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Finding Dory at Super Bowl LI

Taking an Aquatic Journey in Finding Dory

Let’s take a dive into the deep waters of the ocean! I finally got to watch the brand new Pixar movie Finding Dory the other day. 

I’m a long time Pixar fan and a lot of my favorite movies as a child came from the talented crew at Pixar Studios such as Toy Story. Another Pixar movie that blessed my childhood would be none other then the ocean wide journey known as Finding Nemo. Marlin the Clownfish (Voiced by Albert Brooks) ends up traversing across the Pacific Ocean to Sydney, Australia to find his sole son Nemo (Voiced by Alexander Gould). On this journey Marlin comes across a Surgeonfish named Dory (Voiced by Ellen DeGeneres) who has a slight short term memory issue, though she can sing “Just Keep Swimming” like a pro. It’s a wonderful movie with awesome, fishy characters so I highly recommend you watch that movie, if you haven’t, before you dive into Finding Dory.

© 2016 - Disney/Pixar

Finding Dory takes place one year after the events of Finding Nemo. Marlin, Nemo (Voiced in this new movie by Hayden Rolence due to Alexander growing up since the first flick.) and Dory are back at home, Nemo is still attending Mr. Ray’s school and everything is at peace… Until Dory starts having dreams of her long lost parents. (Dory was unsure of where they were in the previous movie.) Suddenly regaining clues as to the location she sets off, after convincing Marlin and Nemo to join her, to find her parents. 

© 2016 - Disney/Pixar

The focus of this movie is pulled slightly away from Marlin and Nemo and placed onto our lovable Dory, this truly is a Dory back-story movie and all those loose ends brought up in Finding Nemo were wrapped up nicely. (We also get to see an adorable baby Dory.) Of course this isn’t just a return to the old characters (A certain cool dude/turtle does makes a return though) quite a few new aquatic friends are introduced. Characters such as Hank the Octopus (Voiced by Ed O’Neill) and the three Sea Lions, Fluke, Rudder and Gerald are just some of the awesome new creatures in this movie. Gerald is probably my favorite character in the whole movie despite how minor of an appearance he has. This movie also brings in two new whale characters, so be sure to look out for Dory and her whale speaking expertise.

© 2016 - Disney/Pixar

Like its predecessor this movie is gorgeous, the attention to detail on everything is absolutely breath taking. I have always held Finding Nemo as the most gorgeous Pixar movie they’ve ever created but this movie completely takes it up a notch in animation quality. The ocean never looked so beautiful. Speaking of attention to detail on my part I noticed this movie also contained a few subtle but nowhere near insignificant messages towards taking care of ocean life in this movie, which was nice to see. It’s not too in your face but enough to hopefully influence more people to support and help the saving the ocean life cause.

© 2016 - Disney/Pixar

I found that in Finding Dory I was second guessing what was going to happen next but I enjoyed it none the less. Just when you think the movie is going to wrap and finish something crazier happens. While it seemed bitter sweet ending was inevitable the movie actually ended quite heartwarmingly and I’m not quite sure how, or if they even should continue making Finding Nemo sequels considering how this movie wraps. Overall this was a wonderful aquatic adventure and I highly recommend it for Finding Nemo fans and Ocean lovers everywhere.

One final comment though don’t be quick to turn the movie off when the credits roll, this seems to have become a craze in movie trends as of late but there’s an After Credits scene! It’s an awesome nod to the original Finding Nemo movie and quite surprising.

Last weekend wasn’t just aquatic… It was pretty super. 

A Super Bowl LI Sunday

Yes yesterday, Sunday, marked the 51st Super Bowl set in Houston Texas. The New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons butted heads for the Super Bowl championship! While I’m not a massive Football fanatic but of course I tuned in to this Super Bowl, which was probably one of the best and thrilling Super Bowls to date. President George H.W. Bush flipped the coin that started the game off, which was really awesome. This game also hit the history books as being the first Super Bowl to ever go into Overtime! Never has a Super Bowl gone into Overtime and even more I don’t think anyone ever expected it to.

I was positive Atlanta was going to keep the lead and sweep the game, at one point being 27 to 3 with the Patriots but New England suddenly got shot out of a rocket tying up 28 to 28 and taking the Super Bowl into overtime for the first time in history. With struggle and a stall towards the end the New England patriots actually took the game with one final touchdown dive at 34-28, marking the 5th Super Bowl win for the New England Patriots and one of the greatest comebacks in history. Of course the Atlanta Falcons did great as well so it was a great game all around.

Another moment, which I found quite funny, was during the 4th quarter after a tackle between a Falcons and Patriots team player their helmets actually got intertwined together. No idea how this happened but it was quite funny, for the two players as well.

Super Commercials from Super Bowl LI

While the game itself was awesome Super Bowl 51 also had some awesome commercial and trailer premieres. First of all Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales had an all new Trailer premiere.

We get our first look at Will’s (Orlando Bloom) return as the new captain of the Flying Dutchman; he looks like he has a bit of a barnacle problem because of it. Jack Sparrow seems to be completely covered in, muck? We also see Captain Barbossa’s return! I didn’t love the previous movie as much as the first three but I’ll be sure to give this movie a watch when it’s released.

Nintendo also released their new Nintendo Switch commercial!

With this trailer displaying The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild’s gameplay, it also emphasizes the Nintendo Switch’s portability. The Nintendo Switch releases March 3rd which is growing closer by the second.

There’s also an extended cut showing off more of the Joy-Con controllers and their new game called ARMS

Switching back to movies we got two new trailers for upcoming Marvel films!

First off Logan, which features a much older Wolverine and is Hugh Jackman’s final Wolverine outing, has a brand new trailer out.

With no dialogue and accompanied by Amazing Grace we see a much older Wolverine with his daughter X-23 and Patrick Stuart as Professor X. This movie is top of the list on my must watch movies and I can’t wait to see the fate of Wolverine in this final Hugh Jackman, Wolverine film.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 dropped a new trailer as well!

The Guardians are back in this brand new movie and we also get our first looks at Ayesha, Nebula, Mantis and Yondu. This looks just as awesome as the first Guardians movie.

Finally, one last commercial, reviving from the ashes, a brand new commercial for the new 2017 Alfa Romeo was released.

After years of being practically nonexistent here in America, Alfa Romeo is making a massive return on the back of a dragon in the form of the Giulia, Giulia Ti and Giulia Quadrifoglio. God these cars look absolutely gorgeous and it’s nice to see FCA finally revive this brand over here in the states. They truly look like dragons, with the power of one too.

We’re wrapping folks! Sorry about the lack of knitting, no worries though Wednesday will satisfy your knitting crave hopefully; I’m also working on my first pattern as well. My sister also has a brand new blog up on her website Lady AnnaVintage that she’s been working long hours on. She’s an amazing photographer and this recent post is a perfect example of it. You can check it out at Sis also reveals the camera and equipment she uses as well as all her settings on said camera. It’s pretty awesome read and look inside her photography work.

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