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The Mighty Morphin Bio-Man Origins

If ever normal citizens of earth, you know, non Astronauts ever get the chance to visit the moon it would be pretty awesome. "Let's go for a vacation on the moon!" would replace "Let's go for a vacation at the beach!" (Though the moon doesn't actually have water on the surface, or beaches.) just try to ignore any and I mean ANY weird space dumpsters lying in the ground. Of course two certain astronauts couldn't resist and thus Rita Repulsa (Yeah I bet you didn't see that coming.) emerged after ten thousand years of being imprisoned. Following her are her loyal servants such as Goldar and Finster.

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Oh yeah, she just so happens to be a evil sorceress who wants to conquer Earth.

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Luckily Zordan of Eltar (David Fielding), a sage (Also a floating head in a time warp tube thanks to Rita.) who imprisoned Rita those 10 thousand years ago, calls upon 5 teenagers with attitude from Angel Grove High to combat Rita and her army of putties. Jason Lee Scott (Austin St. John.), Trini Kwan (Thuy Thang), Kimberly Hart (Amy Jo Johnson), Billy Cranston (David Yost) and Zack Taylor (Walter Jones.) are given the 5 power coins, infused with powers of the dinosaurs these five humans are gained armor and power, becoming the Power Rangers.

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The OGs of Spandex.

This is the basis of Haim Saban's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV show that premiered almost 25 years ago on August 28th, 1993. Remember Fox Kids? Yeah those were the days of Saturday morning cartoons and just awesome TV shows in general. Now you have to pay extra for cable and satellite channels to get any kind of Saturday morning cartoon, and quite frankly they just aren't up to snuff anymore. Okay so Power Rangers and Pokemon are still around and are just as good in my opinion but hey it would be nice to have a dedicated Saturday morning cartoon slot for the new generation of kids.

MMPR went on to be a smash hit, selling tons of merchandise and getting young pre-teen and teens into martial arts action starring some pretty snazzy spandex wearing heroes. (You know you love it.) and as you can tell Power Rangers is still around even today and seems to be making a bit of comeback with it's new movie and new tv season. Though did you know that Power Rangers was originally rejected? If you don't know Power Rangers is actually based on the Japanese franchise Super Sentai and Power Rangers has usually borrowed the suits, monsters and fight footage from this franchise (Of course all the unmorphed footage was original, recorded by Saban and since then Saban has added a lot of original footage and ideas. Of course the storylines are original as well.), MMPR being based on the Zyuranger season of Super Sentai. Haim Saban actually had his eye on adapting an earlier Super Sentai series named Choudenshi Bioman. Yeah it shocked me as well to discover this so I've done some digging to find out as much as I can about this pilot.

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Crazy how different these suits would of been compared to the ones we got.

This original idea pitch actually dates back to 1986 and Saban even had produced a pilot for it. According to an old article from the Los Angeles Times Bio-Man was to be about 5 people with Bio-Rhythms and after Morphing into their Bio-Suits were to protect the earth from a half human half android villain named Zadar. (Definitely NOT Rita.) Definitely seems similar in sense to Power Rangers but the actors who were to portray these heroes were vastly different from the Final Power Rangers. Despite this the character names were actually the same besides Jason being named Victor Lee. Evidence of this pilot can be found in Saban's second but successful attempt to pitch Power Rangers under the name Galaxy Rangers. (Which was actually thrown into an MMPR DVD as an Easter Egg.)

Galaxy Rangers doesn't sound as cool as Power Rangers.

This pitch was made to Bandai of America and combined some of the Bio-Man footage filmed for the pilot with Zyuranger footage, you can actually tell by the fact the character descriptions label them as "Bio-Rythms" and Zack is labeled as the Green Ranger not Black. Oh yeah it looks like Zack was going to be a cop as well. I'm making a wild guess here but it seems like the people in this show are more of adults rather then the high school teens of MMPR.

Moodiecitymadman from The Lost Media Wiki has actually started up a forum and a movement to try and retrieve this lost pilot. The original actor who portrayed Zack (Miguel A. Núñez Jr) in the pilot has actually confirmed to have a copy of the pilot but nothing has surfaced since. It's crazy to think how Power Rangers would of been if it started off with Bio-Man. Would they of ever adapted Zyuranger into what we know as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? Bio-Man seems like a much different show compared to MMPR. Can't say Bio-Man would of really stuck I'm not even sure if I would be into it. I’ll keep you guys updated if anything more about the pilot gets released!

Oh yeah check out this forum here for more info as well:

Power Rangers took 5 years to kick off the ground and it's been going strong ever since. Actually fun fact I never watched MMPR until much later through some repeats on Fox Kids and even later Jetix. Of course it's not hard to access the original seasons in this day and age if you have access to Netflix (Which has every season of Power Rangers to date, even the new Dino Charge seasons.) and I've been watching MMPR from the beginning. To my surprise there are quite a few episodes I didn't even know about, such as that episode where Trini's doll comes to life... yeah no idea that episode even existed. As well as a whole bunch of Bulk and Skull hijinks I hadn't seen before. A big player in the first season would probably be Green with Evil which introduced Tommy the Green Ranger. (Jason David Frank.)

Anyway I'll probably discuss the first season in more depth in future blogs, I mean there's 25 years of Power Rangers to talk about, might as well spread it out, eh?

Before we wrap (I say this a lot don't I.) I actually have a knitting Update. (Couldn't find a Power Ranger knitting pattern, ohh well.)

Yes I haven't forgotten how to knit, forgive me for the lack of it lately I've been doing more art (Keep an eye out for Friday's blog to see some of that.) in the sense of drawing rather then fiber art. As well as having a busy past week I haven't gotten around to knitting until the past couple of days. I've picked back up, after literally picking up a stitch, my Princess Peach Dishcloth.

You can finally start to see Peach herself forming as I've gotten to the crown. It's actually showing up quite well despite this being a multi colored yarn. If I can push myself I might (MIGHT being key word here.) get this done in a week.

This pattern is created by Carolyn Lislie by the way, you can check it out on her Ravelry. It's actually quite an easy pattern being composed of just Knits and purls.

It’s that time again, I have baked up a mean (Okay they were pretty nice I gotta admit.) batch of Chocolate Chip cookies!

How many times have I done this on the blog? Going by the search bar on my blog I’ve posted photos of cookies 6 times so far. This time I actually had a photo taken before eating them all. I will say my cookies have ten times better then they were when I first posted about baking them lastyear. They’re a lot fluffier and tastier. Unusual events occurred this time around, after making up the cookie dough the way I always do I found my dough was really tough and flaky, so I had to actually add a very tiny spoonful of water to get the consistency back to it’s normal amount. Anyone else ever find the need to do this? Luckily the water didn’t make the taste deter from the cookies. Mum tells me it might have to do with the fact the eggs are a little smaller then they usually are. Perhaps I added a little bit much flour? Ohh well, they came out great regardless.

Annie has a brand new blog up once again, she's been a busy bee on her blog so go check out her recent blogs on! She's got some awesome photography that's actually somewhat related to the blog I posted on Monday so I recommend you read this blog if you've already read my Arcadia blog and vice versa.

That's a wrap folks!

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