into my videos regardless. What do I post on youtube? Well it’s not that much different from this blog. So far it’s been travel montages, video game related videos such as gameplay and of course knitting. (Got more ideas for the future.)

My favorite videos I’ve been doing on this channel though actually have to be my ZAK Knits video series where I knit and discuss knitting on video. I really have enjoyed making them and I currently have three episodes (With a mini episode.) up on youtube which you can check out through this playlist: I actually have plans for three more episodes coming up within the next few months so keep an eye out for them!

As you can see knitting is a pretty prominent topic on this blog, I really have my Mum to thank as she gave me that much needed push into this awesome activity. This blog post is no different… Yes I’ve made you wait long enough but I’ve actually finished a project just for this 100th blog. Remember the Princess Peach dishcloth I started up a couple of weeks ago? Take a look at it now!

This came out perfectly in the end and I love how the pattern itself looks. This pattern is composed of just knits and purls and was designed by Carolyn Lislie. Carolyn actually has an entire series of Mario washcloths from Mario to Luigi and even Bowser. Mum had knitted her Mario cloth for me a couple of years ago so I guess you can say I’ve added to the collection. I have plans on knitting more of these in the future so eventually I’ll have knitted the whole Mario Dishcloth collection.

Stick around because ZAK Entertainment is going nowhere, I have new blogs and ideas for throughout the year and I would love it if you were to join me. Building a community has been one of my goals for this blog so perhaps that’ll be something to come into fruition in the future. Until then though I think I’ll call it wraps for today. Did I ramble too much? I’m not sure if this was the best way to celebrate the 100th post but a finished knitting project seems fitting enough. Here’s to another 100 posts!

See you on the next blog! (Haven’t said that in ages.) 

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