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Cobras, Chevys and Custom Cars, Oh My! (Father's Day Car Show)

You know last week was pretty hectic considering it was E3 week and all but with that wrapped up this week we’re going to switch over to some non Video Game topics for this week. (If anything comes up I will report on it, just not as the main topic.)

I completely forgot to mention this but last Friday Cars 3 released in Theatres! It’s the third (Possibly last.) entry in the Cars franchise and conveniently I got to go somewhere last Saturday filled with just as many awesome cars. I along with my car loving Dad with Family in tow went to a Car Show. It wasn’t a massive car show but it was filled with some gems. Of course I had my camera in hand to take some photos of these cars for you guys. Now before I kick start this blog I want to point out that I might not accurately name some of these cars. Half of them had information stickers or their owners nearby for me to ask for the other half well it was pretty hard to get an accurate name considering I’m not the biggest car expert in the world. Though I am doing heavy research I would much appreciate it if you guys left me some feedback on these cars to help me accurately name them.

Immediately walking into the parking lot these guys were set up in I immediately noticed this beauty of a car.

This is one of those cars where the owner was nowhere in sight so I only have the help of the internet and my Dad to decipher this car. I thought it could have been a 1950s Buick considering the vent ports on the side and the triangular nose but Dad pointed out that it could have been an Oldsmobile Delta 88. Looking up both of these cars, well this car seems to be a hybrid of the Oldsmobile’s front and the Buick’s side, which tells me this is probably a custom job of sorts. I'll just assume this is a custom Oldsmobile Delta 88. Regardless of what it is this car is pretty awesome and as I can’t find a match make this one unique ride. Maybe I should have looked harder for the owner but considering this was a local car show he probably lives around here somewhere. I’ll let you guys know if I encounter this beauty again.

Next up is a car I recognized immediately; this without a doubt is a Chevrolet Street Rod, possibly 1932. (I’m a big sucker for 1930s cars.) I’m not sure if the Eagle on the hood is original or a custom job but with all the hot rod Street Rods out there this might be the closest you can get to the original. I did not expect a beauty like this to be here by any means and man do I wish I could have sat in this gorgeous car. Actually I wish I could of driven it but that’s pushing the buttons a bit.

I did get to sit in a classic car however, two in fact and it came as a complete surprise to me but I was actually offered to sit in this 1965 Shelby 27 Cobra Roadster.

This is probably a dream come true, actually driving it would have been but regardless getting to sit in this amazing car was a treat and props to the owner of letting me. Now before you question me yes I actually do have proof, my sister who was with me snapped a pretty awesome shot of me.

Photography by Lady AnnaVintage

Of course I’m squinting because I forgot my Sunglasses but it’s an awesome shot regardless. (Check out her blog for more awesome photography.) Getting into this car was a bit difficult actually, apparently my legs are just a little too long but I squeezed my way in anyway. The car wasn’t turned on but I felt the power resting within this car.

Not sure what the lights inside this car are for can anyone enlighten me on that? Is this secretly some sort of Secret Agent car? An ejection seat button was probably placed somewhere in here.

Now if only I got to drive this baby, I’m not even sure if I could handle the power of it.

That wasn’t the only car I got to sit in and this next one is not of the 4 wheel variety. This is a Morgan Three Wheeler!

Now is it just me or have I seen this car before? Actually looking this car up this shark paint job is everywhere. Is the Shark paint job a normal paint job for these vehicles or does this specific three wheeler get around often? Checking it out it’s actually based on the Spitfire Airplane. Definitely not your normal ride and the only way I could get in this car was taking the steering wheel out. (Which is not hard, apparently? Don’t want to do that while driving.) Another huge thanks to the owner who let me sit in this car! Maybe you’ll let me drive it sometime, haha.

Photography by Lady AnnaVintage

After I managed to get out of the three wheeler (Almost fell out of) I immediately spotted these other two beauties next to it. First off another 1930s Chevrolet Street Rod this time it’s a hot rodded convertible with the traditional hot rod flames.

While I prefer the original Street Rod to it’s customized brother this is pretty sweet. Actually I called this a convertible but I’m not even sure if it has a cover it just seems to be an open roofed one. Wonder how powerful that engine is.

Next to it is another 1930s beauty but this one is more in it’s original glory. This is a 1931 Ford Model A.

I’m not sure which I love more the Model A or the Model T. The Model T I’m on about is the original from Ford’s pre-1927 cars before Ford retooled its production and pumped out the Model A from 1927 on. (Not to be confused with the ORIGINAL Model A which was Ford’s original motor from 1903, have I confused you yet?)

Anyway this is a Ford Model A and apparently it was restored back in 1983 and wasn’t classed as Show Quality but they brought it here anyway. I’m assuming they’re going to finish this baby up in the near future, would love to see what it looks like fully restored. Like I said, I’m a sucker for 1930 cars.

After leaving those awesome cars behind I came across another Shelby this one being, well new. This is a Mustang Shelby G350! (It’s still under the Ford brand, Shelby is just the sports variant and the company who makes them is also Shelby, some Shelby built motors have gone to companies like Dodge as well. They also stuck It out on their own for the Shelby Daytona in 1964.)

I’m not actually sure what year this is it could actually be a 2017. Regardless it’s pretty awesome. I’m not usually a big fan of Mustang but Shelby wins me over every time. I didn’t get to ride in this Shelby sadly but I love the color with the double black racing stripe down the center. Bet this car sounds like a beast.

Oh yeah Ford has announced they will be continuing the Shelby GT350 for 2018 but apparently no mechanical changes will be done just some new colors. Sounds like the Shelby GT350 may be coming to an end soon sadly but you’ll get at least one more year of them.

Speaking of Mustangs let’s flashback a little with this 1968 Mustang Fastback!

Apparently this car won some awards in the recent years. This was also one of the only cars who actually had all of the information wrote out on this plaque that was standing next to it.

Apparently this car was originally Candy Apple Red but I’m guessing they got a new paintjob on it. I’m not a big fan of the normal Mustangs like I said before but this is cool nonetheless. Oh yeah this car has AM Radio in it, remember when AM was the only Radio? Haha, yeah.

This should have been expected, you can’t have a huge car gathering on this blog without a Corvette. (We love our Corvettes in this area.) This is a 1973 Corvette Stingray Coupe!

I’ve featured quite a few Corvettes in the past but this is not one I’ve featured before. Unlike the previous Corvettes I’ve featured this one is narrower and arrow head like. (This is why it’s named Stingray.) The owner of this Corvette actually told me his father had it and passed it down once it broke down, which is funny. I’m assuming it’s up and running now however. This car is really awesome I love the narrow sleekness to it. It seems kind of futuristic despite coming from the 70s.

Up next we got two newish cars from a brand I’m smitten with. These are two BMWs!

Going by the design, forgive me if I’m wrong, the red BMW Coupe is a 2013 BMW M3 and the Black BMW is a 2008 BMW M3 Sedan, I think? I’m just looking at the design and taking a wild guess here with what I have of the BMW design knowledge wise. These are two sweet cars regardless; wish I could take them home I’ve been a BMW fan for a while now. (If only there was a 1959 BMW 507 Roadster here.) Oh yeah the BMW Coupe has this awesome racing helmet sitting on the engine. I’m not sure if these are owned by the same people or not.

You know what this actually was a pretty large car show because I’ve only showed you half of what was there so far. Guess I should speed things up, and to do that we need a certain blue hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog. Not sure why I’m bringing him up? Well apparently this, what I’m assuming to be a custom car, had this Sonic the Hedgehog plushie in the front window.

This car seems to come from Team Sun*Works who are a club/network of sorts that include people who do vinyl works and custom car buildings. They go around the country (Even the world if we’re talking Sweden), especially in my area showing their cars off and having a blast doing so. You can check these guys out at Sonic the Hedgehog was just a nice touch to this already awesome custom car. The engine is in the back of the car and peeks through a glass window under the floor of the back.

So I’m not overloading you with cars I’ll just show you guys these last two. This next one is a car I’ve featured twice so far this year, the Chevy Impala Super Sport!

Unlike the previous encounters however this is model is one year older, instead of the two 1964s I’ve encountered this is a 1963 model of the Chevy Impala SS! To make this even more awesome my Dad actually owned one of these. I don’t know if that’s the original engine or not. I’m not super well versed on engines. (I’m learning, don’t worry.)

Finally I’m wrapping this up with one last Chevy but this time it’s not a car and not a street rod. I might be off on the year a bit but I believe this is a 1955 Chevy Pickup Truck! (Not sure on the actual model name either.)

I’m not a truck person when it comes to new trucks but these classic trucks are really nice and stylish. Knowing Chevy these trucks got the job done back in the day but I’m not sure if I want to get this truck dirty doing work. I think this truck might be altered slightly in the fact it’s more low riding then what the original would have been. The engine isn’t the original either but this truck is awesome regardless.

After looking at all these awesome cars and getting over heated we head to some sunflower fields, which is a story for another time. I wasn’t sure how large this car show would be but there were some insane awesome gems here, lot’s of 1950s cars but that’s one of my favorite era of cars so it’s all good. Just getting the chance to sit in some of these cars made this trip one of the most memorable car shows I’ve ever been too. Maybe I can get to ride/possibly drive some of these cars in the future? Actually I’d be happy enough to just ride shotgun. Hope you guys enjoyed these cars as well; you can see some more cars by clicking the cars tab on the blog but also check out my trip to Elite Auto where I run into more classic cars including the lustrous Austin Healey 3000! You can check out part 1 here and part 2 here.

This car show was actually perfectly placed, well almost. It happened one day before Father’s day so being able to head out to see all these cars with my Dad was an awesome gift for him. Speaking of gifts for the past week or so I’ve been working on a new illustration for Dad. I’ve never illustrated a car before, ever. I’ve only been doing art for the past three months so this seemed out of my comfort zone but I soon discovered I have sort of a knack for drawing cars. So for Dad’s Father Day card I took some of this cardstock which seemed to hold watercolor as good as watercolor paper and illustrated this baby blue 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air which is one of Dad’s all time favorite cars. (He’ll tell you 57 Chevy is the best every time.)

Pretty cool huh? It’s not perfect, I’m still new to drawing but I’m quite shocked I pulled this off. I’m going to be doing more car illustration in the future because of this so be sure to keep an eye out for that. I used my recently obtained Sakura Koi Watercolors, that cardstock paper which actually came folded and is built for making cards and some line art pens. I’m surprised how I managed to make this car seem not flat without having to do too many black lines. Maybe I’m slowly improving with my watercolor. I’ve been some other artwork as well but you guys are going to have to wait, they’re story related and I don’t want to just throw them up.

With that all said and done I’ll see you guys Wednesday, don’t forget to go see Cars 3 in Theatres now if you’re interested in Cars, Pixar and you know, talking cars.

That’s a wrap folks!

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