Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Speculation, Anticipation, It's all in the Pokemon Stars! (Also Sonic Forces)

Well guys I know you were expecting a blog today but I'm afraid I have to announce as today is my birthday I'm skipping today's blog so I can enjoy myself...

Ha as if!

Of course you guys are getting a blog today, birthday or not. Writing this blog is an enjoyable birthday activity for me anyway. For this birthday blog I'm turning to a topic that has always integrated itself into my birthdays for as long as I've lived... Pokemon. I know it's been awhile since I've discussed Video Games or Pokemon and I really need to get back into playing Sun and Moon but we're now 6 months deep into Generation 7. Sun and Moon are an absolute blast but with the ending I'm here thinking... what's next? A lot of loose ends were left after Sun and Moon's story but perhaps all we need to do is to look... upon the stars. Yes the next iteration of Pokemon may not be so far away. I don't normally write blogs about speculation but it's Pokemon, that's the only explanation you need.

Rumors of this next iteration actually began last November before Sun and Moon even released when Tom Phillips from Eurogamer reported that a new third generation 7 game was in development by GameFreak under the code name "Pokemon Stars". He had also reported that this supposed third version would be releasing for the Nintendo Switch as sort of an HD version of Sun and Moon similar to how third versions such as Crystal and Emerald were (Except not HD). This article was written as if he knew this was fact but alas none of this can be proven. Regardless if Pokemon Stars proves to be legit it would be a director's cut.

While a new third version would be great and all on the Switch I feel a sequel of sorts is more warranted. Pokemon has become a lot more story orientated lately with the Ultra Beasts, Mega Evolution, AZ, Reshiram, Zekrom and Kyurem, Looker and the whole multi verse theory. (Thanks Zinnia) With that in mind there's a lot of plot points that haven't been wrapped up.


With the ending of Sun and Moon and Lillie heading to Kanto as well as X and Y still having unsolved storylines I feel Pokemon Stars should take a role similar to Black and White 2. A third version doesn't have to be a remake by any means, GameFreak has proven that it's breaking tradition as of late so this third version could easily take the form of a sequel while still acting as a directors cut of Sun and Moon. (I'm not crazy.) Pokemon Stars could also serve as a center point for all the previous Pokemon games (I'm talking Red through to Sun and Moon) and make "It all come together.". Of course this is also crazy speculation on my part and possible wishful thinking but you got to admit Pokemon seems to be slowly bringing all the plot points across all 7 generations together so Pokemon Stars being that finish line could make sense.

As far as the speculation of it being on the Switch... We'll while I wasn't too keen of the idea in the beginning having Pokemon Stars on the Switch could really allow Game Freak to make a massive Pokemon game possibly spanning multiple regions. The Switch is portable of course so it could be done. I'm not sure how I feel about having gen 7 torn between the Switch and 3DS but there may be a non PokeBank method of connecting the two. A main series Pokemon game that could be played on the TV would be awesome too, coming from a big fan of Pokemon XD.

Now we're currently in May, this is the time of year they usually announce Pokemon Games. Pokemon games have never been announced at E3 before so we may be seeing an announcement sooner rather then later. Another odd sign of the future are these new lines of Pokemon Merchandise currently releasing in Japan.

Besides the new Cosmog plushies (I need to get Nebby.) they have two new pieces of art being used on designs such as bags and t-shirts. Well the first design showcases some Pokemon including Jirachi as constellations and the 2nd design is probably the most interesting design... it showcases a Pikachu looking through a telescope at the stars with Cosmog by his side and the byline "Look Upon The Stars.". Hmmm... Yeah looks like Nintendo may be hyping up the announcement. I mean I could be wrong but this seems to be hitting too close to the Pokemon Stars home.

Whatever the future brings I'm, and I'm hoping you are, ready to take our next steps in the world of Pokemon. I'm pretty excited so I'll be sure to jump on that announcement when it drops (Please drop on the day before a blog post... PLEASE) so be sure to keep track of ZAK Entertainment on our social media.

Well another big Video Game announcement has just been made but it's not Pokemon related. No this announcement is a lot more blue... and fast. Fast as in Sonic Forces, a recently announced brand new 3D Sonic game which will be releasing later on this year for.. Well everything. Even the Nintendo Switch will be receiving this awesome new game. (About time third party games are put on Nintendo consoles.) Well after teasing this mysterious third character who'll be playable alongside classic and modern Sonic is actually... Well take a look at the new trailer below.

I know Sonic OCs are a little rampant on the Internet but can I say this is actually a pretty awesome addition? I'll finally be able to create Coldsteel the Edgehog, jokes aside you'll be able to create a custom Sonic character with his or her own unique style. It's an incredible step forward and could lead for some added replay ability. This sort of thing would be completely wacky and odd in a game such as Mario but in Sonic this seems to fit in nicely. The customization seems to be beyond skin deep allowing you to choose between different animals and add outfits and different abilities. We still haven't seen much gameplay wise but I'm eager to see more of this game. Sonic games have been met with mixed views recently but I've been a fan of the blue blur since Sonic Advance 3 so I'm eager to get a hold of this new game. Can't wait to see more on this.

Finally as per tradition I went looking for a free Pokemon knitting pattern to capture in my knitting ball (Gotta Knit me All.) so I'm actually going back to a designer I've featured before to feature her Pokemon Knit beanie... This is the "A PokéHat" by Mrs Luedeke!

This designer knows her fair isle and the pattern I featured from her before was one of her awesome Star Wars beanies in this blog. This beanie is just as incredible (More incredible to me because I'm 10 times more of a Pokemon fan then I am a Star Wars fan, haha.) and might just be my favorite fair isle beanie pattern simply because of the Pokeball theme. Even more awesome is that PokeBall Pom Pom, how was that even done? Well let's dive into the pattern and find out! You'll need some sport weight yarn, US 4 (3.5 MM) circular needles for the rim and US 6 (4.0 mm) needles for the body. If you head to Mrs Luedeke's website you'll find this pattern as well as modifications for using Worsted and DK weight yarn. A tutorial for making the Pom Pom is also available so be sure to check that out! I absolutely want to give this pattern a go but I need to finish some projects first...

Well that's it for today. I'm going to go enjoy the rest of my birthday but writing this blog was just as enjoyable. Here's to another year of blogging! Go check out my Instagram I'm probably going to be posting some photos on there later on in the day.

That's a wrap folks!

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