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A Tour of Pokemon Sun and Moon's Poke Pelago

Hey there everyone! Welcome back to ZAK Entertainment for Wednesday the 11th! New Years is up and rolling and with the new years I got tons of plans for awesome blogs. Apparently Mardi Gras season has started already. I swear it wasn’t this early last year but the parades are already happening and I’m already seeing King Cakes everywhere I go. In other news IT WARMED UP. So we’ve been having freezing cold temperatures, like literally below freezing and now all of a sudden BOOM we’re in the 60s and 70s again. Boy the weather can be a bit hectic and crazy here sometimes but it feels great and I appreciate the warmth, it’s not even that humid which is an even bigger plus. Hopefully it’ll stay this way for a bit, y’know let’s have an early spring this year. Let’s hope the groundhog doesn’t see his shadow this year.

This blog may or may not contain spoilers so be warned!

Anyway I’ve been playing Pokemon Sun as you might know if you’re not new the blog (Welcome to the blog I’m a Pokemon Nerd, hahaha) and I absolutely love it. I recently beat the Pokemon League so my focus is more so on creating a competitive team so I can do some Battle Tree, Battle Royale and Online battles.  With Pokemon Sun and Moon there have been a few EV (These are effort values, you can put a total 512 EV spread into any stat of your Pokemon to increase their stats, each stat can hold 252 total so you can have a Pokemon with a 252/252/4 spread in say HP/Attack/Defense or whatever spread you want, EV training will help you win the Battle Tree, Battle Royale and Online Battles immensely.) training tactics that were present in Pokemon XY and ORAS taken out of the games, such as Super Training and Horde Battles. This caused some frustration to players online BUT Sun and Moon has brought in new ways of EV Training in the form of SOS Battles and Poke Pelago. I’ll take more about SOS battles in a future blog but for now I’m going to take you on a tour of the Poke Pelago so buckle up because Zach the Alola Master is on the job!

Before that though, check out my sweet Aviator Sunglasses! Jealous? Don’t be they were EXPENSIVE!

What’s the Poke Pelago? Well it’s a brand new feature/mini game that unlocks once you complete the Third Island Trial in the Alola Region and unlock the Charizard Ride option. (Poke Ride is pretty awesome, it complete eliminates the need for HMs) The Pelago is a group of islands that your Pokemon placed in your box will visit.

Once you activate the Poke Pelago for the first time you’ll meet this jolly fellow named Mohn. He’s the caretaker of the Pelago and will take you through the basics of the Pelago. You’ll start off with just one island aka Isle Abeens where all your boxed Pokemon will go and visit. You’ll notice there’s this little bean stalk in the middle of the island.

If you tap on this Poke Beans will drop, these you can feed to your Pokemon in Pokemon Refresh to increase their affection and well, feed them. You even get patterned beans and Rainbow Beans which will increase your Pokemon's affection almost immediately. I recommend you save up these Poke Beans because you will need them to unlock the other four islands in the Poke Pelago and also use them to upgrade your current islands, as well as needing beans you will also need to catch a certain amount of Pokemon. On this island, and all the other islands, you’ll notice a little wagon/box that you can place Poke Beans in, each island has its own different features regarding the beans, these Poke Beans will last for a certain amount of time, which depends on how many you place in the box or what kind of beans you place in it. 

Anyway on Isle Abeens placing beans in the box will cause Wild Pokemon to come to the island. Make sure you click on them as they will most likely decide to stay and become your Pokemon. I’ve already gotten quite a few awesome Pokemon this way such as a Timid Mismagius. Apparently you can get shiny Pokemon turn up here on the very rare occasion.

The next island you can get is called Isle Aplenny which allows you to plant 6 berries (You can eventually upgrade this to 18). This is how you grow more of those berries you’ve been finding under those different trees in Alola. If you place Poke Beans on this Island’s Box you can cut the berry growth time in HALF for as long as the beans last. Another note all the stat reducing berries (You can use these to reduce unwanted EVs in your Pokemon) apparently turn up on Route 10 on Ula Ula island only under this single tree. So make sure you re-grow all your berries because you have to wait a whole day for berries to turn up here again.

Next up is Isle Aphun which allows you to send some of your Pokemon on adventures to find awesome items. At first you can only really find shards but when you upgrade you’ll be able to send them to look for awesome items such as Evolution Stones! Oh and Bottle Caps… but as I’m still learning about those bottle caps myself I can’t really feature them on the blog, yet.

Now we’re onto probably the most important Island… Isle Eveup. This is where you can have 6 of your Pokemon gain a certain stat or EXP over the amount of time you set. Eventually you can have three sets of Pokemon training. Each group will train using certain drinks to increase HP, Attack, Defense, its level, ECT.  At Rank 1 your Pokemon will gain 1 evs per half hour, at Rank 2 it’ll be 2 EVs and at Rank 3 (Which is really tough to unlock as you need way over 250 Poke Beans) it’ll be 4 EVs per half hour so to get 252 evs in a single stat you’ll have to have a Pokemon train for 30 hours unless you use Poke Beans in which it’ll only take 15 hours, and this is on the highest rank which I’ve yet to unlock. It may seem like a long time to wait but here’s the awesome part. You can set this up to run even when your machine isn’t on! So you can set this up in the evening and by the same time the next day you could possibly have 252 EVs in a stat of a single Pokemon. Hopefully me telling you how much EVs go up per half hour will help you calculate your EVs, for those who wanna get crazy with their EV spreads. Just remember when using Poke Beans an half hour will become 15 minutes!

Of course this isn’t the only way to EV train in Pokemon Sun and Moon, there are SOS battles. I think I’ll feature that in a future blog though instead of dragging this blog out so stay tuned for the future! By future I mean possibly Friday or sometime next week depending on my plans.

We’re not quite done with the Poke Pelago yet though, there is one last island to feature, Isle Avue.

This is basically a hot spring you can send your Pokemon to relax in and gain happiness. I’ve not used this island much because I really didn’t know for sure how it worked until now. There’s a big part of this island I overlooked… YOU CAN HATCH EGGS ON THIS ISLAND! Yes you can have 6 eggs per group (Once again you need to catch more Pokemon and get more Poke Beans to upgrade and get more groups for a total of 18 EGGS AT A TIME) on this island. It’s like wow I had no idea you could do this until I was messing around and accidentally tried to place an egg on the island only to find it actually works, go figure. Do not leave your Pokemon here for more then 24 hours though, their happiness will go down! I mean who would want to stay in a hot spring for long periods of time anyway.  Poke Beans will make your eggs hatch faster and your Pokemon relax and gain happiness quicker.

So yeah that’s pretty much Poke Pelago, there’s a few other small bits and bobs such as the Bean Bottle but Mohn pretty much explains that for you. Yeah it’s a really great feature and is a really big help for EV training and egg hatching. Horde Battles and Super Training might be gone but this is an awesome alternative that I would love to see return in future Pokemon games. This is just one of the new awesome features of Pokemon Sun and Moon and I will be talking more about these games in future blogs now that I’ve had time to explore most of it.  Speaking of competitive battles I’m really looking forward to when they introduce the QR Rental feature which will allow you to scan QR codes to rent Pokemon for use in the Battle Tree, Battle Royale and even Online. It’ll make the game feel a lot like Pokemon Stadium which has always been a long time favorite game of mine because of rental system. I just like using rental Pokemon, especially when I’m not done building my own competitive team yet. It sounds like you’ll be able to create and upload your own teams as well which is CRAZY. Don’t make us wait too much longer Game Freak!

Also don’t forget to pick up your Magearna if you’ve beaten the Pokemon League! 

You can get Magearna by scanning a QR code you can get by visiting the official Pokemon Website via this link, which I’m giving out the link instead of the QR code itself because I don’t think I’m allowed to post the QR codes on here. Basically after scanning the QR Code go to the shopping mall, located East of the Pokemon Center in Hau’oli City on MeleMele Island (The first island of the game.) In the back on the far right you’ll see this guy in a yellow and blue striped shirt, which looks awfully like Ness’s shirt from Earthbound, y’know except this is a grown man. Maybe it’s Ness grown up who knows. (Hey it’s better then the Ness is Sans from Undertale theory, haha.) He’ll give you Magearna! I happened to of gotten a Modest Magearna… Yeah I’m being really lucky on this game lately.

Anyway Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are currently $39.99 on GameStop!  They’re awesome games with tons of content and I can’t wait to talk about them some more on the blog.

Why should you buy it at GameStop? Because well with the absolutely free GameStop rewards card you can gain points off any purchase to go towards coupons that’ll take a MASSIVE chunk out of the amount of money you spend on purchases. It’s pretty easy to sign up, you’ll have to go to a local store first though but afterwards you can set everything else up online.  That statement was not sponsored in anyway shape or form I’m stating this because I recently found out you could sign up for a rewards program, I’m late to the party apparently, oops.

That’s pretty much it for the blog today! I’m hoping it was informative and made you realize how Poke Pelago makes your Pokemon Training so much easier. Can’t wait to talk more about these games and other Video Games in future blogs so stay tuned! My next Pokemon Sun blog will probably be about the SOS Battles.

Oh wait! There is one more thing I want to talk about. Our Re-Growing a Lettuce Challenge! I know this is completely off topic from the main topic… but hey this is a blog I can do that kind of thing, right? Anyway Mum came up with this crazy idea about two weeks ago now. We took a lettuce stem that we finished using and stuck it in a shot glass of water. To our surprise it’s actually growing!

I don’t think this lettuce plans on stopping any time soon so we may have a full lettuce within a couple more weeks, maybe two-three months! So yeah check back every blog day (Yeah we’re calling posting days, blog days now because that’s how I roll, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.)

So yeah I’ll leave you guys now, today’s topic was pretty big so I can’t really squeeze anything else in here without making this a little overstuffed. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day! Nintendo is holding a special Nintendo Switch presentation on January the 12th! I'll be talking about it on Monday as it'll be happening on Friday. I write these blogs the night before the day so I won't be able to talk about it on Friday.

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