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Finished Afterthought Heel Socks and Nintendo's E3 2017 Showcase! (E3 2017 Coverage)

Hey there everybody! We’re still in the thick of E3 and it’s been a doozy to cover all of it and shove it into the three blogs of the week. I probably should've done a blog every day to relief this problem, I might do this next year. Anyway today is Wednesday and that means Nintendo’s E3 presentation was yesterday! I’ll be covering that later on in this blog but before that I have a big knitting announcement. (You can skip past this if you’re not interested, maybe I should start using the sub headers again.)

I started this project late January of this year and seriously socks should not take this long, I really procrastinated and got distracted with these socks. Luckily these were going to be for my Sister’s birthday and I finished them just in time. My afterthought heel socks are finally completed and I didn’t forget the heel! Today actually is my sister's birthday so a big Happy Birthday to Annie my wonderful sister and my inspiration. Go spam Happy Birthday to her at her blog! It's also my awesome little brother Roo's birthday as well, they're twins.

They came out great in the end despite my striping yarn not matching up 100%. (The socks are identical I just didn’t get the colors even.) The afterthought heel wasn’t even as difficult as I thought it would be. I talked about the process of this a while back but basically in short once you get so far on the leg of the sock you knit two rows (On one side of the sock not all the way around.) using scrap yarn then continue on your way up the rest of the sock. After you finish casting off at the toe you go back to this scrap yarn and pick up the stitches.

Mum has done this quite a lot in the past so luckily I had her help me accomplish this. The sock was turned upside down and we picked up the stitches from the back, which made it easier. Once all the stitches were picked up on both needles (I’m using magic loop on circular needles.) I knitted as if I was knitting a toe, using a different colored yarn for contrast. Yeah it’s just like a toe, you even kitchener off at the end like a toe. It’s actually really easy but I didn’t get to record a video for you guys showcasing it sadly. However I will be making a future ZAK Knits episode about afterthought heels so keep an eye out for that in the future. Go check out ZAK Knits Episode 4 featuring the cable ridge of these socks at:

The cable ridge I did really make this sock stand out as a unique sock despite still being a simple stockinette sock. That’s my second pair of socks done finally! Hopefully the next pair and all my future projects won’t take so long. I’m really sorry about my lack of progress lately.

Now onto E3!

I’m going to go out on a limb now and state that I’m pretty much a Nintendo console and a Nintendo nerd in general. While I do love what Microsoft, Sony and PC brings to the table most of my games are on Nintendo consoles, it’s what I grew up with. With that being said the Nintendo part of E3 is what I look forward to the most every year. This year is pretty exciting because we’re stepping into a new era of Nintendo, the Wii U has officially retired and the Nintendo Switch has launched with quite the large reception. I always think of the era stretching from the release of the N64 Era to the end of the Gamecube Era as my favorite Nintendo game era but the Switch with it’s strong launch and bright future coupled with the fact that 3DS is still going headstrong this era for Nintendo is looking to be a new favorite of mine.

This is part 2 of my E3 2017 coverage so be sure to check out part 1 by following this link:! In that blog I cover Microsoft and EA’s announcements as well as a Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer. I know I’m jumping ahead a bit by covering Nintendo today but Nintendo dropped so many awesome announcements and I’m really excited so I’m getting the Nintendo blog out today and covering PC, Sony, Ubisoft and Bethesda this Friday as well as any other announcements Nintendo might drop during their continuing Treehouse streams.

This E3 presentation as well as the Treehouse has been a big mix of Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS announcements (With more to be announced later as well, I’m writing this Tuesday evening.) Nintendo’s big show for their presentation is none other then Super Mario Odyssey, the newest iteration in the 3D platforming Mario series which they announced back in March when the Switch first launched. Before they got into that however Nintendo’s E3 2017 Spotlight began with a promotion for some of the multiplayer games that are already out/coming out for the Nintendo Switch, really promoting the multiplayer and portable multiplayer of the switch. Out of this Rocket League, the popular multiplayer game where you drive cars to rocket your team’s ball into the goal, similar to soccer, is going to be coming to the Switch! Which is a pretty awesome, props to the Rocket League team for getting the game on the Switch! I actually want to get Rocket League on the Switch now. Fifa 18 is also going to be coming to the Switch, which is pretty awesome. Arms was also showcased, which releases in two days on June 16th!

Reggie then makes his appearance and after some crazy Video Game philosophy we dive into the main presentation which begins with the announcement of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Now if I sound ignorant please forgive me I’ve never played Xenoblade Chronicles (The one with Shulk in it, hey I know somethings, after I research them anyway.) or a Xeno game in general but this looks pretty awesome. It’s a JPRG and I’m assuming this actually will be a sequel to the Xenoblade Chronicles story. (Was Xenoblade Chronicles X actually part of it?) Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will be releasing Holiday 2017.

Next up we get a trailer, which threw me off at first but soon we learn that this “stone cold hero” is none other then Kirby! Kirby is back in 2D glory! 

It seems like you can recruit enemies to be CPU partners as well as having Multiplayer Co-Op. This looks like some good old fashioned Kirby fun but it has yet to receive a title and is coming out in 2018, we’ll have to wait for more information on that.

Shinya Takahashi, the General Manager of the Entertainment Planning & Development Division of Nintendo (And a lot of other stuff.) he give his thanks for those who have been playing Switch before giving the torch over to Tsunekazu Ishihara, which immediately set my Pokemon alert to maximum. He talks about Pokken Tournament DX before announcing that Game Freak is developing a core main series Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch which we’ll be seeing within a year. That’s absolutely insane and I guess we kind of predicted it. I’m immediately placing my finger on this being Generation 8 of Pokemon. At least I’m hoping it is anyway, I don’t like the idea of splitting Generation 7 between machines. No new Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon news sadly but maybe I’m asking for too much too soon.

So basically this next trailer is the teaser of the utmost variety. Everyone has been begging for this game for years now. It has a 4 in it’s title and it’s space themed and might feature a badass lady in a suit. Metroid Prime 4 is now in development for Nintendo Switch! I’ve never played a Metroid Prime game before, sue me for that, but it’s awesome to see the return of Metroid Prime. We just got to wait for more information on that.

After the suspenseful space trailer we get… very adorable. Before we continue I’m going to state that Yoshi’s Story is one of my favorite games and one of my favorite N64 games. I’ve been wanting a sequel for so long and while Yoshi’s Wooly World is great (Especially if you’re a knitter like me.) this next game they’re showing is going to be awesome. 

Nintendo has revealed a brand new Yoshi game for the Nintendo Switch! Immediately I thought “Oh my god this looks like Yoshi’s Story.” which is one of my favorite N64 games. It plays a lot like Yoshi’s Story, Yoshi’s Island and Yoshi’s Wooly World but there's a twist, or should I say flip. It seems this new Yoshi game is taking a page out of Super Paper Mario with Yoshi having the ability to flip the world around in order to find new routes and secrets in the levels. Yoshi (Nintendo if you don’t name it Yoshi: Flip Side I swear…) will be releasing 2018.

Fire Emblem Warriors was shown off next. This has been in the works for a while now, coming from the same studios as Hyrule Warriors. It seems awesome to see all these Fire Emblem characters come together but I really need to play a Fire Emblem game before I can really enjoy this. If Lucina is going to be in this however I’m game, haha. Fire Emblem Warriors will be releasing Fall 2017.

Eiji Aonuma comes on air next to discuss somethings regarding the Switch version of Skyrim. Why’s that you ask? Well if you watched the Bethesda conference you’ll know they announced that Zelda items such as Link’s outfit and Master Sword will appear in Skyrim by using Amiibo. (Before you get up in arms you’ll normally able to unlock Amiibo content without Amiibos it’s just harder nothing confirmed yet though.) Skyrim for Switch is releasing Holiday 2017.

Aonuma also announced details regarding the two new DLC packs releasing for Zelda: Breath of the Wild and some new Amiibos.

Finally we’ve come to Mario, but before the Odyssey begins we got Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle blasting through. 

What seemed to most a odd team up actually seems like an awesome, fun blast of a game. The Rabbids have invaded the Mario Universe (Rayman decided to put his burden on Mario now, that’s nice.) and they’re as insane as ever. This game was announced a week ago actually (You can watch that trailer here: This game seems to be a mixture of combat, strategy and exploration with a story mode to boot it seems. Of course the Rabbid dressed as Peach is taking selfies, of course. This game looks so insane that it’s probably going to be a day 1 pickup for me, I’m not well versed in Rabbids but this game looks like an awesome crossover. Does this open up possibilities for more Mario Crossovers? Please? Mario + Rabbids is releasing August 29th 2017.

Next up we get some more information on Rocket League for Switch. I’m really looking forward to this and it may end up getting me into Rocket League finally. (Probably should've gotten into it ages ago.) Rocket League Switch is going to have some exclusive content as well it seems.

Finally we’re at the big show, Super Mario Odyssey. This next trailer might be one of my favorite Mario trailers to boot which only fuels my utmost excitement for this game. Unlike the previous two 3D Mario games, 3D Land and 3D World this game is going back to Mario’s 3D open world adventuring similar to Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine which are absolute classics and some of my favorite Mario games, actually scratch that they ARE my favorite Mario games of all time. Let’s dive right into this awesome trailer!

Yeah I was almost certain I wasn’t watching a Mario trailer when that T-Rex turned up and then I saw the Mario hat and I almost choked. This trailer showcased a new ability Mario can do using his hat (Which seems to be possessed by some sort of spirit guy) which allows you to possess certain NPCs, enemies and apparently Dinosaurs (Didn’t realize Yoshi’s mother would be in this game.) for certain events or to get past parts of the level you normally couldn’t as Mario. Nintendo show cased a bit more of New Donk City and also the return of an old character, did you see her? I am 100% convinced that lady singing at the end there is Pauline, Mario’s EX Girlfriend and the damsel in distress from the original Donkey Kong. (She was named Lady then.) Actually didn’t realize Pauline had a good voice. (The entire song played during this trailer is her singing it in game, I’m guessing.) This game looks absolutely incredible and I am hyped beyond belief for this. I’ve waited so long for a new 3D adventure platforming Mario game and it looks like this will be just that while having new quirks. A lot more of this game was shown off during the Treehouse and this game in general deserves it’s own blog. So I’ll be leaving the Super Mario Odyssey talk until then. I’m thinking of getting that blog out next week so stay tuned! (Got to have time to process all this, haha.) Super Mario Odyssey will be releasing October 27th 2017!

Well we’re at the end of Nintendo’s presentation and god did they just win E3? I’m not even being biased Nintendo just swept away Microsoft and Sony. (Not hating, Microsoft and Sony had some awesome reveals but Nintendo, man.) This wasn’t the end however, while this stream was focused on the Switch the Treehouse, while showcasing these Switch reveals also dived into some brand new 3DS announcements. I won’t be able to cover all of that in full depth because I’m running out of blog room but some of these announcements; actually mostly one has gotten me absolutely hyped.

Oh boy let’s flashback a little here, back to the golden days of the Gameboy Advance. All those days I took that baby on the school bus with me. Ruby and Sapphire, Sonic Advance, my game library list goes on and on. One of my all time favorite games from this era was a game starring the Red and Green glad plumbers in a new kind of RPG. I’m talking about Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga. I can’t decide what part of that game got me the most, the hilarious and awesome storyline, the cool controls or Fawful. Probably Fawful. Man that game had some great characters. It launched an awesome series of games too, I’ve loved every Mario & Luigi game that’s come since. With the recent crossover with Paper Mario I’ve been curious as to what’s next for the Mario & Luigi franchise and it’s finally being answered.



Caps of excitement aside I actually lost it when this was announced, they’re taking the awesome Superstar Saga and remaking it with the same quality, actually it looks even better then the previous two Mario & Luigi 3DS titles which is saying something those games looked awesome while still keeping the same pixel art. I can’t really explain it any better then this trailer does so let’s dive in.

I have literal Nostalgia goosebumps from watching this. They’re even adding new content by the looks of it, which is always a warm welcome when it comes to remakes for me. Bowser’s Minions looks like a pretty cool add on story/game. This game will be releasing 10/6/17 for the Nintendo 3DS!

The Nintendo 3DS is going nowhere anytime soon especially with this next announcement. Are we entering a Year of Metroid situation here? I’m asking this because they dropped ANOTHER Metroid announcement, one that is actually more exciting to me then Metroid Prime 4. They’re going to be remaking Metroid 2 (The old Gameboy Game.) similar to Metroid: First Mission in the form of Metroid: Samus Returns!

Oh the glory, I have been yearning for a new 2D Metroid game for so long. This is a remake of sorts not an original storyline but man it seems to be so different from the original Gameboy game. (I own it, so I know.) Samus can actually Melee now. That’s a first, she’s been playing too much Smash Bros Melee I guess. Anyway this game will be releasing September 15th, 2017 for the 3DS.

Now with all these announcements, how the hell am I going to get enough money for all this? Seriously Nintendo you announced so many games I’m interested in buying, stop it, I got to spend money on other things too. This was only the first day of Nintendo’s E3 presentation and more will be happening today actually as you’re reading this. So go! Get back to watching Nintendo’s presentation! You can watch all the stuff already revealed at Nintendo's Youtube Channel!

Actually wait I have one more thing before you leave.

So I was doing some shopping and well I’ve been in the market for a new writer’s journal (My old one is almost used up.) and while looking through the entertainment section of this store I was shopping at I came across something magnificent, a Pokemon themed writers journey!

Pretty incredible, huh? Of course I shoved it in my shopping cart instantly; I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. It’s got this wonderful piece of art in the front and back as well as some amazingly detailed pages. I believe this is standard college ruled as well. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a writer’s journal so magnificent in my life. I actually quite like the hardback compared to my last writer’s journal which is a metal looped binder journal. What will I be writing in here? Everything, EVERYTHING. A lot of it will probably be Dream Eclipse and other Novel related stuff. I never know, I just write.

With that all said and done that brings us to the end of another really long blog. These E3 blogs have been a doozy to write but I’ve enjoyed every single moment of it. Though I’m not sure my heart can handle too much excitement, please you guys stop, we get it, the Video Game industry is coming back full swing. Come back Friday for my E3 coverage!

That’s a wrap folks!

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