Friday, November 18, 2016

Celebrating 30 Blog Posts Into the Final Frontier

Incredible how we've already hit 30 blog posts on this blog. I've talked about quite a few awesome film and video game topics, taken you on a trip through my knitting saga as well as show off some awesome cars. This has been a really enjoyable and fun experience so far and has allowed me to get my interests out there for the world to see. Also I've been encouraged to start writing a lot more often... Well at least writing stuff for people to see anyway instead of keeping everything locked up. My confidence has increased a bit as well which has surprised me. There are still a lot of topics I've yet to dive into that I have planned for the future. For the most part what I talk about depends on what's happening in my day that I'm writing it, which explains a lot of the knitting blogs as I've been doing a lot on that for winter and such. To those reading I hope you stick around as I improve and dive into more awesome topics and to those who are reading this in the future. So with that out of the way it's time to go... Where no one has gone before.

Space... The Final Frontier... 

So yesterday I finally got around to watching the brand new Star Trek Beyond movie. I'm not much of a theatre fan so I don't usually watch movies until they're out on iTunes and DVD. Don't worry though I won't be talking about any spoilers so no need to click off!

Now this is the third entry in the rebooted Star Trek movie series starring Chris Pine as James T Kirk. Which might I add he's actually looking a lot like Kirk now. It released in theatres earlier on this year and on iTunes and DVD about a week ago. The previous two movies, Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness were directed by J.J. Abrams but this movie has changed directors (With J.J. Abrams still producing) to Justin Lin, known for directing movies such as Fast & Furious 6. Though there were some people worried about this choice of director I believe he stayed pretty truthful to the Star Trek Franchise in this movie.

Without spoiling anything the movie takes place a couple of years into James T Kirk and the Enterprise Crew's 5 year mission to explore the unknown. They interrupt their mission to visit a Federation Space Station and end up facing against an enemy who puts everything the Federation stands for to the test.

The movie's storyline kind of feels more like something out of an old episode or one of the old movies and in general the film feels more like Star Trek then the previous movie. (I can't say anything about the first Star Trek it's been ages since I've watched it... Need to watch that again.) Though there were a few plot points that confused me and I actually had to rewatch the movie again to really understand the full picture, that's not really a good thing if you're only able to watch this one time. Actually truth be told there's one plot point that confuses me still.

The cinematography was pretty good and kept up with the action without completely losing me. I noticed a lot of the crazy lens flares that were present in previous Star Trek movies have been toned down without losing that sleek and futuristic vision. (J.J. Abrams has a fascination with Lens Flares apparently.) Really to be honest those lens flares always distracted me from the previous films slightly.

One last thing I liked about this movie was Dr. Bones; I swear he was the best character in this movie. Karl Urban looks almost like the late DeForest Kelly and he pulls off the character perfectly. The relationship between Spock (Zachary Quinto) and Dr. McCoy was one of my favorite parts of the movie.

The movie also paid a little tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy (The original Spock himself) who passed away in February of last year and Anton Yelchin (Who actually played Chekov in this movie before passing.) who died earlier on this year in June. You'll love when you see how they worked the tribute into this flick. All in all (I say this a lot for some reason) this was a pretty good movie. Still has some flaws that bugged me such as their being some plot points I didn't understand but I actually enjoyed it more than the previous Into Darkness movie. I need to rewatch the first Star Trek movie again it's been a while now.

As you may have noticed... We kinda have the Sun and the Moon in the sky at the moment... At the same time. What I mean by that is Pokemon Sun and Moon both released today for the Nintendo 3DS! Tons of trainers all over the world are now traveling the wonderful islands of Alola as they take on the Island Trials while meeting brand new Pokemon and dealing with the new baddies in town Team Skull. Okay I have to admit I absolutely love Team Skull, they're the best evil organization in Pokemon since Team Rocket (Not saying I didn't love the other guys but yeah Team Rocket was always my favorite.) They're goofy and like to believe they're a street gang or something. Anyway it's been awhile since I first talked about Sun and Moon and a lot has been revealed since then. Truthfully I believe they revealed a little too much with all the trailers (Seriously were they worried these weren't going to sell? It's Pokemon.) but it isn't taking away from the excitement. I'm going to be getting Pokemon Sun (Solgaleo Squad Unite!) first but I still haven't decided on a starter Pokemon yet... Yeah I'm having a bit of a dilemma on who I want to pick. Who are you picking? Are you excited for your journey through Alola? Comment below or on my social media posts! Will be talking more about Pokemon Sun in the future so stay tuned!

On the subject of Sun and Moon something else interesting is happening over here in the states... The Pokemon TV Series has actually switched channels for the first time in over 10 years. Pokemon The Series Sun & Moon as well as all previous seasons of the show will now air on Disney XD. Crazy huh? Not exactly sure how I feel about this change. Pokemon has been on Cartoon Network since the Ruby and Sapphire Advance series but recently they've been shoving it in a corner in a really early time slot on Saturday mornings so the switch may not be such a bad thing. On the other hand Disney XD is a TV channel that on certain cable plans you have to actually pay for an extra Digital Package to view it. I mean in my area you have to pay for practically the highest cable package AND add on the Variety package on top of that to even get Disney XD. It's even hard to get it on Satellite as well you gotta go up two packages on Dish before they offer it to you. There is a bright side to this change though... With how close Disney and Netflix are working lately there's a chance Pokemon Sun and Moon will be up on Netflix before you know it. I mean look how long Yokai Watch (Also on disney XD) took to end up on Netflix it was almost instant. It also looks like their keeping the voice cast as in the recently Disney XD trailer Ash still had the voice he has had since Battle Frontier. So yeah if you're a parent with kids who love Pokemon (Or like me who still loves it at the age of almost 21.) and you don't have Disney XD keep an eye out on Netflix. Actually I'll let everyone know on here if and when it turns up on Netflix.

Boy do I ramble a lot when talking about Pokemon, don't I? Oops. Anyway one last thing for today's blog I want to show off this cool little knitted object I made real quick while watching the new Star Trek movie...

This is a little earbud pouch for keeping your... well earbuds in. It was a quick knit I decided to do to help me practice with increases, decreases and kitchener stitch. I used a circular size 2 needles in a magic loop situation and I used a pattern by Mary Keenan. So this was my first time doing kitchener stitch... And it was not the smoothest process. Well I got to the end and found out that I did it completely wrong... COMPLETELY. Apparently the video I was following wasn't very good or I just didn't concentrate properly but I gave Mum a nightmare trying to help me unpick it. Though I did find a better video that taught me to knit on, purl off on the first needle then purl on, knit off on the second. It looks like a little baby's hand mitten actually and I love the colors of this. It was actually scrap yarn I found in a ziplock bag. Mum says that this is Lorna's Laces Fingering Sock Yarn and she's used it for quite a few projects so it's a pretty good yarn. I mean Lorna's Laces yarns are always great to knit with. Going to be making a couple more of these so I can practice Kitchener some more.

Anyway I think it's time to wrap up the blog for the day. 30 blog posts already huh? Well I'm going to be sticking to it and bringing you better and better content. I still got a lot to learn but hope you stick around! Don't forget to follow me on all my social medias (Links on the side) so you can keep track. I'm mostly active on my Facebook and Instagram so you can message me stuff on there if you wish. Also don't forget to check me out on Ravelry if you like my knitting stuff. I make videos for my YouTube you won't want to miss as well!

See you on the next blog!

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