Friday, April 21, 2017

Discovering The Upcoming RPG Maker Fes for the Nintendo 3DS!

You know maybe in a parallel timeline I would have somehow become a Video Game developer but alas in this timeline I took the path of a writer/filmmaker though I used to mess around with Gamemaker a bit back then. I mean I can always still teach myself now and I may tinker around a bit in my spare time, because everyone can benefit from coding but game development isn’t my goal for my career. (Though it would be pretty awesome to work with a game development team in some shape or form… I mean I can write stories and I’m sure I got some skills to lend so hey hit me up, haha.) Regardless of this I’ve always wanted to be able to create my own Mario levels or my own Pokemon games or just my own RPGs in general and seemly those prayers have been answered, two years ago with Super Mario Maker... Well I had no idea this game existed until a few days ago but coming out later on this year is a new kind of maker game called RPG Maker Fes!

RPG Maker isn’t an unknown name by any means, this series of game maker programs have been around since 1988 for some old Japanese PCs with one of the most popular in the series being RPG Maker XP. I’ve seen some pretty awesome RPGs (You know, those role playing turn based games, Final Fantasy being an example of this genre.) come out of this program and it’s even more awesome to hear it’s coming to America on the 3DS not unlike Super Mario Maker. As the name suggests RPG Maker allows you to make your own Role Playing Games, similar to Final Fantasy 1-6, Dragon Quest 1-7 and the old Phantasy Star games in the sense of being 2D traditional RPGs. (Though certain RPG Makers have allowed for some pretty awesome combat systems.) I’ve always been a massive fan of RPGs with some of my favorites being of course Pokemon, Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. RPG Maker Fes, developed by Kadokawa Games (Kadokawa Corp’s subsdiaries such as ASCII and Enterbrain have been responsible for developing the previous versions of RPG Maker for PC.) seems to be a dream come true coupled with the fact it’s releasing on the 3DS.

Until recently I did not know this game actually existed or that it was on it’s way out to the American market on June 27th, 2017. Surprisingly it’s been released in Japan since November 24th of 2016 but I’ve been unable to find any information regarding the original Japanese release. The upcoming American release however, published by NIS America (You know, the Prinny Doods.) has some videos released regarding the gameplay so let’s take a look and see.

It seems like the possibilities are endless with this game (Or should we call It program?) with thousands of world objects, ability to string together maps, and create what seems like pretty expansive events this game looks incredible. I’m not sure what the full extent of the character customization is, whether or not you can create your own sprites or whether it’s just preset characters but even so it looks like a lot of character options are available. You can give your characters their own custom abilities and starting stats as well as their own custom back-story. Of course it’s not going to have as many options or freedom as the PC versions, it’s a 3DS game but it seems to have a lot of options. This is no toy by any means it really does seem like you can create expansive RPGs all on your 3DS.

According to the RPG Maker Fes website you can make up to 16 RPG games  (Per SD Card) which may not seem like much but looking back at that video you can see RPG games that last up to 5 hours, whether or not that is the limit for how long your RPG can last I’m not sure.

The battle mechanics are a simple turn based system, I’m not sure how or if you can customize this but it seems you can customize the monster’s attributes in just as much of a detailed fashion as the player’s. Choosing a Monster’s stats, element, resistance and appearance rate as well.

Of course the biggest detail about this game and it’s an incredible plus for this game… You can upload all of your stories online for others to play in similar fashion to Super Mario Maker for Wii U, I kid you not. This isn’t all, if you don’t wish to be the one making the games and just want to play other people’s levels you can download the RPG Maker Player app from the 3DS eShop and play other people’s RPGs for FREE! Yes this RPG Maker Player app will be absolutely free which is incredible news and will give players countless hours of expansive and engaging RPG fun.

As you can see I’m pretty excited to get a hold of this game. One of the main reasons behind me discussing this game today has to do with the fact I don’t see many If any people discussing this game anywhere. With no news regarding the original Japanese release and only a few trailers and a mention during Nintendo’s previous Nintendo Direct livestream this game doesn’t seem to be getting the attention it deserves.

Keep an eye out on this game when it releases on June 27th here in America and I’ll be keeping an eye out myself to see if any more details regarding the game surface. I’m eager to get my hands on this game and spend some hours creating some awesome RPG stories. Who knows maybe I can incorporate this into the blog in some shape or form. This won’t be the last time you hear of this game that’s for sure. You can check out more information regarding this game yourself at the official website:

I had to wrack my brain a bit on what knitting pattern I was going to feature on today’s blog. Obviously I wanted it to be RPG related but that’s pretty vague. As Final Fantasy is my favorite RPG series aside from Pokemon let’s go with that! Going into this I’m not sure what the selection of knitting patterns is regarding Final Fantasy but after a bit of a search I found something really cool…

I found… Cactuar!
Yes this is “Cactuar!” by Ashley Solley! Everyone who’s played Final Fantasy know who Cactuar is, right? He’s that quirky, peculiar and speedy cactus who appears as a very rare enemy (Who drops some nice goodies) and a summon monster in the Final Fantasy games, 6 and beyond. (Though he wasn’t actually a summon in Final Fantasy 7.) Now you can have your own plush version of him by knitting up this pattern! I’ve never attempted to knit a plushie before but this looks pretty fun. Materials you will need are a pair of US Size 7 (4.5 mm) circular needles or some DPNs of the same size, a Size F Crochet Hook (Though it seems this is optional.) Some Worsted yarn of choice, preferably green, a darning needle and finally some stuffing of some kind. This Cactuar is knitted in 5 pieces and then sewed together.

I have to admit I’ve never experienced knitting one stitch, then knitting into the left leg of the stitch of the row below it before or vice versa on the right but I’m sure it’s not too difficult, here’s my thinking I knew all the knitting techniques already. Other then this, the pattern involves k2togs and making stitches which I’m very familiar with and you probably are too at this point. Wouldn’t say this would be good for beginners but with some basic knitting knowledge it should be easy enough to be doable. You can check out this pattern by following this link: Don’t forget to check out Ashley’s other patterns on her ravelry!

I know I don’t know how to crochet to save my life but I also found this really cool Dragon Quest crochet pattern that I have to share for those out there who do crochet. This is the “Slime amigurumi” by Marte Fagervik.
Now you can have that all famous cute little slime from the Dragon Quest video game series all to yourself! Looks like this slime is hooked in a round all the way up using some worsted weight yarn and a size 3.5mm E Hook. Check out this pattern at: and don’t forget to go checkout Marte’s other patterns on her Ravelry as well! Sorry I couldn’t provide more insight on this pattern.. I will learn how to properly Crochet… One day.

Well that’s the end of the blog pretty much today. 101 blogs and still counting! Like 101 Dalmatians… Haven’t watched that in forever.  Enjoy your weekend everyone!

That’s a wrap folks!

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