Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween! Beanie Progress, Yummy Salmon and a Mariofied Zach?!

Hello, I am glad that you have arrived safely. I am Dracula and I welcome you to the blog... Today is Halloween so be careful, or you might get a fright...

Anyway hey everyone! I asked the Count to intro for me, apparently he didn't mind doing it for free as long as I kept the garlic far away from him. Oh yeah and he wanted a bottle of ketchup, no idea what that was for. So today is Monday as well as Halloween so Happy Halloween everyone! More importantly this is actually the final blog post of October, I've been blogging for over a month now and it has been a big learning experience for myself. The way I blog has changed a bit over the past couple of months such as doing more multi topic blogs in a more friendly direct approach rather than a single topic blog. Hope those who've been reading have enjoyed what I've posted so far and I hope it's encouraged you to explore new interests as well.

My knitting projects have been coming along nicely, my beanie hat is just about ready to begin decreasing.

You can actually see most of the pattern now. I absolutely love how this has come out. The contrast of colors, the pattern itself, it's all looking great. I've kinda shocked myself with this hat actually, I've only been knitting a month now but I'm already doing colorworks and decently at that. Like I mentioned I'm going to be decreasing and casting off this hat very soon, I'll probably be finished with this beanie by Wednesday so you'll see the finished product on Wednesday's blog. 

I mentioned before that my mum was knitting the same hat alongside me, she finished it yesterday and it came out nice. (I'm behind apparently.)

She used a variegated yarn and it's blended nicely with the white background. The yarn is Lorna's Hand-Dyed Yarn, the Dye lot is 4247 and the color is Symphony, apparently mum has had this yarn since 2011 and I've seen her use it quite a bit so it definitely lasts a long time. Actually Mum was working the complete opposite of me as I'm using a dark color as my background. I was watching how she decreased and casted off so I know what to do with my beanie when It's ready.

I've also been doing quite well on my sock project as well.

I still have quite a bit more to do, I'm going to be knitting until I have 7 inches total on the entire sock then I'll start on my heel flap and complete my heel turn. I'm a little nervous about it, but Mum and Kelly Petkun's videos from Knit Picks are going to help me along. I've been watching them ahead of time and it doesn't look as difficult as I thought it would be.

Don't forget you can check out me on Ravelry as ZAKMan and my mum as Didomum!

While I was knitting (Of course) I watched the usual new episodes of Supergirl, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. I never mentioned those shows last week but I've been keeping up with the new episodes. All three have been pretty awesome so far but they're still keeping the big plot points of all the shows pretty secret so far. Supergirl introduced another new character as well as an old character leaving the show, The Flash is diving deeper into the mystery of Alchemy and Legends of Tomorrow's Episode this week was actually set in 16th century Japan, which was pretty awesome and led to an enjoyable episode, Mick (Heatwave) was probably my favorite character in this episode. You'll understand why when you see it.

Another show I have been knitting too is actually Star Trek. Yeah I've actually been a fan of Star Trek for ages now and recently I've been in a bit of a space mood with all the new real life space discoveries. I've seen all the previous series and movies but I finally started watching the Star Trek Enterprise series. It doesn't beat the older shows in the franchise but I find it pretty cool regardless, though the Captain can be quite questionable at times. It takes place years before Kirk takes command of the Enterprise and shows the first steps man takes into the unknown. Captain Jonathan Archer takes the helm of the NX-01 Enterprise, which is apparently the very first Starship with that name, not Captain Kirk's like I previously believed.

When I put down the needles for dinner I had this pretty tasty dish. You've heard of fish and chips, right? Well this is fish and chips but 10 times fancier...

This is Salmon and Sweet Potato Chips with a side of Corn, Carrots and Green Beans. This dish was homemade with my mum at the helm of the cooking so she added her own magic. The Salmon was seasoned with Lemon, Pepper, Balsamic Vinegar, Worcester Sauce, Onion Powder and Thyme with small chunks of garlic sprinkled across the fish. The Sweet Potato chips were done the same way as our previous meal we had these in but this time we INTENTIONALLY added Chili powder, actually we added a bit more then last time and I think the taste was perfected. Of course finally the veggies were steamed with a little salt. My taste buds loved this meal so much the flavors all mixed together perfectly. So yeah this is the super fancified (Yes I checked, this is a word.) version of Fish and Chips, it was super healthy but really tasty regardless. If you haven't tried sweet potato chips before you might wanna try them at least once, I was skeptical about them at first but I really like the sweet, well I believe it's a sweetness taste, I love normal french fries but this adds a fun new twist to it. Also sweet potatoes are perfect for this time of year (This is actually the peak of the season right now.) in meals for Thanksgiving and such.

We're definitely not normal Halloween people but we're going to be doing something... Spooky for dinner tonight. My sister will be brewing some Dragon Balls (Meatballs) with Bat Wings (Bow tie Pasta), Yellow Teeth (Corn), Evil Eyes (Carrots) and Brains (Cauliflower) as well as some Brain Juice (Alfredo Sauce) poured over top. As we're not normal Halloween people maybe this is how we always eat... Now there's a thought.

Anyway as this is Halloween I would like to mention something. Tonight obviously you, or your kids will be Trick-or-Treating around getting candy and such so please be careful! Only Trick-or-Treat in neighborhoods you trust or at organized gatherings and make sure you check over all the candy before you dive in and eat it. Also please don't drink and drive as well as NO texting and driving, there will be kids walking the streets so PLEASE be aware if you're driving and be aware of your own kids as well. I know it sounds like I'm nagging but just be careful and have fun!

I don't really know what to expect from the costumes as I don't really do the whole dressing up in costume thing. I mean I'm not saying I would never dress up in costume, this outfit below kind of counts as a costume...

Wahoo! Yes this is me dressed up as "Kind Of" Super Mario. I don't have his hat (Though this beanie is pretty sweet.), didn't have white gloves and my mustache was not properly grown. I just dressed up in this randomly in the spur of the moment but I thought I would post it for some laughs and show how much of a goofball I can be sometimes. I need some tips from the plumber man himself on how to stylize my moustache (When I stop shaving it like a fool.) like his.

Speaking of Mario I've been in a Mario mood lately as far as Video Games. I've booted up Super Mario 64 once again (I'm playing it via my Wii U.)

I actually have 34 stars since this photo but I've been having fun with this game as always. Though I'm a terrible shot with the cannon I keep shooting poor Mario over the ledge, haha. I'm also playing Pokemon Alpha Sapphire trying to catch them all finally (I've never completed the Pokedex 100% before but I'm determined to this time.). Also don't forget to check out my Nintendo 64 blog I did when I first started up this blog!

I also finally got around to beating the first dungeon boss on Zelda Twilight Princess. The boss was actually a lot harder then I remember, I guess I'm rusty or something.

So with that all said and done hope you enjoy your Halloween! There are some other things I wanted to talk about in this blog but it's getting pretty long now so I'll save them for Wednesday. I will be taking my first steps into my second month of blogging so I'm pretty excited and I have tons of awesome content coming for you guys so stay tuned! Christmas is probably going to be a big blog topic throughout the end of November and through December so that's something to look forward too! So until then...

See you on the next blog!

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