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Arcadia, Louisiana: Where Bonnie & Clyde's History Runs Deep

Grab my hand, jump in and buckle up because we’re going on a road trip to a place where history still lingers and stretches from corner to corner. Have you ever heard of Bonnie & Clyde? Of course you have, whether through the movies, references in other material or just simple history knowledge. Bonnie Elizabeth Parker and Clyde Chestnut Barrow are probably the most famous American duo of outlaws in all of time and operated from the 1930s, with their gang they committed many robberies and murders (Followed up with some narrow escapes.) up until their death on May 23rd 1934 when a posse made up of Texas and Louisiana Law Enforcement officers ambushed, shot and killed the duo on a little highway in Louisiana woods in Bienville Parish.

Bonnie & Clyde went on to become legends. A lot is still unknown about the couple and some of the media created around them was dramatized but regardless their legend still hangs strong even today, especially in the Gibsland and Arcadia areas of Bienville Parish Louisiana. That little highway they were ambushed on? It’s none other then Highway 154 (The duo in crime were actually heading towards Sailes Louisiana on this road.) and I took a trip with my family out to this famous area yesterday. Standing in the same historic place Bonnie & Clyde were ambushed while driving in their stolen 1930s Ford Model V8 is a monument depicting the ambush along with the date.

It’s a crying shame what’s happened to this piece of history; gunshot damages and spray paint have almost worn this monument down to nothing. It’s difficult to read what this monument originally had etched in its stone. From examining this closely I can make out that it once said

“On this site May 23, 1934.
Clyde Barrow
Bonnie Parker
Were Killed By Law Enforcement Officers.
Erected by
Bienville Parish Police Jury.”

Another plaque was erected next to it which didn’t really focus on Bonnie and Clyde themselves but more so the Law Enforcement officers that killed them.

It’s crazy to think the famous almost Romeo and Juliet like partners in crime met their end after 4 years right here on Highway 154. Gibsland, Louisiana which is just a little north of this site has two museums erected in honor of these two, the Authentic Bonnie & Clyde Museum and the Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Museum. I sadly did not get the chance to go into these places but they hold a lot of history. I absolutely want to go into these places for you guys in the near future. Funny enough Bonnie & Clyde apparently grabbed breakfast here before they went 8 miles down the Highway 154 and got shot. (The Ambush Museum being built in the same building that was once the restaurant they grabbed breakfast-to-go in.)

This may be slightly unrelated to Bonnie & Clyde but we took our family trip a little farther to the town of Arcadia. While it has origins stretching back to the 1820’s Arcadia was officially established as a village in 1855.

You can definitely feel the essence of history emanating from the awesome historical buildings stretched as far as the eye can see here in the heart of Arcadia. This used to be the home of an old Railroad depot, and while a railway still runs through this historic town it now serves as the Bienville Chamber of Commerce as well as a Depot museum.

They have this incredible red caboose stationed to the side of the depot, it was really tempting to climb aboard and have a photo of myself taken but it seems someone else beat me to it.

This little green gecko lizard was, to the surprise of me and my sister, hijacking this red caboose for a ride. Sorry to say Gecko but this Caboose no longer moves.

You can still see hints of a much older railway under this pathway.

Arcadia is a pretty awesome historic town. I’ve always loved old towns like this and it’s nice to see it’s not turned into a ghost town like I’ve seen happen with some villages of similar fashion. There are Antique stores, Restaurants and events that are happening year round.

I’ve also always been a big fan of trains and railways; it’s hard to resist staring down the railway, squinting in hopes of seeing the destination in the far distance. (I’m serious about the squinting, the sun was strong yesterday.) Arcadia, Gibsland and Bienville Parish in general are great places to visit, with the history of Bonnie & Clyde surging through the veins of an even larger history. If you’re heading through this place have a stop and see the sights! You can check out more at

So I’ve been running this idea on the blog recently where I find knitting patterns related to the main topic of the blog. While for the most part I’ve been successful there have been some failed attempts, such as I wasn’t able to find any knitting patterns for my recent Power Rangers blog and I had to use a sonic pattern for my fitness blog. Thought I would try and find something related to Bonnie & Clyde to use as a free knitting pattern feature… I have found nothing, nothing free anyway or even related to Bonnie & Clyde. Though did you know the yarn brand Louet had two yarn brands running called Bonnie and Clyde? They’re discontinued now though.

I have not given up though! While examine some old photographs of Bonnie and Clyde I noticed Bonnie wore a beret in some of these photographs… This isn’t an accurate match to Bonnie’s beret I doubt it but it’s a lovely pattern regardless. This is the Star-Crossed Slouchy Beret by designer Natalie Larson.
Yes you probably can see it, it’s once again another cable knit pattern. I’m sorry I’m crazy about cable knitting; it’s become my favorite kind of knitting. I absolutely love how the cables cross into the middle to form a star/starfish like shape. It’s an incredible design and seems easy enough for people who haven’t cabled much in the past. I only started cable last November with the Waffle Owl Washcloth I knitted my Mum and the Blue Cable Beanie I knitted myself so I’m still kind of new to cable as well but I’ve gotten the hang of it and you can too.

Photograph Provided by

Speaking of knitting I’ve been so busy the past weekend I’ve barely done any knitting, yikes I thought I said Second Sock Syndrome wasn’t going to affect me this time. Thanks life for getting in the way of my knitting.

Anyway you can check out this pattern here on Raverly! I absolutely recommend it to Beret lovers and Cable Knit lovers alike.

Before we wrap my sister has a brand new blog up on with some more awesome photography!

That’s a wrap folks!

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