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Battling Against Fate Itself

The Groundhog came out of his hole yesterday and he must of seen his shadow because a sudden freeze (Okay more like a cold draft.) has come over he local area and I'm once again freezing. I get 5 minutes to wear an actual T-Shirt before I'm forced into the bulky sweats. Anyway I dug out an old game from 2005 that I almost forgot about so let's get into today's feature topic...

A Battle Against Fate Itself

So far I've only discussed Video Games such as Nintendo Home Console, Handheld and Tablet games but these three are only a fragment of the spectrum of Video Game mediums. PCs aka Personal Computers have proved to be massively popular for Video Gamers with communities ever growing. I have quite a few favorites on my own on the PC and the game I'm featuring today is an Action-Adventure RPG called Fate.

Fate was originally released for PC via CD-Rom May 18th, 2005 by WildTanget. Designed by Travis Baldree the game is in similar vein to other Hack and Slash, Dungeon Crawlers such as Diablo and Torchlight, the latter actually being designed and developed by Travis Baldree and the designers behind Diablo, Max Schaefer and Eric Schaefer.

After creating and customizing your character, as well as choosing your pet companion (Either a cat or a dog), you travel to the town of Grove. 

This small forest village sits on the edge of a fiery, dangerous and convoluting dungeon filled with all powerful monsters and demons. (As well as a lot of giant rats.) you are given a mission to take on a powerful monster on the 45-50th floor (It's randomized.) but before that you must take on smaller quests from the many villagers to gain fame, fortune and new found strength. Unlike Diablo you're free to customize your character's abilities using a point system. This removes any need to choose a character class and also allows you to train your character to handle all sorts of weapons and spells.

With tons of weapons, many quests and an almost infinite dungeon this game will suck many hours out of your day. I remember playing this game a lot back in the day and while I died a lot I really love the Hack-and-Slash, Action-Adventure RPG elements of this game. I should really give Diablo III a go (Yeah I've never played Diablo I have to admit) with my recent playthrough of Fate I've fallen back in love with this genre. Fate has received 3 sequels in the past few years such as Fate 2: Undiscovered Realms but we'll speak about that another time. (Aka when I actually start playing it)

Curious I searched Amazon and found a box set containing the first three Fate games for $10.95.

This seems like a pretty sweet deal but if you're not interested in that you can buy the first & second game together for $5.36.

Still on the subject of Video Games I'm bringing back a segment on the blog from the gold ol days! (The good ol days being 5-6 months ago.)

ZAK's Currently Playing: February 3rd, 2016

On this segment I will be discussing what I'm currently playing in video games, pretty straight forward title, is it too bland of a title?

Anyway I've been helping Mario clean up Isle Delfino in Super Mario Sunshine (You can read my blog/review on it here.) and I currently have 64 Shine Sprites. Been taking on the different areas in sort of a gauntlet-esque fashion and gathering all the shine sprites in a single area before heading off to the next one. Okay it's not been working that way exactly I can't stick to one level for very long and I like to move around.

Been getting a bit stuck on certain levels though... The levels where you lose F.L.U.D.D. and have to take on a level not unlike older Mario Games (Or newer Mario Games such as 3D Land). These levels are extremely difficult if not tedious. Sorta gave up on the game for a day when I kept dying on the "Yoshi-Go-Round's Secret" level. Maybe I just suck at Mario, I don't know.

As you can tell by this blog's featured topic I've been playing Fate.

I'm fairly early in the game and I've only completed a few amount of quests. Though I've had plenty of experience with this game to feature it. Um I kind of died already, yeah a giant powerful jelly blob (With massive slashing resistance) wiped me out. When you perish in this game the Grim Reaper (The Non-Billy and Mandy Variety) gives you three options, In exchange for a portion of experience and fame you'll be brought back to life at the exact spot where you died, which could leave you in a bit of a sticky situation. Second, you can be brought back to life and transported to a nearby level, usually a couple of levels up or down, Fate does as he pleases, in exchange for a portion of your gold. Lastly, you can be brought back to life and transported three floors up in exchange for all the gold you own, by three floors up I mean actually up, because levels go up as you go down in the dungeon. So say if you're on level 3 and pick this last option you'll be transported back to town, without any Gold of course. Going to try and attempt this quest again, this time with a weapon that doesn't have slashing power.

Lastly i've been playing Pokemon Sun. If you haven't been keeping up with the blog I've completed the game. So I'm doing some post game stuff such as training up a competitive team. Well actually I already have a team put together, it's a bit random but hey it has Buzzwole in it aka Man Sized Mosquito so I instantly win every match.

The Ultra Beasts are super powerful, almost Legendary level of powerful. If you want to battle me any time hit me up on Social Media such as my Facebook page! You'll probably beat me but hey it's all in good fun. Something I recently discovered in this game is in the QR Code Reader function... You can scan 10 QR codes a day each holding 10 points. After scanning 10 codes and getting 100 points you can use the Island Scan function, which allows you to find rare Pokemon in the wild, like Cyndaquil. Yes apparently you can get Cyndaquil in the wild, which is absolutely crazy. Anyway what I discovered is the fact you can scan any QR code in existence. You know those QR Codes you get on the Pokemon TCG code card in every booster card pack?

Yeah those work too. So far it seems to only give you Pokemon not available in Sun & Moon, which means no PokeDex entry for you, but hey it still gives you 10 points.

Speaking of Pokemon you can't get in Pokemon Sun and Moon I've been a sly fox on the game... Using the GTS (This ties in with the current Pokemon Global Mission happening currently.) I've managed to get people to trade PokeBank (Aka ones from previous games, ones not available in game.) Pokemon with me in exchange for Pokemon I've been breeding, such as Cyndaquil. I've gotten Pokemon like Ralts, Mawile, Nidoran and Charmander all without PokeBank. Aren't I a stinker? Anyway if you're offering a good Pokemon it's not hard to get the PokeBank Pokemon.

Prepping For Super Bowl Sunday

This Sunday is game day! I don't mean the Video Game variety anymore either. Nope the New England Patriots will be facing the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 51! (This is Football, but you knew that right?) I'm by no means a Football expert but I'm pretty excited to see these two teams duke it out. The Patriots were actually the champions back in 2015 during Super Bowl 49 (They've won 4 Super Bowls total) and despite inflated ball jokes over the past two years they're back to claim another championship. Will they win? I have absolutely no idea. Oh yeah Super Bowl also is a big debut for tons of cool new commercials. We got Nintendo debuting a Nintendo Switch commercial, Audi motors, Kia, Hyundai, a whole bunch of car ads. Super Bowl 51 will be taking place in the NRG Stadium in Houston Texas with Luke Bryan of Country Music fame is singing the National Anthem and Lady Gaga headlining the Halftime show.

What's even cooler is the fact that Former President George H.W. Bush Sr. and Former First Lady Barbara Bush are going to be handling the coin toss! Yes they've had a few health issues lately but it seems they're up to tossing the coin so I think that's pretty awesome. Don't forget Super Bowl is this Sunday! Kick off is at 5:30 AM CST (GMT -6) on channel FOX.

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