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The E3 2017 Schedule, A Secret Knitted Dishcloth Mission and Valerian

Happy TGIF everyone! Today is the last blog before we take a nosedive into the awesome E3 2017! With the Nintendo Switch releasing as well as Microsoft having a new console, aka Project Scorpio up their sleeves. I actually made a mistake on the last blog and stated that the Nintendo presentation discussion blog will be on Friday but it’ll actually be next Wednesday as their conference will be on Tuesday. Actually all the reveals will be done and over with on Tuesday so Wednesday will probably end up being the Nintendo/Sony discussion blog while Monday will be focusing on EA and Microsoft who will be having their conferences on Saturday and Sunday. Bethesda is holding their blog on Sunday but it’s so late I’ll not be able to incorporate it until Wednesday. (Yay blog schedules!) For those who wish to watch the presentations here’s the schedule for E3 this year.

Saturday, June 10th will be the EA E3 2017 Conference. It’ll take place at 12pm (PDT) which is Los Angeles time (Where E3 takes place.) but for everyone not in that time zone it’ll take place at 2 PM Central, 3 PM Eastern, 8 PM for United Kingdom and 9 PM for Europe.

Sunday, June 11th will be Microsoft’s E3 conference and Bethesda’s E3 Conference. Microsoft’s Conference will be held at 2 PM Pacific, 4 PM Central, 5 PM Eastern, 10 PM UK and 11 PM Europe. Afterwards at the end of the day going into Monday morning Bethesda will hold their conference  starting at 9 PM Pacific (Sunday), 11 PM Central (Sunday), 12 AM Eastern (Monday), UK 5 AM (Monday) and Europe at 6 AM (Monday.)
Really curious to see what Project Scorpio is all about, how about you?

Monday June 12th will be home to the PC Gaming Show, Ubisoft and Sony.
Kicking things off the PC Gaming Show will start at 10 AM Pacific, 12 Noon Central, 1 PM Eastern, 6 AM UK and Europe 7 PM. Be sure to watch for that Half Life 3 announcement! Haha, yeah that’s not happening.
Ubisoft will be taking the torch afterwards starting at 1 PM Pacific, 3 PM Central, 4 PM Eastern, 9 PM UK and 10 PM Europe.
Finally Sony will wrap up the day starting at 6 PM Pacific, 8 PM Central, 9 PM Eastern, 2 AM UK (Tuesday) and 3 AM Europe. (Tuesday.)

Finally June 13th, the big day, Nintendo’s E3 presentation! (I’m a Nintendo nerd, forgive me.) This will take place at 9 AM Pacific, 11 AM Central, 12 Noon Eastern, 5 PM UK and 6 PM Europe.
Despite being just as hyped for the earlier conferences this is the presentation I’m waiting for the most. Like what Nintendo has been doing for the past couple of years they will be skipping the conference in favor of a pre-recorded presentation followed by livestreams over the next couple of days showcasing the games they revealed live in the Nintendo Treehouse. Like last year with Zelda: Breath of the Wild this year Nintendo will be focusing on a game that I’m extremely excited for, Super Mario Odyssey. It’s no hidden fact that I’m partial to 3D adventure platforming Mario games such as Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine and with this game going back to those roots it might end up being my favorite Mario game of the past decade. Obviously this won’t be the only game they feature as with the new Nintendo Switch release I can bet we’ll be seeing quite the lineup revealed. I’m also hoping for some new Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon news, perhaps during the Treehouse event? Please?

That’s pretty much it for the E3 schedule but there will be other livestreams to watch such as the Square Enix livestream on Wednesday and the Nintendo Treehouse livestream. If you want to know where to watch E3 you can check out the E3 page on Twitch at: Hopefully all the streams will show up here but otherwise you can go to the Youtube Gaming E3 page at: Sadly I wasn’t able to make it out there this year but hey ZAK Entertainment will still be here next year, I’ll try my hardest to make it next year. Other then that I’ll still be here this year for the ZAK Entertainment E3 2016 Coverage happening this Monday and Wednesday. (Possibly Friday? I’m not sure yet.) So be sure to come back here next week for discussions and reactions from moi.

Date, June 9th 2017. A letter has come through the mail, secretly decrypted. I’ve been tasked on a new secret mission to knit up a new dishcloth for, the kitchen. The Knitting Director (Aka Mum.) has handed me the needles needed for this very task, a US 7 to be exact and the cotton yarn to achieve said dishcloth.

This was an urgent mission and must be completed within 24 hours, of course I’ll finish it in half that time.

Casting on was as simple as tying my shoe and the basket weave stitch was like walking my dog, after fighting the dastardly Alfie the Chihuahua, my knitting arch enemy I completed the Dishcloth in the nick of time. The kitchen was safe once again, it’s dishcloths supplied and I was home to do as I please, returning to my knitted afterthought heel sock.

Last time I was tasked on a special Dishcloth mission I had come up with my own pattern and this time is no different. Dishcloths are a great way of trying out new stitches and techniques so I’ve decided to try a basket weave stitch on this dishcloth. The Basket weave stitch is accomplished by knitting, let’s say, 4 stitches then purling 4, repeat this to the end of the row and then reverse it on the next row (The Wrong Side.) You’ll see a pretty awesome basket weave pattern form before your very eyes. Take a look at this next photo to see the pattern up close.

This basket weave goes on for 4 rows and on the 1st row of the repeat I actually reversed what I did on the first section, instead of starting with four purls I started with four knits. That way the basket weave will look like an actual basket weave/checkerboard. This may be one of my favorite kind of stitch and it really gives the dishcloth a nice look. Not sure how it’ll do as far as actually using it but I can imagine it might be more productive then a dishcloth with just stockinette.

So as you can see I haven’t forgotten how to knit and I seem to be getting back into the stitch of things (I’ve over used this joke at this point.) especially with the reboot of my afterthought heel sock project and ZAK Knits Episode 4. I could of actually done a ZAK Knits episode on the basketweave stitch. Would you be interested in smaller ZAK Knits episodes showcasing different stitches? Let me know below in the comments, social media or on Patreon! Anyway I was actually serious about this only taking me under 24 hours, apparently I must've lit a fire under my butt because I zoomed through this. Though I was knitting and watching movies at the same time so that’s usually a good way to get a project finished. Speaking of movies…

I’ve mentioned a lot in the past that The Fifth Element is one of my all time favorite movies. You can imagine my excitement when I heard that Luc Besson, the director of said movie would be making a return to science fiction/space opera movies (Well that’s what they call it.) to direct Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, based on the 1967 French Comic Book series “Valerian and Laureline.”  Which has been an inspiration for many science fiction stories of it’s kind and ironically The Fifth Element.  Valerian might be one of my highly anticipated movies of the year.

Valerian takes place in the distant future (28th century to be exact.) where two special operatives by the name of Valerian (Played by Dane DeHann) and Laureline (Clara Delevingne) are charged with protecting Alpha, a vast metropolis and home to species from a thousand planets. A dark force is looming closer and the two protagonists have less than ten hours to find this menace and destroy it before not just Alpha but the entire Universe is destroyed.

The movie will be releasing on July 21st and they’ve just released the final trailer so let’s check It out below! (Click this link if the video below isn’t showing: )

Basically this movie looks absolutely incredible. The world despite being one world seems so fleshed out. It really does seem like the city of a thousand planets. Now I’ve not yet read the Valerian comics but just seeing this trailer makes me want to check it out.

This alongside Spider-Man: Homecoming might be my most anticipated movie to watch this year.

Before I wrap DON'T FORGET that tomorrow June 10th is World Wide Knit In Public Day! Basically go out there and knit for the world to see! Want to knit and do a marathon at the same time? You go do that! Is that even possible though? Maybe I should try, haha, yeah fat chance.

Well I think we’re coming to a close for today, next week is going to be a pretty busy Video Game week but I’ll be fitting in other topics per tradition of this blog so if you’re not so into E3 I’m sure I’ll have something for you. (Friday will probably not be Video Game focused unless something crazy happens after Wednesday.

Don’t forget to check out the ZAK Entertainment Patreon! I launched this baby last Monday and hope that this will allow me to keep ZAK Entertainment running but also give you guys a community with eventually some cool rewards. The rewards seem skimpy right now but I’m already planning new rewards for the future and there will be changes monthly or even weekly. At the moment I have a give away happening if you pay $3 or more! You’ll be entered into a raffle to win a paid for pattern from Ravelry! What I mean by this is you’ll be able to tell me what you want for up to $6 in value and I’ll gift it to you through Ravelry If you’re that month’s winner. If you guys have any suggestions for new rewards please let me know! You can donate to Patreon by following this link:

Until next time…

See you on- oh wait that’s my old outro.

That’s a wrap folks!

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