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An Ultra Pokemon Reveal with Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon! (Discussion)

It’s that time of the year again; the coming of June means one thing for Gamer fans alike. This month is the month of E3 2017. E3 is usually where game companies unleash their arsenal of games that’ll be releasing in the next year/upcoming months. E3 takes place starting this Saturday, June 10th with the EA conference in Los Angeles, California. (All of E3 takes place in the city of the angels.) Sadly I am not able to make it this year but that isn’t going to stop me from covering as much information as possible next week! So basically next week is going to be ZAK E3 Week 2017 with Friday being the big day as it’s the day after Nintendo’s presentation. (I’m a Nintendo nerd, don’t worry I’ll be covering Microsoft and Sony to the same amount I’m just hyped the most for Nintendo this year.)

Of course this doesn’t stop Nintendo from dropping announcements before E3 as on Monday they announced a Pokemon Direct would air the following day. (Which was yesterday as of this blog posting day.) Immediately the Pokemon Master within me jumped for joy but it’s not unusual for Pokemon to drop announcements for new games before E3, actually they’ve never revealed a game at E3 before. A few blogs ago I started up the ol’ speculation machine and discussed the possibility of Pokemon Stars and to my surprise… Well let’s dive right in shall we?

After an introduction from the head of The Pokemon Company, Tsunekazu Ishihara we go into a short live action segment featuring a boy as he travels overseas to visit his big brother and give some gifts to his nephews. Of course he’s bringing his Nintendo Switch with a new Pokemon game inserted, Pokken Tournament DX. 

You guys probably weren’t expecting this to be the Nintendo Switch’s first Pokemon game and while I’m not a big fan of Pokken this seems like the definitive version of Pokken, incorporating the new characters from the Arcade game (As well as adding a new character, Decidueye) and seemingly improving tenfold on the Wii U version, which in my opinion severely lacked in the character department. (Maybe I’m too used to Smash Brother’s massive roster.) 

With it being on the Switch you’ll be able to do multiplayer on the go as the Switch basically acts as a portable TV with the joycons having the ability to become separate controllers in what Nintendo calls “Table Top Mode.”. This seems like a pretty cool buy for Pokken fans so keep an eye out for that game when it releases September 22nd, 2017.

Did you think that was the end? Not by a long shot. Those two gift boxes are holding a wonderful secret. The next Pokemon journey is here in the form of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon which will be releasing on November 17th this Holiday season!

Remember the Pokemon Stars rumors? Well looks like we were ALMOST right but instead of it being a single game on the Nintendo Switch we’re getting two versions (With snazzy looking logos that basically prove the whole this being Pokemon Stars.) for the Nintendo 3DS. 

I’ve already seen a lot disappointment regarding this but I’m taking a breath of relief. I really did not like the sound of a generation of Pokemon splitting up between machines even if the 3DS and Switch can communicate with each other. Here’s the deal, while a Pokemon adventure on the Switch would be great with the Switch’s portability I don’t think the Switch is portable enough for games such as Pokemon Sun and Moon. An expansive Pokemon adventure that communicates with the 3DS such as a new version of Pokemon XD would be more appropriate for the Switch. I know, I know, Nintendo is marketing the Switch’s portability and the Switch is technically a portable as well as a Home Console but I still feel it’s primarily a home console. I’m not sure if I want to drag a $300 dollar machine with me everywhere I go and I’m sure a lot of parents wouldn’t let their kids do this either. Anyway it all comes down to not splitting up a Generation of Pokemon, it’s not ethical in the slightest. Whether Generation 8 is going to be on the Switch or not is up in the air, I’m not saying it couldn’t work it can but I think Gen 7 should remain on the 3DS to the end at least.

With that said and done the first thing to come to my mind was that these were sequels to Sun and Moon. Did you see Solgaleo and Lunala? This is really giving me those Black 2 and White 2 vibes with the whole fusion idea. Seems Necrozma who was a hidden Legendary you could catch in Pokemon Sun and Moon after beating the Elite Four might be behind our two Sun and Moon Legendaries’ new forms. They look absolutely sweet but are they being corrupted by Necrozma? Regardless of how short this preview was my speculation machine is already taking off to the heavens above.

What has got me thinking is what Junichi Masuda discussed after the preview, that this was an ALTERNATIVE storyline taking place in the world of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Does this discredit this being a sequel? I’m unsure. Third versions such as Pokemon Platinum and Emerald were technically alternative storylines to their predecessors but more so just simple rewrites, something tells me UltraSun and UltraMoon are a much different situation and don’t mind me as I heavily speculate but I have a theory, the Multiverse. Yes the Multiverse in Pokemon has been a thing ever since Zinnia dropped the name in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire’s Delta Episode. This is fueled even more by Sun and Moon’s Ultra Beasts and Ultra Space which is said to connect this multiverse together with a few trainers even being known to have come through the Ultra Wormholes from other timelines. UltraSun and UltraMoon could be an alternative timeline with a brand new storyline taking place in Alola which might collide with Sun and Moon’s storyline at some point. On the other hand I could be completely insane, there’s always that chance. A sequel would be even cooler and could possibly see Lillie return as a strong Pokemon trainer. Oh yeah speaking of Ultra, obviously the Ultra in Ultra Sun and Moon doesn't just mean it's an ultra version of Sun and Moon, we got some Ultra Beast storylines coming through.

Whether it’s a sequel or an alternative timeline the storyline is definitely going to be new while still sticking to the wonderful Alola region while bringing some new locations into the region, well a Pikachu trailer anyway. What is that all about anyway? It looks like there’s going to be some sort of Pika Paradise here. Looks like this game will have some more cutscenes as well adding to the storyline, which might not be great for some but I was a huge fan of the more story driven Sun and Moon. Are we finally going to get to see under Mimikyu’s disguise?!

Masuda also mentioned that this game will feature Pokemon that weren’t available in Pokemon Sun and Moon. While this could mean new Alola Pokemon or new Pokemon in general this probably means that this game will be what ORAS was to XY and allow you to complete the National Dex. (If they ever give an ingame National Dex that is.) Maybe Bellossom, an Hawaiian dancer based Pokemon will be available for once, haha.

One last part of this trailer I found interesting was at the last part of the preview where we see the protagonist (Who doesn’t seem to be the same protagonist from SuMo but the hat might be throwing me off.) hold up his Z-Ring and turn the Z-Crystal in a 90 degrees clockwise. Actually on closer inspection that wasn’t even a normal Z-Crystal, what’s this on about? Normally you do a Z-Move dance to activate the Z-Crystal but this seems more similar to Mega Evolution.

This is only the beginning and truth is we really don’t know anything about what this game has in store for us. Maybe we’ll see more news next week during E3 or next month’s CoroCoro but until then it’s all speculation. Besides that I’m really excited to see what these games have in store so I’ll be keeping you guys posted on any news to surface. Here’s to the next step in the Pokemon World! Don’t worry we’re probably getting Diamond and Pearl remakes next year, though I’m actually glad we got Sun and Moon Sequels over Diamond and Pearl remakes. As far as Pokemon on the Switch goes I highly doubt we’ll see any sign of a main series game on the switch until Generation 8 and even that won’t happen if Nintendo decides to keep their dedicated handheld business alive and maybe even announce a successor to the 3DS. (I wouldn’t understand why not, the 3DS is cheaper and a lot more portable.) Even so I would love to see some sort of Pokemon game in a form similar to Pokemon XD or Pokemon Stadium, I feel like those games would work great on the Switch especially with its portability.

I absolutely loved Sun and Moon and it’s exciting to see a new chapter in the Sun and Moon story. Whether it’s a sequel or alternative story it seems like these games will live side by side with Sun and Moon rather then replace it. (This is what third versions usually do.) Eyes are on the future now.

Oh yeah… Who’s going to be the villain of these new games? If it’s a sequel it won’t be Team Skull but if it’s an alternative timeline (Pokemon Earth-2 without Barry Allen to mess up the timeline.) we might be seeing an alternative version of Team Skull with the return of our boy Guzma. Not sure about this but I also caught wind of a rumor (Take this with a grain of salt.) that these games will feature Gyms instead of Trials. I wouldn’t mind the return of Gyms and the return of the Gyms would explain the 8 odd construction sites in Sun and Moon.

There’s not much I can talk about without seeming like I’m completely insane but then again I am a PokeManiac. Oh yeah the last reveal of this presentation was also quite unexpected! The original Pokemon Gold and Silver will be coming to the 3DS eShop in similarity to the Red and Blue eShop release! It'll be compatible with the wireless trading and also PokeBank and I'm guessing Pokemon Sun and Moon/Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. I'm not sure what the prices will be but if it's anything like the Red and Blue versions it'll be $9.99, which is pretty pricey but if you're not able to fix your Gameboy Game batteries (Which you can for cheaper then $9.99 by following this tutorial I wrote: ) or want to be able to transfer your Pokemon to Gen 7 then these would be a cool buy. Only problem is they didn't announce anything about Pokemon Crystal, this seems like a huge oversight considering Pokemon Crystal was a popular version.

Anyway see you guys next week for some crazier video game reveals! Until then this Friday will be more on the movie spectrum of the website, so stay tuned for that and get ready to blast off to unknown worlds.

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That’s a wrap folks!

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