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Free Comic Book Day 2017 at 2nd & Charles! (ZAK Comic Week)

Welcome back everyone to the ZAK Entertainment Comic Book Week! What was a spur of the moment idea due to my Free Comic Book Trip recordings being too long for one vlog and blog has been quite an interesting idea that I intend on keeping. Maybe I should do other special themed weeks such as a Pokemon week or a Yarn week. I also wish to film more videos for you guys, I know I’ve been severely inactive on my Youtube but this FCBD Vlog has given me some more confidence in doing vlogs and as vlogs are easy to record I could possibly be doing more of them. I also found out that some stores do allow you to record so I may be exploring some more stores and locations for you guys. Anyway before I continue be sure to check out Monday’s blog for Part 1 of my Free Comic Book Day (Which was last Saturday.) trip to Excalibur Comics! Now let’s dive into part 2!

After leaving the awesome Excalibur Comics me and Dad decided to extend our trip to 2nd & Charles, a book store primarily and was originally a Books-a-Million (Still owned by the same people.) they’ve added a whole load of new stuff to the store such as Music Instruments, Vinyls, Record Players, Comic Books Movies and even Video Games. While the Free Comic Book Day section was a bit small compared to Excalibur Comics I explored around most of the store for your viewing pleasure… Meaning I got distracted and carried away because of all the awesome stuff in the store. So let’s dive into 2nd & Charles in a sort of off topic from FCBD Vlog!

See what I mean? Sometimes getting distracted isn’t a bad thing however as this store is worth exploring. I’m not sure how widespread 2nd & Charles is, they’re owned by Books-a-Million and I’ve been seeing them replace BAM stores here and there so you probably have one in your local area somewhere. Definitely go and check them out, they still have the wide book selection that BAM always has but man have they got some variety, it’s almost like this blog in a sense of being so varied. (I didn’t take any photos of the store sadly so sorry if about the lack of eye candy, go watch the video for that if you want to.)

Music seems to be a big part of this store now as they have a massive collection of Vinyl Records new and old and even some not bad priced Record Players to go with them. ($69.99 for a record player is not bad at all.) Towards the front left side of the store they have guitars, acoustic and electric lined up and I believe I even saw a drum set of some kind and an electric piano.  I know music is a rare discussion here on ZAK Entertainment but I really am a lover of those beats.

The actual Free Comic Book Day section was a bit small, limited to one stand with not many books available but they actually had comics that I wasn’t able to grab at Excalibur Comics so it was worth it. The Comic Book part of this store however is not so small and a massive comic book selection awaits you, mostly hard book volumes I believe but they had standard issues. Pop Funko figures are absolutely everywhere lately and this store has a plethora of them. As well as the Pop figures this place had some awesome statue figures of some very familiar comic book characters and even Japanese Anime and Manga characters such as Luffy and Goku. (That’s the limitation of my anime knowledge, thanks for reading… Ha-ha just kidding but seriously I saw some characters that drew a blank on me, please feel free to let me know what shows these characters are from.) Japanese Manga itself was at no short of supply and the DVD section, as well as having all the new movies on Blu-Ray and DVD had a nice Anime selection.

One thing that surprised me was the appearance of RWBY merchandise. Now I know I’ve not discussed RWBY yet which means some of you don’t even know what that is (There may or may not be a blog coming up on it, I was supposed to actually write one last year when Volume 4 released but I’ve actually not watched Volume 4 yet… Oops.) but it’s this awesome 3D CGI animated Web Show about a group of students in a fantasy world who fight grimm monsters and have scythes that are also sniper rifles… Yeah that was a bad description but I’ll write a blog on RWBY soon enough for you guys. Anyway! Yeah I was surprised to find RWBY Merchandise in the store, which is cool if you guys are unable to buy it from the Roosterteeth store. Also they had a sweet poster of a certain man named Roman Torchwick (For those who watched the video I actually did know his name, okay, I was just making a really awkward bad joke.) so that was awesome.

Oh yeah! Pokemon was at no short supply either, they had plushies, the manga, books, even that Pikachu onesie pajamas, which I was almost tempted to buy but I think I might be a bit tall for that. Nintendo itself had its own section as well and apparently… Harry Potter. Yeah I’m a Harry Potter fan but I never realized how much Merchandise it has…

Now lastly there’s one part of the store that blew my mind, the Video Game section. When they renovated Books-a-Million into 2nd & Charles I was excited to hear they would be incorporating Video Games, used and new. Now when I heard used I figured “Oh it’ll just be used games of the DS/3DS/Wii/Wii u lineup.” But boy was I mistaken; this place has hundreds of games spanning Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox and even Atari and Sega’s history. My jaw dropped when I saw the huge amount retro and classic games available. They had NES Games, SNES, Game Gear, Genesis, PSX, Gamecube and even a huge amount of N64 games available, most I have never owned in my life. Sadly I didn’t come home with any but man I’ve never seen so many retro games in one place before. While they didn’t have any retro consoles (Aside from a sweet n64 in it’s ORIGINAL BOX!) they did have some of these 3rd party custom consoles that allow you to play NES games and SNES Games and even Sega Genesis games all on the same console. 2nd & Charles also had this SupaBoy available which apparently allows you to play SNES games on mobile, didn’t even know that sort of machine existed… I’ve never owned a NES or SNES so I may come back and grab one of these babies and some games at some point in the future, doesn’t seem like they’ll be running short of supply.

Before I left the store I also noticed they had a lot of Japanese snacks, which is cool I don’t usually see Japanese foods around besides Pocky but I have absolutely no idea what any of this is. Maybe I should grab a whole bunch and do a Japanese Snacks video… Oh god that’s such a good idea but I’m not sure if I want to go through with it, haha.

Anyway if you live near a 2nd & Charles store I recommend you go check it out! I’m going to have to go back there with some actual money and buy some stuff… Then review it for you guys, wouldn’t that be cool? So me and my Dad left the store after getting a little lost (I didn’t actually get to explore the whole store, missed a bunch of stuff.) and we headed on home. Sadly that’s it for my Free Comic Book Day trip, you guys will be getting a third Video on Friday showcasing my full haul but for now let’s discuss my 2nd and Charles haul here on the blog! Visit to see if you have a store near you.

I didn’t grab as many as I did at Excalibur Comics, mostly I got stuff for my little brother and sister but I grabbed some extras that I wasn’t able to grab before. (I still missed like 50% of the free comics available… Damn.)

I picked up 5 comics from 2nd and Charles starting off with this pretty cool Doctor Who comic.

Doctor Who has been around since 1963 and the Doctor himself has gone through quite a few faces, 13 to be exact. This comic brings back the 4 modern Doctors (Not counting John Hurt.) and while they don’t end up meeting face to face it shows how the Doctor’s many faces are not so disconnected. It’s a great read and I’m kinda curious to try reading some more Doctor Who comics. I don’t really watch the show much anymore but these comics might bring my love for the series back.

Next up I got this Star Trek Comic. It’s called Star Trek The Next Generation: Mirror Broken. Immediately you’ll notice this isn’t the normal timeline, as I’ve never seen Jean-Luc Picard (Or Patrick Stewart for that matter) with muscles. As the name may suggest this takes place in the Mirror Universe, which has been a running thing since the original 1960s Star Trek series when Captain James T. Kirk, Lieutenant Uhura, Lieutenant Commander Scotty and Doctor Leonard McCoy were accidentally transported to the Mirror Universe’s ISS Enterprise. I’m not really a fan of the Mirror Universe but I thought I would give this a chance regardless. It was interesting to see how the mirror universe depicted Captain Picard and Crew. This comic also features short preview stories from Star Trek Boldly Go, which is a comic that takes place after Star Trek Beyond (Which I review in this blog: The Enterprise Crew have been reassigned to different positions and Kirk finds himself with new faces under his command.

Star Trek Waypoint which seems to take place some years after Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager in a celebration of sorts of these shows. Each issue of Waypoint takes place in different time periods featuring stories of crews commanded by Janeway, Kirk, Picard and in this issue… Geordi La Forge. Also Data is integrated into the computer now.. That’s interesting.

Finally my favorite part of this comic preview… the Star Trek and Green Lantern Stranger Worlds crossover. I’ve been a fan of Star Trek and Green Lantern for a long time now and seeing these two come together might seem bizarre but on the other hand seem to go, well, hand in hand with each other.

Moving on to my next comic I got this Rick and Morty comic. I have not watched Rick and Morty yet, it’s an adult animated sitcom mixed with crazy comic science fiction and a million drunken Ricks. I’ve been interested in checking this out for a while now as it, for some reason, reminded me of Futurama. Basically it’s about a cynical Mad Scientist Rick and his Grandson Morty as they travel through dimensions while still spending time with their domestic family. That’s as far as my knowledge goes on them and I’ve yet to read this comic just yet so I’m not sure what happens but it seems like a wild ride.

I got myself an Avatar comic, which is based on James Cameron’s blue cat people not Avatar: The Last Airbender. This new Avatar series first released… Well on Free Comic Book Day. This is the official first release of this new series. Apparently the comic takes place during the first movie and might set up some things for the upcoming Avatar 2 which is set to release in 2020.

Finally I got this BOOM! Studios 2017 Summer Blast comic. I had no idea what this was and I only really got it because I loved the look of the cover art and the fact it was made by BOOM! Studios but it holds three pretty cool looking stories, these three stories being Mouse Guard, Brave Chef Briana, and Coady and the Creepies. Haven’t read into these much either yet.

That’s it for my 2nd and Charles haul making my total haul 14 comics. That’s quite a lot of reading I have to do as well as the comics I’m going to bug my dad to read from his comic haul. I’ll discuss Dad’s haul more on Friday in the final part of this ZAK Comic Week so be sure to come back then! While it might seem unnecessary I’m going to be uploading a video showcasing my entire haul (Which I recorded last Saturday, it was supposed to be in with the first two parts but I’ve had to split the entire trip into a three part series… Thus ZAK Comic Week was born.) on Friday so that’ll be something to look forward too as well.

Before I leave you guys though debuting during the MTV Movie Awards was the final trailer of Wonder Woman releasing on June 2nd next month!

We get to see more of Wonder Woman as a child as well as her first steps off the island of the Amazons. This movie looks incredible and Gal Gadot seems to be a perfect fit for Wonder Woman. Only thing that’ll make this more perfect is if they give her the Invisible Jet… Or is that too silly for a movie like this? And how is she going to fight in those normal clothes anyway? Guess we’ll have to find out. Hopefully they didn’t give too much away in this trailer they did seem to show a lot of the action.

Another trailer was released and it has more to do with the TV side of DC… I’ve been avidly watching CW’s DC TV since the 2017 seasons began and while I dropped Supergirl sadly (I really got bored and tired of it I’m sorry.) I’ve been keeping up with Legends of Tomorrow (Which is over now.) but mostly the Flash. After last night’s kind off odd, silly but good regardless Episode we got two more Episodes remaining! Savitar… or should I say –redacted- has spilled his guts about his plan (Or has he? I’m not so convinced.) and while his origins aren’t as dramatic as I imagined they would be he’s looking to be Barry’s greatest enemy yet. (Okay no Reverse Flash is still the best.) CW has released this Sizzle Reel trailer with clippings of the last two episodes so lets take a look!

Okay the blogs getting long so I won’t talk that much about the trailer… But why is Barry looking at Reverse Flash’s outfit? What on earth is going on, Leonard Snart is back… King Shark is back and ARGUS looks like its getting involved. These last two Episodes are going to be a ride and a half. I’m sorry for not discussing the CW DC shows much but I wasn’t sure about letting spoilers out the bag, I’ll actually be reviewing Flash and Legends (Supergirl if I bother to pick the show back up.) once The Flash ends so stay tuned for that! No exact date though as I got other blogs planned such as some upcoming Piratey blogs… Maybe next week should be ZAK Pirate Week, Arrggg!

So as its Comic week I’ve been trying to find Comic Book related Knitting Patterns for you guys. Monday I found this awesome comic book cover and I’m not sure if I could top that pattern but I think I just did… What happens when it gets cold and Wonder Woman is still wearing her usual outfit? Does she get cold? If she does I bet she’ll love to wear this, or anyone wanting to be a Wonder Woman. This is the… Well it’s called “Wonder Woman” by Natalie Bursztyn and it’s a pullover sweater.
This is a crazy awesome sweater and while I’ve never knitted a sweater yet this looks like a standard sweater only with Wonder Woman themed colorworks! It’s all done with charts and can be done in three different sizes so it fits snug on your body. You’ll need some Aran weight yarn, the amount you’ll need depending on the size you’re knitting will range from 1456 yards (1331 m) to 1872 yards but the pattern does well on explaining everything so no panic if I’ve just confused you. You’ll need US 10 and US 10 1/2 needles as well. Check this awesome pattern out on Ravelry and Natalie Burztyn’s Ravelry page! You’re a pretty awesome (Perhaps… Wonderful. FORGIVE ME.) designer.

I’ll leave you guys now… See you guys this Friday for the ZAK Comic Week finale! It might be getting a little… Nostalgic.

That’s a wrap folks!

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