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Father Cables Beanie & Movies on the Silver Streak

I’ve been on the knitter’s road for nearly 5 months now and it’s pretty crazy to think how many projects I’ve completed within those previous 5 months. In the past couple of months, towards the end of the year I expanded my knitting expertise and took a face first dive into Cable Knitting. I had absolutely no idea whether I would even enjoy cable knitting but surely enough after completing Mum’s Waffle Owl Washcloth, my Natural Cable Beanie and adding some cabling to my ongoing Self Striping Sock project I can safely say I’m hooked on cable knitting. In my ongoing search for more cable knit projects I’ve come across an incredible looking cable knitting pattern. So we’re going to be booting up something new here on ZAK Entertainment. A brand new segment where I feature a knitting pattern! Well let’s pick up our knitting needles and cast on, shall we?

 ZAK’s Eyes on a Knitting Pattern

father cables by Veronika Jobe

Photography Provided by and their Ravelry.
© YOTH Yarns

This pattern is designed by Veronika Jobe from Yarn on the House and most beautifully might I add. (And it's free!) This beanie’s cables twist and turn wondrously up the twisted moss stitch texture for a most exquisite design that’s completely unisex. This will surely make a great gift for any beanie lover and knitted item lover alike. Even better this pattern gives you four charts for four different sizes, S/M fitted, S/M Slouch, L Fitted and L Slouch, removing the need to do any self converting. Worsted Yarn is the yarn thickness of choice and you cast on using US 5 - 3.75 mm needles, switching to US 7 - 4.5 mm for the body.

Photography Provided by and their Ravelry.
© YOTH Yarns

My chart reading experience is minimum and if I began this project now it would be my first cable knitting chart. (Not my first cable beanie though.) Regardless this pattern seems to be middle of the road in difficulty so I’m sure I won’t have any issues once I get my head around the chart, I like a challenge anyway. I’m sure it won’t be too difficult for the rest of you though, as I’m sure all of you are way better knitters then I.

Photography Provided by and their Ravelry.
© YOTH Yarns

Overall this pattern looks like a blast to knit and I recommend anyone with that itch for a new cable beanie or beanie project in general. Veronika did an incredible job designing this. Yarn on the House has a blog you can check out at with even more awesome knitting patterns designed by them. Yarn on the House also has a yarn store at Once again this pattern is FREE so go check it out at!

Have any knitting patterns you want me to check out and feature on the blog? Contact me via the comments, social media, or the contact form down the right side of the blog.

You haven’t seen the end of this cable, it’s definitely going in my knitting queue and I’ll be knitting this baby up in the near future.

As far as what I’m currently knitting…

ZAK Knits; February 15th, 2017

My Afterthought Self Striping Sock

Still knitting away at the first sock of my Afterthought Heel Self Striping Sock pair, I’ve been a bit slow on progress but its progress nonetheless. 

Well the other night I had a little two steps forward four steps back situation. I hold no photographic proof but I had to take my work back four rows in order to fix a hole turning up in my work. Of course I was completely freaked out but luckily it was just a case of me splitting the yarn on that one specific stitch, a pretty bad split and I was almost lucky the yarn wasn’t damaged or I would have had to cut my yarn and tie a knot. This would have put my sock and future second sock uneven from each other. See I have two balls of this self striping yarn both evenly balled so both will come out identical. (Well that’s the theory… The Knitting Theory.) No worries though I have fixed the issue, with no yarn damage and I’m back on track. I may actually be starting the toe before long.

While knitting on the aforementioned sock I’ve been watching quite a few movies over the past week, the first being an old classic favorite of mine from 1986, The Money Pit.

ZAK's On the Silver Screen

A House Falls Around Tom Hank's Ears in The Money Pit

Over the years I’ve started to notice something about the movies I’ve watched. That being Tom Hanks has been in an abundance of them. Whether it is as Woody in Toy Story, Forrest Gump, The Conductor in Polar Express, or in movies I watched later in my life such as The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons. One of my all time favorite Tom Hanks movies would be none other then The Money Pit. Tom Hanks stars as Attorney Walter Fielding along with his classical musician girlfriend, Anna Crowley (Starring Shelley Long) as they receive notice that they must leave their apartment, which is actually Anna’s Ex-Boyfriend and Self Absorbed Musician, Max Beissart’s apartment. (Played by Alexander Godunov)

Photo by Archive Photos/Getty Images - © 2012 Getty Images

After convincing some associates and clients to give them the money they, after convincing themselves, buy a Million Dollar house, being sold via a distress sale for $200,000. All seems perfect until they move in; the house quickly falls down around their ears, putting their relationship to the test in this hilarious comedy movie. This movie is definitely a must see in my opinion, I’ve seen this quite a few times in my life and it never gets old. I’ve always loved Tom Hanks in comedy movies and Shelley Long along with the other awesome cast members makes this movie.

Our second movie we watched would be Silver Streak.

Gene Wilder's Wild Ride on the "Silver Streak"

Not to bring too much negativity to the blog but we lost quite a few actors and important people in the film industry last year. One of them would be the late Gene Wilder. Gene Wilder has always had a place in my memories for playing Willy Wonka, and Dr. Frederick Frankenstein in Young Frankenstein. Silver Streak is another film starring Gene Wilder and I actually have to admit I’ve never seen this film before. Wilder plays George Caldwell, a book editor traveling from Los Angeles to Chicago for his sister’s wedding. He takes this trip via train, aka the Silver Strike. While on board he meets up with a “vitamin salesman” named Bob Sweet (Played by Ned Beatty) and a secretary for well-known art historian Professor Schreiner (Played by Stefan Gierasch) named Hilly Burns (Played by Jill Clayburgh). Sweet and Burns play vital parts in this comedic thrilling murder movie. 

Photo by Archive Photos - © 2012 Getty Images - Image courtesy

Yes there’s a murder involved and George’s train ride is soon derailed. George also meets up with a thief named Grover T. Muldoon. (Played by the late Richard Pryor) George and Grover would end up becoming best friends throughout the course of the movie. Their actors, Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor also gained a close friendship throughout the filming and would go on to star together in three other films such as Stir Crazy, See No Evil Hear No Evil and Another You. I really enjoyed this movie and it made me realize how many Gene Wilder movies I have yet to see.

Apparently there was a 1934 Silver Streak movie starring Charles Starrett. I have no idea whether Gene Wilder’s movie was loosely based on this or whether its some strange coincidence. The main character’s last name is also Caldwell, that’s interesting.

That’s a wrap folks! Okay not really but we’re wrapping the movie segment of this blog.

Gotcha didn’t I?

A Banana and Cake Combination

My sis has been baking once again and she’s been on a roll lately, I think she’s found another passion in her life. (I’m also dabbling in the art of baking, at least when it comes to Lasagna and Chocolate Chip cookies.) This time she baked another cake! A Banana Cake to be exact.

Unlike what the old saying goes we definitely had our cake and ate it too and it was absolutely delicious. The entire cake was moist, fluffy and full of Banana goodness. She didn’t add any nuts or anything but really it didn’t need them. I think I say this a lot on here but my sis is really talented in everything she does so check her out on Instagram and her own blog Lady AnnaVintage.

The Train out of Time Returns!

Before we wrap for real I got some more photos to show everyone. Remember that old D&R (Dardanelle & Russellville) #10Locomotive I took a photo of back in that park last Friday? Yeah that wasn’t the only photo I took so I figured I would reveal some more angles of this awesome Steam Train.

This train has been sitting here since 1957 after it was decommissioned from over 60 years of service. Originally an Isthmian Canal Commission it assisted the construction of the Panama Canal.
Though it’s a bit beaten up and no one’s allowed to go past the fences due to health risks it’s still holding up and definitely looks like a Train Out Of Time.

Also I took this photo of this old Fire Truck; wish I snapped a photo of the front but ohh well. I’m going to have to travel back to the park and retake some photos of it.

That’s a wrap folks! Did you enjoy the slightly new format? I figured I would add some new segments and I thought, why not incorporate multiple Movie reviews, as I've been watching quite a few lately into a single Article/Topic? I want to continue doing these Knitting Pattern features too so maybe that'll become a weekly or biweekly segment. Don’t forget ZAK Entertainment is now on Flipboard! Organized into an awesome online Magazine you can follow. (Or as I like to call it, subscribe. Makes it sound more like an actual magazine.) It’s a really cool way to keep track of the blog and many other articles on the World Wide Web.

Keep your lives entertaining!

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