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Team Flash Faces It's Toughest Challenge in The Flash Season 3

Speed, a lot of us strive to be the fastest we can be. Some of us are almost addicted to the fast paced motion and love the adrenaline that surges through us when we’re hitting the highway or racing in the Indy 500 for instance. Think to yourself one moment and consider what it would be like if you had the ability to tap into a speed force, allowing you to move and think at uncontrollable speeds? What if a bolt of lightning could suddenly thrust your life into one of the speed force? Catch my drift? I’m talking about the Scarlet Speedster himself, The Flash. 

Of course The Flash is a mantle that quite a few have taken over the years so let me narrow it down to The Flash who created the speed force, Barry Allen. I’ve been a big fan of The Flash since I was a kid through mostly the old Justice League cartoon however this iteration of The Flash was Wally West, Barry’s sidekick turned full time Flash. This was also the period of time where Wally West was the protagonists of all currently running Flash comics so I really didn’t know much about Barry Allen growing up until recent years with the return of Barry Allen in the comics, Flashpoint, New 52 and most of all the CW show titled “The Flash.” which is what this blog is going to be talking about today. In that sense I have to warn you now this blog will have possible spoilers minor or not for all of The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow but luckily for you all seasons aired on TV as of today are on Netflix!

It feels like an eternity since the awesome first season of The Flash ended and we’ve just crossed the finish line of the third season, which I’ll finally dive into now. I’ll discuss more about the first two seasons on future blogs but my blog wasn’t around when the first two seasons were airing so that’s why I guess.

Coming off from the second season of the Flash I wasn’t entirely sure how I felt going into the third season. Zoom aka Hunter Zolomon, the main villain of season 2 (I didn’t actually like Zoom.) has been defeated in his attempt to completely wipe Earth-2 of the map. Before he was defeated however he killed Barry’s Father Henry Allen and betrayed the entire Team Flash while posing as Jay Garrick. Barry trying to cope with all this decides to travel back in time to the night his mom died and stop Reverse Flash/Eobard Thawne from doing so. Oh boy you know what that means, right? Flashpoint!

It had been speculated that the CW show would dive into Flashpoint at some point but it seemed almost jarring for it to happen so early in the show’s life. Barry Allen sure does love to mess with the Timeline and now he’s gone over the line and taken poor Eobard Thawne with him, okay I’m kidding on that last part Reverse Flash is far from being “poor” but you got to feel sorry for the guy, Barry literally locks him in a speed reducing cage in some broken down warehouse while he goes to live with his now alive Mom and Dad.

Flashpoint as Eobard calls it is a completely alternative timeline, all of Barry’s friends from Team Flash and CCPD don’t even know who he is and Barry is no longer the Flash. (Though still has his powers, for now.) That doesn’t mean Central City doesn’t have a Flash, the mantle of the Flash is taken by a familiar face, Wally West aka Iris’s long lost brother from season 2. Flashpoint has it’s share of metahumans as well one being Edward Clariss who people will know as The Rival from Jay Garrick’s run as The Flash. He takes the mantle of The Rival and Wally’s technical Reverse Flash. After a long fight against The Rival and some help with Flashpoint Team Flash (Cisco’s role will shock you.) Barry discovers he’s losing his memories of his previous life and collapses leaving Eobard to reset the timeline back to the way it used to be. This actually happened all in one Episode which is pretty crazy and sets a big bar for the rest of the season. What seemed like one of those episodes that happen then gets reset as if it never happened would come to affect the entire rest of the season. 

You would think stopping Barry from killing his mother would reset everything back the way it should be but as Jay Garrick (Aka Earth 3 Henry Allen apparently.) puts it speedsters are far from gods and can never recreate a timeline as it would be akin to gluing together a broken cup with some of its pieces missing.

While Flashpoint in this show didn’t have as drastic of an impact as the original New 52 Flashpoint reboot (Because they weren’t exactly rebooting hundreds of comic books.) a significant amount of changes have occurred such as a new character being introduced (Who in this new timeline apparently turned up during the season 2 time period.) by the name of Julian Albert. Now I was not aware of all the castings this season and I was shocked to find Tom Felton (A former Death Eater’s Son.) playing Julian a Meta-human CSI expert working for CCPD apparently alongside Barry unknowingly. I’m not sure whether Julian existed before Flashpoint but Flashpoint brought him into the lives of Team Flash and not just for random reasons either. Caitlin may be the character affected the most through Flashpoint though while I predicted she had these powers before Flashpoint due to the Particle Accelerator explosion it seems Flashpoint was the trigger that has caused her worse fears (After seeing Earth 2 Caitlin as Killer Frost) to come true.

The first half of the season involves Barry Allen while handling drama from his friends because Barry thought it was great to mess with the timeline is taking on Dr. Alchemy and his cult as he brings the meta-humans present in Flashpoint to the main timeline in preparation of the arrival of Savitar supposed God of Speed. In exchange for their assistance Dr. Alchemy promises that Savitar will provide them with ultimate power under his rule. Basically yeah the main villain is a speedster again and a supposed God of Speed. Savitar takes over as the true main villain after Episode 10.

Speaking of speedsters Wally has to come to terms with not having speed after discovering the truth about his Flashpoint self, which is not easy when you find out your best friend/crush Jessie Quick from Earth 2 has gained speed powers after you both were hit by Barry’s energy in season 2. This season is definitely the season of the most speedster appearances, from The Rival to a future Barry Allen with a pretty slick outfit. Wally goes through a lot this season and I hope next season gives him time to shine brighter.

Speedsters aren’t the only heroes hanging around this season and this might be my favorite part of the season. Cisco finally suits up as Vibe. Yes my boy Cisco after discovering his powers in Season 2 suits up with his own sweet gig and gauntlets allowing him to channel his vibe energy into vibration blasts similar to his comic counterpart. Cisco also improves his Earth jumping and that brings me to the second greatest part of this season, the Invasion crossover. What started off with Barry and Oliver teaming up for some Flash and Arrow action has evolved into a massive multiverse of superheroes and this team up proves it. I’ve always been a sucker for Superhero team ups and seeing the Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl (Who Cisco vibes to Earth-1) team up with Barry and Oliver in a building which looks a little too close to the Justice League headquarters was an awesome sensation for my eyes. What brought all these heroes together are none other then the Dominators a race of aliens who, well, dominate. Oh yeah and they want to wipe out every Meta-human in existence, which is crazy. Oliver Queen must be getting overwhelmed with all these new meta-humans and super heroes turning up, who knows who’ll turn up later on this year.

I haven’t talked about this character yet but while he didn’t seem important he might have been one of the most vital characters of the entire season. For every season of The Flash so far there has been at least one Harrison Wells, or at least a character that Tom Cavanagh plays throughout every episode. In the first season he played the not so nice guy Harrison Wells owner of S.T.A.R. Labs and secretly the man in the yellow suit himself Reverse Flash. In the second season he played a real version of Harrison Wells from Earth-2 who might be just as much of a genius as his previous season self. He also happened to have a daughter named Jessie Quick. Well this season after Earth-2 Harrison Wells (Harry) decides to leave back to his earth helps Team Flash find a new Harrison Wells in the first ever multiverse interview to find another earth Harrison Wells. 

They’re successful and “H.R.” Wells joins Team Flash. Only this Harrison Wells is strikingly different from the previous two Wells. For one he has a love for these drumsticks two, he may be more of an idea man then a genius and proves to not really be knowledgeable in technology or science. He struggles to find his purpose and I wasn’t sure if I liked this version until later on in the season when I realize how he may be the most lovable Harrison Wells of them all. Oh yeah apparently Coffee doesn't exist on his earth and he falls in love with it when he tastes Earth-1 coffee. He also might be the first Harrison Wells not obsessed with Big Belly Burger.

The second half of the season seems to move away from the Flashpoint storyline almost to a point where I forget Flashpoint even happened. It turns from fighting against Flashpoint and it’s effects on people to a fight to save Barry’s true love from the grips of time itself. Though as the show only ended last week and this is where the storyline gets good I’m not sure how I can dive into this part of the season without ruining it for you. All I can say Is Savitar might be the villain who’s more close to Barry’s friends then Thawne and Zolomon ever were. This season of The Flash I’m not sure if it beats Season 1 but it’s just as action packed and awesome as Season 1, albeit a few plot points left loose here (Still got some questions unanswered) and there. Like I said in the beginning The Flash Season 3 actually drops onto Netflix for the US, well this very minute at the moment this blog is up which is pretty convenient I might say. I highly recommend you watch this season despite a few short comings here and there it’s a really great show with new characters that I’ve come to love, such as Julian. Even though I’m not used to seeing Tom Felton play characters other then Draco Malfoy for some reason.

A lot of this season revolves around friendships, teamwork and later on a fight for love which while the previous seasons focused on this season really puts a strain on Team Flash as they fight to keep themselves from tearing each other apart. I was hoping that the next season would relieve these meta-humans a little but after that cliffhanger ending, well let’s just say Flashpoint comes back to bite everyone in the ass. The future for Team Flash is unknown but I’m quite excited to see where they’ll take it and I’ll be absolutely sure to keep you guys up to date on any news that surfaces regarding Season 4, I can actually do that this year.

Before I speed away I have one more Flash related topic. Apparently there’s not many DC related knitting patterns out there and finding one for the Flash was really tough. I have found one however and it’s quite snazzy though definitely built for winter wear. This is “Flash Hat” by Megan-Anne Forsythe!

This is a simple beanie pattern but coupled with a sweet Flash emblem to make whoever you’re knitting them for feel like the fastest person alive. This beanie is knitted using sport weight yarn on US 3 – 3.25 MM size circular hat needles. It’s knitted up like a normal beanie and you’ll find the chart for the Flash logo colorworks as well as the full pattern on Megan-Anne’s website:! Wonder if you could use this chart on something like a pair of gloves too, that would be pretty awesome.

Well that’s it for today! I’ll be talking more about The Flash in the future (Perhaps dive a little bit more in the spoiler zone after you guys have had enough time to watch the season.) perhaps closer to the release of Season 4 but like I said before I’ll try to get out all information regarding Season 4 as it’s released to the public because I’m pretty excited to see the continuation of this show, which is a change to the feeling I had at the end of Season 2. I’ll be reviewing Legends of Tomorrow soon as that actually ended a while back so keep an eye out on that! Sadly I gave up on Supergirl about half way through the show due to loss of interest but I can always catch back up for you guys if you’d like. I actually wish I watched Arrow this season as it seemed to be the best season since the first two so maybe I’ll dive into that when it releases on Netflix June 1st (Tomorrow.)

Oh yeah! Speaking of DC, Injustice 2 for PS4 and XBOX One has recently released and it’s brought a whole slew of new awesome characters to the table. Really wish It was coming out for the Nintendo Switch but it seems that may not be too far away.

Until then

My name is Zachary Kuhn and I am the FASTEST man alive!

Yeah I wish

That’s a wrap folks!

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