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The Best Never Rest in RED 2 Plus A New Pokemon Gold Journey

Well you know what they say, there's no rest for the best. That can be said for retired CIA agent Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) along with friend and partner Marvin Boggs (John Malkovich) who can't seem to get a break and get wrapped up in their biggest adventure yet in RED 2. How's everyone doing today? I'm booting up the big screen and diving into RED 2 for you guys today. RED, besides Fifth Element might be my favorite Bruce Willis movie of all time. RED 2 makes RED my favorite Bruce Willis franchise and on that note my favorite John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker and Helen Mirren movie as well because RED and RED 2 brings together some awesome actors for a great action packed comedy adventure. I watched and discussed the first RED movie a few weeks ago so head back and read that blog first here:

RED 2 takes place three years after the events of RED 1 opening up with a sweet comic stylized intro. (Which is a pretty cool homage to the RED comic book series which this movie and its predecessor is loosely based on.) Frank is trying his hardest to live out his retirement in a quiet life with his girlfriend Sarah Ross (Mary-Louise Parker), who disagrees completely and wishes to go out on missions again similar to the first movie. While shopping at a local Costco they run into Marvin suddenly who comes to Frank claiming people are still after them even after all these years. With Frank shrugging him off as being paranoid (Well, he is. That's what happens when the government has you on LSD for more then a decade.) Marvin drives off only to, be blown up? Well that was out of the blue, they really were being targeted still. Is Marvin truly dead? Oh come on we should know this guy's crazy tactics by now of course he's not and Frank believes so too, which is why he hilariously stabs poor Marvin's hand with a pin during the funeral.

Shortly after this funeral Frank runs into some agents, flagged Retired Extremely Dangerous once again and is brought in to a Yankee White facility for interrogation. Apparently Frank and Marvin were listed as participants in a clandestine operation codenamed "Nightshade." which was conducted during the Cold War to smuggle a dangerous nuclear weapon into the heart of Russia. Despite being completely unaware of this Frank is soon ambushed by Damien Da, I MEAN Jack Horton (Both played by Neal McDonough.) and his SWAT team. Jack Horton is apparently hired by the government to extract information from Frank regarding Nightshade and convinces the entire world that Frank and Marvin are international terrorists, so yeah that's a thing now. Oh yeah Marvin is actually alive! Luckily so Frank is going to need all the help he can get to crack down on what's possibly his greatest adventure and mission yet especially when he's being targeted by Jack Horton, a top contract killer/hitman from Frank's past named Han (Byung-Hun Lee) and surprisingly Victoria (Helen Mirren) contracted by Mi6 to kill him, Marvin and Sarah. Victoria is a long time friend of Frank and ally during the events of the first movie.

Uhh... Nice pants, Frank.

With these events set they take off from America and head to Paris to track down a man who goes by the name of "The Frog" in order to obtain more information regarding Nightshade. RED 2 is just as awesome as it's predecessor and perhaps has a more action packed storyline then it's predecessor. While handling the whole nuclear threat another threat comes into play, Frank and Sarah's relationship which gets a little rocky due to Frank not being so keen on Sarah being involved with everything, which isn't helped when Marvin is constantly teaching Sarah tactics and even giving her a gun. Another bump in the road is Katja, a Russian secret agent and apparently Frank's ex-girlfriend (Frank sure has one crazy history, doesn't he?). Marvin sure has his hands full. This movie also features Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Edward Bailey a supposedly killed (Not so much) physicist responsible for creating the Nightshade bomb.

While it's hard to pick a favorite between the first and second movie this movie is an awesome thrill ride while still having some nice low down moments and some hilarious comedy that ends in a pretty suspenseful close call for our protagonists. I especially love this movie over the first for having a more comic book movie feel which is very prominent in the movie's sweet transitions which sees our heroes shortly transform into a 2D comic art style. Oh yeah and Mary absolutely kills it as Sarah this movie and maybe one of the coolest characters of this flick, especially in the end credits scene which I found pretty hilarious. With the addition of the character Han comes some pretty sweet hand to hand combat action and some sweet car action. Who knew you could shoot guns and drive a car at the same time? (Please do not actually do this.)

If you're looking for a awesome Bruce Willis movie to watch or have seen the first but not the second check out this movie on iTunes! It's currently $12.99 USD for HD and $9.99 for SD. Like I said previously while a third iteration could be pretty awesome and I doubt it would be stretching the franchise out too far (Die Hard was still great up until the 5th movie) there has been absolutely no news. It was greenlit and the writers already set in stone as well as a December 2016 release date but no news has been said since. However I do find it odd how the RED Facebook page has suddenly become active again so maybe we'll be hearing news about RED 3 soon?

Coming off from RED 2 I've finally been playing some Video Games again lately after not really touching them much for the past month due to other things happening (Like watching movies and knitting, okay I do a lot more then that.) and practicing my watercolor. I've been eager to start playing this game again after all these years so I've finally begun a new journey in familiar lands. I haven't been able to play this game in years due to it's internal battery being drained but finally I'm playing Pokemon Gold again after all these years.

This is my very first main series Pokemon game, I'm not kidding. I didn't start off with Pokemon Red and Blue like most my first Pokemon games were Gold and Silver which takes place in the region of Kanto's next door neighbor, Johto. Over 100 new Pokemon were added into this game as well as two new Pokemon types, Steel and Dark. Before obtaining these games I grew up watching the Indigo League season of Pokemon so you bet your bottom dollar younger me was excited to get a hold of his first Pokemon games and start his own journey. Of course the gyms in this game were completely different from the show (The show did however take Ash into the Johto League a bit later.) but as you all know after beating the Elite Four you're able to cross the border and take on Kanto in all it's glory. Two regions in one game! It was an incredible achievement for the Gamefreak crew (Thanks Satoru Iwata this wouldn't of been possible without your awesome programming techniques.) but I have to admit I had absolutely no idea Kanto was in this game until quite a few years later. Yeah I've always been a Pokemon fan but I never said I was good at the game. It took me years to finally beat the Elite Four but it was worth it and traveling through Kanto was a prize worth the struggle.

Anyway I'm not very far in my new playthrough, I've begun my journey at home in the laid back New Bark Town and after accepting a request to meet Mr. Pokemon from the local Professor Elm I have picked Cyndaquil as my starter. Cyndaquil is hands down my favorite Gold and Silver starter and was my first ever Pokemon in my original Gold playthrough.

To my surprise I've actually gotten a female Cyndaquil, which is quite rare. I was going to get a male Cyndaquil and name it Cynda after my original Cyndaquil but as this is a female I've named this cutie Ember. (Okay I'm not the greatest at nicknames forgive me.)

It's actually really difficult to take screenshots of this game, I don't have any fancy screenshot device so I'm having to rely on my Gameboy Advance SP which comes up a bit blue on photos but its the best I can do. Anyway I need to organize my time more so I can play some more video games again, I mean it's supposed to be one of my big three topics here on ZAK Entertainment. If you guys are eager to dive into your Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal versions but can't due to your battery being drained I wrote up a blog a month ago which explains how! It's not expensive by any means and with some knowledge and perhaps some assistance is actually not rocket science. You can check out that blog by following this link:

Before I leave I actually have a significant amount of knitting down on my afterthought heel sock project, which I featured in my recent ZAK Knits Episode!

As you can see I'm already moving along on the body and I'm just about at the point of adding in the scrap yarn for the later heel. I really should of gotten that video filmed sooner because this sock might even be done by now. Give me some stockinette to knit and I turn into the fastest knitter alive. Anyway I'm really in a knitting mood again so let's see if I can get this sock done soon! Until then however...

That's a wrap folks!

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