Friday, May 26, 2017

ZAK Knits Episode 4 and a Dream BFF Watercolor Doodle

Grab your knitting needles and some yarn because today is the day. Not sure what I mean? Well while today’s blog may be a bit on the short end side I have something to make up for that. Today is the release day of ZAK Knits Episode 4, the 4th (Okay technically 5th.) entry in the ZAK Knits Youtube series where I knit, talk about knitting and demonstrate how I knit. I wasn’t sure if these videos would ever hit off but I’ve actually received some positive feedback that’s motivated me to keep these videos going. Knitting quickly became a passion of mine last September and while I haven’t been knitting as often in the past couple of months I’ve been getting back into the groove.

Without further ado let’s dive right in! Today’s episode will be discussing alternative methods to cable needles as well as showing off my second sock of my after heel sock pair so be sure you give the video some feedback when you’re finished! Oh yeah a certain furry creature makes a special cameo appearance midway in...

Paperclips make a pretty good cable needle don’t they? Truth be told this was actually a random spur of the moment idea from Mum. (She’s been knitting for years so I’m sure she’s had this idea for just as long.) See the cable needles I possessed to me seemed to thick to slip through the sock’s stitches without over stretching them, while that might of just been an over observation from myself I didn’t want to take the risk of overstretching my stitches thus the paperclip came into fruition. If you watched I also tried using a metal twizzler (Which you usually find on loafs of bread packets.) and while it didn’t work as well it was efficient enough if you were to ever lose your cable needle or didn’t have any paperclips. Luckily for me I have hundreds of paperclips, a lot of them hooked together because younger me thought it was a fun game to do so.

Now I didn’t talk much about the sock itself but that’s what this blog is for right? Now you’re probably wondering, Zach you’re not still on the ridge are you? Yes after completely messing up a few weeks ago (You can go read that embarrassment on this blog: ) I’m only just getting back to where I screwed up. I’ve been planning this video for a while now but with events constantly popping up and an almost full week of rainy days and bad light because of said rainy days I’ve only just gotten around to finishing this video. However with this video out of the way I managed to finish the rest of the sock’s ridge later on that day, which means I’m on the part where speed knows no bounds with me.

I’m on the plain stockinette body now, which shouldn’t take me long to finish. As this is an afterthought heel sock (Yeah this was just me trying out how to do an afterthought heel, it seems to of turned into a long term project, whoops.) I’ll be leaving the heels until after I finish this sock, leaving some scrap yarn in place of where the heel will go.

Luckily for you if you’re confused (Trust me I am confused right now.) you won’t have to wait too long. I hope to be able to record ZAK Knits Episode 5 centered on the afterthought heel. I mean I have two socks, I’ll learn how to accomplish it on the first sock then show you guys how to do it on the next sock. Sounds smooth going right? Yeah well fingers crossed. I’m not cementing the date or even if it’ll happen, because I don’t know if I’ll be able to properly show you guys how it’s done once I learn. There will be a ZAK Knits episode based on afterthought heels, even if it’s not this specific sock, I mean there are plenty more socks to knit out there. That’s just something to possibly look forward to in the future. I’ll start hyping it up when it’s actually going to happen.

I’m afraid I don’t really have anymore knitting progress (Trust me more is on the way, I’m in the knitting groove, or you could say knitting stitch, yeah I’m back with the knit puns.), luckily I’m man of many talents (Is my ego growing too large?) and I actually finished, yes I actually finished a watercolor project. This comes from a quick five minute sketch I made to test out my new sketchbook I got for my birthday, the bodies ended up a bit narrow compared to the head so let’s call this a doodle.

Yes, it’s Aeris again. Can you blame me? She’s my brainchild and I’m spoiling her. Decided to finally start switching things up with my character art however and I decided to add this other lady here. She’s been eluded in mystery and I haven’t really let much info out regarding her yet, though I’ve shown a few art pieces wips/sketches of her on the blog and on Instagram. This is Rachael Scarlet, basically Aeris’s BFF.

They’re both from a story I’ve been working on for a long time now called Dream Eclipse. I am going to be writing it into a novel but with my recent dive into art I’ve grasped a desire I got rid of years ago (Because younger me didn’t want to put in the time and practice apparently.), a desire to make comics/graphic novels. I would love to make Dream Eclipse related comic book/graphic novels but that will take a lot of work. Good thing is you have to write a comic before you draw it (I’m probably wrong on which step comes first writing or drawing.) so I can always write Dream Eclipse into a novel while I’m also working on a comic/graphic novel or some sort of side comic. Anyway I’m diverting from the main subject, this watercolor project. This was my first project solely using my Sakura Koi watercolors I got for my birthday as well as my Royal & Langnickel watercolor pencils for the outlines. Once again I could've added more detail to the face to make it more realistic but as this is a doodle and I have like 3 months of art experience I think I’m happy with my watercolor style as it is now.

Now I gotta figure out what to do next, huh.

Anyway that’s about it everyone! I’ll be leaving you guys until Monday, no set topic of course but that’s the fun of this blog. Don’t forget to subscribe to the ZAK Entertainment Youtube channel as I got plans for more ZAK Knits videos as well as other video ideas as well. I’m afraid the videos will still not be consistent compared to the blog but hey I’ve uploaded every week for three weeks straight so far maybe I can find something for next week.

That’s a wrap folks!

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