Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Unboxing Some Pokemon TCG XY Evolutions Booster Packs

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the blog. Hope you're enjoying your week and hope you enjoyed your Christmas weekend. I'm starting to get back into the blogging groove so it's full speed ahead on all the new ideas I have planned for this blog and my Youtube actually. One of the ideas is... Pokemon TCG Booster Pack Unboxings! It's really unpackaging not unboxing but hey unboxing sounds better. For Christmas I got three booster packs of the Pokemon TCG XY Evolutions series. This series is quite special as it has reprints of the very original Base Set cards (As well as the Base Set Expansion cards) from 1996. (1999 in all countries that aren't Japan.)

They aren't complete reprints as the moves have been changed slightly so they work in the current Pokemon TCG Format but everything else is indenticle to the originals. This also means that super rare  Holo Charizard card everyone goes crazy over (That I never got...) is easier to get now. I'm not quite sure how this affects the value of the originals though. They're indenticle due to the move changes but the artwork is the same. I don't really know anything about that and maybe it's too early to really tell.

I've been collecting Pokemon cards since I was very little and I have a pretty big collection that I'll be showing off here and there on future blogs.

So yeah without further ado here's my unboxing video! The quality isn't perfect I need to work on where I film these in the future.

I got some pretty crazy cool cards, no not the Charizard card but I do want to get more of these XY Evolution packs so maybe one day. As I said in the video I have never owned the Base Set before, my first card set was the Team Rocket series so this was an awesome nostalgic treat for me. I got Pokemon I never owned before like Magmar. I mean I've been collecting Pokemon cards all my life and I still haven't got an Eevee card...

Anyway here's some still photos of my new cards.

Starting off (From Left to Right) we have

66/108 Rattata, Type: Colorless, Rarity: Common

48/108 Haunter, Type: Psychic, Rarity: Uncommon

7/108 Beedrill, Type: Grass, Rarity: Rare

17/108 Growlithe, Type: Fire, Rarity: Common

47/108 Gastly, Type: Psychic, Rarity: Common

9/108 Charmander, Type: Fire, Rarity: Common

Now from Left to Right we have

Another 17/108 Growlithe, Type: Fire, Rarity: Common but this card is a holo! It's super shiny and awesome.

14/108 Vulpix, Type: Fire, Rarity: Common
I don't get Vulpix very often and this is the original artwork from the base set. Super awesome.

Once again another 17/108 Growlithe, Type: Fire, Rarity: Common

6/108 Holo Kakuna, Type: Grass, Rarity: Uncommon

20/108 Magmar, Type: Fire, Rarity: Uncommon

55/108 Diglett, Type: Fighting, Rarity: Common

30/108 Staryu, Type: Water, Rarity: Common

67/108 Raticate, Type: Colorless, Rarity: Rare

25/108 Poliwrath, Type: Water, Rarity: Rare Holo

From Left to Right we have now

9/108 Charmander, Type: Fire, Rarity: Common

49/108 Drowzee, Type: Psychic, Rarity: Common

39/108 Voltorb, Type: Electric, Rarity: Common

41/108 Electabuzz, Type: Electric, Rarity: Common

37/108 Magnemite, Type: Electic, Rarity: Common but this is the Holo version of it. I seem to be getting real lucky with holos, huh?

and finally

4/108 Metapod, Type: Grass, Rarity: Uncommon.

So that's it on the Pokemon but that's not all I got from those packs!

Now we're on to the Trainer cards I pulled, not counting the Random Receiver card from Left to Right we got

85/108 Trainer Card, Revive, Rarity: Uncommon
Never realized that back then Revives were shaped like stars, now they're yellow diamonds.

74/108 Trainer Card, Brock's Grit, Rarity: Uncommon
Now there is a full body artwork of this that is ultra rare but I'm really glad I got this version as it's a reprint of the original I never owned. Brock is also one of my all time favorite Gym Leaders (and Pokemon Breeders) so this card is definitely one of my favorites. Don't have many Gym Leader cards. Also the ability of this card is pretty cool, shuffle 6 pokemon from your discard pile to your deck? Really useful.

89/108 Trainer Card, Venusaur Spirit Link, Rarity: Uncommon
This card is pretty cool, it's a brand new card, not a reprint but it's in the original style of the cards. 
The ability of this card is "Your turn does not end if the Pok√©mon this card is attached to becomes M Venusaur-EX.".

83/108 Trainer Card, Potion, Rarity: Uncommon
Apparently Potions are uncommon... What if you need one for your deck though? Everyone needs a potion, haha.

88/108 Trainer Card, Switch, Rarity: Uncommon
I've gotten switch cards in the past but this is my favorite.

Finally we got

76/108 Trainer Card, Devolution Spray, Rarity: Uncommon
I gotta admit I've never heard of this card until now. Didn't know there was a card out there which let you devolve your Pokemon. Seems like it hasn't been in the TCG for years until now. Looking at the original 1999 base card online I notice this is green compared to it... So not an EXACT reprint.

98/108 Metal Energy (Basic), Rarity: Common

92/108 Fire Energy (Basic), Rarity: Common

and finally another 98/108 Metal Energy (Basic), Rarity: Common.

So that's it for what I unboxed! Got a lot of awesome nostalgic cards so I'm very happy with my pulls. I need to get more of these Evolution packs though because there are some other awesome cards I did not get from these. (Like that darn Charizard... ONE DAY!)

Overall my favorite card from the pulls? Hmm.... I'd have to say.... The Holo Poliwrath card! I love Poliwrath and this is a super rare holo card. (It was back then too I think.)

Can't wait for the Sun and Moon expansion packs so I can get ahold of some new Pokemon cards of the Alolan Pokemon.

I really enjoyed making that unboxing video so I'm going to work on my set up and do some more in the near future so make sure you subscribe because I do a big variety of videos and I got a lot of cool plans for this upcoming 2017 year.

So that's pretty much it for the blog today, I've been playing Pokemon Sun a LOT so I really need to do some more knitting... Those Pokemon have been distracting me. I've currently done two island trials but I got plans for talking about my progress. I was thinking of writing it like a Diary, adding more depth and character to my journey then just saying "I'm here" "I'm doing this", ect.

If you're wondering, after a really tough choice that I didn't make until the last second, I picked Popplio!

It's a girl Popplio (Yeah 12.5% chance of getting one...) named Ariel. Yes I named her Ariel after The Little Mermaid I couldn't resist okay? It fit perfectly.

I've also been dealing with these jokers. These guys are the hilarious Team Skull. They supposedly steal Pokemon and destruct the public but I don't think they've ever exactly succeeded at that.

Anyway this game is absolutely incredible and I can't wait to talk about it on future blogs.

With that all said and done I think I'll end this for today, I am doing some knitting though! Don't worry I haven't stopped. I'm working on my hat mentioned on Monday's blog so I'll have a progress update this Friday for everyone. 

Be sure to check me out on Instagram as I'll be posting a lot on their but also FacebookTwitter, Snapchat as ZAKManK, and of course Ravelry!

See you on the next blog!

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