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San Diego Comic-Con 2017 and the Thousand Movie Trailers

It’s hard to decide which is the busiest time of the year, summer or winter? During the summer you got summer vacations and if you’re in the entertainment business or just love entertainment mediums conventions are happening all over the world. Anime conventions and Comic conventions are happening all over with one of the most important Comic Conventions happening this past weekend, San Diego Comic-Con otherwise known as Comic-Con international. Comic book writers, artists, cosplayers, Hoopla, movie directors, actors you name it. 

Everybody tends to flock to this specific Comic-Con and with all the panels going on you can be sure somebody has something to announce. I figured after D23 the announcements would a little more spread out but oh boy Comic-Con International dropped a ton of new trailers, comic book announcements, TV announcements and more. Like with previous onslaughts of announcement s I’m going to fit as much as I can into this blog but let’s try to control my rambling for once because boy when something good is announced I can’t stop discussing it.

Seems like it’s Marvel vs DC happening out here with two big trailers dropped for their 2017 movie releases. Thor Ragnarok and the Justice League movie will grace your theater screens later on this year and these two new trailers really make these movies look great.

First up Thor Ragnarok, it’s Thor’s third outing in a movie and first appearance since... Well to avoid spoiling a certain movie he appears in the end credits of a recent 2016 Marvel movie. His first real last appearance was Avengers: Age of Ultron so let’s dive into that shall we? (Please let me know if I’m putting too many Videos into one blog, I’m including four this blog with the rest of the trailers just being links.)

Can we officially call this Thor and Hulk: Ragnarok? It seems both Thor and Hulk take the spotlight in this movie with Hela the Goddess of Death bringing hell upon Asgard. This looks like an incredible trip of a movie and was that Hulk talking?! I’ve waited so long to hear Hulk actually talk and have more of a part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe other than just being the one that smashes stuff at the end. Bruce Banner will also play his part too but The Hulk finally having a big role? Sign me up! Thor Ragnarok might be one of Marvel’s most Visual Effect heavy movies yet but it doesn’t seem phony by any means. I can’t wait to see this movie when it releases November 3rd.

Next up is DC’s competitor of the year, Justice League. Believe it or not I’ve actually not watched Man of Steel or Batman VS Superman yet, I know the latter wasn’t well received but man does this Justice League movie look great. Check it out below.

Was that J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon? I’ve been waiting to see him in that role even if it was just a glimpse. The age of heroes comes again and with the forces of Steppenwolf and Apokolips invading earth. With the Green Lanterns mentioned a possible Supergirl hologram and what looks like Superman’s return at the end of the trailer this is looking to be the Justice League live action movie I’ve wanted for years. Flash seems like the most inexperienced one of them all but you know what? I actually like Ezra Miller. Will we see a glimpse of Darkseid or is Steppenwolf going to be our only link to Apokolips for now? Also if Cyborg doesn’t say BOO YAH at least once it’s a 0/10 for me.

Jokes aside DC also released little teasers about their upcoming DC Live Action movie releases. For one the solo The Flash movie is now renamed “Flashpoint.” So instead of us getting a origin story for the Flash again this will take place I’m assuming after Justice League. Flashpoint as you probably know is an event that occurred in the DC Flash comics, with Barry Allen traveling back in time to save his Mother. In doing so Barry created an alternative timeline where everything plays out differently, also Reverse Flash is involved so hopefully he’ll be the main villain. Now some could view this as a reboot to the DC movie, while I hope this isn’t the case they don’t have to make this movie reboot everything. Flashpoint the animated movie did this as well without rebooting anything.  The CW Flash show did tackle Flashpoint but I don’t feel like it did Flashpoint any amount of Justice.

Now we turn our attention to the TV side of DC, all of DC’s shows had trailers released but I have to admit only The Flash caught my interest. Spoilers ahead for The Flash season 3!

Taking place after The Flash Season 3 Barry sacrificed himself to the speed force to bring balance back to reality. Iris is trying to stay strong and cope with her was to be future husband gone. Okay the Samurai guy was NOT expected in the slightest. I’m not entirely sure who this guy is but diving into the DC villain database inside the Batcave (Is my secret identity exposed? Probably) the possibilities seem to fall towards Baron Katana, a silver age Flash villain who seemed to be forgotten, erased from existence during the Crisis on Infinity Earths storyline from 1985. It’s awesome to see the CW Flash team dive into some of Flash’s more forgotten villains. Caitlin is back and apparently in a much happier mood then she was in Season 3, I guess she finally can control her powers making her “Frost” instead of “Killer Frost.”. That Flash costume at the end bared a striking resemblance to the Future Flash’s outfit from Season 3 so perhaps when Barry returns (He will, trust me.) he’ll be donning this costume? The Flash Season 4 is looking pretty promising with a non speedster main villain for once it looks to be a ride. Oh yeah apparently Danny Trejo is going to be in this season, yeah no kidding he’s playing a character named Breacher, “A feared bounty hunter” and apparently father to Gypsy who we were introduced to last season. Clifford DeVoe aka The Thinker and Flash Season 4’s main villain will be played by Neil Sandilands.

New trailers for Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and the newest show Black Lightning (Which is not connected to the CW Arrowverse for some ridiculous reason) have all new trailers for their upcoming seasons that you can watch by clicking these links below.

Arrow Season 6:

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3:

Black Lightning Season 1:
Truth is none of these trailers really interest me but perhaps the actual show will prove me otherwise. I have to admit I actually thought Black Lightning was Static Shock, I kid you not apparently I’m way beyond misinformed. I loved Static Shock as a kid so I really had no idea Black Lightning was a separate character until recently. If we can’t have Black Lightning in the CW Arrowverse can we have Static Shock make an appearance? Please?

Space, the final frontier, It seems space related shows and movies are making a huge comeback and along with that comes the return of old favorites. Announced a few years ago the brand new Star Trek show dubbed Star Trek Discovery is almost here and a new trailer was shown at SDCC 2017.

First of all I never expected the show to look this good. Star Trek visual wise have come a long way and comparing Next Generation despite Next Generation being timeless and an unmovable force on my favorite Space Shows/Movies list this new show is such a visual upgrade. When this was first announced I was hoping it would take place after the Next Generation shows like Voyager but this apparently takes place ten years before the Original Series. This makes exploring new worlds kind of difficult and brings back the Klingon Cold War between the Klingon Empire and the Federation. A ship by the name of the USS Discovery gets involved. The main character actually will start off as the first officer of a different ship, the USS Shenzhou, Michael Burnham (Played by Sonequa Martin-Green). Apparently she was raised as a Vulcan despite being human by none other than Sarek, Spock’s father. I’m assuming eventually she’ll switch ships over to the USS Discovery. Apparently the captain of the USS Discovery is being played by Jason Isaacs, you know, Lucius Malfoy. Problem is this show is actually going to be exclusive to the CBS All Access streaming service, which means I’m probably never going to see this show. I find it ridiculous to limit the show to the streaming service but at least the first two episodes will premiere on CBS this September 24th.

The next space show to have a big reveal is a show I never expected to make a comeback, Stargate! I got to admit I’ve never watched Stargate despite it always being interesting to me. This new show however could get me to finally watch through the multiple Stargate movies and shows. You can watch the small teaser for this here.

The origins of Stargate apparently go back to 1929 Egypt and while this trailer doesn’t really show much at all it looks like it could be good. Sadly this is another show limited to an exclusive streaming service by MGM. What’s the deal with these exclusive streaming services? This will end up another show I’ll never see sadly but it makes me want to watch the Stargate SG-1 series. I actually remember watching the 1994 movie now that I think about it so I have seen Stargate in a minimal form.

It seems Comic Con is more like a Movie & TV trailer con rather than an actual Comic Convention but there were some comic announcements, though I had to dig deep to find them, like really deep, what gives with the lack of actual comic announcements? Anyway this is actually not the most positive news but you know the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie comics? Well sadly they will be coming to an end as Sega moves the blue blur from Archies to IDW Publishing. Didn’t Sonic just go through a reboot? I haven’t kept up fully with the post-Megaman Crossover comics but I’m sure the comics pulled a Flashpoint and rebooted the series. Archie comics has been running this Sonic the Hedgehog series for 25 years now but it seems to all be coming to an end with SEGA wanting to take Sonic in a different direction. I’m assuming means a complete rework instead of just rebooting the Sonic Universe with the storyline from the Archie Comics coming to a complete end. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store for the Blue Hedgehog but I’m afraid it might just end up carbon copies from the storyline from the games with no unique creativity thrown in. A lot of memorable characters not featured in the games might also be dropped. Of course I could just be a little pessimistic about the situation. IDW is responsible for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comics which I enjoy so perhaps we’ll get a crossover between Sonic and the Turtles, oh man that actually sounds pretty awesome and weird all in one. More details on this will come later.

Oh yeah Nickelodeon seems to be winning everything as far as animation goes lately, have you heard of the revivals of Rocko's Modern Life, Hey Arnold and even Invader Zim? Yes they might be movies but they aim to recapture the feel of the original shows while telling a new story. At SDCC 2017 Nickelodeon revealed a clip/teaser for the new Rocko's Modern Life Trailer and it basically is Rocko's Modern MODERN Life. Rocko and friends find themselves in the 21st century, 2017. The humor is the same but poking fun at modern things like iPhones. It's an incredible nostalgia trip. You can watch that here. This one hour TV movie will premiere sometime in 2018.

Now the Hey Arnold Movie is a movie that was originally conceived back in the late 1990s but after the bad reception from the first Arnold movie it was canceled and left to obscurity. Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie is a two part TV movie event and you can watch the trailer here.

That’s pretty much it for San Diego Comic Con 2017 but like I mentioned before I was not able to cover everything announced such as the new trailer for the movie Ready Player One by Steven Spielberg but you can watch that trailer here. (It’s got Iron Giant in it! From the animated movie, remember? I loved Iron Giant.) A lot of fun events happened, tons of panels and merchandise everywhere you went but sadly this is another one of those events I wish I could have gone to but didn’t get the chance. Maybe next year I’ll be able to get over to San Diego. Did you get to go to San Diego Comic Con? Leave me your SDCC 2017 memories and photos below or tag ZAK Entertainment on Facebook and Twitter!

Believe it or not I actually have one final movie trailer. This one is completely unrelated to Comic Con. Queen Victoria of Britain has become immortalized in many different movies and TV adaptations and this new movie will be taking place during the later years of Queen Victoria’s reign. This is a biographical drama film based on a book of the same name featuring the real life relationship between Queen Victoria and her Indian servant Abdul Karim. You can check out the trailer below.

Looks like a good film actually. I wasn’t aware that Dame Judi Dench had played Queen Victoria once before in a movie called Mrs. Brown so this is an actual returning role for her. This movie will be releasing September 22nd.

Finally before we wrap I have something knitting related to tell you guys about and it will warm your hearts more than a knitted blanket could ever do. This is the story about a boy from Patchogue, New York 11 years of age. He has been knitting since he was 7 years old and was taught by his loving grandmother. This is where it gets heartwarming. He’s utilizing his years of experience by knitting hats for girls suffering with cancer and is part of the Shining Stars Foundation in Colorado. Shining Stars goal is to bring all of these children together in a fun and friendly setting to reassure them that they are not alone in the fight against cancer. Quoting from News 12 Long Island the boy, Cameron Sumner said “I really feel bad for how much they’re fighting and I wanted to maybe put a smile on their face.” 47 knitted hats have been made by this awesome kid since the beginning of the year and apparently he’s worked as long as 12 hours a day on them. You can read more and watch a video of this here:  Let’s support this awesome knitting kid as he does a wonderful job for those with cancer.

With that heartwarming note I’m leaving you guys for today.

This was ZAK Entertainment

See you on Wednesday!

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