Monday, April 17, 2017

The Forces Awakens in The Last Jedi Movie Trailer

Hey what’s happening everyone? Did you enjoy your Easter weekend? For the most part when I wasn’t busy I’ve been working on a specific watercolor piece over the weekend. It started off as my usual character sketch but instead of using color pencil for the whole piece I put aside my fears and finally started up my first official, not practice (Actually it technically still is practice.) watercolor art piece. You all have to wait to see the finished result but what I've got done so far! (I already revealed It on Instagram so why not?)

New character Incoming! Yes this isn’t a character I’ve shown off before but she is related to Aeris Eclipse, Cole Bradshaw and Luna in the sense she’s from the same story. (To see their designs check out this blog: I’m not revealing her name just yet (Her initials are RS, start racking your brains.) but I’m pretty happy with how this sketch looks. I’m even more surprised how I’m improving on my drawings; I’m actually starting to learn how to draw clothing correctly with creases and such. I need to do proper descriptions of each character (I don’t think I’ve described Aeris very well either.) so look forward to that in the future! As far as the art piece itself this is my first time using watercolor to color a character but I don't think I'm doing that bad. Still got a lot to learn but I like how the colors are coming out. This wasn't the initial hair color I had in mind for this character but this has officially become her hair color regardless, I mean fate was probably telling me something. Though I do need to improve on my color mixing despite this. Keep an eye out on my Instagram (zakmank for those who can't click the link.) for updates! I've started posting there a lot more.

Now this should have been the first topic I discussed but last Friday marked the 40th anniversary of the Star Wars movie franchise, an absolutely classic franchise beyond any kind of cult. I’ve always been a major fan of space related flicks, books and while for the most part I lean more towards Star Trek when it comes to space in media I’ve been known to trek into Star Wars. I’ve seen all 7 movies at some point or another in my life with the 7th movie being the much awaited continuation of the franchise The Force Awakens. What better way to celebrate the 40th anniversary (At the Orlando, Florida Anniversary Event that happened over the weekend) then a brand new trailer for the next movie in the franchise? Check out Star Wars Episode 8, now dubbed The Last Jedi!


This trailer is definitely leaving a lot of food for thought on this trailer. While I’m not an expert on Star Wars lore (I have seen all the movies though… So I guess that counts.) but I do know in the previous movie Rey, who’s the central protagonist and a pretty awesome one at that, was an orphan living on the desert planet of Jakku who ends up getting wrapped up into the conflict between the First Order and the Resistance. The First Order are basically a reincarnation of the fallen Galactic Empire, which was led by Sith (The Guys who wield the red beam swo… light sabers.) Lord Darth Sideous and his apprentice and nicely voiced by James Earl Jones, Darth Vader. (Spoilers… It’s Anakin Skywalker.)

This is a pretty sick shot to be honest.

This First Order, Led by Supreme Leader Snoke and HIS apprentice Kylo Ren. So basically these guys don’t learn their lesson and tend to repeat themselves.

Anyway Rey meets up with Finn, (A Renegade Storm Trooper from the First Order) Han Solo and Chewbaca and end up face up to face with Kylo Ren. I won’t spoil anything else but at the end of the movie Rey ends up finding Luke Skywalker, the supposedly last Jedi and protagonist from the first three Star Wars films. (Which are actually named Episode 4-6… Don’t ask… Talk to George Lucas about that.) Seems like this movie takes place right after the events of the previous movie and whats even cooler it seems Luke is actually going to be training Rey in the force.

Luke Skywalker (Played by the awesome Mark Hamill) lends his awesome not so joker-fied voice to this trailer as he seems to be teaching Rey about Balance. Yes normally the Jedi are all about the Light and the Sith all about the Dark but Luke seems to want to break down all that and create a balance. Hence why he says at the end “It’s time for the Jedi to end.”. If It wasn’t for this talk of balance I would almost assume Luke was turning to the dark side (They have cookies, of course.) but it appears he wants to create a new order, an order where Light and Dark are hand in hand.

We didn’t get to see all that much in this trailer but it looks pretty damn awesome and comes out this Christmas.

This poster is ten times better then The Force Awakens honestly.

Will there be as much Star Wars craze as there was when Force Awakens released? Rogue One seemed good but didn’t cause much hype. Maybe I should do a Star Wars movie rewatch across the upcoming months until the release of this movie. Regardless the force is strong within this movie.

Well it’s that time again, time for a knitting pattern feature and boy I never realized until today how crazy knitters are about Star Wars. There are a LOT of knitting patterns regarding Star Wars and it was actually kind of hard to pick one out of all of these but I think this one will do just fine… This is The Force Awakens Hat by Mrs Luedeke!
I haven’t shared a Fair Isle beanie pattern in a while and while winter is over you can easily knit this hat up for the upcoming Christmas season for when Star Wars Episode 8 releases! Love the colorworks in this hat and it doesn’t seem all that tough. I’ve never attempted actual words into a hat like this before but I’m sure with some basic colorworks knowledge which I have and some of you must have it should be a fun knit. Who doesn’t like a good challenge anyway? You can check out this pattern on Ravelry and her website: It seems like Mrs Luedeke created a hat for Star Wars Rogue One in similar fashion too so go check that out! Maybe she’ll be doing a new hat for The Last Jedi? That’ll be awesome.

Oh yeah she has a Pokemon Fair Isle Hat as well… That automatically gets  a thumbs up from me. Go check out all her patterns here on Ravelry!

So that brings us to the end of the blog for today but before that I have gotten a little bit farther on my Afterthought Heel Socks!

I took this photo yesterday for Easter and I’ve just about gotten to the part of this sock where I goofed it all up and had to redo it. Fingers crossed that does NOT happen again… I could keep knitting this sock forever though. (ACTUALLY I PROBABLY SHOULDN’T SAY THAT… JINXS AND SUCH.)

Also I baked some not so knitted homemade chocolate chip cookies yesterday for Easter! Homemade meaning I made everything In these cookies spare for the flour, sugar and other related ingredients. I’ve made these so many times that maybe I should consider opening up my own cookie baking shop, I’m getting pretty good at this. Any ideas on how to open up an internet based cookie shop? No? Well anyway…

That’s a wrap folks!

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