Monday, December 26, 2016

Our Holiday Christmas Weekend

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the blog! Today is Boxing Day which means Christmas is over but the Holidays are still happening all week until New Years! (We still got food to eat, haha.)

Did you enjoy your Holiday weekend? Whether you celebrated Christmas, Hanukkah or not hope it was merry and joyful. Of course our Christmas weekend was pretty eventful so prepare yourself for a jam packed blog for today! I'm still trying to recover from the amount of great food we ate.

To start things off on Friday night I finished a present for my Mum which also doubles as my very first cable knitting project.

This is my Waffle Owl Cloth with added brown beads for eyes! I've been working on this for over a week as a Christmas present for Mum. The pattern is Waffling Owls Afghan 12" block or dishcloth by Margaret MacInnis on Ravelry. This is a very easy pattern if you want to get into cable knitting as I explained in Friday's blog. 

Had a lot of fun with this pattern actually and it helped me understand cable and how it worked. After finishing the cloth and casting off I sewed in some beads (Yes, that's right, I know how to sew as well. I'm such a handyman, haha.) Mum absolutely loves the present so I'm quite proud of myself.

That's not the end of my cable endeavours though! On Christmas Eve I did my first annual Christmas Eve caston of my next project. I've been talking about this project for a while but finally it's on the needles.

This is a Cable Knitted Beanie project using a pattern by Splendor Knitting (Homero Luna), it's called The Natural. This was originally going to be my first cable project but the cable cloth seemed like a perfect gift for Mum so I did that first to get it done by Christmas. With practice on that cloth though this hat is going to be a bit easier. I love the pattern of this hat and I can't wait to start on the cable part. (I'm currently doing the rib.) I'm using Size US 7 needles and my Lana Grossa Lord yarn (Dye lot is 61101, the color is 005 i can't find the actual name of it, it's been discontinued forever.) that I talked about back in my End of a Knitting Beginning and Crossing a Lake of Birds blog.

Of course knitting was only one part of Christmas weekend.. We baked up a storm (A heat storm, haha.) Starting off we baked some Sausage Rolls, because you can't have Christmas in my house without Sausage Rolls.

My sister and I tackled these yummy delights and we make quite a team. As you can see in the photo I was also preparing to make a Christmas Eve Lasagna! I pulled it off without a hitch and it tasted delicious.

I think we've been having Lasagna every Christmas Eve forever now and as I've pretty much taken over all things Lasagna I feel like I've been helping out a lot more this Christmas then ever before.

Minor Spoilers Ahead for Super Mario 3D Land!

Finishing off Christmas Eve I managed to complete Super Mario 3D Land once again. This seems to have become a tradition since... 2012? Where I play through the entire game and beat the main 8 worlds on Christmas Eve.

This game is crazy fun as always and the final boss (Spoilers... It's Bowser, hahaha.) really gives you a run for your money. I don't know why this has become a tradition but I love playing through this game every year regardless. Of course now I'm on the special world now so I have 8 more worlds to playthrough... and apparently a Green Brother to save.

Anyway after beating the game I hit the sack for the night so now we're onto Christmas Day! Got up just in time to watch the Disney's Christmas Parade and after a yummy Egg, Bacon, Sausage and Bake Bean with Fried Tomato, Mushrooms and Croissants (The motherload, haha) we checked out what Santa brought us all. 

Some of the highlights would be this super cool Canon PowerShot SX610 HS my sister Annie got. 

I also got myself some camera equipment with this USA Gear Action Camera Flex Tripod.

I'm going to talk a lot more in depth on this in the future but it also comes with a smartphone mount and an action cam mount so it's pretty awesome. It's smaller than a normal tripod but it's got flex legs and I can also hold it to stabilize my camera as well.

My little brother Chrissie got his knitted blanket I made him as well as some awesome toys and this snazzy new Pokemon T-Shirt. (I'm really jealous right now.)

Of course I finally got ahold of Pokemon Sun (and Moon)!

I've already started my Alola Region journey, this game is incredibly beautiful and I got a lot of cool ideas for the blog regarding this game, such as an idea for a Diary like segment instead of just telling you my progress.

I got some other cool stuff as well but this blog is coming to an end for the day soon.. but before that of course I can't leave out the big part about Christmas day... Christmas Dinner!

For the most part Mum and Annie took part in preparing dinner and we set this nice display up (Okay we had to move some of it to actually get the food on the plates but it still looked great afterwards.)

We had pork, chicken, bacon wrapped stuffing, brussels, carrots, peas, roast potatoes the lot, with the best gravy out there. It was amazingly good and we didn't really eat much else afterwards... Haha it kind of filled us up a little too much.

So that was a little (Kind of little?) overview of our Christmas Weekend! Of course the Holidays aren't over... Since we still have a lot more food to eat plus we got New Years coming up around the corner! So thanks for reading everyone! I'm writing this Christmas Night and it's been a busy day so sorry if it seems rushed, I mean the blog got pretty long regardless. Be sure to check me out on Instagram as I'll be posting a lot on their but also FacebookTwitter, Snapchat as ZAKManK, and of course Ravelry!

See you on the next blog!

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