Wednesday, September 28, 2016

An Introduction to the Blog

Hello and welcome to the ZAK Entertainment blog!

            I decided to start up this blog to express my many interests in a way that will hopefully entertain you. I’ll be blogging about topics such as Film, Travel, Books, Knitting, and Video Games as those are my main interests. I know it seems like a bit of a stretch but I’m going to be organizing everything to where it’s possible to only view certain blogs of certain topics. I picked the name ZAK Entertainment because I knew it would be flexible enough so I could cater to quite a few of my interests and hobbies and also a lot of your interests too.

            I also will be, and already are, posting short films, travel montages, and other cool videos on our YouTube channel ZAK Entertainment; you can go to our Youtube channel by clicking the Youtube tab at the top.

            Another passion of mine I would love to introduce onto this blog is my short stories. I've been working on ideas for years now and I think this could be a good place to finally get those ideas out there. 

            So let’s get the ball rolling and kick this blog off with a bang. Hope everyone enjoys the topics I will be posting here. I'm going to be posting a blog at least once a week but there's a lot of topics that happened recently i'd like to blog about so there might be more then that. We also have a Facebook page you can like to so you don’t miss a single blog post or Youtube upload so go check that out. 

See you soon!

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