Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Knitting While Lost In Space

Striping a New Sock Project

After what seemed like eons since the last knitting blog we’re getting back into the stitch of things. A week ago I started a brand newsock project! 

This is my second sock project I’ve taken on with the first being a plain vanilla pair of socks done in the traditional way. This new project though I’m branching out in the art of the sock and attempting an afterthought heel sock. While I’m still not exactly sure how an afterthought heel sock is even possible but my knitting master, aka Mum, is willing to assist me on my first afterthought heel project. Basically I’ll be knitting the body, adding in some scrap yarn in the exact location of the future sock heel and continuing to knit down to the toe. Adding in the heel AFTER everything else is finished.

While I could have easily done a simple sock ridge to start things off I decided, with my recent obsession with cable knitting, to add a cable to the back on every knit section, every 3 rows. 

Yes I’ve not been knitting that much the past week and I apologize for that (I’m getting back into it, I never really got out of it but I’ve been busy.) but I have accomplished the knitting of the ridge and I’m on to the body of the sock. Now I haven’t mentioned something about this sock, it’s actually self striping! Yes this is some awesome self striping sock yarn which means I won’t have to change colors in order to get multi colors. It’s pretty different from variegated yarn and the process even more different. I’ve not yet attempted yarn dyeing yet (That’s gonna happen this year, pretty soon, trust me on that.) but the process of making self striping yarn doesn’t look as complicated as I would of originally thought. As far as this actual yarn I’m using… Well I guess it could fall under mystery yarn. It’s sock yarn of course but I acquired it from Mum and the original label is long gone. It’s a firm and course kind of yarn but once knitted up this sock will feel great on my sister’s feet, of whom I’m actually knitting these for.

The needles I’m knitting these socks on are actually smaller then the previous project, instead of US 3 Needles I’m using 2.75 MM needles. They’re still metal, and the cord can be a bit stiff at times but I’m working well with these needles. They’ll be a lot smaller then my first pair of socks, from the fact I only casted on 52 stitches to the smaller needles. I've also only casted on 52 stitches because I’m knitting these for my sister and the fact that she has actual normal sized feet. I think I’m related to Big Foot in some shape or another.

As if being shot out a rocket I actually got 10 rows done on this sock last night, right before writing this blog actually, so the body is already growing at an immense rate.

I have 4 rows of stripes now, and 4 colors total. One stripe is on it’s way. I really like how this yarn is coming out so far so who knows I might be done on this sock within a week. By sock I mean the first sock. Let’s hope I don’t have another knitters block. Don't forget to check out my new sock project on Ravelry!

Let’s put our knitting needles in our travel bags and take a trip into the vastness of space! Maybe perhaps get a little… lost.

Getting Lost In Space

Lost in Space can be described in a lot of ways, most of all it’s a massive cultural hit. Coming out in September 1965 amongst the current space craze, Major Edward H. White II becomes the first American astronaut to walk in space, Star Trek hits the airwaves only one year later, Space was all the rage during the mid to late 60s and while Star Trek was ultimately the popular Space show back then, Lost In Space satisfied people’s hunger for the unknown. 

This show is focused on the fictional Robinson’s family (Based on Swiss Family Robinson) as they take on a mission aboard The Jupiter 2 to be the first from their nation to colonize a hospitable planet orbiting the nearest star Alpha Centauri. When Dr. Zachary Smith, a supposed psychologist and environmental controls expert moonlighting as a secret agent for a competing nation gets involved though the Robinsons Family and Pilot Major Don West get Lost In Space. They have to survive unknown dangers from the vastness of space as well as themselves. There was also a pretty awesome robot, named Robot.

Truth is I’ve never actually seen the original series I have seen bits and pieces of it over the years but never really watched any of the shows. Which is a shame as it seems like such an awesome show. What I did watch though was the 1998 feature film remake of Lost in Space.

© 1998 New Line Cinema.

I didn’t know what to expect in this movie but it seems it’s still heavily based on the original series, with the same original characters. Prof. John Robinson the father is played by William Hurt, Dr Maureen Robinson the mother is played by Mimi Rogers, Dr. Judy Robinson is played by Heather Graham, Will Robinson by Jack Johnson, Penny by Lacey Chabert and Major. Don West is played by Matt LeBlanc… Oh yeah! Dr. Zachary Smith just so happens to be played by Gary Oldman and yes, he was pretty SERIOUS in this movie.

© 1998 New Line Cinema.

This movie starts off with the same general setting as the original TV series. The Robinsons are off to colonize Alpha Prime (The planet’s actual name.) but Dr. Zachary Smith hijacks the ship, reprogramming an onboard Robot to destroy the Robinsons family. Of course he fails in destroying them but in doing so knocks the ship off course into the unknown. There’s a bit of family angst and Penny the young girl of the family definitely does not want to go on this mission. She is also apparently the first vlogger, as she has her own video diary that she records throughout the mission. So yeah Lost In Space you predicted vlogging. It’s a bit campy at times but hey I like camp, it was a fun, thrilling, action packed movie. 

© 1998 New Line Cinema.

The movie did get a bit confusing towards the end and sadly ended off on a cliff hanger, almost similar to the cliffhanger the original series left when it was canceled by CBS back in 1968. I actually thought this movie was alright, I enjoyed it. The visual effects were pretty great for 1998. It doesn’t hold up to the original series by any means and I really want to dive into the original series myself but if you want hey Lost In Space isn’t a bad movie to watch.

Oh yeah! Netflix has actually taken on 10 episodes of a Lost In Space remake series that will be airing in 2018 so that’s pretty cool huh? I feel like Lost In Space does a lot better in series format so keep your eyes open for when they drop some sort of trailer. I’ll keep you guys posted too as soon as I find any information.

Before we wrap… Mum recently got herself a brand spanking new Laptop and has been looking for a tablet & pen to go alongside her new laptop. I’m no artist by any means but I’ve been helping her in the search and boy, are there a lot of tablets out there. Mum wants a wireless tablet with ease of access and accessibility and that’s not too expensive and I believe I might have found the one for her!

This is the XP-Pen Star05 Wireless Drawing Tablet. This has a 8x5 inch drawing area, a battery free pen, and the tablet itself is wireless, with a battery which you can plug in with a USB to charge the internal battery. It seems like its compatible with all the software Mum uses so hey let’s see how things work out. It seems like a pretty good tablet, especially for the price.

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