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Painting the Town RED (The Movie.)

Hey there everyone! We’re going to discussing another movie today and boy do I have a lot to talk about. I’m almost getting backed up with movies to discuss considering how many I’ve watched recently but that only means you guys won’t be running out of content any time soon… You won’t ever run out of content so don’t worry. I’ve been into watching some Bruce Willis movies lately and I’ve kicked off this sort of mini movie review series starting with last week’s Live Free and Die Hard review. Well today’s Bruce Willis movie I’m discussing is actually more of a favorite of mine, it’s also pretty red. Aka I’ll be discussing the movie RED which released back in 2010. It’s based on a limited 3 issue DC Comics series by the same name. Actually it’s kind of loosely based, the characters names are similar but it doesn’t have the comedic touch the movies do.

Just an in general spoiler warning for everyone, possible spoilers for the movie are included.

Photo by Frank Masi - © Copyright 2010 Summit Entertainment LLC. All rights reserved.

Red as in Retired Extremely Dangerous, a title slapped onto former Black-ops CIA agent Frank Moses who lives a semi normal life in Cleveland Ohio. Frank becomes smitten with Sarah Ross (Mary-Louise Parker), a worker at the General Services Administration’s Pension Office in Kansas City, Missouri and frequently talks with her over the phone. (Tearing up his pension checks, telling her they never arrived just so they can talk.) Apparently Sarah had also convinced Frank to attempt to grow an avocado, which has already begun to sprout.

Photo by Frank Masi - © Copyright 2010 Summit Entertainment LLC. All rights reserved.

Frank’s life soon gets turned upside down as an assassination squad raids Frank’s house in attempt to kill him. Despite being retired Frank still has just as much fight left in him and with swift thinking he completely overpowers the squad and blows them up… and his house. Immediately realizing they tapped his phone Frank heads to Sarah’s house in Kansas City in attempt to protect her, as they’ve never met face to face before Sarah is shocked beyond words and refuses to come with him. So Frank does the only thing he knows he can do, kidnap her. Yeah nice first date, huh? We also don’t get see that avocado ever again…

Photo by Frank Masi - © Copyright 2010 Summit Entertainment LLC. All rights reserved.

Needing some extra hands Frank tracks down his old CIA mentor Joe Matheson, played by the man with the voice Morgan Freeman, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Also joined by fellow former black ops agent and man of paranoia Marvin Boggs (John Malkovich), later as well by former MI6 Victoria (Helen Mirren) and Ex-Russian Secret Agent Ivan Simanov (Brian Cox) they form a pretty awesome kick ass team of retirees and get wrapped up in a massive conspiracy that dates back to a 1981 mission in Guatemala which Frank and Marvin were involved with before retiring. 

Photo by Frank Masi - © Copyright 2010 Summit Entertainment LLC. All rights reserved.

The reason behind the assassination attempt on Frank is linked directly to this conspiracy as anyone linked to said Guatemala mission have been hunted down save for Frank and Marvin themselves and a man named Gabriel Singer (James Remar.). 

Photo by Frank Masi - © Copyright 2010 Summit Entertainment LLC. All rights reserved.

Also involved are the CIA themselves with a new generation of agents such as CIA agent William Cooper, who’s assigned to hunt down and kill Frank.

Not to spoil anymore of the plot a man named Alexander Dunning is involved, who’s an illegal arms dealer and also connected to the mission in Guatemala. He’s played by Richard Dreyfuss who’s probably one of my favorite actors especially because of his 1977 appearance in The Goodbye Girl. This time around he’s definitely the, as he calls himself, the “bad guy” instead of the mediating theatre actor he was in that movie. Maybe I should watch Goodbye Girl for you guys soon.

RED is an action and comedy packed thrill ride from to start to end and while I love the Die Hard series RED tops it in my opinion. This movie has an awesome plot with some good twists, hilarity (Mostly coming from John Malkovich.), and surprisingly some romance. RED seems to have launched itself into it’s own series with RED 2 releasing in 2013. A RED 3 was announced but has anyone heard anything about this movie? I’ve tried doing some digging and this movie was apparently announced to be in the works with screenwriters siblings Jon and Erich Hoeber actually signing on for the movie and being slated for a December 2016 release. Well December 2016 has come and gone and Summit Entertainment (Aka Lionsgate.) have said absolutely nothing in regards to this movie. The RED official Facebook page does seem to be active shockingly so perhaps something is in the works and we’ll be seeing something come from that soon, I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated on that.

Before we finish talking about this movie I’d like to go out on a limb and say the pig was the MVP of this movie… You’ll have to watch it to find out what I mean about that. This movie is currently $12.99 USD on iTunes for HD and $9.99 SD to buy as well as 4.99 for an HD rent and 3.99 for an SD rent. I really recommend you check this movie out if you haven’t seen it yet and I’ll be diving into RED 2 at a later point.

Ejecting RED’s disc but still maintaining the red theme… I’m bringing you a new movie release announcement! Power Rangers, which released in theatres last November will be releasing on 4K Blu Ray as well as DVD and iTunes this June the 13th! That means for those who can’t make it to the theatre you don’t have long to wait to experience this awesome movie… That also includes me as I haven’t actually seen it yet, whoops. Before you ask yes this is red related… because you know, the RED Ranger.

Also related to motion pictures and red… Did you guys see that Episode of Flash last night? Savitar’s identity was finally revealed in an epic fashion… I’m not spoiling that for  you guys though, go watch it on CW’s app if you haven’t yet!

To keep the theme of red rolling I actually have a new art piece to show off finally, which is where the “painting the town” part comes into this. I’ve been practicing a lot with watercolor lately to improve myself as an artist. (I only became an “artist” in March and I’m not even sure if that warrants calling myself one yet, probably not.) For the most part it’s been practice, okay all of it’s been practice but I actually have a finished art piece that’s come out of this practice. As you have noticed, I love drawing characters mostly from this one story I’ve been brewing in my head for years now. Hell this whole art stuff started simply because I wanted to visualize my characters finally after having them only in thought and on paper for the longest time. I know it’s not the traditional use for watercolor but I’ve created this watercolor art piece of Aeris Eclipse, who has been basically the only character I’ve shown off on here lately… Okay 90% of my drawings are of her but hey she’s my brain child I love her leave me alone. I’ve managed to scan this watercolor piece into my computer this time instead of taking a photo so let’s take a look!

If you’re picky like me you’ll immediately notice my paint seemingly receded away from the edges of her hair. I swear I painted as close to the edge as I could without the watercolor seeping into her hair but alas it kind sticks out like a sore thumb, to me anyway you guys may of not even noticed it until I pointed it out just now. Another thing that bugs me is the freckles, for some reason a while back I wanted to give Aeris freckles but me having no idea how freckles work have painted them quite heavily on this art piece… and it looks wrong. So not perfect by any means I’m not even sure if you’d class this art piece as GOOD. Anyway! I have sort of an update regarding the character herself. I deluged some character information about her in the past… and I’m asking you to for the most part disregard that. I’ve not changed everything about her but some details have been altered. For one I’ve decided, while originally she was going to be 16-17 I’m making her the age of 18 years. I felt her being 16 was very limited to the story I want to write (I know I've just crossed the line out of Young Adult but hey New Adult Fiction is a thing too.), I don’t want her stuck in high school all the time (She’s stuck in college instead.) and thought her being 18 would give her more freedom. SO YES AERIS I’ve made you 18 welcome to adulthood, girl. Funny enough she used to be the age of 13… but that was back when I was 13. Yeah Aeris has been around in my head for a while now; for those wondering I’m in my 20s.

Truth be told I’ve been drawing her as 18 for a while now, she’s always looked way older then 16 so I think this change is a good change. With that said I’m not changing her back, she’s 18 and that’s final. She’ll get older as the story progresses, Happy Early Birthday Aeris. (Story wise she’s born in November.) I want to dive more into her character along with these changes in future blogs but I want to do a couple more art pieces beforehand.

Speaking of Dream Eclipse, the story itself with my ever increasing love for art I really am considering making a Graphic Novel/Comic Series in the near future. I still have a lot of improvement to do regarding drawing and perspective (You guys can keep track of that on my Instagram.) but wouldn’t it be awesome if I could bring you guys this story in the glory that is the graphic novel? I think so. In the end I’ll probably still write it as a novel as well so you guys will have both.

Oh yeah my much more artistic Sister has put out a new ref sheet of the main character of her story she’s working on: . She’s made some changes to her character as well as making her 18… I didn’t intentionally age Aeris up to 18 because you did, sorry sis, haha. You can check it out here on her deviantart: . I’m assuming Annie will be creating a blog on this character at some point so I’ll be sure to link it here when she does.

Speaking of Deviantart, I actually have one now and you can find it at:

I can’t wrap this red blog up without bring you a red knitting pattern! Okay this kind of works, technically you use any color you wish when it comes to knitting patterns but this pattern was named after something red and was designed using red yarn so it works, right? This is the “Little Red Riding Slippers” from DROPS design!

I’ve featured a lot of socks since doing this blog but these slippers are a first and maybe the best. With it’s beautiful twisted cable that weaves itself around the leg and rim of the slipper, those nicely placed buttons and the garter stitch foot makes this a wonderful knitted pair for wearing while you watch RED.

I’ve never actually attempted to knit slippers before and they seem to have a lot more process to them then normal socks but it seems easy enough if you follow this pattern. You’re going to need US 10 / 6 mm DPNs and Straight Needles but the size you’ll need might vary depending on what size you’re knitting. Seems this pattern is flexible in size so it’s best you check it out for yourself at

Hey this was my first time featuring a drops design pattern I just realized. If you want to add it to your Ravelry library you can do so by clicking this link: . That cable legging really makes me want to knit these myself but I think I have enough projects on the needle as it is right now.

With that all said and done it’s time I leave you guys for the day. That was a pretty redful blog and if you’re feeling a little blue check out my Sister’s newest blog which blue themed! So let’s call this an unofficial connection between her blog and mine. You can check out her blue themed blog, which includes some wonderful photography of flowers, a rare bird in our backyard and a shocking discovery at:

That’s a wrap folks!

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